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Bullies (oops, I meant ‘Chicks’) on the Right Trash Short Little Rebel

Ok, here’s the scoop.   For those of you who don’t know who Chicks on the Right are, they are two women who think conservatism needs a ‘serious makeover’.   They are attempting to show that not all conservatives are ‘stodgy white guys  in suits’.  Here is an excerpt from their site:

” When you hear the word “conservative” or “Republican” or the phrase “right-wing,” what image pops into your mind? If your answer looks anything like an older white dude with gray hair and a scowl, wearing a
business suit or holding a bible and wielding a firearm, you’re not alone. Stodgy old white guys have long been associated with the GOP and conservatives. And it was, in part, this very stereotype that led us to start Chicks On The Right. We think conservatism needs a big-time makeover.

“We like snark, we like to have fun, and our site reflects that. We don’t claim to be journalists or political experts or economists or anything other than two cool chicks who like to tell people what we think about stuff. In other words, what you’ll read is our opinions on today’s political news, culture, and the media. Except that instead of being served up all newsy and serious, it’ll sound more like you’ve just sat down for cocktails with us, after shopping for shoes. We welcome liberals and conservatives alike to join in the discussion, and encourage lively but civil discourse.”

Hey, I LOVE this stodgy old white conservative male. He’s my DAD! What wrong with THAT? Huh, Chicks?

First, I take offense at that!  I DO ‘wield a firearm’ and I DO wear a business suit.  The seriousness of what is happening in our nation DOES make me scowl.  Sorry, can’t just go shoe shopping and SNARK at people with ‘gleeful’ photos being taken of my crotch!  AND, I happen to LIKE stodgy old white guys!  My Dad is one of those guys!  The CHICKS are SELL OUTS.  They hate the white male just like the LIBERALS and ATHEISTS do.  Apparently, we need to ‘remake’ our image to NOT include you, fellas!

Sexists!  Racists! Whitists! (Aww, just kiddin’ , ‘ladies’..)

“We weren’t selling sex, we’re just playful best friends!”

I saw this image of the Bullies (oops, Chicks) on the Right and thought, “That’s how they want to portray conservative women?” I also thought, “Aren’t they kinda OLD to be acting like that?”  I thought it was kinda stupid.   Kinda…insecure  kinda like they think women need to act like teenagers to be noticed.   But I have posted their stuff from time to time. They are, after all, conservative women bloggers like me and I like to support conservatives. But then they came out with this new photo today, I felt a bit uncomfortable.

It turned me off. It just looks… desperate. As a professional woman, I have had to ask myself MANY times: “Just how sexy can I/ should I go?” Every woman has asked herself that question.  It is an age old question.  ESPECIALLY for older women- the one on the right has WRINKLES, for goodness sake!   Now, as a REAL chick on the right, I think these two look too old to wear short shorts and blow bubbles while making stupid faces.  I, personally, don’t feel it is..  well… necesary.   Our ideas are GOOD ideas and our ideas can stand on their own.  We just need to GET THEM OUT because the leftist media refuses to.   And yet, they want people to take their conservatism seriously.  AND they hope to present a ‘new’ face for conservative women?   AND for conservatism in general? no thanks ‘Ladies’.


Look at me! I can point my toes in like a little school girl!  But take me seriously for my conservatism, you bad, bad white man!

Here is the comment I posted on that photo when they shared it today.  After they read this comment, they wrote an article laughingly called, “How Chicks Tear Each Other Down”.  huh? huh?  does anyone smell the hypocrisy in the air?

“Come’on Chicks. I really enjoy your commentary- but is this what conservative women need to do to get young readers? Look, either we have a real message or we don’t. But prostituting ourselves for their attention is just sad. Please choose another strategy.”

Well, these two lost their MINDS over that comment.   They actually dedicated an entire post to me and invited their ‘snarky’ readers to call me every name in the book.  And they did.  Nice. Very lady-like. Here’s an excerpt:

“But Susan claimed to enjoy our commentary, so she clearly doesn’t think we are hideous people on the inside (BUT I DO NOW!). She just wanted to tear us down about our physical appearance (LIE). There are women’s fashion magazine covers at the grocery checkout which show more skin than our picture above.

I don’t get it.  (AWWW, isn’t that cute- they are so innocent, they don’t ‘get it’). You’d think we were photographed with my tongue in Daisy’s ear and my hand on her boob or something based on some of the comments (can anyone say:  yet another attempt at over-aged ‘coolness’?).

Anyway, it just makes me sad that based on a gleeful photo  (Gleeful. They don’t ‘get it’ that this is a sexy kitten picture- and they want us to believe they’re smart?), a conservative woman would accuse us of prostituting ourselves. That’s pure meanness right there, you guys. Nothing more, nothing less.” Awww, they are VICTIMS of my MEANNESS….

dumb chicks

Take us SERIOUSLY! You’re so mean to say we’re trying to use sex to make money…..

Now, who buys that innocence? And just because more skin is shown ANYWHERE doesn’t mean that two women hoping to change the ‘face’ of  us ‘stodgy’ conservative women need have a photographer photograph them at crotch level, does it? Since when did, “hey, everyone’s doin’ it, so I should do it” become the benchmark of conservativism? Since when did, “hey, Johnny did it, so I can do it and you can’t say I’m wrong, so there!” become a reasonable statement?  They claim that I had a problem with their physical appearance.  That is a big, fat lie.  I accused them of USING their looks AND their bodies to attract a younger readership.  And they ARE!  Isn’t that what EVERYONE does?  It’s called the EASY way out, Chicks.  I just don’t think it’s either necessary or useful for conservative women.   It think it cheapens our ideas significantly.

So, the two ‘snarky’ women used their BULLY PULPIT (bought by their sexuality and desperate need to be ‘cool’), wrote a personal attack piece on me and then challenged me to respond. I did. And I sent an olive branch to them. To be firmly rejected.  Apparently, I called them prostitutes.  And they don’t ‘get’ my comment.  Even though they allow greasy, old, more-than-stodgy-old-white-men to slather them with sexually charged, um, ‘compliments’ all over their page.  There’s a lot these ‘ladies’ don’t get, don’t you think?   You have officially become BIMBOS, my little bullies.  Intelligent women ‘get’ things.

I mean, they would actually have to own up to the very thing they accused me of: Chicks tearing each other down!  And that would be a loss of too much face, eh, Bullies, I mean, Chicks?

Let’s evaluate the situation, shall we?  I am a stay at home mom working my butt off from early morning to late in the evening, doing research and getting on the news before most bloggers are on it.   And I work with other bloggers who do the same- none of us are famous and none of us wish for fame or money.  We just love our country and our God.   We are ON the news- certainly before the Bullies on the Right are on it.  They post hours, if not DAYS , after we risk-taking investigative bloggers do the real work.  They sit there, determining if the piece will please their audience and elicit a response.  THEN they post it, along with their ‘snarky’, uber-cool teenage comments.   They should be called ‘Chickens on the Right’.  I have never asked for a penny in my life nor will I ever for my blogging hours.  I have stood for my ideas and have been persecuted for them.  With zero compensation!  They have a nice little donate button and are opening a little store to make money.  Ah, so now we get to it.  Short Little Rebel is in it for the love of country and love of God.  Bullies on the Right are on it for the money.  They know damn well that sex sells.  So does the political cheap shot.  So does hate. (oh, I’m sorry, I meant ‘SNARK’).   When men try to compliment me on my looks, I remind them that I am married and gently rebuke them.  The men on my page behave like gentlemen because of it.

Rather than accept my olive branch, they chose instead to skew my words and my meaning. And they made fun of MY blog- ie, how SMALL it is! The nerve.   These two self proclaimed ‘intelligent’ women suggest that I, too, should grease my legs and buy some pink bubble gum too.  Perhaps, then, my Short Little Rebel site will match theirs!  Nice.  But no thanks.  I bank on IDEAS and LOGIC.  Sure, it’s the harder, slower way.  But everything worth ANYTHING always is.  So, Chicks, you can keep your SNARK, your leg grease and your bubble gum.  Good luck to ya.  I will stay on the ‘road less taken’.  Not glammorous, but I believe in it.

Nov. 2016 update:  I notice that the Chicks have cleaned up their look these days.  Gee, I wonder why?  Heh, heh, heh… Oh, and my blog has hit over 2million hits since then….


    • Well, I do think that those types of photos objectify women and make them look silly. Those activities and postures (and the suggestions behind them) don’t show the ‘true’ or ‘new’ face of female conservatism for me. I guess you disagree.

