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BEWARE Your Pediatricians- Part II

This is what your pediatrician will reassure your 12 year old daughter she can do at any time- without your knowledge. Of course, they won’t tell the little girl exactly what they are about to do..

Friends, I want to follow up on the story I wrote about a month ago about the problem I had with my pediatrician.  To recap:  Pediatricians begin grooming parents & kids at about 9 years old to leave the children alone with the doctor for a ‘few minutes’.  Their ultimate goal is to get the parent completely out of the room for the entire exam by the time the child turns 13.  At this point, they ask questions & give information to your children 100% behind your back and without your knowledge.  And what kind of information do they give?  Pediatricians have become political activists.  They believe it is THEIR responsibility to INFORM your 12 or 13 year old that they have a legal right to obtain ANY kind of abortion (mid/late/partial- you name it) without needing to tell their parents.  They also tell your kid that they can, at any time, obtain birth control & anti depressants without needing to tell their parents.  They reassure them that if they do get a sexually transmitted disease, they can obtain treatment without needing to tell their parents.

My 13 year old can’t get an antibiotic to treat a urinary tract infection without my permission- but she CAN have a baby pulled out of her body, limb by limb, in a gruesome two day process!  When I point this out to pediatricians, they acknowledge the ‘awkwardness’ of the double standard but will defend their ‘standard of pediatric care’ to the n’th degree.

When I point out that THEY will never have to deal with the repercussions of their actions (pre-teen sex, teen pregnancy & emotional trauma of abortion), they just shrug.  When I point out that it will be ME and my husband who will have to pick up the financial & emotional toll for the rest of my daughter’s life, they look at me like I have three heads.

Lastly, there are so many cases of pediatricians sexually molesting children after their parents leave the room that it is ridiculous.  I won’t even allow my children to spend the night at people’s houses!  But they want me to trust a complete stranger with my daughters’ (and son’s) naked bodies.  Wow.

My standard statement since this coercion began years ago was a polite, yet firm, statement saying that I would be remaining in the room.  They never liked it, but they respected my wish.  Last month, our pediatrician went too far.  Because my daughter was 13, she insisted I leave the room.  When I told her, ‘No,”, she lied to me and told me that Washington State law required that I leave.  Of course, I knew this to be a complete falsehood and left the office immediately.  But not without reporting the incident.  I have been following up on the incident and have encountered an establishment in tacit support of the doctor.  They have made every attempt to dishearten and  ignore me.  But there is too much proof against the doctor and they know it.  We will see.

But what I would like to tell you today is how the NEXT pediatrician handled my determination to remain in the room.  Of course, she was ‘shocked’.  Really, friends, she and every pediatrician thus far are SHOCKED that I won’t do what they tell me to do.  They are accustomed to having sheeple worship them as demi-gods.  They truly don’t know what to do when a parent refuses their off handed orders.  She continued to ‘educate’ me on how most parents are thrilled to have a medical professional for their teens.  Someone ‘trustworthy’ for their teens  to talk to about things they can’t talk to their parents about.  (What??)  Friends, are you getting the drift?  The parents are happy to give up their responsibilities on sex education of their children.  But how many of them know what they are giving up?  The pediatrician will NOT TELL the parent what they are about to discuss.  It is completely hidden from them.  Unless the parent specifically requires the doctor to describe EVERY question or statement they are about to ask their kid, the parent is purposely kept in the dark.   I have a feeling that the vast majority of parents would object if they knew what was going on behind those doors!

In any case, this pediatrician attempted the same shaming, peer pressure & coercion tactics as all the others, but gave in when she saw my determination.

So, what did she ask my daughter?  Get this, she actually asked my daughter the following questions:

“Do you ‘get along’ with your parents?”

“Do you ‘get along’ with your siblings?”

“Is anyone at school taking drugs or using alcohol?  Are you?”

“Are you sexually active?”

“Is anyone (note:  this could also be parents or siblings) pressuring you to have sex with them?”

Friends, these are the questions the doctor felt comfortable asking in my presence!  What would she ask/tell without my presence??  She is looking for rape, beatings & home drug use.  She is looking to peg the parents for wrong doing.  No wonder they want us out of the room!

Are pediatricians now licensed psychiatrists?  Did my daughter seek psychiatric help?  Is the pediatrician a social worker?  Did my daughter report a rape at school?  Did my daughter report incest at home?  Did my daughter seek legal advice?  Are pediatricians now lawyers who inform their clients about their legal rights?  Will they also inform them of their Miranda rights, their Bill of Rights?  Or just their abortion & birth control rights???

