Let’s Call ‘Gay Pride’ What It Is: An Excuse for Unbridled Hedonism & Selfishness

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I’m so proud that my governor, Christine Gregoire will be heading up Washington’s Gay Pride Parade this year.  Makes my heart squeeze with emotion, it does.  I look at these images and what do I see?  Do I see a proud, honorable society?  Do I see a group of people dedicated to altruistic desires to help other humans in need?  Do I see a group of people worthy of my respect?  Do these people truly expect me to believe they understand marriage?  Should these people be parents to adopted children?  Do I see loyalty?  Do I see virtue?  Do I see humanity?  Do I see humility?  Do I see kindness?  Do I see tolerance?  Do I see respect?

No, indeed.

All I see is complete and utter self absorption and abandon.  Complete lust for the sensual and craving for unlimited appetite.  Sodom & Gomorrah on display.   Where are William Faulkner’s old verities here?  Where is Jesus’ command to be humble servants?  Can you see any of these rebellious humans bending down to wash a poor man’s dusty feet?  Or feeding a hungry child’s mouth?

This is everything vile.  This is to be reviled.  And yet, our culture- the world’s culture- would have us stand by while our governors & presidents & senators & People stand by and smile, clap and nod their heads approvingly.  Some ‘straight’ people on the sidelines also celebrate wildly.  Why?  Because to encourage lewdness & hedonism in others is to give themselves permission for their own sins.  Somewhere in their psyche is the hope that by banding together in their sin, they can keep God & his judgement at bay.  By celebrating wildly with these base humans, their own sins pale by comparison.  These celebrating humans wish very much to forget God, Jesus & their commandments.  Perhaps if they can truly throw themselves into this abandon, they can rid themselves of that pesky little voice reminding them of Judgement Day.  It’s not an easy thing to forget, after all.

Most of us, however, stand in utter awe at the self-glorification & wild abandon displayed by these completely immoral creatures before us.  It is so clearly evil.  Nothing in our heart celebrates.  But we feel strange.  Like we have landed on another planet, perhaps.  We look around us and wonder, “Why is everyone smiling & clapping?” and feel pressured to do so ourselves.  We swallow our bile & try to understand.

Americans, give yourself the gift of honesty.  What these people do is disgusting.  Not only for the clear amount sexual immorality- but for the sheer selfishness, self idolatry, Godlessness, anger, bitterness & lack of humility displayed.  Call it what it is:  an excuse to lose themselves in their lusts.  There is nothing honorable here.  There are no heroes.  Only the most foul, the most base, the most humiliating displays of humanity.  Don’t celebrate it.  Walk away.  Our world becomes more morally bankrupt by the day, my Christian friends.   This is Man’s inevitable path.  This is why God gave us Jesus.  He KNEW we were incapable, in the presence of Satan, to resist and do good on our own.  Jesus allows us to keep some form of moral compass in this insanity and finally, when our days are ended, to throw ourselves at Jesus’ feet to claim his promise of forgiveness.  Not just for our sins- but for these people’s.


  1. I’m not Christian at all. I’m agnostic, I admit. And I have gay friends.
    But I have to admit…. Great article and everything you said is true. I even asked a close gay friend of mine, “Why are gay events like Pride Parades always so hedonistic? What’s with the NEED to be as naked as possible and parade themselves around like that? Everything is always so hyper sexualized. It’s always all about sex and nudity. Why? Why can’t gays just be who they are and not make a huge, ridiculous show of it?”
    He explained to me what an above comment pointed out: There are actually many in the gay community who hate that aspect of the gay community and consider it an embarrassment.
    I admit you lost me with all the Jesus and Bible talk, but I just tuned those parts out and paid attention to the rest.
    As I was saying, even being non-Christian and the friend of several gay people, your article is fantastic and all of your follow-up comments are fantastic. Excellent piece!
    And aside from the Christianity talk, I agree with you completely with everything you’ve said.
    Take care and have a great day.

