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Let’s Call ‘Gay Pride’ What It Is: An Excuse for Unbridled Hedonism & Selfishness

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I’m so proud that my governor, Christine Gregoire will be heading up Washington’s Gay Pride Parade this year.  Makes my heart squeeze with emotion, it does.  I look at these images and what do I see?  Do I see a proud, honorable society?  Do I see a group of people dedicated to altruistic desires to help other humans in need?  Do I see a group of people worthy of my respect?  Do these people truly expect me to believe they understand marriage?  Should these people be parents to adopted children?  Do I see loyalty?  Do I see virtue?  Do I see humanity?  Do I see humility?  Do I see kindness?  Do I see tolerance?  Do I see respect?

No, indeed.

All I see is complete and utter self absorption and abandon.  Complete lust for the sensual and craving for unlimited appetite.  Sodom & Gomorrah on display.   Where are William Faulkner’s old verities here?  Where is Jesus’ command to be humble servants?  Can you see any of these rebellious humans bending down to wash a poor man’s dusty feet?  Or feeding a hungry child’s mouth?

This is everything vile.  This is to be reviled.  And yet, our culture- the world’s culture- would have us stand by while our governors & presidents & senators & People stand by and smile, clap and nod their heads approvingly.  Some ‘straight’ people on the sidelines also celebrate wildly.  Why?  Because to encourage lewdness & hedonism in others is to give themselves permission for their own sins.  Somewhere in their psyche is the hope that by banding together in their sin, they can keep God & his judgement at bay.  By celebrating wildly with these base humans, their own sins pale by comparison.  These celebrating humans wish very much to forget God, Jesus & their commandments.  Perhaps if they can truly throw themselves into this abandon, they can rid themselves of that pesky little voice reminding them of Judgement Day.  It’s not an easy thing to forget, after all.

Most of us, however, stand in utter awe at the self-glorification & wild abandon displayed by these completely immoral creatures before us.  It is so clearly evil.  Nothing in our heart celebrates.  But we feel strange.  Like we have landed on another planet, perhaps.  We look around us and wonder, “Why is everyone smiling & clapping?” and feel pressured to do so ourselves.  We swallow our bile & try to understand.

Americans, give yourself the gift of honesty.  What these people do is disgusting.  Not only for the clear amount sexual immorality- but for the sheer selfishness, self idolatry, Godlessness, anger, bitterness & lack of humility displayed.  Call it what it is:  an excuse to lose themselves in their lusts.  There is nothing honorable here.  There are no heroes.  Only the most foul, the most base, the most humiliating displays of humanity.  Don’t celebrate it.  Walk away.  Our world becomes more morally bankrupt by the day, my Christian friends.   This is Man’s inevitable path.  This is why God gave us Jesus.  He KNEW we were incapable, in the presence of Satan, to resist and do good on our own.  Jesus allows us to keep some form of moral compass in this insanity and finally, when our days are ended, to throw ourselves at Jesus’ feet to claim his promise of forgiveness.  Not just for our sins- but for these people’s.


  1. I’m not Christian at all. I’m agnostic, I admit. And I have gay friends.
    But I have to admit…. Great article and everything you said is true. I even asked a close gay friend of mine, “Why are gay events like Pride Parades always so hedonistic? What’s with the NEED to be as naked as possible and parade themselves around like that? Everything is always so hyper sexualized. It’s always all about sex and nudity. Why? Why can’t gays just be who they are and not make a huge, ridiculous show of it?”
    He explained to me what an above comment pointed out: There are actually many in the gay community who hate that aspect of the gay community and consider it an embarrassment.
    I admit you lost me with all the Jesus and Bible talk, but I just tuned those parts out and paid attention to the rest.
    As I was saying, even being non-Christian and the friend of several gay people, your article is fantastic and all of your follow-up comments are fantastic. Excellent piece!
    And aside from the Christianity talk, I agree with you completely with everything you’ve said.
    Take care and have a great day.

    • Thanks Jarod. Well, sorry about all the Christianity talk, but I hate to say it, but that’s where all your basic moral values came from in the first place. Perhaps someone or perhaps lots of Christians in your past somehow hurt you or ‘turned you off’ along the way and you threw Jesus and God out the window along with them but there really isn’t any separating God from the values you house. In any case, I’m glad you do house them and I’m glad you liked the article. I pray that you come back to your Christian roots because whether you realize it or not, there is great JOY in Jesus. In fact, without him, there would be no equality in this world. He is the first to say that we are all equal in God’s eyes. And there is no other kind of equality in the world. Consider that the next time you ponder the equality you fight for. No other kind of equality. If we remove God from politics, we are left with pure Darwinism. Survival of the fittest. Where will you fit in with that kind of order? Where will your children fit in? Are you the biggest, smartest, fastest, richest man? I hope so for your sake and for your family’s sake! Me? I’ll take the other brand of equality- that of the soul- we are all equal in the eyes of God. Ponder this. Yours truly, Susan

  2. Ahhh, don’t rain on the hedonistic parade. We are free to define our own morals, but if you are gay, then you can define whatever you want with more abandon as a protected class in spite of laws. You risk hate crime penalties if you get into a heated argument with one of them. They are right, after all they are gay. They can show their junk even in front of small children without recourse.