  1. “Short Little Rebel,” it’s been a while since people have commented on this article, but I just wanna say that I have just now found this article, and it is almost heartbreaking. I am MEGA grieved at what “Chicks on the Right” are doing. NOTHING-not even their political views- can justify their mean, thoughtless words and actions.
    If I owned a website, I would make a huge, public apology letter for everyone they have hurt, especially those on their “Wall of Shame.” I’ll go ahead and do my apology to you: I’m REALLY sorry the “Chicks” responded in such a mean way to you. You simply made a comment about them, and they returned it with evil. That was wrong.
    I’m praying hard for these “Chicks,” for their salvation, and that they may one day apologize for what they’ve said and done.
    God bless you! 🙂

    • Hi, Lizzie, not to worry. The Bullies on the Right aren’t Christians. And they certainly don’t have any original thoughts concerning politics. They have always relied upon other, better people’s thoughts. They sold themselves as sex objects from the beginning, which is how they lost my respect. I didn’t like how they were trying to say that how they dressed and how they acted was the ‘new face’ of conservatism. To me, that is an insult. And it is turning the clock backward for women at least 100 years. Anyone can sell sex and ‘snark’. In the old days, we just called that ‘catty gossip’. What’s new about that? What the world needs to see is that women can bring forward INTELLIGENT conversation with strength of character, honesty and endurance. These two lack all those things. They sell little goodies on their site and have begged for money from the start of their journey. Their mannerisms have been utterly shameful toward men on their site. The comments from men were disgusting and they welcomed them. They claim they ‘can’t control that.’ And yet, all the men on my page behave themselves. Any man who has tried to go off base with even complimentary comments about my looks have been politely redirected to the subject matter. And each page has a word filter that works brilliantly for those kinds of comments as well. I don’t know how their husbands could stomach it.

      But, business is business and they grew their page based on it. They don’t have ‘politics’. They are bleach blond puppets who toe the line. They wouldn’t dare say a thing that was original. I say what I truly feel and think- popular or not. I say what many people are thinking but are too afraid to say for fear of retribution. I am an independent, politically and am beholden to no one. I have retained my freedom by never bowing to financial bondage from anyone. And I have the great satisfaction of never selling myself. I lay my head to bed each night knowing that God is pleased with me. And that is enough for me.

      They and I are on a different mission, Lizzie. I am not here to glorify myself. I am here to glorify God to the best of my ability. I don’t want fame. Indeed, I have infamy enough.

      • AMEN! To God be the glory, in everything we say and do.
        May God truly change the hearts of the “Chicks.” What a powerful testimony that would be!
        Thanks for replying, BTW! 🙂
        Peacin’ out!

  2. Thank you for your post, I just read the first thing I’ve ever read by chicks on the right from googling something about being overwhelmed by the deep pain of social issues, and was crushed to find a post by these two having pleasure writing about Asians being stereotyped, calling it “a joy to watch” as they put signs up at a college informing people of microaggressions. I was sickened, so I am relieved to be informed about them and that they really aren’t educated, like I thought. What was also disturbing though was all the comments in agreement, so it is concerning that people actually listen to these things. I commented but I won’t look back if someone comments back since they love to bully. What a wonder! Ignorance must be bliss because they’ve no idea the pain they are talking about, and that it is never something leftist to “Snark” at when it’s people themselves speaking to the public how their whole group is continually treated. I liked Tom’s first comment too when he said people have needed a response for so long, which is definitely God’s will. I didn’t read all of the comment-argument but I hope Tom can gain more reinforcement that the newly educated conservatives are different and are called to be wiser. My comment’s a year later than your post but thanks again, showed up on google! I am ok with you ranting, I am always thinking about and fascinated by knowledge vs. the typical nonreading person, watches tv a lot and reads mainstream notgood sources of articles on the internet/ facebook. You are right in seeing they’ve trivilized what’s serious and attracted people with looks and mean fun vs. content. You’re a warrior, there’s no denying doing all the labor is a good price to pay

    • Hi Pianosigh, I’m not sure about the Asian comments they are making, but I do know that they are definitely not representatives of conservative women in any way. They dress like prostitutes- isn’t that what the godless do? The very definition of Conservatism is Christian. If you consider yourself politically conservative by also state that you do not believe in God, then, by definition, you are a Libertarian. This is what delineates between the Libertarian and the Conservative. Otherwise, there is no delineation. The Chicks never speak of Jesus. They certainly do not act like Christians in any way. They are mean, low down, and certainly carry themselves like tawdry tarts of the street. They encourage the sexual admiration of sweaty men of any standard- men who have no interest whatsoever in politics! I have never seen them rebuke a single man for their scandalous comments. On the other hand, you will note that the men on my page behave like perfect gentlemen. This is because the few times that men have shown admiration for me in the past, I politely asked them to refrain- not only does it embarrass me, but I am a married woman. They all know and respect this boundary. Because all the men act respectfully, the new men take note and do so as well. This is the Conservative Female. We stick to the professional topic at hand. We do not seek to sell our looks and body. Further, Christian women do not seek to humiliate their readers. I have never once called on my readers to agree with me or to taunt any reader. I have never rewarded any readers who do this by giving them literary ‘pats on the back’- I never give them publicity by noting their names, tagging them or ‘lol-ing’ their comments. In fact, anyone who uses profanity or cruelty toward other readers get their comments deleted- and I explain to them behind the scenes via private message why it was deleted. I am always promoting good behavior on my FB page. There is a REASON why the people on their page act one way and the people on my page act another. It is called the PAGE OWNERS. We determine the tone of our pages. Those two love to say, “Hey, we can’t control what our readers say!” I say, “What nonsense! Of course you can. I do.” They know they are cheap. Their readers are cheap. That is fine with me. Jesus said that the road to hell is wide and well paved- and everyone is on it. The road to heaven is covered with bushes and rocks. It is well hidden! The next part should scare the crap out of EVERYONE: He said that VERY FEW, (not ‘few’, or ‘some’, but ‘very few’) will find it.) The readers who like that kind of cheap thrill on are on the wide road to hell. And those two harlots are leading the way.

  3. I once left a comment on their website regarding a very important issue. One of them responded “OMG I cant do this. I cant read post that don’t have spaces, I cant, lol”. They mocked my writing on an issue I cared about and I felt that they bullied me. And I agreed with them! And as far as them claiming to be feminist? They wouldn’t dumb themselves down as vulnerable women in their pictures if they believed in feminism. They would pose as strong intelligent women which is not the message I get when I see their photos or hear them talk. Furthermore, I wish they would stop representing themselves as conservative women. The truth is, do they do community service? Are they philanthropist? Do they get involved with their local GOP? Do they volunteer at polls? What do they do for their community besides trash people. And I am asking this seriously because I do not know. They offer no solutions for the social issues that are dividing our country today and you are right, they do suffer from arrested development. They remind me more of some of the characters from the movie Clueless. And finally, do not take anything they say personal. No one above the age of 25 takes them serious. They are the Kardashians of politics and I would rather be waterboarded by Kim Kardashian herself then listen to the Chicks on the Right.

    • lol- they are bullies. And they have the intelligence of Q-tips. They most certainly are not conservatives- they never speak of Christ and I believe they are pro-homosexual agenda. The only thing they are interested in is themselves- they are shameless promoters out to make a buck. I swore to my readers from the start that I would never earn a penny from my work. I don’t even monetize my site even though I have had over two million readers. I don’t sell mugs or tee-shirts- it would belittle Christ, the one I serve. These two make a mockery of women everywhere- they are especially embarrassing to conservative women whom they claim to represent. I have never seen an intelligent article from them- they simply repeat what is written by others. They have never researched a single issue or broken a single story of their own. They are like aging parrots with too much make up. They screech and accept the lascivious grins and saliva from gross men- they love it when men say things about their looks and bodies. I asked them about this once and they said, “Well, we can’t help what our readers say!” That is such nonsense. When I first began my FB page, men tried to say stuff like that to me. I cut them off very quickly. I told them 1) I’m married 2) I didn’t like it 3) It really embarrassed me 4) I really wanted them to stop. And guess what? No one does it to me anymore. They all get it. And now, because none of the men do it, none of the new guys do it. They kind of just ‘get it’. They sense the respect of the other men and respect me in kind. These women can ‘help it’, they just don’t want to. Oh, and I don’t show myself in tiny skirts. After all, I am 50. Those gals have to be pushing 50 too. And let’s face it, no one past 25 should be wearing a mini- even if you can. It’s just tasteless and well, desperate.

      • I don’t think insulting them or calling them Q-tips proves that we are not bullies or that we are Christians

      • You are right, KH. I’m sorry. But those two really hand it out. And I truly resent how they treat people. What I say about them is true- it’s not insults. However, I shouldn’t call them names. I take back the ‘Q-tip’ name- and any other name I have ever called them. However, just because I point out what they do doesn’t mean I insult them. Christians must and should point out what people do that is wrong. These two do many wrong things- they do terrible things- both in the name of conservatism and in the name of women. I reject their actions in both names and I will always do so. I will refrain from name calling in the future, KH, as it belittles me and my readers. Worse, it brings me down to their level. And who wants to live way down there, right?

    • They really are ignorant and uneducated! I know one of them personally, and let’s just say she has always tried to put herself in front of the camera any way she can. I am embarrassed to know her!

  4. I had to laugh when the Chicks claimed that most of us think of stodgy white men in suits when we think of conservatives. Actually I often think of skinny blondes talking smack when it comes to conservatives. Ann Coulter has been doing this schtick since the mid 1990s. Chicks on the Right aren’t giving conservatism a make-over. If they were, they would bring more nuanced critical thinking skills to their commentary. They would lay-off the snotty remarks and the bullying of those who disagree with them. And what is up with those two talking like valley girls circa 1982? They are both in their 40s. They should talk like grown women!