    • Thanks Jarod. Well, sorry about all the Christianity talk, but I hate to say it, but that’s where all your basic moral values came from in the first place. Perhaps someone or perhaps lots of Christians in your past somehow hurt you or ‘turned you off’ along the way and you threw Jesus and God out the window along with them but there really isn’t any separating God from the values you house. In any case, I’m glad you do house them and I’m glad you liked the article. I pray that you come back to your Christian roots because whether you realize it or not, there is great JOY in Jesus. In fact, without him, there would be no equality in this world. He is the first to say that we are all equal in God’s eyes. And there is no other kind of equality in the world. Consider that the next time you ponder the equality you fight for. No other kind of equality. If we remove God from politics, we are left with pure Darwinism. Survival of the fittest. Where will you fit in with that kind of order? Where will your children fit in? Are you the biggest, smartest, fastest, richest man? I hope so for your sake and for your family’s sake! Me? I’ll take the other brand of equality- that of the soul- we are all equal in the eyes of God. Ponder this. Yours truly, Susan

  2. Ahhh, don’t rain on the hedonistic parade. We are free to define our own morals, but if you are gay, then you can define whatever you want with more abandon as a protected class in spite of laws. You risk hate crime penalties if you get into a heated argument with one of them. They are right, after all they are gay. They can show their junk even in front of small children without recourse.

    • ummmm… ok, be careful, Brunoz. This is a family oriented page- comments that are too ‘colorful’ generally don’t see the light of day. As it is, I had to edit out one aspect of yours. I get your point, however. After all, even having these photos on my ‘family oriented’ blog makes it ‘X’ rated, doesn’t it? I truly hated posting these images- but without them, no one would even believe that they exist and that homosexuals are PROUD of them. I know I wouldn’t. Only by posting them would anyone believe it. What kills me is that homosexuals come to my page enraged that I have posted them. As if they are ashamed of them. They say, “Hey, heterosexuals have PORN as well!” They don’t realize that they are speaking the complete truth. That is when I catch them. I say, “You are indeed right! We DO have porn. But do we have PORN PARADES and call it ‘good’??? Are we PROUD of porn or do we hide it behind brown paper in the back of the magazine racks? Do we celebrate porn by putting the mayor of every city in front of our citizens committing porn in front of little children and march down the center of the streets? Do we take photos of heterosexuals engaging in porn and then call it wonderful on the covers of major newspapers????

      This is when they turn and call me horrible names- because they realize they have admitted the complete shamefulness of their own behavior. It is INDEED PORNOGRAPHIC in nature. And yet, they want the world to say it is GOOD in nature. And if we will not say it is ‘good’ by its very ESSENCE, then we are to be labeled ‘HATEFUL’ by our very essence. This is the very state of the laws they have now enacted against Christians today. What was sin is now called good. What is good is now called sin. We are now in the predicted ‘times of tribulation’. If the Bible were any other Book, all the pagans would be worshiping it in its complete and total accuracy. Its predictions alone would be making all the People of the Earth fall down and worship the Book itself. Only because satan hates the Book and because he is the temporary prince of this world and owns most of the souls of this earth, do the People not worship this Book. But it is miraculous nonetheless.

    • Indeed. And I, along with every Christian who stands in judgement, must indeed watch ourselves. We stand under the same light in which we would judge others. We don’t get a special pass from Jesus. It’s a good thing I need not judge myself, however, as I have thrown myself upon the mercy of Christ, who IS my judge. His blood has already been given for my sins, which do include pride. I am still responsible and must struggle and fight the good fight against sin. But Thank God, He is there before me.

  3. There are gays that will not associate with the gay pride debachery because of the excesses. Many want to be left alone and these parades bring out the things that the OP mentioned. All gays are not the same. The militants ones are often out to corrupt society and ignore the often silent wishes of gays that will not accept many of the lude displays in Pride parades. I’m not defending anyone by my comments, but thought this was worth noting.

    • Hi Brunozagato, Unfortunately, I don’t think they are representative of gays today. I will say that the majority of gays I have met today are angry and forceful about their views. They feel completely comfortable invading my livingroom and any other with their uber-liberal views and demonstrating their physical love without a single concern for the opinions or sensitivities of other opinions. I certainly have never felt that comfortable with my conservative political or religious opinions in anyone’s home or company until I have gotten to know them a little better. This used to be called good manners and consideration for other people’s feelings. I don’t see any of this in the gay liberal community at all. Worse, I get this keen sensation, which is instantly proven, that if I voice even the mildest hint of my own convictions on the topics upon which they just waxed poetic, they will shrink back in horror with their hands over their mouths. Next, they will let out a shriek and a hateful look will instantly come upon their faces as they begin to condemn Christ, my Lord and me with him. Just like that. That is the famous liberal atheist homosexual ‘tolerance’ they oh so love to demand from us. That is the norm, I’m afraid. If what you describe were the norm, I don’t think people like me would even be writing articles like this or posting photos like those. In fact, I didn’t even first post those photos- they did. These come from proud posts done in news papers touting the wonders of their local gay pride parade. So, all the gays yelling at me for posting them really need to get a grip. These are proud photos posted in great pride- I’m just reposting them. And putting them in a family setting for all the world to see. And in this light, they look just as disgusting as they truly are.