    • ummmm… ok, be careful, Brunoz. This is a family oriented page- comments that are too ‘colorful’ generally don’t see the light of day. As it is, I had to edit out one aspect of yours. I get your point, however. After all, even having these photos on my ‘family oriented’ blog makes it ‘X’ rated, doesn’t it? I truly hated posting these images- but without them, no one would even believe that they exist and that homosexuals are PROUD of them. I know I wouldn’t. Only by posting them would anyone believe it. What kills me is that homosexuals come to my page enraged that I have posted them. As if they are ashamed of them. They say, “Hey, heterosexuals have PORN as well!” They don’t realize that they are speaking the complete truth. That is when I catch them. I say, “You are indeed right! We DO have porn. But do we have PORN PARADES and call it ‘good’??? Are we PROUD of porn or do we hide it behind brown paper in the back of the magazine racks? Do we celebrate porn by putting the mayor of every city in front of our citizens committing porn in front of little children and march down the center of the streets? Do we take photos of heterosexuals engaging in porn and then call it wonderful on the covers of major newspapers????

      This is when they turn and call me horrible names- because they realize they have admitted the complete shamefulness of their own behavior. It is INDEED PORNOGRAPHIC in nature. And yet, they want the world to say it is GOOD in nature. And if we will not say it is ‘good’ by its very ESSENCE, then we are to be labeled ‘HATEFUL’ by our very essence. This is the very state of the laws they have now enacted against Christians today. What was sin is now called good. What is good is now called sin. We are now in the predicted ‘times of tribulation’. If the Bible were any other Book, all the pagans would be worshiping it in its complete and total accuracy. Its predictions alone would be making all the People of the Earth fall down and worship the Book itself. Only because satan hates the Book and because he is the temporary prince of this world and owns most of the souls of this earth, do the People not worship this Book. But it is miraculous nonetheless.

    • Indeed. And I, along with every Christian who stands in judgement, must indeed watch ourselves. We stand under the same light in which we would judge others. We don’t get a special pass from Jesus. It’s a good thing I need not judge myself, however, as I have thrown myself upon the mercy of Christ, who IS my judge. His blood has already been given for my sins, which do include pride. I am still responsible and must struggle and fight the good fight against sin. But Thank God, He is there before me.

  3. There are gays that will not associate with the gay pride debachery because of the excesses. Many want to be left alone and these parades bring out the things that the OP mentioned. All gays are not the same. The militants ones are often out to corrupt society and ignore the often silent wishes of gays that will not accept many of the lude displays in Pride parades. I’m not defending anyone by my comments, but thought this was worth noting.

    • Hi Brunozagato, Unfortunately, I don’t think they are representative of gays today. I will say that the majority of gays I have met today are angry and forceful about their views. They feel completely comfortable invading my livingroom and any other with their uber-liberal views and demonstrating their physical love without a single concern for the opinions or sensitivities of other opinions. I certainly have never felt that comfortable with my conservative political or religious opinions in anyone’s home or company until I have gotten to know them a little better. This used to be called good manners and consideration for other people’s feelings. I don’t see any of this in the gay liberal community at all. Worse, I get this keen sensation, which is instantly proven, that if I voice even the mildest hint of my own convictions on the topics upon which they just waxed poetic, they will shrink back in horror with their hands over their mouths. Next, they will let out a shriek and a hateful look will instantly come upon their faces as they begin to condemn Christ, my Lord and me with him. Just like that. That is the famous liberal atheist homosexual ‘tolerance’ they oh so love to demand from us. That is the norm, I’m afraid. If what you describe were the norm, I don’t think people like me would even be writing articles like this or posting photos like those. In fact, I didn’t even first post those photos- they did. These come from proud posts done in news papers touting the wonders of their local gay pride parade. So, all the gays yelling at me for posting them really need to get a grip. These are proud photos posted in great pride- I’m just reposting them. And putting them in a family setting for all the world to see. And in this light, they look just as disgusting as they truly are.

  4. I’m glad the modern Christian practices what they preach, love, tolerance and acceptance. You label the whole gay community as “creatures”, not even acknowledging their humanity. Way to go militant Christian. You are the grotesque creature. You are sick.

    • Oldboy07814, nowhere in the Bible does it preach ‘tolerance and acceptance’. That, my friend, is the liberal mantra. However, they most certainly don’t practice that. They tolerate every grotesque sin and debauchery known to human kind, alright, but they will never tolerate or accept the Christian faith. They detest the Bible, Jesus and God and anyone who dares to call themselves a Christian. Talk about militant. The individuals in these photos are appropriately named ‘creatures’ and don’t deserve to be called human beings. I’m quite sure that was their intention. If that is ‘militant’ of me, so be it. I will tell you what IS militant, however. Homosexual activists who intentionally lie about wanting to get married and go into Christian bakeries and florists and demand that they serve their weddings. Then, the moment the very polite Christian owners tell them that their religion forbids them from doing it and recommending a baker right across the street, suing them and killing a mom and pop store for no good reason at all. THAT, my friend, is militant. You people hunt Christians down for the sole purpose of depriving them of their livelihoods and why? Because their God says that men having sex with men is a sin in his eyes. That alone causes you to hunt us down and kill a hard won business where the owners hired homosexuals and worked and sweated next to them year after year??? That is hate, my friend. You will never see Christians hunting any homosexuals down and trying to run them out of business, that is for sure. You will not see Christians busting down nice homosexual blogs and calling them cunts and whores, etc just because they believe in gay marriage. But you WILL see homosexuals doing that to Christian writers. Oh, yes, you will- every time. The only militant people around in America are homosexual liberal so-called atheists. That is it. It isn’t me and it isn’t Christians. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.


