Beware of your Pediatrician & School Counselors, Americans!

Mothers! Protect your children if you love them.

Sounds crazy, right?  But it’s not.  Many pediatricians have become Progressive activists.  How many of you are being groomed by these political agents?  Let me describe the grooming process:  when your child is about 8 or nine, the pediatrician starts introducing the idea that at some time in the near future, they will want to spend time alone with your child- to get them ready for the time when they first go to a doctor on their own, without their parents.  Sounds cozy, huh?  A pediatrician that cares so much about your kid that they want to help ease them into their first, adult solo physical checkup.

Then, at around 11 years old, the pediatrician will actually ask the parent to step out of the room ‘for a few minutes’.  Then at around 12, the pediatrician will tell you that you must leave the room when the kid is 13 years old.  MY pediatrician just blatantly LIED to me and told me that Washington State Law demands that I leave the room.

Now, Parents, I can tell you that I always told my pediatricians, “No.  That will not happen with my daughter.  I will be here to ensure that she is ok. ”  They always were annoyed, but left it be.  I have a new pediatrician who just told me that I MUST leave the room when my daughter turns 13- which will happen in August.  I was enraged.  I told her that this would never happen.  Further, I asked her why she & other pediatricians kept demanding this.

She asked, “Don’t you want your daughter to trust her doctor?”

Sputtering, I asked, “What does that have to do with me leaving?”

She said, “Well, this is just what we think is best for kids at this age.  She might want to talk to me about things that she can’t talk about in front of you.”

I stated, “Look.  She is my responsibility and I don’t ever leave her alone with any adult.  Further, how dare you imply that my daughter should trust you more than me?”  I said, “The only things you would talk to her, without me being present, are pregnancy, STDs, birth control and abortion.”  She just lifted an eyebrow.  “These are critical things in my daughter’s life and they belong under my care.  Shame on you!  Shame on you for attempting to get between my daughter & me.”

She said, “But I always tell the children to bring the adults in on everything.  I ensure to include the parents in on as much as possible.”

Flabbergasted, I asked, “Are you saying that if my daughter was pregnant and wanted an abortion- but didn’t want you to tell me, you would tell me anyway?”

She ducked her pretty little head and said, “Well… I would have to respect her privacy rights according to the law, of course.”

I asked, “What law are you referencing, doctor?  I know there are laws in some states that allow a 13 year old to seek an abortion without parental consent.  But what law are you referencing that would force me out of the room at a pediatrician’s office?”

She said, “I have no idea- you can talk to my office manager.  This is just how I want to run my practice.  It’s what I believe in.”

I took my kids and left that practice immediately.  When I got home, of course I reviewed all relevant current law.  I found NOTHING to verify her claims.  She LIED to me about the law in her need to get my daughter under her influence.

You know, Parents, my first objection was all about my daughter’s safety.  While this particular doctor is female, there are many male pediatricians too.  Imagine leaving your precious 13 year old daughter, many of whom are fully developed physically, ALONE with a male doctor.  Child predators intentionally take professional positions where they have trusted relationships with children- priests, pastors, coaches, Boy Scout Leaders, teachers, etc.  There is no WAY I would leave my girl alone with any adult for this reason.  But being politically educated alerted me immediately to what the TRUE intention of this new pediatric protocol.  Note that when she attempted to force me from the room, she never stated the reason why.  Only when I confronted her on the matter did she admit it.

My daughter told me that her school counselor had a group session (unbeknownst to me) with all the 6th graders last year where she told them that if they needed help for ANY  REASON (parental interpretation: considering sex, birth control, suicide,  murder, drugs or abortion), they could come to her and she didn’t need to tell their parents.

Parents, BEWARE of pediatricians & school counselors.  There is ZERO law that forces you to allow them access to your child.  They are aware of some states’ law that allows your child to seek their services without your knowledge.  And not only do they go out of their way to tell your 13 year olds this information, but they do it behind your back.  If they didn’t go out of their way to tell your kids they could have abortions & birth control at 13 without your knowledge, your kid would never know.   They are making YOU into the enemy to be feared.  YOU are the one to be distrusted.  And THEY are the good guys who will have your kid’s back.  But when the inevitable physical & emotional harm is done, they leave you with the pain, sorrow and medical bills.  And they leave your kid with nothing.