    I find it very interesting that neither of the chicks showed much interest in politics until 2008. I don’t think they got interested because Barack Obama came on the scene. Heck, until 2008 the Chicks probably Barack Obama was the name of a high-end designer shoe! Nope. They probably got interested in politics in 2008 because that’s when Sarah Palin came on the scene. I bet their reaction was, “OMG! She’s a mom and pretty just like us! Awesomesauce!”

    • lol. I know. When I saw them, I nearly died. If THAT is the conservative make over, then count me out. Pink bubble gum and giving a bunch of hillbillies lesbian sex fantasies? no. I don’t think so. That photo of the two of them with the lipstick particularly bothered me. How can they believe that they represent the conservative female? And to bash old white men when they both have old white men as fathers? Ridiculous. I happen to love my old, white pop. He’s one in a million. I don’t see the need to bash other stereotypes to build yourself. Also, they are ignorant in general. I have never seen them actually write an intelligent commentary or a thoughtful article. All I have ever seen them do is criticize those of others. When they were angry with me, they criticized my grammar from one of my articles. If that is all they have to offer, criticism of those who actually try, then what are they? It made me laugh heartily to hear that they got a radio show. That is one project that is destined to failure. Those two have nothing to say. I looked at their site during the whole fiasco with me and all I saw were slobbering men. Gross, truly gross. And they allow it! I refuse to allow men to slobber over me. If they do, I stop them. The guys on my site know not to do it. Those who have tried have been asked to stop. Decent men stop immediately. I don’t attract those kinds of men to my site. Those kinds of men see that other men respect me and either behave themselves or don’t bother. Those two bask in the love and admiration of lusting men. As I said, gross. How is that the new conservative female? That, my friend, is the whoring female- conservative or liberal. That is why radio, minute imagery, will fail for these two. At least Laura Ingram has real intellect. That woman is as sharp as nails. I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of her wit. I don’t agree with her these days. I feel that she has lost all compassion and has parted ways with God. She never talks about God or Christ. She lacks all compassion and kindness. She is always attacking and never kind. That is not what true conservatism is. Nor is that what true women are about. So, she has lost my support. She no longer represents me. I don’t think true conservatism has a voice in politics anymore. We are either too few or too weak. That is just as the bible said it would be in the end times.

      Ah well, the Chicks may come or go as they please. I am not concerned with them in any way. I don’t know what has happened with them since I wrote my article. I don’t know if they got their radio show or if it failed or succeeded. I only hope that no one believes that they represent conservative women. Because if they do, THAT would be the biggest embarrassment of our time!

  5. Short Little Rebel,

    It seems as though everyone, including conservatives, is moving further and further to the left in a vain attempt to seem more “reasonable” to the masses. Christian leaders who were once considered conservatives are now embracing gay marriage, Evolution, and drug legalization.

    I believe our nation’s shift to the left gained significant momentum when some of the great minds from past generations began to die. When I was young, I remember watching William F. Buckley debate the likes of Noam Chomsky and Gore Vidal. Mr. Buckley would always weave a web of well-reasoned questions that trapped his unsuspecting guests. Even Vidal barely managed to hold his own during his Firing Line interview.

    I fear that we have few intellectuals left of Buckley’s refinement or Ronald Reagan’s grit. Instead, we have been lampooned by pop culture junkies who want to make conservatism cool by trying to make “Jesus look more like the Devil.” Social media has shown us the true colors that many people were hiding beneath, and none is pretty.

  6. Rebel,
    I’m very sorry that you had a bad experience with Chicks (Bullies) on the Right. But remember that these women are not Christian and are therefore unable to take the higher ground as we who are in Christ are called – yes, called to do.

    A bit about my experience – I had been visiting their website on a regular basis because I thought it was pretty decent . . . at first.

    For several reasons, they lost their credibility with me. First, they support abortion up to 5 weeks. What reasonable person would consider a baby in the womb eligible to be slaughtered up to that time? And these gals pride themselves on their “common sense”? Seriously? I wonder if they’ve read the recent reports indicating that more young people than ever before are Pro-Life. What do these Pro-Life kids know that the Chicks don’t? Hmmmm . . .

    Second, they support homosexuality, which may likely include gay marriage. They recently posted a music video on their site featuring a pair of lesbians kissing. Dr. Michael Brown commented on the subject here Below is a quote from that article which I believe is relevant to my point.

    “Christian leaders have been articulating many good reasons why it is not good for society to redefine marriage, quite apart from the (very valid) slippery slope argument, and some of them have not even used the Bible to prove their points. Important books on the subject include those of Frank Turek, Matthew D. Staver, Erwin Lutzer, and, most recently, Robert P. George, Sherif Girgis, and Ryan T. Andersen, among others. “

    You can replace “not good for society” with “not good for America.” I wonder if the Chicks have ever read any of this material. Then again, it’s far more important to be all bubble gum and short-shorts hip, cool, and progressive then to be informed, I suppose.

    Third (and certainly not last), they have no qualms about persecuting Christians or anyone else who disagrees with them, and yet they call out and mock others for their “intolerance.” Your experience being one of the examples of that. While they claim to invite dialogue and discussion, that is hardly the case. In fact, the hypocrisy I’ve seen on the site is no different than any liberal site.

    Rebel, you took the higher ground and extended the olive branch. That was very, very classy and most certainly the nobler approach. The response you got from the Chicks – not even an inkling of class. There is something to be said about grace and about being a good sport, yet the Chicks appear to be totally clueless in that regard. But like I said, they don’t know Jesus – the source of all grace.

    I could go on and I just might at some point. Until then, keep up the good work Rebel. I’ll be reading your blog from now own. I appreciate your courage and conviction.

    • Let’s put it this way: they have never claimed to be Christians- therefore, by definition, they can not be called ‘conservatives’. You can be a Republican and not be a Christian. You probably are an atheist if you are a libertarian. But the definition of being a conservative now includes being a defiant Christian in the face of open Progressivism. They are just nasty wenches. No need to beat around the bush.

  7. I am SO not a conservative – 100% atheist liberal all the way, but one can at least stand to respect individuals who can navigate the world of politics both critically AND maturely.

    But these two pre-menopausal women trying to sex themselves up and pretending so hard to write, dress, talk, and – to bring it home – ACT like girls in their early 20s who want to blame liberals for everything WHILE “drinking a cocktail with you”? They deserve neither to have their voices be supported, nor have an audience in the first place.

    But sex sells, and apparently, so does vapidity and stupidity. I likely don’t agree with your stances one bit, but above all else, as long as you never stoop to that kind of behavior, you will always be far more respected than those two.

    • lol, thanks Anonymous Liberal. You are probably very young. Believe it or not, I was very liberal in my 20’s. Marriage and kids and experience are what brought me around. Were we to meet somewhere, we would get along just fine, I would imagine. Those women are just plain mean. I don’t know who peed in their cereal. Whoever did it is doing it every morning, apparently! ha! I guess they just offended me by saying that their sad quest for youth, bubble blowing idiocy and hyped up sexuality is the ‘new face’ of conservatism. I am a strong proponent of women enjoying their feminism. I believe it is right and good for women to be beautiful. But tacky? no. I also believe it is the height of being a woman to be smart, educated and strong. To sit with your legs open on a backward chair? no, not so much. They are taking us back to the 50’s in my opinion. They are declaring that women must act ditzy to be heard. They are as bad as the feminazi’s who would strip women of every hair product- including razors!- in order to be heard. lol. Being a woman is a unique thing. A wonderful thing. THEY are not the new face of conservatism. Thank God for that!

      • Hey SLR, I still recieve comments about the chicks since 2012 when they posted me up as the Mysoginisic Pig after calling them Bimbos. The reason for my reply is in regards to you being brought around to conservatism. You have spoken of this on other occassions. My experience was just the opposite. At 62 I find it no longer possible to ignore the platform of the party. We are being overun by hatred and ignorance. For those who use to term “What would Jesus do.” All I can say is he would be ashamed of the lack of concern shown to those less fortunate. We call them takers and losers, lazy and sitiing home with their hands out. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Many of those recieving food stamps are hard working people with hungry children. The Republician Congress has done nothing to help bring this finacial crisis to a close. Those at the top continue to prosper and grow the personal and corperate wealth. While the middle class and the poor have not seen any improvement since 2008. Jesus spoke often of helping those in need. Not turning our backs
        and looking the other way. As a young person and a christian, maybe you and others can bring the party back to the issues that were important before we were taken over by big money and crazies.

      • Hi Tom, listen, I have heard those accusations before, and like then, I will tell you that they are a gross misrepresentation of the Conservative platform. Please note that I said ‘conservative platform’ and not the GOP because I mean to differentiate between the two. The GOP is full of progressives- just as the Dems are. There are some, like you, who think Christ meant for GOVERNMENT to take care of the poor. But he did not ever say that. He said WE must take care of the poor. People, individuals, must take from their own pockets and feed and cloth the needy. When government is given that task, they become fat with well meant money and pocket most of it. Then, with what little is left after paying all the salaries of all those paid legislators, administrators and lobbiests, they dole out a little to horribly inefficient beauracracies that waste most of the money on nothing. The amount of money that is literally thrown away paying all those salaries is stupid. Better for the people to just give directly to the poor. Which America has always done. That is what churches used to do. Gov. is the last org. I would task with ANY pragmatic task, let alone the dissemination of charity. I do not believe in doing it and I will never believe that government bears the responsibility that Jesus gave to each man.