    • So, for you, morality doesn’t exist, right? Your premise is like a child’s premise: Hey, he did it to me, so I can do it to him. You agree that the display is grotesque- this is a word associated strongly with negativity and ugliness. But for you, being ugly and negative is just fine because you feel others were ugly and negative first. Very interesting. Thus, your reasoning should be the following: now that your side has been grotesque in its morality, my side can go and kill your side altogether- after all, you have just done the grotesque to me. And I would be morally correct in your version of morality.

      The trouble with committing your life to homosexuality is that you also commit yourself to a hatred and disdain for God, whom you know to virulantely oppose your activities. You choose your own will and your own base desires over what is good and right- namely, God. That, in and of itself, is not something to be honored. Who calls a man who lives to satisfy only his fleshly desires a ‘hero’? No one. But we all know what heroes really are. They are people who live for a higher calling. He is someone who gives his life- his entire life- to the salvation of others. He not only gives up his sexual desires, but the breath of his lungs so that the innocent might live. By no means can the homosexual ever be called a hero.

      Now to the ridiculous lies that homosexuals have been murdered in any kind of numbers- please provide the source for that nonsense. Homosexuals might die, but not of Christian hands. They might die of robbery, accident or their own foolishness (AIDS is brought to many homosexuals due to PROMISCUITY and the number of partners you seem to so enjoy). But they do not die at the hands of Christians. Again, provide the proof. You are a liar.

      Ignoring the AIDS outbreak? Give me a break- you are one kind of whiner. I have never seen such attention as has been given to AIDS.

      Contempt and Narrow minded ‘FACES?’ Really? What you have from Christians like me is disapproval. We disapprove of anyone who would break God’s laws and then flaunt it in the streets. You are no unique. We disdain OURSELVES when we break his commandments. This is why we confess our sins and beg for forgiveness. That is the difference between the homosexual and a Christian. You will not admit your sin, let alone apologize for it where we acknowledge our very status as ‘sinful always’ and constantly pray for forgiveness of God.

      What you really feel is the disdain and anger of GOD, not us. And THAT is what you run from. You can deny his presence all you want, friend, but he is still there- he watches you day and night. Every day you live is a gift from him- it is another day he has given to you to repent and come home to him. That is your choice. But those who mock God constantly, God will not forgive. He has promised in the bible to harden your hearts until you can no longer feel him. He does this specifically so that you will not ever turn- and thus be saved from death- which is your sure reward. So, I hope you will take my warning and turn toward him before it is too late.

    • How many “murdered gays” were there exactly? And they made AIDS a problem for themselves by having unprotected safe with scores of random men.

  6. The term that came to me to describe gay pride parades: “lust riot” – it’s like people rioting and celebrating lust simultaneously.

    With all those purported stable gay relationships coming out of the woodwork is one unsaid, unacknowledged truth: even “committed” gay relationships are open to outside promiscuity. Written or woven into the gay ethic is the need for constant companionship coupled with the need for constant sexual conquests. Gay men will strive for “maximum yeild”, and “absorb the masculinity” of all the anonymous men they have liasions with. Why? very likely a compensation for absent fathers, in much the same way which a gir has a problematic relationship with her father will bounce from one relationship to another with much older men as a means of compensation for her father problem.

    There is zero biological ideology for a gay identity. It simply doesn’t exist. The identical twin studies disproved the gay gene theory. So you have this army of gay activsts – that minority-within-the-gay-minority- demanding that their gayness be the basis to merit their own unique civil rights; their personhood. But when all you have to prove the merits of your identity and personhood is subjective and unverifiable, then you are swimming against a powerful current called objective truth.

    Ellen DeGenerus’ cause celebe ‘born that way’ story has been the inspiration for many gays. But in her mother’s autobiography, it was revealed that Ellen was a straight young woman until her stepdad’s sexual advances made her swear off all men. Homosexuality is the black hole in one’s identy which is formed out of maladaptation to trauma -usually sexual molestation or rape. Or by overbearing female role models in the absence of any male role models. Making families motherless/fatherless by design perpetuates this on and on.

    • Ronnie, I agree. Most lesbians I know are actually afraid of men because of past sexual abuse. Or they are very, very unattractive. I feel very strongly that these women have been so hurt by male rejection that they turn to female companionship. And now that everyone is shoving ‘homosexuality is NORMAL’, they feel more free to move in that direction. I agree about the men- don’t know about the father issue, but I do know it is about more, more and more sex. There are no committed relationships.

  7. Greatest. Article. Ever. I’m not kidding. more people need to read this, this is SUCH a wake up call to people who condone this kind of sick perverted behavior. this whole lifestyle is truly biazzre, how in the world are they allowed to get away with this sickness? the gay culture will never EVER get my support. only God will. Obama can stick it, forgive him God, for he knows not what he does or says. the truly ignorant comments prove that hedonism is alive and well, but we all know what road that leads to ultimately.

