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Obama Doesn’t Need Congress: All He Needs Are Executive Orders- Don’t Kings Do That?

Regardless of the fact that our duly elected Congress roundly rejected Obama’s Dream Act, Obama has simply ordered that most of the provisions in the Dream Act be put in place.  Where does this man get the gonads to do this?  And where is the public outcry?  I can tell you:  Obama has no intention of having his Progressive dream be waylaid by something as miniscule as Congress.  As he has used the EPA, Homeland Security & other regulatory bodies to enact massive new laws, so he is using the Justice Department to do his will.  All it takes is corrupt agency heads who have been bought off.  He gets away with it because the progressively owned news agencies simply refrain from reporting these eye-boggling stories and instead, focus on celebrity weddings & Syria.  And let’s face it:  Americans have become soft with decades of peace & plenty.  And they don’t want to wake up- it’s too scary.  So they allow themselves to be soothed by Obama’s lullaby.    We are in trouble, my friends.  We need to wake up, face the facts and get busy.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio sat down at ABC15 to talk about the new  changes by the Obama administration to stop deporting younger illegal  immigrants.  See interview below:


  1. This a belated entry…since just finding your site. Entered comment at ConstitutionClub, but adding here as well.

    There will likely be more E.O.s before Jan. 20, 2013. And even more if O’s E (that’s O’s Elected ) again. I think the original intent of E.O.s was to be orders to administrative elements, like staff to carry out the law. Remembering the old western flicks of my childhood, an example would be when the sheriff orders his men to saddle up and get after the bank robbers who just pulled it off. What O did would be like the sheriff telling his men, tie ‘em to the hitchin post boys…we ain’t chasin’ ‘em.

    Let’s go get them. “Ya durn tootin’ Roy.”

  2. When George W. Bush is brought up on charges for treason and international terrorism, I will entertain the idea of charging Obama with treason.

    Until then people, get a life and get on with being productive.

    The more you whine, the more obvious it is just how bigoted and racist you are.

    If you don’t like the way things are done, throw your hat in the ring. Otherwise, don’t throw your popcorn on the stage in protest.

    Don’t React!!! ACT!!!!

      • That is all you’re doing, is whining.
        Yes, George W. Bush. Your hero.

        What am I doing? I’m calling you on your silliness.

        Haven’t called anyone names. I’ve used appropriate adjectives and expressed my opinion. .

        You want to have your cake and eat it too! Unfortunately, you are unwilling to prosecute the whole lot to achieve your objective. You’d rather persecute selectively.

        I expressed how I would support your objective, but rather than address that, you choose to defend your whining as action.

        Throwing one’s hat into the ring is stepping up and running for public office, not typing hate speech into a blog.

        So, I say again: DON’T REACT!! ACT!!

  3. Robert & Generic, I agree with both of you. The question is no longer about illegal immigration- it is about whether we have a President or a King. This is an extremely dangerous man. What this video and see the NATURE of our new king. I actually fear that he will allow something terrible to happen between now and the elections! He wants power too badly..remember that terrorists love the Mexican border- and remember that we no longer know what happened to several nuclear suitcase bombs from the cold war (remember our conversation, Generic?). Could this be a signal? Something is terribly wrong with Obama. It goes deeper than just politics & power.

  4. Little Rebel,

    I support Robert Philip Dean’s comment 100% and more. I believe that the whole of Congress and Supreme Court are in bed with Obama. How could there not be an outcry from Congress???? How is it possible the Obama’s overstepping of his powers has not been struck down by the Supreme Court????? These two branches of government have become totally ineffective! Where is the American spirit? Has it died altogether?

  5. What happened today at the White House was nothing short of a declaration of WAR on the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights and our national sovereignty, where are own borders can be breached by ILLEGAL immigrants, free from prosecution or deportation. At a time when national unemployment rate is in actuality nearing 15%, the current occupant of the Oval Office, Barry Hussein Soetero-Obama, has declared that the United States government contains only ONE BRANCH… the EXECUTIVE.
    He has blatantly told the American people he no more cares about their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, authorizing the issuance of work permits to CRIMINAL aliens for the sole purpose of political expediency. He joins his Attorney General, Eric “MY PEOPLE” Holder, and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano in outright TREASON and SEDITION against the peace and security of this Nation, and has once again FAILED to uphold the Constitution and Rule of Law he swore UNDER OATH to support and defend. In a word… Taquiyya.
    It is time now for AMERICANS to take a stand against his Marxist ideology and say, “NO MORE!” If he and his administration want a war with the American people, I would strongly suggest he revisit history and see what has happened in previous attempts to defeat the spirit of American Exceptionalism.

    • Amen !
      Congress should begin the process on bringing him up on charges of treason.
      Enough is enough.

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