        The Progressives have every desire to kill God and rip Christ from the hands and minds of the people. The Dems booed God and Israel. If you consider yourself a Christian and knowingly align yourself with such a party, then you are sinning against God. Morality belongs to the INDIVIDUAL, not government. Government has no soul- therefore, it can NEVER be moral. It is a thing that almost always does wrong. So don’t ask it to be your morality. You would be asking an impossible thing!

      • SLR, you are so far off base from the point I was makinf, I’m not sure where to start. I never once attacked the idea of conservative principal, but spoke of the Republician Congress. These days they show very little principal of any kind. I was a conservative before you were out of dapers. So maybe you should read the comments before you start ranting. You’re sounding a little like the chicks now.

        Where in my comment did I say Jesus wanted Goverment to feed the poor. He did speak of the poor often. He also spoke of the rich and their unwillingness to help those in need. As far as the churches taking care of this problem, you seem to be living in a different reality. They are failing meserible in their efforts to keep up. In an ideal enviorment with the population prospering, charities and churches are able to provide for the vast majority of the needy. In recent years many of the people supporting those organizations have fallen on hard times and find themselves using the same food banks and community support they once provided for. The homeless population is larger than ever with a great many being children, after sleeping who knows where, try to get up and go to school. All the while pretending to have a normal stable enviroment. Do you think the parents have chosen to live in that fashion. Many have jobs but do not earn enough to come out of the cold. Minimun Wage, REMEMBER!! That can’t get thru the Rep. controlled House. 50 times voting to kill the ACA. Should I go on? You spoke of over paying Lobbiests and admin. You think there are none supporting the extreme Right.

        Now If I could go back to Jesus and man verus the Gov. As is so proudly stated by so many on the right regarding their avid belief in the Constitution, maybe now would be a good time to read it. In the opening Preamble , “We the people” means we are forming this union to work as one. When done right Goverment is the “People. Among other things, it states we are to promote the general welfare. Right now the general welfare in in sad shape.

        In closing I’d like to say this. I had closed my last comment with a statment of hope that a young christian like you, with your piers could bring about change in a party thats fallen off coarse. After listening to your comments I don’t believe your up to the task. How dare you refer to me as one of those people and that I’m misrepresenting conservatives. No one was booing God or Israel, but rather the so call Christens hiding behind their religion. Who said I was a Dem or a liberial. Just because my views differ from yours? Again, how dare you judge me and say I’m sinning against God. Did God appointe you to decide how was moral or not.You have shown a real lack of knowledge regarding to history of the Republican Party as well as the teachings of Christ. I had enjoyed reading some of you postings in the past. Now you sound like a spoiled little girl with no real world knowledge of the issues facing this Nation. Daddy may have sent you to the finest school for your education. Maybe you needed a little more time in Sunday School. “I am my brothers keeper”

      • Thomas, you have taken offense where none was intended. You are prickly, as it were. I didn’t say you were referring to the ‘conseravtive’ party- I had delineated between the GOP and the conservative party. You were speaking of the GOP- I know that. I am in agreement that the GOP is messed up. That is why, instead of fixing something unfix-able (ie, GOP), I support the conservatives. Your proposal was that I and others like me try to fix the GOP. My point to you: that is not possible. Further, in your comment to me about the GOP, your criticism was that the GOP doesn’t help the poor, the homeless, etc. And you then criticized them for claiming to be for Christ and yet not supporting legislation and principles of feeding the poor, etc. Your comment about ‘what would Jesus do’ was most certainly aimed at what you felt the GOP should be doing. There is no doubt of your intention there- please don’t deny it. Thus, I answered you in logical fashion: that I disagree with you on that premise. I don’t believe government should be responsible for doing what Christ would do. It is unable to be moral and it also can not ever be efficient. As to the Church’s failure in those regards, I’m not sure what to say. The Church is feeding, educating and clothing the truly poor around the world. We give more money to the poor worldwide than all the other nations combined. America doesn’t have poor people. You mention children who are homeless. They should be helped. But they also need parents who will APPLY for help. If we don’t know about them, we can’t help them.

        Now, I never said you were a Dem. Read my comment again. I was speaking of the general ‘you’. “IF you are a supporter of the Dems”… was the conditional phrase I wrote and then followed by saying ‘then you will be opposing God.’ So, I never said you, personally, were a Dem. I said IF you (general ‘you’) are a dem, THEN you are against God. Because the Dems most certainly DID boo God at the 2012 Democratic Convention. Didn’t you watch that travesty on t.v.? It was sickening.

        As to me saying that you are misrepresenting the GOP (I didn’t say the ‘conservatives’), well, you were. The Dems always say that the GOP ‘doesn’t care about the poor’ when the GOP platform has always been about individuals taking care of themselves. THAT is the true representation of the GOP. The Dems always say that the GOP ‘doesn’t care about education’. That is also a false representation. The GOP doesn’t support the exorbitant salaries, benefits and pensions of the teachers. We also oppose the multitude of taxes being laid upon the backs of the American People while too much money is diverted to teachers. We also believe that the schools waste too much money because they aren’t being held responsible- we believe in competition- not forced attendance. We support vouchers to improve competition for funds, thus increasing the quality. We believe in the free market. THAT is the true representation of the GOP platform. Your comments that the GOP ‘don’t care about the poor’ was exactly the kind of verbiage used by Dems when they attack it. It is not true. That was my point. And I am correct in saying that your comments misrepresented the GOP (not the conservative party- you need to read more closely).

        Your entire comment basically said that the GOP doesn’t care about the poor & homeless, doesn’t want to up the minimum wage, etc. My point to you is this: The GOP never

          stood for food stamps, section 8 housing, EMT cards, endless disability, endless unemployment, government mandated pay minimums for people without skills, teachers unions, etc. Since WHEN did it ever? So your accusation that it has somehow gone sour by not supporting these things now implies you never knew what they stood for at all. As they never did those things, I and those like me can hardly try to ‘fix’ the GOP to make it do those things! That is illogical.

          Now, you have a bad temper, my friend. And you are very quick to call names and denigrate someone’s intellect, abilities and morality. You failed to read my comment correctly and instead chose to be easily insulted when no insult at all was given. As to me being ‘like the chicks’, I laugh at you. As to me not knowing the GOP, again, I laugh. As to me being ‘spoiled’, again, I laugh. As to me not knowing the bible, again, I laugh. Just because the Chicks didn’t like you doesn’t automatically make me like you. Calling names and being so tender in your feelings and pride usually doesn’t make quick friends, Thomas. p.s. If you ever dare to speak of my father again in any way, you will never comment on my blog again. Do you understand that? I worked for every single thing I have. No one gave me anything to help me out. And I did just fine in this great country of ours. Now, I expect the same from every single person in this nation. Don’t want to be homeless? Then, by God, go to school, GRADUATE, go to college and take up the loans and debt and then pay it off. THEN, go get a good job with benefits and live like everyone else. For those who fail to follow this formula, I have little pity. You seem very pro- government handout. Perhaps YOU want that kind of handout from government. Well, it will never be me who votes for that. So, if you don’t like that, then too bad.

      • Please SLR, your comment was “There are some, like you” speaking to me directly. So you certainly did include me in your reply. Don’t back pedel, if you are going to make a statement, stand behind it. Anyone reading reading your comments could clearly see you were speaking to me personally.
        My comments about “What would Jesus do” is something I hear daily from family and friends. Spoken with good intentions by good people. Again you just don’t get it. I’m not denying anything, if you would only listen. The Church works hard to help those in need. Food, clothing, and a place Christain guidence. I’ve seen that first hand. What exactly do you mean by “Truly Poor”, as opposed to ones only faking it.The Churches work takes place all over the world and thats great, but what about those in OUR COUNTRY. I do volunteer work, also for the L.B. VA, and the local H.B.Senior center. We having a growing need in this country and we can solve it. To say Gov. can not be efficient is just wrong. The same men we send to Washington are business leader and know how run their businesses and make large profits. Why can’t they do the same with our money. Look at what gets done by organizations like the Peace Corp and Pro bono Doctor groups on very small budgets. So lets not throw up our white flag in defeat.

        Regarding the booing, there are always idiots at the conventions on both sides. I don’t think the majorty of the Dems can be saddled with the actions of a small number. I know many good christian people in both parties who would never boo God.If you watched the Rep. Conv. as I did, you might of seen a few things that didn’t make you proud to be a “Old Gray haired conservative white guy” as I am.

