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As Suicide for Bullying Becomes 3rd Leading Cause of Death for Kids, Schools Prioritize Money

Who should be forced to leave their friends, teachers & classrooms when bullying occurs?  The victim or the perpetrator?  Obviously, the perpetrator.  With many, many online school choices flooding the market, these troubled students could be removed from other children and still receive a great education.  Here in Washington State, as in most of the states, there are laws that offer parent choice in education.  There are even online public schools that provide an accredited program with accredited teachers that result in an official diploma from the state- not the regular GED that many homeschooling programs provide.  It is a great solution to a difficult problem, right?

But does this happen?  No.  In fact, the opposite has become the norm.  Parents of bullied students are flocking to homeschooling options- just to keep their students from getting beaten, being humiliated or committing suicide in their despair.  One would think that their school districts would bend over backward to ensure that these unfortunately children, already traumatized by violent bullying, got the best education possible under the circumstances, right?  Especially if it didn’t cost them any money or effort to do so.  Right?


No.  These school districts consider these online public schools to be competition for tax dollars.  How do I know this?  Because my own dear, sweet, good 12-year-old girl is being victimized as I write.  She has been bullied three times in the Everett School District- all documented and two of which resulted in the suspension of the offending students (she is in the photo & article on left).    And the Everett School District in Washington State could care less.  They are using a little trick to ensure that my daughter NOT take this online public school offering:  they simply refuse to provide her with access to her ‘regular’ school for classes that require facilities- things like science labs, band, choir, many sophisticated art classes, etc.     If I enroll my daughter in this online public school, as is my legal right, to protect my daughter, they are actively preventing her from having an equal education to every other Everett, WA student.  Of course, I can’t let my daughter’s education be so limited, so pragmatically speaking, I can’t enroll her in this online public school and must re-enroll her in the violent school she has attended in the past.   And yet, they will allow ANY OTHER homeschooling mom let their kids use the local school for facility driven classes.

Yes, this would cause anyone to scratch their heads.  And I am finding (in my old age) that when something makes no sense, look for the money.  And it is indeed about money- tax payer money.  See, when homeschooling moms use a non-accredited program, their local schools still get the tax money for their kids!  Even though they don’t teach them!  Of course, the schools & union teachers love this.  And the state doesn’t even give the students of these moms an official diploma!  They force them to take the GED test!  All while pocketing the money.

But this FULL ACCREDITED public online school would get the tax payer money for the classes my daughter took with them.  They even provide my daughter with a bona-fide teacher (not me).  And SHE would get paid with tax payer money.  One could almost understand why the ‘regular’ schools might not like this.  But, here’s the real wing-dinger:  the ‘regular’ school would still receive full payment for all the classes she took with them!  If she took band, the school would get money for the band teacher, the band facilities, etc.  So, they lose  nothing.

And yet.  And yet.  They still say, ‘no.’  They won’t allow her to use their facilities- even though they would be fully paid for.

It makes no sense until you stop and think about it.  People are getting sick & tired of the violence & the ineptitude of teachers in ‘regular’ public schools.  The K12 WAVA online public school here is award-winning.  It is safe.    And it produces results. It is also pretty new.   There is no stopping moms like me from gathering together with other moms in the same program.  And we get teachers to teach our kids.  Perhaps this smacks of a public charter school?  Or opens the doors for one in Washington State?  I guess the schools are afraid that if they let one mom take this wonderful, lawful public school option, then many moms will learn about it and flock to them.

Perhaps this will lead to empty classrooms for these union loving, pension hungry teachers?  I guess there just aren’t enough rubber rooms for all them.  Anyone disgusted enough by schools prioritizing money over bullied kids, use the email list below & send an email to the district players (superintendent of WA public schools, Superintendent of Everett School District, School Board members & the middle school principle) in this farce and tell them you support the rights of bullied students.  Tell them they should care too.     email list you can copy & paste into your email:;<>;;l;;;;;<>

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  1. You know, sometimes these petty little tyrants, like these school administrators, who obviously like bullies, since they are some of the worst, are going to find out that people have unsuspected resources, like your blog. I’d bet they’d faint dead away if they saw that little map in your sidebar, or even mine. Take no nonsense from ’em, and have fun. 🙂

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