  1. My son was just told he needs to go see a counselor every week. He came home and told us this today. He thinks he did something wrong now. We’re upset no one notified us and also we feel like if he needed a counselor it would be far from any of them at the school. I’ve sent a note in requesting him not to go. I did not know they could just do this without your permission.

    • Hi Tom, of course they can’t do this without your permission! In fact, you can tell them to NEVER meet with your son without you being present again. Write a letter and send it via email ASAP to the principal and copy it to the Superintendent of schools stating your dissatisfaction with the entire situation. Let them know how very unhappy you are that they met with your son already, told him that he needed counseling and never spoke to you, his parents, about it at all. Tell them that your son feels like he has done something wrong and is completely distressed. Tell them how completely unprofessional you think all these actions are. (all email addresses will be on your school website) Tell them that you don’t want anyone from the school to meet with your son unless you or his mother is present from this point forward. The only exception to this is his teacher in the normal course of the day. Don’t lose your temper and never use curse words.

      YOU have all rights over your son. The schools like to just tell you or your kids what is what and hope you don’t put your foot down. YOU must know your rights and then control the situation. Call the school and tell them you want to set up a meeting with the principal immediately to understand the situation. And remember, NO ONE can force your son to seek counseling. NO ONE.

      Once you go to the meeting, find out all the people your son met with and the exact content of those meetings. Make sure you get your son’s version before you go. Don’t bring your son- protect him completely. Write it all down beforehand. Then, find out why they think your son needs counseling. Find out why they didn’t consult with you. Find out who initiated the contact between your son and the school- did your son go to the counselor with a problem first or did they come to him with a complaint? Again, ask all this of your son first. After you get all the information, ask what kind of counseling they were talking about, whether it costs money, who would be paying and where it is located. Then, don’t make any decisions and go home to talk it over with your wife and boy. Only then, be ready to write a final letter and make a final meeting with the school principal, school counselor or whoever was involved and give your conclusions. If you feel an apology is due, then ask for one to take place at the final meeting.

      This is my advice. Susan

  2. I came upon this thread by accident as I was searching for something on the internet to help me with a form I am creating to use in my profession as a school counselor. I must say that as a school counselor, I am DEEPLY offended by this post and many of the comments. As a Christian, I am hurt and disappointed in it. School counselors and educators are not bad people. We go in to this profession to help kids because we love them and we want to make a positive impact on their lives. I can assure you we do much more than just see students for counseling, although that is part of our job. Because we work as support in a school setting, we do not have the resources or time to work with kids as a therapist. Part of our responsibility is to make referrals to see therapists outside of school when students need that. Parents are always involved in these and many other decisions and sometimes parents chose to go against our recommendations. Like other professions, including physicians, and even the general population in many states, we are mandated reporters. If we have knowledge or reason to believe a child is being abused, we are legally bound to report that or we will lose our license. However, what would be much worse to us than losing our license would be a child being hurt or killed because we chose to not intervene. It is NOT our job to decide if abuse has occurred. That is a judgement that is made by other professionals. I am certain you and most other parents are wonderful and would never intentionally hurt their children but watch the news every now and then. Abuse of children today is rampant. I am a parent myself and I understand the responsibility of protecting them. I would probably request to stay in the room with my child for an examination as well. However, I am sure doctors have found, as I have as a counselor, there are children who are afraid to talk with their parents about some topics including abuse (by parents or other adults) and that is just the reality of it. School counselors do not take kids to have abortions. If they did, the media would have a field day and they would lose their job (as they should). We have a code of ethics. Until a child is no long a minor, parents still have to be informed. Your article and the comments made come across as very uninformed as to what the profession actually is. As Christians, I think supporting the school systems instead of condemning and constantly opposing every action we take, would be much more appropriate. Frankly, your article and many of its comments are judgmental and hateful. Many school counselors like myself (and I’m sure many physicians as well) are Christians and are motivated to help others because of the example of Christ. We make sacrifices most people never even realize for people we sometimes hardly even know through our jobs. You said you call people out for hypocrisy. Well, I’m calling you out on this one.