        Now to your point of the the “true representation of the GOP” is individuals taking care of themselves. Maybe once, like when the Hertiage Foundation felt that individuals should take respondsibility for their health care. Kinda like Helmet laws and Car insurance, but ooooh no not if its going to be part of the Dem Pres. plan. Before you go off of the ACA, there are many things that need to be fixed, we all agree on that. My only point is I agree there should be an individual responsibilty.

        Clearly you don’t know many teachers or I think you would never,ever make such a WRONG statement. Yes, there is a great deal of waste in the system, including exorbitant salaries and pension. The large salaries are being paid to Administrators and superintendents. Teachers in most states are under paid. They do have good medical, and why not? We all should. As for the Pensions, I agree that whole system needs to be revised for all county, state, and Federal employees. Including Congress and the Senate. If we could spend as much time improving the public school system as we do just complaining, it might get better.

        I completely disagree of your views of the party, we have shown support for education, working conditions, and relief for those in need. The current party doesn’t look much like it did 10-15 years ago. You weren’t old enough to know.

        As for my temper, I believe you took the first shot at personal attack. In my first comment I made no suggestion you were included in those I spoke of. In fact I said nice things about you personally. As for you Father. You proudly post a photo of your father on your blog, thats great. I also am a father of 3 daughters and 3 granddaughters with a grandson on the way. I’m sure he is proud of you also. I mean no disrespect to him. I don’t believe in “A Gov. Handout” but a Hand Up. I much like youself was never given anything in the way of financial support. I was the sole income for my family and worked extremely hard for everything I have.I was Vice-Pres. General Manager of a Construction firm employing 40-50 people. We paid the well and provided medical ins. and retirement plans. I planned for the future, protected my family with life ins. That is being personally responsibly. My point to you is this. Try going out in the real world, see how the vast majority are getting by. Do a little voluuteering, wherevery that might lead you. I was a hard-noised business man, without time to think about the important things in life. It’s not just about money. If you don’t want to post my comments I really don’t care. As long as you read it, thats all that matters.

      • I’m not going to play the blame game here. My comment including the “like you” specified a singlular point- not the entire comment. As you say, I believe most people would see it my way. But that is neither here nor there. You said the following:

        “To say Gov. can not be efficient is just wrong. The same men we send to Washington are business leader and know how run their businesses and make large profits. Why can’t they do the same with our money. Look at what gets done by organizations like the Peace Corp and Pro bono Doctor groups on very small budgets. So lets not throw up our white flag in defeat.”

        • My reply: ” Ok, I just have to laugh here. You actually believe a monolithic machine full of self interested bureaucrats can run something like health care efficiently. We have no more to discuss.”

        You said, “Teachers in most states are under paid. They do have good medical, and why not? We all should.”

        • my reply: Why SHOULD we all have good medical benefits? Is that now a constitutional RIGHT? I don’t agree. People need to care for their expenses- one way or another. If their job doesn’t have good health care, find one that does. If you don’t have the skill sets to get those nice jobs, get it. Leave the government OUT of it.”

        You said, “You weren’t old enough to know.”

        My reply, “Listen, Buddy, I am 49 years old- I’ll be 50 in a matter of months. If I can’t speak to politics by now, no one can. Don’t patronize me.”

        You said, “Try going out in the real world, see how the vast majority are getting by. Do a little voluuteering, wherevery that might lead you.

        My reply, “For goodness sakes, do you think I am child? I have been a management consultant ALL OVER THE WORLD! I have traveled in and lived in more countries than most people could ever boast. I have and DO own my own company. I do charity work on an ongoing basis. I know teachers VERY well as I volunteer at school a LOT. I have seen more of this world than you, I would bet. So stop being so paternal. Age does not wisdom make. Sometimes age just reveals weakness, tiredness and laziness.”

  8. Well it seems some things never change. Back in early Sept.2012 before the election everyone was worked up and posting and re-posting alot of political links, cartoons, and comments regarding their feelings. Infortunately it is easy to be drawn in to mix and depending who started the stream you may be in for this type of abuse they give out so freely. The minion that follow the girls have no idea or just don’t care that most of their brilliant ideas have been taken from the latest Rush, or Fox story of the day. Nor do they appear to realize that people with opposing opinions are not your enemy. I for one was raked over the coals by their group along with my 11 year old grandchild, who just happened to be in a FB photo. This was all due to my response to their sometimes hateful comments. I don’t disaggree with everything they stand for, just the way they state their case. As one of the old gray headed conservative they profess to want to replace I find it rather shocking and sad to see how far to the right some in the Republican party have moved.You are never going to convince people to share your ideas when you are yelling at them and calling them names. This site like many on the extreme, left or right, are filled with just the BS those people want to hear. My advice, just stay away. There is nothing you can say or do to change their minds, so don’t waste your time.

    • I don’t ever visit their site, that is for sure. They couldn’t analyze their way out of a paper bag. And they never write anything thoughtful. Just stuff like, “I want to slap that guy”. I take offense at pretty much everything they offer up. But the thing that offends me most is that they are saying that a ‘true conservative’ should now look like two bimbos with bad makeup and skimpy skirts. Talk about taking women back to the kitchen. I love when women can show they are beautiful, feminine and SMART. But those two are the antithesis of everything truly feminine. Both of them are vicious harpies.

  9. I am late in the game here, but I have always dismissed COTR as non-factors…then they got a radio show at WIBC where I used to work…and I could not deny that they were now relevant.

    And I was baffled.

    As a serious political commentator I have always viewed the low-brow COTR ‘snark’ as a distraction from the issues and fodder for the average conservative version of the LOFO voter. Their comments generally involve no insight and little thought and are usually a regurgitated summary of a point someone else made.

    Then I thought more about it…this is what conservative political commentary is becoming.
    Look at Dana Loesch. She has gotten plenty of fame by being “The Conservative Alternative.” She tries to be hip, sarcastic and edgy. Combine that with the fact that she is easy on the eyes and voila, famous. She is the latest populist talking point regurgitation machine.

    COTR are following here lead, albeit with much less success at this point.

    These folks generate attention and keep the lemmings marching in the right direction. The LOFOs on the left have John Stewart and Rachael Maddow to package pre-chewed thoughts and spit them lovingly right into their brain so that they mustn’t be troubled with thinking on their own…our LOFOs have Dana Loesch and COTR.

    They are to conservative commentary as Blink 182 is to punk rock or Taylor Swift is to country music. Watered-down, easily digestible mainstream alternatives to the higher octane, purer form of the real thing.

    Their common thread is a complete lack of analysis, general lack of supporting data and the overall theme that their opinion is important because it is their opinion.


    I remember their post attacking you…truth be told I only read the first few lines before I moved on. I use them as an easy source for sources of real content. They invest the time scanning the real political sources so they can link to it with a few snarky comments…which saves me the time of searching them all myself until something worthwhile comes along.

    Their gossipy commentary and poorly formed opinions will eventually lose their luster and they will ultimately be replaced by someone else.

    Who will do the exact same thing.

    We need to start encouraging conservative commentators to ANALYZE and DISCUSS, not GOSSIP and PRATTLE. Conservatism doesn’t need a makeover, but conservative commentary does…and until we find a way to get back to real analysis and away from empty rhetoric and cheap bumper sticker slogans, we are doomed to deal with the COTR and their clones for years to come.

  10. Hi SLR: I know this is an older topic, but I just wanted to share some things with you that an entire GROUP of us have experienced with these two. There is a group online that was a “fan club” of the Chicks, and we ALL got to experience their immaturity and mean-girl tactics en masse and first hand. Many of these people have been followers of them since the beginning. There was an issue on the Chicks’ blog that we had been begging for nearly a year for them to fix (a poster there was exceptionally vile and abusive to everyone, especially overweight people and Christians). This whole thing blew up a couple days ago, and Mock (whose nickname is EXCEPTIONALLY appropriate) went off on folks. Then she and Daisy and Daisy’s husband (who was playing spy and running interference for them) all stomped out of the group. There were probably a good 30 to 40 people who had vocally risen up against their mean-girl ways. I remember when they were mocking you this summer, and I found this page (thanks to them). I can now say I see things in a TOTALLY different light.

    • Well, to me it was instantly clear that these two women are emotional wrecks. They act like little children (mean ones) if anyone so much as looks sideways at them. I made them angry because I disapproved of their use of sex to convey the ‘new’ conservative message. As a conservative woman, I still like to dress sexy from time to time. And I always want to look nice. But I REFUSE, simply refuse, to use sex as a way to get ‘likes’, make money or any other thing. To me, it cheapens my intellectual reputation. Either you care what I say or you don’t care- but I’m not waving my boobs in your face to distract you from my vapid dialog. I saw so many lascivious (creepy) men making disgusting remarks (of a sexual nature) on their page. Believe it or not, I delete all such comments. Even the mildly complimentary ones make me uncomfortable. I once had a marketing guy tell me to wear something incredibly sexy and put that on my blog. He told me this would be sure to blast my page out of the atmosphere. Um. No thanks. To me, work is work and play is play. I don’t mix the two. Also, since they were claiming the mantel of ‘the new, cool conservatives’, it offended me that the definition of ‘new and cool’ is two blonds blowing bubbles, looking ditzy , wearing short skirts and shorts- oh, and don’t forget sitting on a chair backward, spread eagle. Really? I was once a liberal- education on the issues is how I morphed into a staunch conservative. It just cheapens conservative thought to be so blatantly sexual- it turns the clock backward, not forward. Conservative thought doesn’t NEED cheap tricks- leave that to the MSNBC crowd. Conservative thought is RIGHT thought. It is logical and accurate- and it’s fascinating. It is the inevitable conclusion of anyone who bothers to be even slightly curious about the world around them. Liberalism is for the uneducated and young. Conservatism is the home of people who investigate and search for truth. No window dressing needed.

