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Privately Bankrolled Dragon Arrives at International Space Station In Historic First

This is what happens  when the government gets out of the way.  Less than a year since Obama killed the space program, enterprising American citizens filled the void, provided jobs and made the United States proud.  Friends, I want you to consider something.  What do you think will happen if one day, suddenly, ‘they’ tell us that we have 10 years of oil left?  Will we run out of energy?  Will the world end?  No way.  Companies would see their golden opportunity and you would see every kind of alternative energy available almost instantly- and special energy stations pop up around the country like rampant mushrooms. Consultants would advise gas driven industry on the best way to convert and machinery makers would boom with new work. And guess what?  Companies would get rich, people would get rich and the economy would explode from all the new work.  When people, especially Americans, put their mind to something, it happens.  Never believe the doomsday picture the government or the Progressive-owned media gives you.  Americans are smart, hard working, savvy and best of all ingenious.

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    • John Doe, I checked the link and the article that inspired this article is gone- no longer available from news. If it is now receiving the majority of its funds from the U.S. government, it has changed since May 2012 when I wrote the article. When I wrote it, it was mainly bankrolled by private capital. This can happen. Private money will begin a project for space exploration. Only when it is successful will NASA accept it under its wing. Perhaps that is what happened in this case. One would have to look into the last three years of history. I trust in the news source, however. They have no reason to lie on the subject. Perhaps you could do that and report back? thanks, Susan

  1. Well said Little Rebel, but the White House and Congress will assure that this never happens. Indeed indeed having no Government is better than what we have now. Our United States Government has become a millstone around our necks!

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