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European Central Bank (ECB) is about to buy Europe

European Central Bank President Draghi graciously agrees to ‘help’ save the euro even though it is illegal to do so.

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American Friends, ask yourself:  Why are the banks (who claim to care about the euro’s future) charging such high interest rates on borrowing to cash strapped Greece, Italy & Spain?  This seems self defeating to me.  If the euro fails (which it will if Spain fails), don’t the banks fail?  Furthermore, when the ECB was created, it was forbidden that this monolith could interfere in governments.  And yet, here is the ECB’s President Draghi promising to ‘do anything it takes’ to save the euro.  I thought that was illegal?   Friends, I smell a big rat in all this.  ‘Independent’ banks won’t lend to those who need it (even though they are sitting on record amounts of cash) and a giant bank (ECB) that is forbidden from benefiting governments is promising to ‘help’ the EU.  Isn’t that odd?  Let’s break this down, shall we?

If you scare the People enough, they will agree to almost anything.  Tell them they are about to lose everything they have ever worked for and they will allow you to take over their government.  What does it mean when a bank buys all your county’s bonds?  Just how much of you do they own at that point?  How much leverage do they now have over the policies & laws you make?  Friends, nothing in this world is free- the money these banks are ‘lending’ to these countries come with a much worse string than mere failure.  They come with a string that equals a full takeover of your government.  THIS is the goal of the Progressives in the European Union.  The creation & manipulation of the euro has always been about government unification in Europe- something that the People of each country there hate & do not want.  And yet, they are discovering an ugly truth:  you can’t combine the MONEY from all those countries without combining the GOVERNMENT of those countries.  With Germany being the main proponent of the Euro about 13 years ago and with Germany being the main proponent of more government control of weaker EU countries now, and with Germany’s history of European takeover attempts, what can one assume but that they are about to achieve a bloodless coup of Europe via the euro ‘disaster’?

Friends, be on the lookout for the next big unification effort- right here in America.  Here is my prediction:

Obama & his lackeys will continue to stir up Middle Eastern violence.  They will not, in any way, thwart Iran’s threats against Israel and will instead drag their feet with ‘peace talks’ with Iran .  Israel will attack first, which will lead to U.S. condemnation of Israel.  The escalated tensions in the Middle East will prompt the Obama Progressive team to suggest a more intense oil program with Brazil.  America will throw Israel to the Muslim wolves because we no longer need a strategic military ally in the region if we don’t need the oil from there.   Obama will be lauded for decreasing Muslim violence toward U.S. interests as we no longer support Israel.  Terrorism problem solved.

Concurrently, the EU will achieve governmental, legislative powers over EU states under the justification of ‘saving the euro’.  Although the new laws will take aim at weaker countries, they will actually encompass all countries legally.  An EU Presidency & Constitution  will be created which will seal the deal.  The EU will officially become one big country with each ‘old’ country as mere States of the EU.  This will signal the rise of the euro because the banks will suddenly allow weaker EU states to borrow due to the new ‘confidence’ they feel in the euro’s management.  In essence, the money will flow again.

The rise of the euro against the dollar will bring calls from Progressive politicians to unify our dollar with other currencies in North & South America.  It will be sold to the public the exact way the euro was sold to the People of all those once independent European countries:  it will be said that the poor, failing dollar can no longer compete with the mighty euro & Chinese Yuan unless it combines with the might of Canada & Brazil.  Americans will panic because they will feel that they are about to lose everything they have worked for.

The Middle Eastern violence that will be raging at this time will be one more reason to build financial ties with Brazil- they are  a huge, ‘friendlier’ , source of oil.  Perhaps Venezuela will be included too- especially since their oil crude is so cheap & Chavez has been waxing mighty poetic about Obama recently.

Mark my words, Friends, this is coming to America.  Progressives will not rest until they have consolidated as much power as they can under the fewest hands possible.  THIS is the dream of the Progressive movement:  world governance by a few elite.  Money, oil & the Middle East will the means they use to contrive it.  FIGHT against Progressivism if you love the idea of having your own country- America- to live in.

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  1. Little Rebel,

    You hit the nail on the head. The owners/controllers of the world central banks dominate and rule. Puppets such as Obama march to their beat. At least that is the way I read it.

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