      My comment was, of course, much shorter than this explanation. But they came unglued. They even wrote an entire post about me, personally. They took glee as they encouraged their nasty readers to make the most foul comments to me. When I accused them of this, they claimed impotence to stop people. Gee, I manage to run a decent page full of decent people. I forbid my readers from attacking one another. I guess they just don’t know how to control their page, then! Either that, or they are just liars. I felt true hatred from them and their readers! That is no way to run a professional page. THAT is the new, cool makeover for conservatism?

      Those two have no idea who Christ is. No, actually, they have utterly rejected him. That is why they can’t take a punch. One tiny little slap and they want blood. They want popularity, not serious discussion. If I lost my mind every time someone mildly criticized me, I would be dead of a heart attack by now!

      I don’t remember those two EVER speaking about Christ and the importance of honoring him in politics or our every day lives. That’s how I know they aren’t Christians. Real Christians can’t help but talk about the relevance of Christ in today’s politics. As Jesus said, ’18“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” They know the world would HATE them if they honored Christ. They are cowards. But as they are ashamed of Christ’s name now, Christ will be ashamed of their names when they stand, alone, before him.

      Well, Renegade, I’m sorry you have had these troubles. I’m surprised you stuck around as long as you did- as it sounds as if you are a Christian. Just put it behind you- it really doesn’t need to affect you. I know how unpleasant it is to ‘get into it’ online with people. Even though you don’t know them, really, it still hurts. Though I don’t know you, I can’t help but feel that you weren’t in the wrong. With trigger-happy personalities like theirs, it is very easy to believe them to be in the wrong. I do hope that you find my page a little more in line with how you think and feel. And remember, you can always comment on my FB page. If you would like, you can send me a friend request at That is, if you are a Christian. I only allow Christians on my personal page.

  11. I’m a conservative democrat, but I completely agree with you. I wrote in about something offensive they said and they seemed too dumb to comprehend what I was saying and resorted to name calling. I feel like both parties put a lot of not so bright people in the spotlight. Maybe radio and tv stations think Americans are so dumb that we won’t notice. I almost voted for Romney this past election because of government spending, but people like this are so repellant, I couldn’t bring myself to be anything like them. I too like logic and ideas and am often seen as an outsider. Good for you for keeping you beliefs and not sinking to the vapid and pop-culture version of politics.

    • Thanks, Gigi. We have no good choices anymore. Most Americans fail to realize that the People are now on their own. Both parties are now Progressive. There ARE no Democrats or Republicans anymore. Just Progressives. Where are the JFKs & Reagans? GONE. Many, many Americans believe that Progressive is the same as Democrat or Liberal- it isn’t. It is a desire to end national sovereignty of all nations (starting with the USA) in favor of world government. Not only is this their real belief, but they are proud of it. Most keep it under the radar from the public and the media, as it is also 100% owned by Progressives, never reveals it-so most people haven’t a clue. Both parties are now working toward this end. That is why you will see Republicans like McCain advocating for immigration ‘reform’ (which diminishes the line between Mexico & America) and the use of the military on U.S. citizens (NDAA 2012) and Democrats who openly push for America to give up its military control and abdicate it to the authority of the UN (thus blurring the sovereignty of America). When you put the correct lenses on, you will see that both parties are corrupt to their horrible, rotten bones. And suddenly, politics and world events become perfectly predictable and understandable. And WE, the People, are being pit against each other by this fantasy called Dem vs. GOP. Well, guess what? There are more than two sides to the story. One side the media presents is Democrat/liberal (MSNBC, CNN, etc) and the other is GOP (FOX). We have been bombarded so furiously and so frequently with this concept that the People have forgotten the THIRD side- and that is the TRUTH.

  12. Wow! So you were victimized by them too. Another thing we have in common! My friend started a FB page, Chicks on the Left, as a Liberal equivalent to COTR. Well, they completely lost their minds. They even started their own page and kept talking about their brand. They even went so far as to claim that they were being censored by FB which got them on Fox, a book deal, and now a radio show. Keep on doing what you are doing. I appreciate it. 🙂

  13. You. Are. Amazing.

    Selling anything we have to “say” by using our looks – that’s what people in Hollywood do and I shudder to think about using any of those loons as my moral compass. And then, if people are do distracted…does it really matter what you say at the end of the day?? Perhaps it makes it less offensive when the words come from someone who looks “hot”? I don’t know. I just know that you can’t have it both ways – if they want to act and dress like a tart and put themselves out there at least they should put on big girl panties and take the criticisms like a woman.

    Kudos to you. By the way, I find your blog to be better written, more in depth and more welcoming than theirs. 🙂

    Keep writing!

    • Thanks, Ashley. I can’t agree more. I don’t like what they refer to as ‘snark’. To me, it’s just mean girl talk. Quick one liners don’t cut the mustard in my book. THAT can be gleaned off the backs of better thinkers than they. I have actually had men recommend that I do the whole sex kitten thing to sell my blog, twitter, etc. NO THANKS. I love looking nice. A little sexy is fine- but NOT for your cover page and not for complete strangers and NOT for a serious message! Well, all that happened quite a while back. They’ve moved on and so have I.

    • I just found your blog and couldn’t agree more, I support 100% and I will follow your blog more often, now my thoughts. You can’t just simply remake conservatism no more than you can remake the events of the bible, the constitution, the declaration of independence, or American history its self, it is what it is. Conservatism is an ideology, a belief system and a way of life. It is built on thousands of years of history, sacrifice, and bloodshed. It is belief system that transcends time; it’s unchanging, unwavering and highly resistant to imposters. Changing any part of conservatism especially with a “new look” is to render all the work in vain that was done before us. With conservatism comes continued responsibility and sacrifice.
      This just goes to show, these chicks just cannot accept conservatism in its purest form. I guess the only good thing is they certainly make no attempt to hide who they are. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I hate the Chicks; I just don’t know their true motive. I think they really don’t understand the history and values behind conservatism. Before you can make acceptable, meaningful change to a value system you fist must know what you are trying changing and if it fits in to the history of what you are changing. Conservatism is very much about history, values and sacrifice. This is only understood by reading. So then, the question then becomes what are you really trying to change, public perception or conservatism its self? We are not in any scene of the meaning what you are trying to create us to be and will be rebuked you with great wrath and resistance and purpose. I know some great people that just cannot accept conservatism the way it is, so they are always trying to move the goal posts and change the definition of conservatism whenever it doesn’t fit their life style. Rather than being more like a conservative they want conservatives to more like them. This is not a true patriot

      • David, I could not agree more. The Chicks make me sick. They play sex kitten to the point of complete embarrassment! As a WOMAN, they offend me. Is THAT what it takes to make it in this world? Since I asked that question, they have only gotten worse. I know their true goal: fame and fortune. They NEVER talk about God or Jesus. They are not Christians. They are trying to ‘remake’ conservatism as a sexy kinda libertarianism. Furthermore, they don’t actually write anything. They are all about riding the coat tails of other, better thinkers. They ride on the foam of republican thought, taking one liner punches at Obama and his minons. But they never propose any solutions or ways to handle anything. They are the whores of politics- they are here for only one reason: themselves.

    • I recently accidentally caught these “LADIES” when I accidentally landed my car radio on a TALK STATION. where they basically referred to WELFARE as SOCIALISM. Seems anything that republicans decide they don’t like automatically gets labeled as socialism. Check out their CHICKTIONARY on their web site. A list of ad homonyms assigning crude, insultive titles to top democrats. Such as celebridiot n. A celebrity who is an idiot aka liberal. or Debbie McFrizz n. Nickname for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D). Like most Republicans, they can’t deal with facts and issues. Rather they fall to personal attacks and slander to “PROVE” their position. Who writes their copy? RUSH LIMBAUGH ?

  14. I found out about your blog just today. I must say I am not a religious person but I enjoy your writings enormously. That said, sorry if I bring this back but this entry made want to leave a comment because I have a FB account and I could visit their page to see what these 2 are about.

    And what I have to say is: you’re just right about who they are, the spoiled mean girls from high school who to my point of view never grew up. Seriously, who takes pictures of themselves with poses like this one?: and wants to be taken seriously? Heck, not even I did ever take a picture when I was 16 in a pose like that. It is just ridiculous how they act for their age. I read in their cover picture one comment saying “Beauty and brains”. If is that so, I don’t want to know what “ugly and hair head” is. I see that only air heads are those following them because it looks like all of their followers just adore their dumb picture posses and never write anything negative to them.

    Again, sorry for bring this back again but I had to vent my mind and I thought if I did in in their page I was going to kinda get banned and reported as I imagine they did with you.