  4. I’m glad the modern Christian practices what they preach, love, tolerance and acceptance. You label the whole gay community as “creatures”, not even acknowledging their humanity. Way to go militant Christian. You are the grotesque creature. You are sick.

    • Oldboy07814, nowhere in the Bible does it preach ‘tolerance and acceptance’. That, my friend, is the liberal mantra. However, they most certainly don’t practice that. They tolerate every grotesque sin and debauchery known to human kind, alright, but they will never tolerate or accept the Christian faith. They detest the Bible, Jesus and God and anyone who dares to call themselves a Christian. Talk about militant. The individuals in these photos are appropriately named ‘creatures’ and don’t deserve to be called human beings. I’m quite sure that was their intention. If that is ‘militant’ of me, so be it. I will tell you what IS militant, however. Homosexual activists who intentionally lie about wanting to get married and go into Christian bakeries and florists and demand that they serve their weddings. Then, the moment the very polite Christian owners tell them that their religion forbids them from doing it and recommending a baker right across the street, suing them and killing a mom and pop store for no good reason at all. THAT, my friend, is militant. You people hunt Christians down for the sole purpose of depriving them of their livelihoods and why? Because their God says that men having sex with men is a sin in his eyes. That alone causes you to hunt us down and kill a hard won business where the owners hired homosexuals and worked and sweated next to them year after year??? That is hate, my friend. You will never see Christians hunting any homosexuals down and trying to run them out of business, that is for sure. You will not see Christians busting down nice homosexual blogs and calling them cunts and whores, etc just because they believe in gay marriage. But you WILL see homosexuals doing that to Christian writers. Oh, yes, you will- every time. The only militant people around in America are homosexual liberal so-called atheists. That is it. It isn’t me and it isn’t Christians. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.


    • So, for you, morality doesn’t exist, right? Your premise is like a child’s premise: Hey, he did it to me, so I can do it to him. You agree that the display is grotesque- this is a word associated strongly with negativity and ugliness. But for you, being ugly and negative is just fine because you feel others were ugly and negative first. Very interesting. Thus, your reasoning should be the following: now that your side has been grotesque in its morality, my side can go and kill your side altogether- after all, you have just done the grotesque to me. And I would be morally correct in your version of morality.

      The trouble with committing your life to homosexuality is that you also commit yourself to a hatred and disdain for God, whom you know to virulantely oppose your activities. You choose your own will and your own base desires over what is good and right- namely, God. That, in and of itself, is not something to be honored. Who calls a man who lives to satisfy only his fleshly desires a ‘hero’? No one. But we all know what heroes really are. They are people who live for a higher calling. He is someone who gives his life- his entire life- to the salvation of others. He not only gives up his sexual desires, but the breath of his lungs so that the innocent might live. By no means can the homosexual ever be called a hero.

      Now to the ridiculous lies that homosexuals have been murdered in any kind of numbers- please provide the source for that nonsense. Homosexuals might die, but not of Christian hands. They might die of robbery, accident or their own foolishness (AIDS is brought to many homosexuals due to PROMISCUITY and the number of partners you seem to so enjoy). But they do not die at the hands of Christians. Again, provide the proof. You are a liar.

      Ignoring the AIDS outbreak? Give me a break- you are one kind of whiner. I have never seen such attention as has been given to AIDS.

      Contempt and Narrow minded ‘FACES?’ Really? What you have from Christians like me is disapproval. We disapprove of anyone who would break God’s laws and then flaunt it in the streets. You are no unique. We disdain OURSELVES when we break his commandments. This is why we confess our sins and beg for forgiveness. That is the difference between the homosexual and a Christian. You will not admit your sin, let alone apologize for it where we acknowledge our very status as ‘sinful always’ and constantly pray for forgiveness of God.

