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Don’t Mess With Texas, Don’t Mess With Americans!

All Americans need to have the spunk these ladies demonstrate in this video.  They are speaking out about Eric Holder’s refusal to allow Texas to require official identification before voting.

Let me preface this video with a couple of comments. The ranch doesn’t belong to the beautiful ladies on this video. Their clothes are just jeans & cheap shirts ($18) they bought locally. Yes, they were dressed up to feed three horses because they were on their way to a nice(r) event after this chore. Feeding three horses takes a few minutes. And their boobs are real.* So, all jealous women, can it. Conservative women just like to take care of themselves. They know that men are men and that when women look good, they can leverage a great deal out of life. Only dumb liberal women can’t/won’t figure that out.

*according to the women themselves via YouTube comments.

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