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Either Obama is Completely Incompetent or He is as Wily as a Fox: Egyptian Military Dissolves Parliament

Either Obama is incredibly naive, and dare I say it, stupid, or he is as wily as a fox.  Either he foolishly disregarded every expert at the disposal of the most powerful man in the world or he knew exactly what he was doing when he decided to take the completely opposite direction than advised.  When we look at the crisis in Egypt, there can only be these two choices.

President Obama is not a just a man.  He is an office.  He is a country with unbelievable resources with access to a vast array of intelligence and expertise.  He is not one man, isolated, who can make a naive decision recklessly.  Nothing is done haphazardly in the United States Presidency.

The Middle East is not the Midwest.  It is a culture that has known totalitarian rule for, literally, thousands of years.  The iron fist is what people in this region understand and condone.   Democracy, to them, simply equals putting the dictator of your choice in power.  Most of the region has been tribal and familial in nature since it was settled thousands of years ago.  This hasn’t changed.  Loyalty to family & tribe trumps any idea of ‘the greater good’ of the entire country and the entirety of the citizenship.  While naive Americans criticized Mubarak for being a ‘dictator’, one must observe that there is no other option for this region other than a totalitarian regime.  This is becoming more and more evident as the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ progresses.  There is zero interest in the kind of republican democracy we have here in the United States.

It is becoming evident that leaders like Mubarak & Qaddafi understood the nature of the Arab mind much better than we arrogant Americans did.  They knew that without an iron fist, chaos would ensue.  They also knew that Islamic extremism was right around the corner.  If allowed even the tiniest breath of air, it would explode into the tyranny that rules Iran today.   They were wise enough to see that the only other organized group in the country is the network of mosques & Mullahs.  They understood the power of the Mullahs’ pulpits.  They understood the lust for worldly power of the very same men.  And they kept it under check.  With an iron fist.

In retrospect, it makes perfect sense.  We American citizens can now see that.  We can honestly claim ignorance in the matter.  But what about our president?  Isn’t he surrounded by experts in Middle Eastern culture & politics?  Don’t we have long standing ambassadors to Egypt, Libya, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, etc?  Don’t we have personal relationships with officials in every one of these countries who would be more than willing to give advice on the nature of their culture?  On the nature of the politics?  On the nature of Islam?

The short answer is clear:  “Of course he did.”

There was never any way American-style democracy could thrive in this part of the world.  Not without the might of the United States Army committed for decades.  That would cover one country at best.  But an entire region?

How could we support the overthrow of so many pro-American governments in such a critical part of the world?  The part of the world where we get our most precious commodity:  oil?

“Mubarak must go!”  President Obama.

“Kaddafi must go!”  President Obama

“Assad must go!”  President Obama

Just like that.  They all must go.  But every one of these leaders were moderate.  They were not supporters of radical Islam.  They were not our enemies.  They were our friends in the region.  We truly needed them.

Two are gone and the third is about to go.

What was Obama thinking?  Again, either he is the stupidest, most incompetent president that ever held office or… he knew he would create massive instability in the area by encouraging, funding and arming rebellion in the region.  Every expert in the area told Obama that the Muslim Brotherhood was the only organized political body in the region.  Every expert told Obama that they would rise supreme in any ‘democratic’ election.  And guess what?  They have.  Not because that is what those young protestors wanted.  No.  But because they were the only ones with the money & organization to become candidates.

It was all so foreseeable.  There is no surprise.  Every expert recommended against it.

But Obama didn’t listen.


“How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”  Sherlock Holmes.

It is hard to believe, but there is only one viable conclusion.  Because I know one thing:  Obama is NOT stupid.  So, this leaves the only other improbable, impossible, unbelievable truth:  we have a president who wanted instability in the Middle East.

When I look at Obama’s policies & words as a whole, it makes sense.  He wants oil out and green energy in.  His friends have invested millions into green companies.  Obama’s bail out went straight to now-failed ‘green companies’ in a grand experiment with tax payer money.  Obama turned down the oil pipeline from Canada.  Obama refuses to allow oil drilling, oil & gas fracking or nuclear energy development in the United States.  He needs the über-liberal environmentalists for his election.  He is cheerfully encouraging Brazil, with promises of American aid & technology, to drill for oil in American waters.  The owner of the Brazilian oil company is none other than George Soros- leader of the Progressive movement.  Soros openly advocates the demise of the U.S. dollar and even of the sovereignty of the United States government in favor of a world currency with one, big glorious world government.

Screamingly high oil prices are a great way to trash the dollar & thus, the American economy and thus, the stability of our great nation.

Are you seeing the connection here?

The Progressives (and Obama & Clinton openly profess their identities as progressives) literally   wish for a world government over the United States government.  They literally believe that countries are ‘outdated’.  They believe in Star Trek’s fantasy ‘Federation’ style government.  And they see themselves at the top of that money & power pile.  Don’t believe me?  Just Google George Soros’s Open Society.  He is proud of it.

Americans.  Star Trek is a fantasy.  The reality of such a world government is the ugliest evil the world has ever seen.  We need to look beneath the actions of Obama & other progressive leaders.   Once you do, you will be confronted with the choice I opened this piece with:  either Obama is incompetent or he is as wily as a fox.  It’s number two.


  1. Little Rebel,

    You hit the nail right on the head. Obama is “not” stupid. I believe that his actions are dictated to him by the very elite progressives. Because of his hate for our way of life, he gladly accepts accurately carries out all dictates that will destroy the “American Dream”. I believe that he looks forward to the absolute restructuring of American Society into the three Trilaterist classes: The RULING CLASS, the WORRIER CLASS, and the WORKING CLASS (peons-slaves).

  2. You are right on every count. The only conclusion we can arrive at is the one you have. Civil wars in the Middle East and parts of Africa are the goals Obama and gang are seeking. Discord and disharmony, divide and rule. Obama seems to have an excellent knowledge of those tools.

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