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Deerborn, Michigan Muslims Lynch Christians- Guess Who the Police Blame?

Yep, the Christians. Watch this video to see just how American Muslims view freedom of speech.. Please note the foul language and violence against peaceful Christian men that the Muslim parents encourage their children to use.  Do not be fooled for one instant that Sharia isn’t making inroads in our nation.  Do not be fooled into thinking this is a ‘peaceful’ religion.  When parents teach their kids violence, then the thing being taught is violent by nature.  It is a cancer that must be cut out.

Boy, remember when those good ol’ boys rode their American-flag-laden truck around a mosque right after a bunch of Muslims killed over 3000 innocent Americans on 9/11?  Think the mainstream media would give the same pass to Christians who committed the following violence on Muslims?


  1. Hey, this is a fun place. Quote…”Allah in the Quran said killing is one of the worst sins.” From previous comment. Your kidding? Momma who passed in 2006 at 91 long after Ole Mo…told me of the only unpardonable sin…there ain’t no worstice…bet the shortlittle one knows. And that poster seems to have made sure to do that…Just sayin’, judgement day will tell and I may not be in line to hear this case.

  2. So many words of hate and shifting of responsibility, not from the ShortandLittle one….if your don’t get it…too bad…”ya durn tootin’ Roy.”

  3. That is horrible indeed, but what about back in the early 1900’s? The thorough lynching by white christians towards black people? Please do not forget Emmet Till. Truth is ‘short little rebel’, it happens everywhere, every race does this sort of stuff, whether they are Muslim, christian, hindu, jew or whatever religion. Did you hear about Burma? The Burmese Bhuddists killed thousands of Muslims, why? Because they are against Muslims, hence racist. I don’t support this whatsoever, and you should open your eyes and stop being biased, like I said every religion has bad people within them…Christians murder Muslims and vice versa. Its just hate that’s all, what was motivation behind 9/11? The mass murdering Bush and Blair, motivated al-qaeda to do such actions. So stop being racist, hating on Islam because your stupid media tell you too, look and learn about the religion. IT IS a religion of peace, but obviously you don’t agree as you’re to stuck up about your racist opinion. I am not a racist, a US soldier murdered my fellow brothers os Islam and I witnessed the murder, brutal, deathly. RESEARCH and OPEN YOUR EYES, what is Islam? Wikipedia it etc. We are not extremists, but the ones who commit those unlawful bombings are extremists, not me and the 2 billion other muslims. In fact, our religion says killing will NEVER be forgiven, so those terrorists you see are in fact doing it out of their own interests, even though they claim to do it ‘in the name of Allah’, believe me Islam, Allah in the Quran said killing is one of the worst sins of course, and I’m sure the same in Christianity. Thank you if you understand, and sorry if you still feel the same way, I worry.

    • Aqibsharif (anonymous),

      I recognize you from the C.C. blog. I wrote to you there and I don’t think you answered. I like that you say that Islam is against killing and that you feel that Islamic terrorists are simply self motivated. However, I don’t like the way you justified the 9/11 attacks. This implies that you believe that Islam will allow killing of innocents because Muslims were ‘provoked’ by others.

      It is so easy to call someone racist or stuck up. It is also easy to say you know what sources I use for my research. Unless you are psychic, you are simply making ridiculous conjectures. I use many different sources- including the Koran itself. Mostly, though, I just observe the behavior of people and make my own conclusions.

      I have said it before and I will say it again: Islam today has lost its legitimacy. If terrorist groups did suicide bombings & massive murders like 9/11 in the name of Christ, I would be the number one, most outspoken critic of that group. I would also make it very clear that these people are NOT Christians though they use the name for their convenience. So would every other Church organization. AND every Christian politician. Where are the Muslim organizations condemning these Islamic terrorist actions? Where is the political & societal WILL to stop it? Why is the Muslim voice so muted? Further, even though you criticize the Islamic terrorists for using Islam, you also justify their actions in the next breath by mentioning the political actions of Bush & Blair. THIS is why Islamic terrorism continues. Because they receive tacit approval by peaceful Muslims like you. While you murmur your discontent & disagreement amongst yourselves, you refuse to outright deny these people publically. You don’t turn terrorists into the police, but feed & house them. You don’t demand stricter laws against terrorists & those who espouse terrorism- but rather hide known terrorists from authorities. It is exactly your ‘loyalty’ to these people that de-legitimizes Islam in the eyes of most. Actions speak louder than mere words.

      While people acted barbarously in the name of Christianity in the past- it is over now. And we are very happy to say that. Muslims killed just as many Christians during the Crusades, by the way. It was a barbaric time. In fact, it was the Muslim expansion into Italy & Spanish territories that prompted European kings to mount the Crusades in the first place. But that is all history. Mere politics & kingdom building. But the real question is: has Islam shook off that barbarism of the past? All evidence would say ‘No.’

      All that being said, I would gladly embrace any Muslim if they condemned the actions of brutal murderers. I would gladly live next to a mosque if I didn’t worry that I & my family might get attacked for our beliefs one night. I can honestly tell you that I never even gave one thought to Islam before 9/11. I was so at peace with the fact that other people had different religious beliefs that it didn’t occur to me to even think about them. 9/11 completely shocked me. In fact, that is the day I changed from a child to an adult. I was so confused about what happened that I began a research that has lasted to this day. Islam shoved its way violently into my field of vision. You are wrong to think I am racist. No, Islam and its adherents have made their own impact on my way of thinking.

      I’m sorry that my assessment hurts you. I have no doubt you are a sincere believer and a peaceful person. I can’t help but believe that it is just too hard for you to accept that your religion has been high jacked by political dissidents & greedy imams. I wish you well. God is God and he loves us all. I do not deign to ponder his mysteries. I only yearn to obey him and serve his will.

    • oh, I didn’t catch the 1990’s reference to ‘thorough’ white lynching of black people. I have no idea what you are talking about! There is MUCH more black on black violence in the USA than white on black violence! In fact, most violence committed on black people is committed by black people. The Emmet Till incident happened in 1955! I want to point out that Emmet Till was the motivating incident to the Civil Rights Movement in the United States which bore wonderful fruit. White Christians passed those civil rights laws based on their Christian beliefs thus vindicating Christianity as a superior and compassionate religion!

      You are right to say that hate is hate and that every religion has its haters. However, there is no denying that Islam has a real problem today. It is too widespread. It is too often. and it is too evident. There is no other comparison to any other movement. I wrote an article citing all the terrorist activity in a six month period in 2011. You can see it here: Almost all of it is committed by Islamic terrorists. Until people like you stand up to this, it will continue and Islam will remain beseiged with criticism. Not racism.

  4. This video is disturbing, but unfortunately secens lile this is happening all across our country. It’s more tha political correctness, or more than some spineless politican turning his or her head, or being paid to turn their heads. The so called moderate muslim would never put America before their false prophet Mohammad, or their phony religion of peace of Islam.

  5. You know one of these days, we Christians are going to run out of cheeks to turn and then, if somebody doesn’t get control before, we’re likely to revert to one of those Vietnam era slogans, “Peace through superior firepower.” That would be tragic but, it is becoming conceivable.

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