    • I also have to say that when I read your comment about landing on another planet and wondering why everyone is smiling and clapping, its a lot like the ending of star wars episode 3, when the emperor proclaims the republic will now become the evil empire, and everyone instead of being shocked and appauled, is clapping for joy. clearly people don’t know what they are doing or saying. that’s the devil for you, tricking people into thinking something that is sick and perverted is “ok”. cmon what is this, twilight zone? gay marriage is false and I pray that it is never allowed, what a SICK world we live in.

    • Thanks, Peter. Here is the funniest part. When I went and posted photos from the gay pride parade, FB threatened me for posting ‘obscene’ things on FB!!! Yet, they do these things in front of the entire world and are PROUD of it. So.. which is it? Something good that they are proud of… or something shameful and obscene? They want their cake and they want to eat it too!

  8. To date there is not one blog, not one artitical, not one comment you have posted that I do not agree with 100%. I have also just read a few of the deplorable comments left by the barrage of ignorant, discusting,, fools. It is so clear to me that what has driven people like that to respond and comment to your posts in such a crude and obnoxious way is clearly they are under conviction by your words. They would rather fight the truth and defend the lie then admit you are right and they are wrong. They ALL live in darkness and should be pittyed . But fear not we steadfast , faithful and wise Christians are the ones that will have the last laugh. If anyone is crazy its them.

  9. ouWow, I am in astonishment at what I just read. I am a 41 year old gay man. I am very moral, very responsible, and nothing like what you just described. To be a supposed Christian you sure do have a lot of hate in your heart. My children love me, they are very well educated and unlike you have no prejudice. Why are you so horrible in your description of gay people? Who hurt you? We are not lust filled hedonists with no moral compass and no decency. We are doctors and policemen, pilots and mechanics. We are teachers and farmers and surgeons and judges. We come to your rescue when you dial 911 and we fly you safely from airport to airport. We watch your children in daycare and school and bandage their knee when they fall or wipe the tears from their eyes when they have a tummy ache.
    You talk about us as if we are non human, as if we are self indulgent, lewd, indecent and wretched. You speak as if we have no feelings, no emotions, no heart and no ears. Your venomous words cut to the bone and actually prove only that you are the one who is selfish and ignorant, rude, lacking compassion and empathy for your fellow human beings. In one sense I would hope you give birth to a gay child so you will be forced to realize a truth that you so obviously have failed to acknowledge, but I just can’t wish that on any child as I fear you would tell the child they are flawed and sick and that they must get help.
    I beg you to watch a movie based on a true story, its called Prayers for Bobby..Sigourney Weaver plays the part of a woman much like yourself who learns her son is gay. She won’t accept it and the outcome is tragic. Only after a terrible loss does she open her heart and mind to learn what she should have known all along.
    Do you really believe we choose to be gay? I used to sit alone in the woods and cry and pray to God for hours. I did this for years, day after day, begging him to take the feelings away. I hated myself for being a queer, a faggot, how could I be something so reprehensible? I had girlfriends, I slept with them in my teens to try and make myself straight. I kept telling myself that I just didnt meet the right girl yet. I was sure that when I found her the feelings would go away, I would be fixed.
    Today I know the truth, I was never broken. There was nothing wrong with me. I was born this way and had no reason to be ashamed. I finally accepted myself and I came out to all my friends and family. They all embraced me thankfully and did not pass judgement on me. They saved my life.
    Now I read your page and gasp. You are spewing this hatred into the world where children are struggling to find their place. You’re belittling the people that keep you safe everyday. The gay policeman or police woman, the fire fighters and soldiers. You are disgracing them while they risk their lives for you and your children if you have any.
    You obviously do not know the gay people that I know. You apparently have never met anyone like me. Who we love and what happens in our bedrooms does not define us. We are human beings, very resilient, very intelligent, and very compassionate. We have a strong sense of community, we have dignity and pride. We are respectful and polite, we are generous and selfless. We are at least ten percent of the population and yes,we are near you. One of your family members, one of your friends or friends children, maybe your child. Be careful what you say and remember children are listening to you. They are listening. When your friends son is found hanging in a closet, or your niece or nephew slits their wrists, when your friend overdoses on medication, you will have to ask yourself, was this because of my hatred and ignorance? Is this because I was such a close minded bigot? Is this what Jesus would have said were he here? Remember he let a prostitute wash his feet. He did not come for the righteous. I do not believe my being gay is a sin, you can if you like, but even if you do believe that you must know you are to hate the sin and not the sinner. You have your own sins to answer for. Please don’t keep spreading these lies about gay people. Stop denigrating us to so many people. We are good hearted, honest, hard working people who have families and children and dreams and hopes. I sure hope you are lucky enough to meet someone that you really like and then learn that they are gay. It would do you good to get a smack of reality in the face.

    • I have indeed known many gay people. I lived in San Fran for two years. I have two gay neighbors and have been to one too many gay parades. Sorry. But your Normal Rockwell description of the gay community is such nonesense. Where do you think I got those photos? Are you saying that you are ashamed of them? If so, where is your voice to condemn them? Are you a coward? Or. Were you there too? Cheering and having sex in all the local bathroom stalls too? My article IS a true description of the homosexual lifestyle- especially for young men.