    • Hello Kerry. I’m sorry that this article and some of the comments hurt your feelings and perhaps your school doesn’t do what our schools do, but I know now that the federal government has taken control of schools, I have no trust whatsoever in them. You, as a Christian, can’t have failed to notice that the government is training our children to despise God and everything he stands for. And one of those things is the authority and love of their parents. Even more, the very trust and confidence they should have in their parents. Tell me, does your school hold a conference every year with the students when you, the counselor, stand in front and tell them that they can come to you for anything at all- including drug problems, suicidal thoughts, pregnancy, abortions, etc, and that you will not tell their parents if they don’t wish you to? If you do, then you are part of the problem and I, as your fellow sister in Christ, stand against you on this issue. I will stand and correct you in your actions because it is clear that you don’t know what harm you are causing. Perhaps your heart is in the right place, but your mind is not considering what you are doing. If you are not doing such things, then good. Perhaps you and your school are not included in my criticism. But let me tell you, sister, my school and MANY other schools do this. They don’t send any letters home to the parents to let them know that this ‘discussion’ will be taking place at school. It is done in secret. And as you know, most teens don’t come home and tell their parents everything. they just say, ‘fine’ and ‘nothing’ when you ask how their day was and if anything new happened. This is EXACTLY what pediatricians do as well. They ask you to leave, never telling you why they want you to leave. They say it is to train the child for having one on one relationships with their doctors as adults, but it is really to ask intrusive questions. The problem is not that I don’t want them to know about my home life or that I don’t want them catching abusers. The problem is that they are telling the ENTIRE COLLECTIVE of teenagers that parents are NOT TO BE TRUSTED and that the STATE is to be trusted. ‘We won’t tell your parents if you don’t want us to.” This is not ok. This is a 100% reversal from how it used to be. Parents are the FIRST to be trusted. That is why we are trusted to raise them. If this were not so, why are we legally bound to raise them, for goodness sake? I don’t want to hear the figures about child abuse, either. It is the statistical abberation compared to the incredible stats, the BILLIONS of parents who successfully love and nurture their kids. The very last thing a school or doctor should be doing, AS A PRACTICE is making ALL KIDS feel they can’t trust their parents. Don’t you think? Especially when it is the parents who will be dealing with ALL CONSEQUENCES of their actions? I’m saying that what these schools, counselors and pediatricians are doing is counter productive and illogical to our society as a whole. It is damaging to our society as a whole. It is taking the collection and creating a process as if the collection were the abberation. It makes no sense. Better to have a screening process that can find the abberation and THEN put the abberations through the abberation process. Can’t you see that logic? Otherwise, you rob the entire collective of the most trusted, most effective, most loving option of all- their parents!!

      But of course most counselors and pediatricians can’t see this because, well, pride. You feel pride in your work. But please, sister, don’t feel too much pride. Your job has its limits. Its limits exist exactly where my rights begin. You are not and will never be my child’s mother. You will never have to deal with the consequences of any advice you give my daughter. I will deal with all of them. For that reason, your job and your rights are extremely limited- as they should be. But you need to know where your place is in all this. Don’t exaggerate where you are needed. Find the ones who are being abused. I don’t think it is that hard to do. Most teachers with sharp eyes can easily, easily spot children in crisis. If they can’t, they aren’t very observant.

      The real reason schools and doctors are doing this is because they are PROGRESSIVES and are trying to break up the strength of the FAMILY UNIT. That is why they support divorce, adultery, gay marriage, polygamy, beastiality, man/boy relationships, gay adoption, and every other sexual deviancy and alternative relationship. Every strong civilization has had strong family units at its core. It is when the family unit falls apart that the civilization falls. The Progressive goal is to destroy the USA in favor of, first, the American Union, and then, ultimately, a world government. The family has to go first.