    • Wow. Just checked out the photo on your link. Just plain stupid. They truly attempt to attract middle aged men to their page. Those kinds of ‘like’ have nothing to do with politics or truth. They are in it for money. I spit on them. Geeze.

    • p.s. just added that photo to this article. lol! Betty, I saw that they IMMEDIATELY called you a bitch for pointing out how unprofessional that photo was. Just shrug it off. Not worth your concern. Find me on FB and get involved in the real conversation. btw: I am not ‘religious’ at all! Christ isn’t religion. He simply IS. Hope you get to know him via my page. In any case, welcome to both my blog here and my FB page.

  15. Little,
    Your wasting your time and talent on foolish and silly reader comments. Don’t bother getting involved in such nonsense.

    • Not to worry, White! Already moved on. Just had to say what I had to say. It’s over for me but I believe the discussion & hatred of me, personally, rages on at their site. I don’t open the slew of hate mail I am receiving, but… it’s a pretty hefty load. It truly amazes me…

  16. Hi SLR, not to keep this going… I disagree with both the chicks *and* your writings. You should have sent them a private message and not made this public, or they should have taken the high road when seeing your public comments and sent you a private message. I wasn’t going to comment because it’s gotten old, but one of the things bothering me in your writing, not related to the chicks debacle, is that one minute you’re quoting scripture and talking about Jesus, and the next you’re writing “what the hell”. Why do you do that? Your written word could be out there forever, we as Christians certainly do need to stick together, and also hold each other accountable to make us better. Not sure it’s going to matter to you but the cursing really bothers me. Thanks,

    • Hi Kim,

      I apologize for the cursing. I wasn’t really myself- nor would you be if someone dedicated that much vitriol at you. If you read through the comments on that page, it’s pretty astounding. I am surprised that with all that hate directed at me, you still wish to come to my page to give me yet more tongue lashing. I don’t remember writing, ‘what the hell’, but take your word for it. For that, I apologize. But not for the sentiment behind it. I am not made of stone and those two are just crazy. Sorry, but there it is. I’ve moved past this- just as you should.

  17. Just wanted to chime in. I make the unfortunate mistake of letting my anger oget the best of me over a slur on the First Lady made by the Chicks. I would like to apoligize to all women for using to term Bimbo in response to their post. It was a knee-jerk reaction, and I am sorry. As you can see on their page, I’ve been demonized by a large number a their followers and exposed my 12 yr old grandaughter and fiance to vicious messages after their post of my FB link. All of this over them being disrespectful to the President and the First Lady. They may not like him, but he is still the President. You keep up the good work.

    • Went back for a little more abuse today. Got another ear full. When this first started I had recieved a photo shared by a friend. It was a women holding a child in her arms asking the baby if she had heard all the fairy tales she told at her convention speech by the First Lady. and about all her wonderful accomplishments blah,blah. So it struck me as not in good taste.
      These photo and cartoons that float around FB have a comment box at the bottom. Ifirst thought dumb blonds, but commented Bimbos not really taking it that serious. didn’t realize bimbo was suce a vile word. Not sexual or nasty,but they went bonkers.Wrote a full page collum w/ photos hacked from my fackbook pic’s. I tried a half-hearted appology…not accepted was call a Misogynistic, Pig, Intolerant big fat hypocrite, Stinkin P.O.S. Drunken Parrothead, shallow cowardly dickhead. All that for bimbo. The thing is today to run a self-professed Right wing blog your going to get a few people with different views. especally when the get pass around from friend to friend. Seams to me the”chicks on the right” need to get thicker skin or put down the crack pipe. things were way overblown now ther are maybe 120 comments for the story. they should be happy I stured up the pot alittle. These guys don’t take prisoner!!

      • If you go to any proporganda site like this or even MSN money or sports they have counter view to alot of issues posted in the comment section. it never get mean and nasty like this. Maybe it’s about getting more hits on the site.?

      • lol, Roger! Hey, I got the same treatment- so did a lot of other people. The Chicks are just mean girls from high school. They have a gang of ‘snarky’ people who enjoy their sharp tongue and empty mind. So be it. At this point, they just make me laugh.

    • Thomas, (sorry, I refered to you earlier as Roger) I’m not sure you are the one who should be apologizing. They have created a hateful MOB and encourage their hateful MOB to attack anyone or anything that so much as squeaks at them. Attacking people like a vicious mob is just not right. They ARE bimbos. As a woman, I have no problem with that term. It has a valid use and those two are perfect examples. Unless you think of Bimbos as nice as well as stupid! ;-D Rest assured, you can comment on my site every time I make fun of the First Lady or the president! I won’t send a mob after you (cause none of my readers have that mentality), but I might disagree with you. If that’s ok then we’re ok! smiles and have a good day!

      • Thanks Little Rebel, I was taught a good lesson,ie don’t mess with people w/better computer skills. haha Seriously, I shut down my FB for awhile. Although I had my settings to ‘friends only’ they were able to get to my photos and friends. My three grandaughters 12 and 11 yr twin girls were of concern. They also post one of their names.
        I really haven’t ever been subjected to this kind of abuse w/my on page called “Misogynistic Pig” with a link to my FB page. I don’t know if you saw the page they did a real number on me. I sure from now on I’ll think twice before I hit send. Thanks for the support. Good luck with the blog. Tom “misogynistic pig’

      • They linked to my page as well- they know darned well that their attack dogs would show up. They have the nerve to put something about Christianity on the front of their blog- big, too. They culture an atmospher of hate & ‘snark’ and then attempt to act innocent when their little snarkers use foul language, wish people death, scorn, mock and basically go for the jugular. It makes them feel justified and safe. Like I said, they are ‘Chickens on the Right’. They are beneath you and your family. I’m glad you are taking a break from FB. I delete them instantly! Did you read my follow up post, “Your Freedom of Speech Ended on My Doorstep”? You should it will make you smile. Have a great day and put this behind you. I’m sure you are NOT a pig of any sort! ;-D

  18. I’ve been reading both of your blogs for quite a while now, and frankly I’m probably going to stop. I would like to think that three grown women would be able to co-exist in the right wing blogosphere. This is high school drama. The cynic in the back of my mind is telling me that all three of you concocted this little “War” in order to attract more attention to both of your blogs.

    • rgrysban, I have a serious doubt whether you have been reading my blog for ANY length of time. You have a right to do whatever you want. I had every right to defend myself. Personally, I am moving on with my message. As for us cooking this up, you make me laugh. These bimbettes tried to cook me for lunch- for the pleasure of their audience. But I will say this: they certainly HAVE increased my readership! lol!

  19. So sorry they misread your intention Susan. It seems clear enough to me, but sometimes if you hot a nerve, people get tetchy. I very deliberately don’t even use a full face pic of myself, it isn’t about me, it is about what I am writing about, and I know that’s true for you too.

    It is difficult sometimes being a woman in the blogosphere. So many comments seem to get made about one’s appearance. It may be that the ‘chicks’ were having ‘fun’, but they should be up for someone calling it as they see it.

    Hang in there sister 🙂

    • Hi Jessica. I would understand if they were irritated and asked me to clarify. But they didn’t. Even when I did clarify, they lambasted me more. I once gave these two a little credit (I never knew much about them before seeing their pict. which showed up on newsfeed because some friends like them). But no more. Their overreaction showed their hand. And it is not a true one. I hit a nerve and no matter what wording I used, they would have done the same thing. I basically said they were using sex to sell their message to a younger audience. And they are. And they know it. THAT’S what bothered them. In any case, Jessica, I wondered last night if God didn’t mean this to happen. Interestingly enough, my FB and blog readership exploded last night. I don’t just stand up for conservatism. I stand up for CHRISTIAN conservatism- something most political writers are terrified to do. I think God wanted his message to spread farther. And this little, strange occurrence has assured that. So, we will see. ;-D

  20. hello! to be honest, i only caught wind of all this, sipping my tea and sleepily scanning the web this morning. i stumbled onto the chicks’ blog, first, via a facebook link. and, upon reading one of their more recent diatribes against you, i thought, ‘ouch. so feral! who is the poor soul they’re manically attacking?” i had to find your blog. and, from the outside looking in, i can recognize a girlfriend who needs a hug.

    i’m so sorry this has happened. i totally get it, i get why you had to defend yourself, and why you are probably still feeling the upset of it in your gut. i also think it’s a shame that their followers went zombie apocalypse on you. i especially enjoy the first commenter’s suggestion that you should be saving the country instead of attacking people. yes, what a waste of time and intelligence…attacking people…

    based on first impressions, i think you ARE intelligent. you are cool. but i also think you should start taking steps away from all this. it will only piss you off more, and keep you from concentrating on the passions that make you unique. have some chocolate, some tea, quiet time, whatever makes you relax. lay all things chick-related to rest. let God have at it. and, continue with your days, writing as badass as you can. love to you, for real!