      I do have compassion and pity for your feelings and for your struggle. But you came to the wrong conclusion in the end. God never expects us to be perfect. But he DOES expect us to obey his commandments. Sadly, this is why so many people who engage in homosexual activity hate God. Because they want sex more than they want everlasting life. Their sin is so completely repetitive that every episode takes them further and further away from God. You know that this is true. And I know you are still suffering. You know it is wrong and you know you feel far from God. But you do have a choice in all this. Do you think you are the only one in this world with temptation? Do you? Everyone bears their cross. No one got off scott free. Your cross is not heavier than mine. Your desires are one thing. Your actions are another. Jesus asked his disciples about a father with two sons. The father asked one son to go work in the vineyard- but he said, ‘No.’ Later, he changed his mind and did what his father asked of him. The father asked the second son to do the same. That son said, ‘Yes.’ But later he changed HIS mind and didn’t listen to his father. Jesus asked, ‘which son obeyed his father?” Of course, you know the answer. Jon. I don’t lack compassion. But when people become so lost in their sins, they need a loud voice just to get their attention. In today’s world, you were relieved of all your guilt which God placed on you for your sin. You threw it off with abandon and relief and just went for it. Couldn’t it be said that an alcholic or an addicted drug user or a pimp or a prostitute or just a downright mean and sour person struggle every day? Even to tears? Asking God to deliver them? Can’t they be found hanging in their closets too? Are other people who advise them to stop their behavior and seek God instead to blame when their misery makes them hopeless?

      Of course not. If my child had the same temptations as you, I would say the exact same thing. Why? Because I want to make them miserable? No, they are ALREADY miserable. The answer to misery can not be … more misery. Disobedience to God always produces misery and depression. Who said you need to have sex at all? Is that really so shocking? And you say you did have sex with women. Clearly you were… um.. successful with them as you have children. You simply want MORE than that. That is where your problem lies. You want MORE than you are allowed. Jon. There is a better way to life. God and Jesus do miracles everyday. BUT. If you think you don’t need to participate in the miracle, you would be wrong. Simply begging for deliverance isn’t enough. You need to stop focusing so much on your own needs & wants. YOUR fulfillment on this earth means NOTHING. You should be more worried about fulfilling God’s mission for you. And that is ALWAYS to help other people find Christ- not to find your own sense of …’fulfillment’ and ‘happiness’. Jesus told us this when he said, “Those who will try to save their lives will lose it. Those who will lose their life with find everlasting life.” Your reward for obedience awaits you, Jon. How long will you live? till you are 80, maybe 90? Then the essence of you will snuff out. Doesn’t that feel wrong? How can taking pleasure in this one day and the few days you have left trump living forever- without ANY burden with the joy of Christ? People have become so self absorbed- the mantra is not, “I’m Not Happy!” Divorce, child abuse, homosexuality, greed- it all stems from that one temper tantrum. Jon, the smack of reality is on you. That is why this article hurt you. You see, publically displayed, others who do what you do- shamelessly on display on my page. It embarrasses you and you want to punish me instead of those people. You protect them to protect yourself. But I can promise you, it’s not me up there in those photos. I hope that this ‘smack’ on you leads you back into obedience to God. THAT is what matters- not your own fulfillment.

      • ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How about I go to the nearest STRIP CLUB and snap some photos of the straight guys and gals there?!?!?! How about I head down to Cancun, Daytona or Miami during Spring Break and check out what the straight youth look like during that time……..How about I get some of the footage from 20/20 and post images of the couples they interviewed when they let them into their “SWINGERS” club for married couples?!?!?! I bet you wouldn’t be calling for them not to be allowed to be married or bare children…………You take ONE aspect of a segment of people and blanketly label EVERYONE. Who does that? Oh yeah, bigots!!! Look at all the straight folks (myself included) and show me the ones without sin?……I’ll wait……………*crickets*…….THEY DON’T EXIST!!…….My brother has been with his partner 25yrs and despises gay pride because of the antics that go on, SO if you want to judge the function then go right ahead YOU WILL BE IN GOOD COMPANY but you can’t judge ALL gay people because of YOUR singular experience and think EVERYONE of the gays in the world is that way. That is idiotic!

      • Ron, your comment goes to show that when you leave God, you leave logic behind. And you scream a lot. First, if heterosexuals were PROUD of their sexual deviancy and had PARADES to display their sexual deviancy, then your comment would make complete sense. But we don’t and so you don’t make sense. What WOULD be the direct comparison would be the following photo of what heterosexuals are PROUD of about our sex. As for your brother hating the gay pride parades, I’ll bet he goes to it every time. But what you will NOT see him (or any other self respecting atheist homosexual for that matter) is PROTESTING them as vile, deviant and disgusting. Nope, he probably flies his rainbow flag, swishes his butt and laughs and laughs as those miscreants march by. Just like every governor in the country is doing. Let me tell you something, RON, if heterosexuals had a parade like that and called in Heterosexual pride, you would see Christians RAGING against it. And we sure as heck wouldn’t be dancing on the streets or flying flags that represent it. This is HETEROSEXUAL PRIDE!