Here I thought a doctor’s job was to stitch up cuts, analyze illness and prescribe medicines.  Little did I know that they were also lawyers, psychiatrists, counselors and social workers!  Little did I know that they go around DIGGING for problems that have never been reported or even suspected!

Who the hell do these doctors think they are?

Just imagine if your teen was angry at you or their father.  What if they say something just to spite their parents?  I can just see the doctor phoning Child Protective Services.  What then?  A twelve year old is a CHILD with a child’s mentality & knowledge.  They would have no idea what such lies could lead to.

Friends, pediatricians are determined to make the parents the enemy.  And themselves (and the State) the truly trustworthy ones.  Beware, my Friends.  DO NOT leave your children alone with these people.  There is no legal pressure to do so.  These people have an agenda and they will attempt to pressure you into it.  Don’t let them.  And at the same time, TEACH your kids, from an early age, that YOU can be trusted to help them in all things.  YOU be the ones to teach them about sex, marriage, pregnancy, birth control & love.  Otherwise, you will let the devil come between you and your beloved child.  It’s not worth the easy out.


  1. I recently had a pediatrician tell me I couldn’t sleep downstairs on the couch with my sick girls on air mattresses next to me. That the two girls couldn’t sleep in the same room or together when afraid or had a bad dream. Told me my girl was not sick but seeking attention. Er next day showed UTI with blood in urine. She is still ill haven’t found cause of fevers (come n go plus common sense Tylenol masks fevers)or upper stomach pain headaches. Going through alot of test. Goode DR. Though. I have been in contact entire time w school. Doctors notes. Now they tell us she cannot call me unless she has a fever vomiting or diarrhea. Dean had truancy officer in the room with us. She also cannot go to the bathroom at any time without doctors note. I am floored an very upset! Who has the legal right to prevent a child from contacting their parent. I told the dean and truancy officer some illnesses cannot be seen. I was looking for Illinois laws on this subject when I found your article. I was a nurse until I had 2 daughter. Stay at home now. Kids are also told not to text the parent prior to seeing the office or nurse. The child is punished if they do. I would pull her out and homeschool until next year but she wants to go back but is no afraid to for lack of trust in the teachers and principals. One who has not been nice to me. I don’t know what to do.

    • Ok, first, remember that you are the parent and that you have all legal rights over your daughter. I’m not sure why the truancy officer is there with your daughter, however. How many days of school has your daughter missed? How many times during the day is she contacting you? How many times during a day is she in the nurses office? How many times a week is this happening? How many weeks/ months has this been going on? Is this happening with one or all kids? How old are they? I would need to know all that before I could properly advise.

      But I do know that no one can tell you where you can sleep! You can sleep anywhere and any how you want! I sleep with my children all the time- sick or not! If my kids need attention, I will give it as I see fit. Kids need a lot of love and attention. You need to gain control of yourself and your emotions. You need to gain control of your kids and the situation. You need to sit down and write down what your situation is. On paper. You need to write down what solution you want to see out of all this. What do you want, exactly, from the school? What ACTION do you want them to take or not to take? Make it very clear what you need to help you get through this health situation with your kids. Write down exactly what your kid(s) health situation is. Clearly. Type it up. Therefore, you should have a letter that looks like this:

      Dear [Principle’s Name]:

      I am having the following health issues with my daughter (name). This has been going on from (date) until today. The reason I am writing to you is that I am having trouble working with the school in order to meet the medical needs of my child during this very difficult time. I feel that the school staff and procedures have actually hindered my ability to care for my child’s medical needs and I need those kinds of hindering actions to stop or you will be jeopardizing the health and welfare of my child. I am writing in an attempt to resolve these critical matters with you before my daughter suffers dangerously as a result of your school’s actions. After you read this letter, I am requesting that you call me and set up a meeting as soon as possible so that we can work this out in a reasonable and responsible way.

      I have seen several doctors who have been diagnosing these issues and are currently working with me to resolve them. It has not been easy. A list of the doctors can be found at the end of this letter. (put the list of all the doctors with their contact information at the end but do NOT give any authority to the school to have access to your girls’ records. Make sure the doctors’ know that the school does not have permission to know anything.) We are working diligently to resolve these health issues, but this has been extremely difficult- we don’t know if her symptoms are a result of one illness or are separate issues. As a single mother, (I take it you are single?), I am struggling to keep everything together and I need the school to work with me, not against me as I feel it is currently doing.

      1)Health issue 1
      2)Health Issue 2

      I am writing this letter to object to how I and my girl (s) have been treated thus far concerning this medical emergency my family is now experiencing. I feel that we are being singled out and blamed for medical problems over which we have no control. My daughter (s) have missed school and have needed frequent medical attention at school. The school’s response should not be to send a truancy officer after us or to treat us as if we are breaking the law! They should be supporting us in any way possible. That is my belief. You are treating us as if we are lying about a very real, very upsetting and very dangerous medical situation- this simply makes a miserable situation even more unbearable for our family. I don’t believe that this is the goal of our federal education system, do you?