    • E, you are very kind and wise. I have slept on it. I have moved on, sister! Hey, I’m just a nobody out here- a lone voice. The fact that they took such a public swipe at me truly shocked me. And your hug is appreciated. I’m not so proud that I won’t say it hurt. It did. But the enormous support that has come my way makes me feel happy. There truly are many good hearted people out there. This morning, I had a cup of coffee and my husband bought freshly baked donuts. My kids are all around me and I hear the sounds of their voices playing. Does it get any better? I am ok today. Thank you so much for your kindness and for reaching out to a stranger, E. I love the Internet! ;-D

  21. I just have to say that you have made an absolute fool of yourself. You are now wallowing in shameful attacks that not only lessen your creditability as a blogger, but also as a woman and a Christian.

    You say “First, I take offense at that! I DO ‘wield a firearm’ and I DO wear a business suit. The seriousness of what is happening in our nation DOES make me scowl. Sorry, can’t just go shoe shopping and SNARK at people with ‘gleeful’ photos being taken of my crotch! AND, I happen to LIKE stodgy old white guys! My Dad is one of those guys! The CHICKS are SELL OUTS. They hate the white male just like the LIBERALS and ATHEISTS do. Apparently, we need to ‘remake’ our image to NOT include you, fellas!”

    That attack is amazing. You have supported The Chicks and even re-posted their material for quite some time and now you expect your readers to believe that all-of-a-sudden you are offended by their bio???? That tells me that you think your readers are idiots. What YOU need to do is get over yourself. YOU attacked and called them names on THEIR FB page. YOU started it and if you were the Christian you claim to be, you would search for humility and apologize for starting this whole stupid mess.

    The life of our country is at stake. I would suggest you use your time to help save our country rather than attacking people and going tit-for-tat to TRY and save face over something so trivial.

    Sheesh. What a waste of time and intelligence.

    • Debbie, you are WRONG that I even read their bio before! Heck, I have only seen them via my FB post via my friend who likes them. Also, they repost MY stuff and my friend’s stuff. Well after we did. I reposted maybe one or MAYBE two from them. In general, I haven’t really liked their flip commentary. I was just being polite. Today is the very first time I EVER visited their actual site. I have never visited their FB site (I don’t think) until today. I didn’t even know about their foul attack on me until one of my subscribers TOLD me about it! THAT’s how much attention I paid to them. Their reaction startled me to say the least. As for me, I NEVER called them names, nor did I attack their ‘physical appearance’. You and they need to lie to make your point. Not me. I wrote a two or three sentence statement to them questioning the need to use SEX to sell conservative values. THEY posted many, many ugly commentes AND a full post on their bully pulpit before I ever even knew they had responded to my comment. No, they did start it, dear. I am within my FULL RIGHTS to defend myself against their unwarranted attacks. Now, don’t use my Christianity against me. NO ONE ever said being a Christian meant allowing others to LIE about you and defame you in such a brutal way. Unlike THEM, I do what I do for FREE. They do it for fame and money. Hence, their stupid DONATION button and STORE. Where the money is… there lies the corruption. Me? I spend hours and hours caring about my country. YOU don’t need to lecture me about it. The day you spend as many hours as me, investigating, writing, and working for the conservative Christian cause is the day you can remind me of all the work that needs to be done.

      • I would say that accusing someone of “prostituting” herself is name calling. You did start this, so I don’t think you should be surprised that there was a reaction. If I were you, I would drop this. They have a point – and a bigger megaphone.

      • Stellap, move on. I said, “prostituting OURselves”. Sorry they and you can’t tell the difference and can’t understand an expression when you see it. Those who wish to take offense will surely find it. Further, do you really believe that if I had left out the word ‘prostituting’, they would NOT have lost their sell-out minds? Let’s say that I said, “Chicks, posing for overtly sexual photos cheapens the conservative message significantly and I don’t believe it is necessary or helpful to the conservative woman’s cause.” They would have written the EXACT same article. They are sell-outs and they are indeed using sex to gain an audience. It is the essential TRUTH of my comment to which they took offense. It stung them terribly- this usually happens when someone touches upon a truth. They didn’t have a ‘reaction’. They had an OVER reaction. And a petty, mean-spirited one. As for me ‘dropping this’ because they have a ‘bigger megaphone’, you make me laugh. I stand up for what I believe in, come hell or high water. I don’t give a damn what they say. Either they deleted every comment that favored my sentiment or they truly have a nasty crowd of readers. Either way, more power to ’em. There are so many hate sites FILLED with likes. There is even one hate site that calls a poor, genetically wounded child all kinds of nasty names. And they got thousands of likes in just one day. People love the cheap shot, Stellap. As I said, I’ll take the road less taken. And these two can have their menopausal hysterics until the cows come home..they make me laugh.

  22. Like everything else in the world… sex sells. It’s sad to me that their latest image of one of them straddling a chair with a provocative look on her face is part of their new PR image. What exactly are they trying to convey? WHAT in the world do their husbands/children think? Have they read all the comments from men saying things like “i need a cold shower” or “my phone just melted” or “how about some tasteful nudity now?” I think they like it. It’s called narcissism. I unliked their page just now. Not that they’ll miss me, and I won’t miss them. Too bad they can’t just stick to the topics and keep their desire for ill-gotten attention from any breathing male out of it. I get the cutesy bubble gum pic, the fun shoes, etc., but I don’t get “selling out,” and by that I mean your image no longer matches your ideals. By definition (at least in my world) conservatism encompasses modesty. And, modest, they are not. Any intelligent woman or man who wants to debate these topics would listen to two non-sexy women on any conservative outlet and get the same (albeit the entertainment factor would be lower sans the catlike snarkasm) satisfaction out of the discourse. Thanks for posting this! I thought I was the only conservative without chick-colored glasses! See ya, bubble blowers.

    • Writentexas, Amen, sister! I never even meant to insult them! I asked a question. It’s a totally valid one for women. I saw the chair picture too. But they are so disingenuous. They say they are ‘just two girlfriends snarking about politics’. Every woman and man understands these things. I thought they had potential. I did. But this crazy response of theirs, along with the total rejection of my olive branch, showed them for what they are: cheap sell outs looking to make a buck.

  23. Lifting you (and the situation) up Susan… hang in there and do all for the Glory of God ((HUGS))

    Matthew 5:10 – “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

      • The readers are as bad or worst.than the chick. I do think the hate is park of the story. Someone disagrees an they all pile on. Keep it up Short Little Rebel. The election will be over soon and things will calm down abit.

      • Hi Thomas, we all have bigger fish to fry than two bimbettes trying to make a buck in lower echelon of society. They will only reap the just rewards for their actions. Of that, I have no doubt.

  24. Sad indeed! I agree with Anthony, creative may fit to a degree but creative is positive and they are not positive at all! God bless you!

  25. OK, here’s the deal.. and this is apparently coming from one of those old white foggys. I don’t care for what the Chicks on the Right have to say anymore than I care what Jan Morgan and PolitiChicks have to say. They are ALL sell-outs who have taken a political opportunity and turned it into some sexist attempt to showcase their intelligence, or lack thereof. Right now, it seems CHICKS in politics are HAWT (ie Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, et al). Its some sort of POLITCAL SEXUAL REVOLUTION, and they are taking advantage of it every chance they get.

    I can’t tell you the number of times one of the aforementioned have taken writings and political discourse right off my website and tried to twist it to their own words. What is TRULY SAD in this election cycle right now is how PATRIOTISM and SUPPORT FOR OUR TROOPS is so popular that a lot of unintelligent people will overlook critical thinking because the CHICKS think if they dress all cutesy it makes them more intelligent and marketable. Same thing with Jan Morgan. She parades herself around with a rifle and posts her pictures and suddenly she’s some expert on political theory and the Second Amendment. But hey, the Chicks ain’t the only ones… how about that DUDE, Ted Nugent? What a sorry excuse for a MAN he really is if you delve into his past and his present. ( YEAH, dude can ROCK the guitar. Yeah, the dude had a GREAT hunting show. BUt when you peel back the payers, he’s still a sorry individual when it comes to what he did with his country, his wife and his children. Maybe people need to really look into THAT before they start picking their heros.
    I have nothing for the Chicks on the Right, Jan Morgan, PolitiChicks or “Uncle Teddy.” Those who DO, are misinformed and are feeding off the BS that comes with sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.
    And now let’s look at the PATRIOTISM theme that is so popular right now. Oh hell, its a GOLDMINE! Look at all the washed up, never before “patriot” singers and entertainers coming out of the wood work proclaiming just how much they LOVE this country, how much they SUPPORT ouw military and veterans. And WHY, you ask? Because it’s POPULAR, its PROFIABLE and it can JUMPSTART a worn-out, one-hit wonder career because its the POPULAR thing to be right now.
    Chicks on the Right, Jan Morgan, PolitiChicks would be NOTHING if they were FEMALES. That is the ONLY thing that makes them popular right now. I actually question whether they have EVER had an original thought in their heads or do they just spew everyone else’s sentiment? I’m betting on the latter, with a side of SEX APPEAL!
    Keep up the brave and brilliant work Suan. Luv ya sister!

  26. It is so sad, what people do for attention. However some attention seekers are pretty creative, unfortunately for the two mentioned in your article, “creative
    ” is not the word applicable for these two.

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