  10. I am getting fed up with those Gay pride events all around the world. There are so many things to demonstrate for and against, and those characterless, insensitive, egoistical people take up all available public space everywhere as if they were the touchstone of all human progress up to now. My opinion is that any city has the right not to have such parades on its streets, for the very reason they are obscene by nature by the standards of most people, especially the most humble and generous ones, even if you exclude the religious ones. If there were a straight pride parade so to speak, with naked men exhibiting under the sun their nocturnal behaviour, women would shout they were being visually raped as a whole gender, with good reasons. I claim the right as a man not to have my gender being thus exposed to potential predatory behaviour from many would-be offenders, with even better reasons, for homosexual acts are most generally ten or twenty times more aggressive and frequent than biologically normal ones. I met quite a few homosexuals in private which were very respectful of my person in addressing their pleas and in hearing my disapproval, but as a general rule it is not the case, most people who choose homosexuality do so not to be constrained by the norms of human delicacy generally imposed on heterosexuality, I met so many of them who just complained they hated women, actually they hated them for requiring gifts and attention in return, actually they hated them for requiring responsibility. There are exceptions, but the social phenomenon of Gay Sex is the cult of a degree of irresponsibility impossible to achieve within the framework of natural sex, which requires chastity at important and long times in respect for the other partner and the child. These people as a rule are less tolerant of others’ behaviour than we are towards theirs, these people as a rule harbour more contempt than others towards less successful citizens keeping content with menial jobs, these people as a rule show also far less faith that things for the common good can or must be changed for the better, they rather identify with privileged classes they belong to or they aspire to join than with human condition, even though they say they are left-wing and liberal in as much as the Right threatens them in their egoistical ambitions, but no further. If face of the present discourse, one must realize and state that unmistakable fact again and again and again.

    It is not the state’s business to pry upon what happens between consenting adults in the bedroom, but the Gay pride phenomenon is happening in the street, and that is society’s business to ban most of its events as alien political propaganda, except in the small areas where there have always been Gay people, and these areas are very few and small. The Gay Pride behaves exactly like a conquering religion or foreign heavy-duty political party, not like a citizen solidarity movement. If you heard that Iran’s Shia Muslim groups were being granted privileges to parade in your main streets and parks at all their main holidays, in the name of multi-cultural tolerance, if the Hare Krishna movement or Unification Church would organize periodical huge demonstrations so as to use up most public visual space, wouldn’t you scream that a conspiracy is going on with government and corporate approval and that it is time to react to recover your country? We are being hoodwinked into something even worse.

    One may object that in ancient Athens boy and man love was the norm of that day, but slavery and women confinement worse than in radical Islam was an even stricter norm of that day in the same city, we are not forced to accept such social models under the pretext they are prestigious elsewhere or were in the past. Freedom is first and foremost the right to say “no, enough!” even though the fashion say “if it feels good, do it, and if others like it, let go”. For sure, all cities where homosexuality was the norm were not burned like Sodom and Gomorrah, countlessly more others did thrive up to our days like Marrakech, but they spawn all one thing in common, an overwhelming impression of general human incapacity to change anything for good, leading to the arbitrary power of a very tiny elite or one and thousand nights style sultan over a population of sheeple denied all elementary rights and living a living hell on earth. Even ancient Athens lost its short-lived republican government and independence in favour of foreign emperors very soon after it adopted such a “sophisticated” lifestyle, and Rome ceased to be a progressive and open society to become a secretive empire right at the time it seemingly grew more “tolerant” in the very same direction. America started out from very low, with slavery among others, but each generation hoped for something better and better with the passing generations. With gay pride being posed as the ultimate criterium of human liberty, any further evolution is barred and following generations can expect only worse and worse, exactly the kind of fatalism America was founded to say no to. When carnal appetites are extolled as the ultimate conquest of man, generosity is killed socially, people who would like to fight for the common good are fought against first and foremost by the common prejudice, and this is as far as I can think the reason why the Gay Pride phenomenon is being so heavily supported and sponsored by so many powers that be.

    Moreover, the fact that those carnal appetites are non-biological creates a general prejudice towards all things unnatural or anti-biological, it helps greatly for instance the opinion to accept GMO food ad being even better than non GMO, and I would not be surprised to learn that Monsanto is among the main sponsors of many a Gay Pride parade or event in America.

    • ON one of the forums in which I contribute, there is a woman who calls herself “classy Chazzy”. Anytime anyone says anything disparaging about homosexuality, she doggedly chastizes them and defends it. Why? Because her father was a gay man who, was killed outside a gay bar in the middle of the night, and who, according to “Chazzy” would always shield his children from viewing any acts of his gay intimacy. What she tries to reconcile with this is that because he was gay that the whole lifestyle is somehow dignified, simply because he was a dignified man. What she revealed in later posts was that she started going to gay pride parades (with her own kids) out of loyalty to him, but had to stop going because of all the lewdness and nuditiy there.

      • Thanks, Ronnie. I can only hope that woman has found peace. Many people suffer because of the selfishness of their friend or family member who chooses to engage in immoral sex. They suffer because they know the person is engaged in perversion but they also love them- they get trapped into what feels like a choice between loving loyalty and the truth. It is very painful. That father obviously was capable of sex with women. He later wanted the ‘lifestyle’ of easy, kinky sex with men- the promiscuity of that community surpasses every other on earth. THAT is the true draw. That is also why they are so energetic in removing the social stigma. What they really want is sex anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Sad.