      In any case, here are the actions that I would like the school to take for my family. These actions will greatly help my family through this temporary (I hope) medical emergency:

      1) action number 1
      2) action number 2
      3) etc….

      I want to thank you for your time and consideration in reading this letter and in working with me in closer partnership in future. Thank you, (your name). [Don’t forget to include the doctor’s names and contact information. Also, a copy of all the doctor’s notes you have. Don’t forget to call your doctors and tell them that the schools do NOT have permission to know anything about your daughter’s health condition. They may only know that she saw the doctor on such and such date.]

      Now, you need to send a copy of this letter, via email, to the school superintendent. You will find the principle, the vice principle and the superintendent’s email on the school’s website. Type this letter up very professionally. Make sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes. Ask your various doctors’ advice on what actions your school could take to better help you manage this illness with your daughter. Let them give you some suggestions. Don’t use any foul words or slang. Stay calm. Provide a copy of all doctors notes with the email as attachments.
      Follow up with the meeting. Dress appropriately. Be professional and not scared and scatter brained. Remember that this is YOUR child. Be confident. Pray before hand. You will be fine.

      ALSO, don’t forget to be respectful to the school. If your daughter has been disrespectful to her teachers or if they are taking too much time out of their classes to run to the nurses office, you will need to discipline them and tell them to not do that anymore. ONLY for emergencies, ok? Only if they are truly ill. You must compromise.

  2. Little Rebel,

    Im angered – so angered. I’ve never trusted doctors or lawyers. This is just another way to program a child’s mind. This is part the the progressive agenda to reduce the world population – killing the unborn and seniors (abortion on demand and euthenasia). It is the reason for inventing the religion of atheism. Progressives have no absolute right or wrong – its just what they do or don’t do. To me they are human bodies without soul or spirit with no more value than the sands of the sea. At any rate that’s my take.

  3. I choose my doctors VERY CAREFULLY, and while my doctor is not a Christian (I wish he was) I think he understands me and my families values. I get nervous when I take my kids to the emergency room because you never know what you are going to get but I try to prep my kids about the doctors office before we ever go. It’s awful that we now live in a country that is producing medical students that would even talk to a child like this!

    • Julia, the doctors didn’t even bother to tell me WHY they wanted me out of the room. They want to keep us in the dark and THEY want to be the sex educators for our children. THEY want to be the TRUSTED ones in our children’s lives. PARENTS are the enemies now…

  4. Thanks for the heads-up! My pediatrician acted indignant and treated me like an uneducated idiot when I refused the Gardasil HPV vaccine for my 11 year old daughter. I wasn’t prepared that day, but there won’t be a next time. I called the office and insisted they put a note in my file NOT to bring up the matter in front of my daughter again. I have now read several recent articles in the Journal of the American Medical Assn. and I am not convinced that it is necessary or even healthy. It is particularly unnecessary for an 11 year old child who attends a small private parochial school and has a stay-at-home mother who IS aware of all her activities.

    • Jude, even after I told my NEW pediatrician about my refusal to leave the room, she said, “Well, I will probably ask every time you visit, but I will be ok if you refuse.”!!! Can you believe the lack of respect toward parents??

  5. This scares me. As a mother of 4 children, one being a daughter, I do not like the way our country is heading when it comes to our children. No one protects our children from pedophiles, criminals, and now doctors. They think its ok to let your 9 year old and up make a decision regarding their bodies, when the parents need to be involved. I live in Washington State. In this state, they allow 14 years olds to get abortions without parental consent. This sickens me. I really do pray and hope that things will start changing for the good in our country. The image you posted of the aborted baby reaffirms me that I am making the right decision in being pro-life. An innocent child is not given a chance. Thank you for posting this.

    • Hi Jen, I live in Washington State too. Believe it or not, it is legal to have 13 year olds get abortions of this type here!! I hated to post that picture. But people simply don’t understand the term ‘late term abortion’ without it. It is grissly, inhuman and a great sin before God. Thank you for your comment.

      • I had no idea it was 13. That’s scary for sure. It just irritates me hearing this. These are babies making adult decisions. Disappointing.

    • Jessica, the scary thing is that every pediatrician I have come into contact with looks at me like I am the ONLY parent to say ‘no.’ And I think I really am the only parent that says ‘no. ‘ I don’t think most parents understand that they are being undermined behind closed doors. They actually believe that the pediatrician is on their side. They’re not.

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