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Al Qaeda’s New Weapon of Mass Destruction: Forest Fires



  1. I’ve now gone back reading as new reader. So I am off topic since in shock. That prophet and followers…sick. Can’t read anymore. Done my best. Nothing to burn in Mideast…just needs to be sands fused to glass. But I’ll leave it to the true Lord as to what is best.

  2. It is becoming fast and furious…the game. Not the buck stops here. Target shooting causes wildfires out west?…what ?…shooting never occurred on the plains before?…and it was for food and hide. I guess a E.O. and they laid down and died!… libs keep snorting. Oh no…only campfire girl cause massive wildfires. What? WTH? Forgive me…just old fellow couldn’t say the F on WT…now the I’ve learned the “new speak.”

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