      You might think, geeze, what a mouthful and what craziness, but it’s true. That’s why the gov. took over education. That’s why they are messing with kids and their parents. I ask you to understand the issue, at least. My complaint is not against every counselor. It is against those who participate willingly in this process. I have no doubt that there are many beautiful Christians who truly love children working as counselors. People like you. I am not speaking to you. Unless you are willingly doing the things I speak of. So, accept my apologies and please try to understand the broader issue here. Thanks, susan

  3. Just yesterday I took my 16 year old daughter to her new pediatrician. She’s been having hormone related issues, hair loss and scalp psoriasis. Coincidentally all of her health problems began after receiving the hpv vaccine. Everything was going smoothly until she asked me to leave the exam room. I firmly said no! She’s a minor and last time I did that she received the hpv vaccine without my permission! She insisted until I gave up and left the room infiurated. I waited about 5 minutes outside while thinking, she’s my daughter, my responsibility and a minor! So I went back nocked on the door and opened it. I then said to my daughter let’s go home we’re leaving and going to look for a different clinic. I know I was furious and probably looked like like I was crazy but I’m not going to let something bad happen to my daughter again! When I got home and told my husband what happened his first reaction was… aren’t you afraid that the doctor may call cps on us??? Now I’m here wondering what my parental rights are and terrified that she will call cps to take my children away!

    • Of course she can’t call cps!!!! Of course you can take your daughter to another clinic! YOU are the parent and can stay for EVERY appointment. Especially if your daughter says she wants you. Even if she doesn’t. You have EVERY legal right to care for your daughter. That’s why I wrote this article. It was to PROTECT the rights of parents and to reassure them of their full parental rights. Doctors ACT like they can kick you out. But all you need to do is ASK them outright, “Do I still have the LEGAL right to stay in this room or not?” And they will tell you clearly, ‘Yes, you have the legal right. I just don’t BELIEVE in you staying in the room.” And some really huffy doctors might dare to say, “I won’t treat your daughter if you don’t leave the room. That’s how strongly I feel about it.” One pediatrician actually dared to say that to me. I IMMEDIATELY demanded to see her boss, the administer of the clinic. The boss came down in a huge flurry and APOLOGIZED profusely to me. The doctor was made to apologize to me and my daughter. She meekly said, “I’m very sorry. Of course I will respect your legal right to remain and I will treat your daughter.” Then, I said, “No, thanks. We will go elsewhere where they have their processes and doctors in line.” And out we went.

      BELIEVE ME, your rights are intact. Doctors are notoriously LIBERAL when it comes to girls and their ‘rights’. They will shove birth control and abortion on them behind your back. They will also ask all kinds of traitorous questions behind your back. Ones tha clearly send the message: “parents are not to be trusted but I am. If you do anything wrong, your parents will yell at you and judge you. But I never will. Come to me first. Avoid all consequences and troubles.” I say, “Listen, whatever you want to say to my daughter, you should be able to say in front of me, right? What the heck do you want to say to her that you can’t say in front of me? In any case, I talk to her about everything you could possibly want to talk about. But I am her mother- not you. If she ever drinks too much, takes drugs or gets pregnant, I will be the one to help her, not you. You won’t be the one to deal with the emotional scars or the joy of the decisions that are made in those crucial days following these events- I will. So, if you don’t mind, step away from my daughter. You do your job, I will do mine. You will NEVER love or invest in my daughter like I have and will.”

      We, parents, MUST stand up for our children. We must not be cowed by society. Even if they did call on CPS, we must fight for our children. We must not give in to fear. That is not a way to live. We walk in FAITH and confidence. NOT fear. If we walked in fear, they have already won.

  4. I am a junior in high school and I appreciate when my doctor sends my mother out of the room during appointments. There were times where I did suffer from self harm and depression and various other problems and I told my doctor them when my mom was out of the room. Don’t get me wrong, my mom is a wonderful woman and she has treated me so well. I am blessed to have her. Every daughter goes through stuff and sometimes parents need to respect their kid’s privacy. If they hare honestly getting help, I do not see what the problem is. And also, when I had a male doctor, they sent in a female nurse for accountability. This blog post is overgeneralizing doctors.

