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ILMAO! This is funnnnn-E!


  1. Haha, they always have a knack for finding the wacky ones. Good bye Democracy 🙂

    Did anyone else pick up insulting overtones from the way John King used the term “Blue Collar Voter”?

    • Progressives are the ones who truly despise the working man- after all, they are the ones who believe that the ‘working man’ is so incompetent that they can’t make it in the same world that the Progressive man can.

  2. When his voice got warbly, I couldn’t help a bark of laughter, though. The ‘end to democracy’ because people can’t force companies to give them money & can’t be forced to keep lazy, incompetent workers? This guy is worried about his pension when he looks to be about 25 years old! These people have no concept about a) enjoy your youth, dummy. and b) work hard, live hard and you will be ok in the end! geeze.

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