  11. To be honest, I don’t want to look at their nasty, naked bodies…I see nothing sexy about a man with fake boobs, wearing heels and lipstick…please don’t make me look. I have much more respect for those who keep their love lives personal and within their bedrooms. .. Like most heterosexuals~~~

  12. Homosexual folk have the same rights–and duties–as the rest of us. If they wish to make asses of themselves in public, they’re entitled to that same extent as we are entitled to ignore their juvenile low-jinks if we wish. De gustibus, etc. I suspect that the overexuberance will wear off as such people get used to being able to act ‘queer’ without fear…
    Unfortunately, there’s a residual core of asses in every group; those go on forever!

    • Jack, you & I will have to part ways on this one. While you are correct to say that people are free to make ‘asses’ out of themselves, you are overlooking the blatant truth of this situation: When our governors march in front of this parade, they are advocating the behavior within. This affects & pressurizes our young to accept it as well or be left in the cold. If gay parades (& the lewdness within) were just free expression of idiots, I wouldn’t rebel. It’s when our government trys to foist immorality on my children that I will fight back.

    • Naturally everybody may do what they want … as long as they do not harm or disturb others.
      the gay people doing such vulgar actions in public dishonour people who love some one of the the same sex sincerely. What we can see at many Gay Pride Parade or not pride people,or not worthy of to be proud, only willing to indulge in sex and self adoration and self satisfaction. It has nothing to do with love or getting people to accept same gender disposition. They do more damage to the cause of acceptance of proclivity than good.

  13. You really should not base your views of homosexuality off gay pride events. You miss those people who are gay who do not feel a need to put their sexual desires in your face. You miss the people who have been committed to their same sex partner for many years. You miss all of those people who have a tendency to put many heterosexual people to shame in their treatment of others. This is why the argument against homosexuality is getting to be a tough sell. There are more “normal” gay people than those who simply want the spectacle.

    What about the number of heterosexuals who make public displays like what you are seeing in the gay pride events? The ones where television companies are making money giving them shows that glorify the debauchery and call it normal?

    • Xander, you missed a major point of my article: If the gay community, as a whole, condemned the debauchery on display here, I would respect them better. But quite the opposite has happened. Not only do they NOT condemn it, they celebrate with it. AND our public officials are now marching ahead of this lacivious display. Because of this, the homosexual community OWNS this parade and the behavior within. THAT is what I am condemning.

      • That is like saying that the heterosexual community OWNS the behavior that is displayed on television or during spring break festivals.

        If a few homosexuals spoke out against the behavior at gay pride events, does that mean you respect them?

        To me, this comes off as guilt by association and that should be applied to everyone in the U.S.

      • Further, Xander, you won’t see the Governor of your state partying among heterosexuals engaged in equivalent behavior, do you? The heterosexual community is immersed in the Judeo Christian belief that you keep your sex in the bedroom. The laws developed from our community speak toward that: no public nudity, no public sexual acts, etc. We do not glorify orgies & the like whatsoever. This is the opposite of the gay community- most especially with the gay male community.

      • You are generalizing though. Not all gay people condone what happens at gay pride events, just as not every heterosexual condones the porn industry, or elected officials committing adultery or stealing. There are pictures of George W Bush doing cocaine. How many straight presidential candidates have had to quit the race of issues of adultery? Clinton was not even removed from office after he lied about his affair. Take a look a church leaders and see how many instances of adultery are present. How many of them have stolen from their churches? How many of them have been secretly gay while denouncing heterosexuals and events such as gay pride parades?

        I understand your argument and agree to some degree, but you cant drop the moral hammer against all homosexuals because of what happens at these events. Heterosexuals do not have a leg to stand on when it comes to morality and that is why the church needs to stop trying to appear morally superior to gays.

      • Xander, again, you are failing to see the point of my article. My point is this: as a WHOLE, the gay COMMUNITY not only condones, but celebrates this parade and the actions therein. As a WHOLE, the heterosexual community despises this kind of sexual display. You will not find a heterosexual parade (or, I hope you won’t any time soon, but who knows anymore?) with GOVERNORS marching in front of them , thus legitimizing the actions therin even further. This is called Gay PRIDE. The gay community all over the world is PROUD of this. There may be a few gays who don’t condone this, but they are so few that I have NEVER heard one condemn it. You are attempting to link the few foibles of a few people and compare it to cities all over the world that will celebrate in growing numbers (hundreds of thousands per city) every year. This is not just an abberation of the gay community. It is mainstream. THAT is my point. If you are right that the gay community doesn’t stand with this behavior, where are your representatives speaking out publically? Where are your lobby chiefs? Where are your politicians? When a politicians commits adultery, etc as you mention, there is a hue and cry from the heterosexual community. It is roundly condemned.

        Now, I think you know all this, but you are either gay and don’t like what the Bible says (or what I have to say) about homosexuality, or perhaps you have friends who are engaging in this activity. But the truth is the truth. And I have spoken here in this article. Good luck to you on your journey. may you find Jesus- he is the only answer in this chaotic world…

      • I see your point, but i feel like you are wrong. Not all homosexuals condone these events, but you have an ever increasing number of heterosexuals who celebrate them with those homosexuals who are there.

        You are making a blanket judgement on a group of people, because of the acts of the few. You do not make the same judgement against heterosexuals or even the church itself, because they keep their sinning more private which seems to be acceptable.

        Take some time to read what I have written on homosexuality, because i actually debate with them over whether the Bible says it is wrong. what i have learned though, is that you can not argue it against gays from a moral stance, as morality is ever changing and the church as a whole is guilty of looking past sin when it is done behind closed doors.