    • Anon, I’m very glad you are getting help- especially if you are harming yourself. But I do have to wonder why you couldn’t go to your mother, dear. She is your best advocate. She is your most trusted ally in this life. No one loves you like your mother. Please don’t let the schools and doctors and counselors sell you a bill of goods, love. They are PAID to take care of you. Once you leave that room, they forget all about you. They forget your face and all your troubles. They go out for a date and drink wine. Your troubles don’t bother them in the least. Your parents love you with their heart and soul. You are a part of them- literally. Your suffering is their suffering. You may not realize how much you mean to them. If you are suffering like this in your home and your mother doesn’t know, clearly there is a problem of intimacy between you and your parents. No doubt about it. And if you felt you couldn’t go to your mother and father for some reason, I’m glad you felt you could go to someone else. But. I do feel that doctors and schools actively promote to children that their parents are the bad guys, people to be avoided when these types of troubles come up in their lives. As if their parents will only punish them. As if their parents are out of touch. As if their parents will not understand them as much as the abortion clinic, the drug clinic, the hip counselor or the doctor who won’t ‘judge’ them. Hon, listen to me. They won’t judge you, that is 100% true, but they also don’t give one hoot what the consequences of your decision are either. Example: if you got pregnant and you panicked and went to your pediatrician, all she would do is give you the phone number to Planned Parenthood and tell you how to get an abortion for free or for little money. She would also reassure you that she will not inform your parents. Ditto for the people at Planned Parenthood. They will all smile at you, stroke your arm, and ‘not judge’ you. And that might give you all the courage you need to have the abortion. But, do they care about the potential emotion impact of that abortion on you later in your life?? NO. Not at all. And let me tell you, Anonymous, there ARE consequences. So many women suffer terrible depression afterward. Worse, if they find out their parents would have loved that baby and would have supported them if they had just come to them and told them! What if they find out the father wanted the baby and would have married her? All kinds of things could happen. The girl grows into a woman and has other children. So many women always wonder about the child they aborted for the rest of their lives. Some can’t get over the thought, “I killed my baby.” etc. And do you think that doctor or that counselor will be there for you or any other girl they smiled at or ‘didn’t judge’? No. They don’t care one bit.

      Anonymous. Being in a relationship is never easy. Sure, your mother might react to some of your decisions. But WHY will she react? BECAUSE SHE LOVES YOU. Not because she is paid to be nice to you. She will always want the best for you. And sometimes, it might not look like what you want. And you will have to work with her and your dad to figure out the best way forward. But that is how FAMILIES work!! Your FAMILY, not these strangers, will always be there for you when things are down, I promise you. You need to go to these family members when you are in trouble. THEY will help you. Your mom and dad won’t ‘judge’ you for being depressed. They might not react in ways you consider ‘helpful’, but such is life. But they LOVE you and would probably die for you. And that is worth everything. You can always ask them to help you find a counselor- then it is with their knowledge and consent. And they can even participate in the counseling- and that seems like what you really need anyway. Something is wrong in your family dynamics, can’t you see that? You don’t trust your mother and father enough to come to them. Soooo… have the counseling address the whole family together! But don’t go to strangers, my dear. You are very young and don’t understand strangers. The world is ready to eat you up and spit you out. Stick with your family. They are the ones you can count on. That is my advice.

      • Sarah, is there a reason you want me to delete you comment? If there is no reason, then I see no need to delete it. I don’t usually delete comments- neither mine nor others. Unless you have a pressing reason.

      • I see. I understand. I erased your name and email. It is now an anonymous comment. I would like to leave it as it is a good comment with a good response that took some time to write. I think you had a valid criticism of my article and wanted to leave it. I want to show that I don’t mind posting negative comments on my blog. Are you ok with me just deleting your name and email?

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