      What you really feel is the disdain and anger of GOD, not us. And THAT is what you run from. You can deny his presence all you want, friend, but he is still there- he watches you day and night. Every day you live is a gift from him- it is another day he has given to you to repent and come home to him. That is your choice. But those who mock God constantly, God will not forgive. He has promised in the bible to harden your hearts until you can no longer feel him. He does this specifically so that you will not ever turn- and thus be saved from death- which is your sure reward. So, I hope you will take my warning and turn toward him before it is too late.

    • How many “murdered gays” were there exactly? And they made AIDS a problem for themselves by having unprotected safe with scores of random men.

  6. The term that came to me to describe gay pride parades: “lust riot” – it’s like people rioting and celebrating lust simultaneously.

    With all those purported stable gay relationships coming out of the woodwork is one unsaid, unacknowledged truth: even “committed” gay relationships are open to outside promiscuity. Written or woven into the gay ethic is the need for constant companionship coupled with the need for constant sexual conquests. Gay men will strive for “maximum yeild”, and “absorb the masculinity” of all the anonymous men they have liasions with. Why? very likely a compensation for absent fathers, in much the same way which a gir has a problematic relationship with her father will bounce from one relationship to another with much older men as a means of compensation for her father problem.

    There is zero biological ideology for a gay identity. It simply doesn’t exist. The identical twin studies disproved the gay gene theory. So you have this army of gay activsts – that minority-within-the-gay-minority- demanding that their gayness be the basis to merit their own unique civil rights; their personhood. But when all you have to prove the merits of your identity and personhood is subjective and unverifiable, then you are swimming against a powerful current called objective truth.

    Ellen DeGenerus’ cause celebe ‘born that way’ story has been the inspiration for many gays. But in her mother’s autobiography, it was revealed that Ellen was a straight young woman until her stepdad’s sexual advances made her swear off all men. Homosexuality is the black hole in one’s identy which is formed out of maladaptation to trauma -usually sexual molestation or rape. Or by overbearing female role models in the absence of any male role models. Making families motherless/fatherless by design perpetuates this on and on.

    • Ronnie, I agree. Most lesbians I know are actually afraid of men because of past sexual abuse. Or they are very, very unattractive. I feel very strongly that these women have been so hurt by male rejection that they turn to female companionship. And now that everyone is shoving ‘homosexuality is NORMAL’, they feel more free to move in that direction. I agree about the men- don’t know about the father issue, but I do know it is about more, more and more sex. There are no committed relationships.

  7. Greatest. Article. Ever. I’m not kidding. more people need to read this, this is SUCH a wake up call to people who condone this kind of sick perverted behavior. this whole lifestyle is truly biazzre, how in the world are they allowed to get away with this sickness? the gay culture will never EVER get my support. only God will. Obama can stick it, forgive him God, for he knows not what he does or says. the truly ignorant comments prove that hedonism is alive and well, but we all know what road that leads to ultimately.

    • I also have to say that when I read your comment about landing on another planet and wondering why everyone is smiling and clapping, its a lot like the ending of star wars episode 3, when the emperor proclaims the republic will now become the evil empire, and everyone instead of being shocked and appauled, is clapping for joy. clearly people don’t know what they are doing or saying. that’s the devil for you, tricking people into thinking something that is sick and perverted is “ok”. cmon what is this, twilight zone? gay marriage is false and I pray that it is never allowed, what a SICK world we live in.

    • Thanks, Peter. Here is the funniest part. When I went and posted photos from the gay pride parade, FB threatened me for posting ‘obscene’ things on FB!!! Yet, they do these things in front of the entire world and are PROUD of it. So.. which is it? Something good that they are proud of… or something shameful and obscene? They want their cake and they want to eat it too!

  8. To date there is not one blog, not one artitical, not one comment you have posted that I do not agree with 100%. I have also just read a few of the deplorable comments left by the barrage of ignorant, discusting,, fools. It is so clear to me that what has driven people like that to respond and comment to your posts in such a crude and obnoxious way is clearly they are under conviction by your words. They would rather fight the truth and defend the lie then admit you are right and they are wrong. They ALL live in darkness and should be pittyed . But fear not we steadfast , faithful and wise Christians are the ones that will have the last laugh. If anyone is crazy its them.

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