      • Xander, you sound young. You haven’t thought through your ideas yet. Morality, by definition, is NOT every changing. The church has nothing to do with my article. I do blame heterosexuals when they show blatant immorality- I am AGAINST porn of any kind. I condemn it. You are willfully ignoring my comments because they don’t fit in with what you WISH to be true. The Bible says it is wrong. Note the following passages (these are only a few). It is very clearly stated. But I don’t think that will satisfy you. I believe you are either gay or considering engaging in homosexuality and so WISH God’s opinion to be different. But he has spoken and if you are considering acting upon your thoughts or if you are currently engaged in homosexual behavior, you need to stop. The lifestyle of homosexual men is one of complete abandon & sin- faithfulness to one partner is almost completely unknown in this population. Men are more attracted to the idea of unlimited sex than to actual homosexuality. It is this promiscuity you see in these photos. This is what I condemn. Sex with women is more difficult, more limited and requires a much deeper emotional & personal connection- something many men fear. Why? Because rejection is such a large possibility. There is no such rejection in the male homosexual arena. Anything goes and anyone goes. And so, they follow the urges of their bodies, get fleeting satisfaction- but become completely lost, angry & rebellious against God. It is not a good road- it leads only to destruction.

        Xander, I can’t argue this with you anymore. You have my opinion. I hope you take my advice- it is well meant. You seem like a nice person.

        Leviticus 18:22 – You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.

        Leviticus 20:13 – If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them
        Romans 1:26-27 – For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.

        I Corinthians 6:9(NIV) – Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God
        I Timothy 1:8-11 (NASB) – “But we know that the Law is good, if one uses it lawfully, realizing the fact that law is not made for a righteous person, but for those who are lawless and rebellious, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers and immoral men and homosexuals and kidnappers and liars and perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound teaching, according to the glorious gospel of the blessed God, with which I have been entrusted.”

        Jude 1:6-7 (NASB) – And angels who did not keep their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode, He has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day, just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, since they in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh, are exhibited as an example in undergoing the punishment of eternal fire.

        I don’t see a ‘pulling back’ of what you think of as ‘name calling’. These ‘labels’ simply define the truth.
        Unless you are saying that the prophets themselves were not expressing themselves in a way that ‘the fruit of the Holy Spirit is living in {their} hyearts, consciences, and proverbial mouths.”

      • I don’t understand how you can say that i am either gay or want to have sex with a man while claiming i do not listen to your arguments. I am straight and actively involved in the fight against gay activism, but you never took the time to find out before accusing me.

        It is this action that i am speaking against. Your uneven scales of judgement. Never once did i justify or condone same sex relationships, but pointed out that you can not condemn all gay people based on the acts of a few. If you are going to condemn homosexuals for the gay rights parade, then you might as well condemn all heterosexuals as they are not speaking against these parades either.

        i agree that we can not argue about this anymore. it benefits no one

      • Having checked your blog & the topics you cover, you are clearly confused about Christianity, Xander. Also, you do have a fascination with homosexuality & religion. It is a natural assumption on my part. In any case, I meant no ‘accusation’. It was merely a guess. Most straight men don’t spend so much time on the topic- or on the topic of whether or not homosexuality fits in the Christian faith. You also seem overly upset by my guess. I can’t help but feel that I am close with my guess. In any case, why would it upset you and why do you call it an ‘accusation’ to be thought gay? Especially in light of the fact that you think God & Jesus condone it. Where is the problem? Why the anger and why the reaction? I thought being a homosexual was just honky dory in your book & in your view of Christianity.

        As for my advice concerning any thoughts you might harbor in that area, it was well meant and sincere. I am saddened that you took offense. Good luck to you and I wish you well on your journeys.

    • Yes Xander, and that is the shame of those parades and the many Gay Music festivals. In Belgium they have even a group who want to be recognised as an official religion. For them it seems the free sex has become their God.

  14. Oh, I don’t know. Some of the costume designs are visually creative and striking. The young gentleman with the cyan blue and flamingo pink bodypaint is particularly mesmerizing. In addition, they obviously take very good care to remain physically fit.

    I wish that the average American had the same artistic imagination and commitment to regular exercise.

  15. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! Welcome to the New Order! Welcome to LUCIFER, the light bearer! Welcome to our new heritage and Welcome to the new HELL on earth – the ugliness – the immorality. It gets easier and easier once one looses all sense of decency!

    First the public was told about a homosexual gene – there was no such gene. Then came the hate crimes bill and afterwords gay rights.

    How many of those shown in the above parade would ever admit to sin? How many seek the forgiveness of Jesus? How can sin be forgiven that is not recognized. How long will Jesus prolong his return?

    How long will Christians turn their heads the other way?

  16. I did not realize you are in Washington state. Me, too. Sodom and Gomorrah here for sure. It all just turns my stomach. I wonder how far they are willing to go. Nothing seems wrong to them at all. Thanks for your postings.

    • You are welcome, Carol. Light needs to shine on this behavior. Even though I need to hide these images from my 12, 10 & 8 year olds. I truly believe they are damaging to such young children. This is truly satanic abandon.

      • Thanks for this wonderful article. The behavior of gay community is diabolical. I don’t subscribe to this.

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