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I Hate to Say It, but I Was Right: Obama Used Fast n Furious to Restrict 2nd Amendment Rights

There is no underestimating the desire of Progressive Obama to undermine our constitution and the sovereignty of the United States.  His/their goal is to subjugate our puny nation into a sub-state of a larger, ‘better’ union- and of course, put themselves as leaders of this new monstrosity.  They do not hide this goal.  George Soros literally goes around the world to the most prestigious institutions in the world giving lectures on this exact topic.  They are proud of their goal.  Both Obama and Clinton have labeled themselves as Progressives.  Get it?

Undermining the Constitution is a critical goal for this group.  Why?  Because the Constitution literally defines our government, our sovereignty and our citizens’ right to get rid of politicians we don’t like.  It ensures that each citizen can own weapons to the teeth- making it very clear that no government can become a tyrant over them.  All this is very bad for people who wish to make our country into a mere state of the world.  The goal of Progressives is to call the Constitution a ‘living document’.  In other words, it changes with the needs of the era.  In other words, the information & rights therein are no longer ‘inalienable’ and based on the freedoms & equality granted to each of us by God himself.  It becomes nothing.  Mission accomplished.

CBS has investigated the documents turned over thus far in the Fast n Furious scandal and found…yes, you guessed it:  the administration was never planning on revealing the gun running ploy and they were fully intending to use the ‘shocking’ discovery of U.S. weapons in Mexico as a reason to unconstitutionally restrict gun sales in the U.S.  In other words, they were going to sell the guns to Mexican criminals and blame innocent American citizens for it.  Remember when Mexican Calderon came here and lectured our Congress about the fact that the drug war in his country was America’s fault?  Specifically, Americans’ fault?  My heart still boils over at the memory.

I have no doubt that Fast n Furious was a ploy that both Obama and Calderon knew about.  I wrote about this the day Fast n Furious broke.  Finding American assault weapons in Mexico does three great things for the Progressive agenda:  1) it ensures that Americans can be disarmed, 2) it undermines the Constitution  and 3) it ensures that the Mexican border remain wide open, thus weakening U.S. sovereignty.  Calderon had made the argument that tightening the border between our countries was wrong- that it blamed Mexicans for what Americans were doing.  Thus, he argued, the border should remain open and illegal Mexicans should be allowed to stay.

If the goal of the Progressives is to make a bigger, more powerful Union- if Mexico was to be a part of that union, a secure border with a high, high wall would make that a little difficult, wouldn’t it?  Also,  more Mexicans in our nation equals more people to favor the idea of a combined union with Mexico, right?

There are many who think this sounds absurd.  Obama can’t really be that evil.  Progressives can’t really desire this goal (even though they announce it from the rooftops).  World leaders can’t really be that arrogant.

But one must wonder how I knew that Fast n Furious was being used to restrict the 2nd Amendment.  I also predicted Obama’s intent on using military force in Syria.   If you look at world events with this understanding (the Progressive goal of world domination), then it all makes sense.  This is not a world of haphazard events.  The desire for world domination is as old as mankind- it’s just that technology is making this a real possibility now.  Only the naïve and/or the frightened close their eyes to reality.


  1. Little Rebel,

    Again you hit the nail on the head. The Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilaterist Commission, The Bilderberg Group, the Federal Reserve and true 33rd Degree Freemasons work in complete unison to bring about a New Order. These are the puppeteers. They have no allegiance to any country but see themselves as having the RIGHT TO RULE. Trilaterists divide human beings into thee classes: RULERS, WORRIERS and WORKERS (slaves).

    • Whitey, you know I have never professed a complete belief in those notions, but I also can’t say that they don’t exist. There certainly is much evidence for them. But in the end, call them what you will, there are people intent on world domination. It simply is not new. Only now, they truly believe they can acheive it. Good people willing to fight for freedom will stand in their way. Of that, I feel very sure.

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