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Latest Poll Says Americans Feel Safer- But We’re NOT!

Calderon blames America and Pelosi applauds wildly

Think this isn’t HERE, in America? It IS.

Associated news story.Americans, we are not safer now.  We have a border with Mexico that is completely undefended.  Even Janet Napolitano has admitted that terrorists are crossing over with ease.  Obama has hamstrung local law enforcement in border states to detain illegal immigrants.  Despite criminal records, Eric Holder will not deport them.      Obama & Eric Holder also intentionally ran guns into Mexico in a clear effort to keep the border open by blaming Americans for Mexican drug violence.  We have ports that simply can’t check all those containers.  I live in a port city and watch those containers be unloaded every day.  No checks.  Just straight onto semi’s and they are on their way.  How many of you are aware of the nuclear suitcase bombs that have never been recovered from the down fall of the Soviet Union?  Where are these things, now?  No one knows.  But they are somewhere, waiting.  I wonder what they cost these days?  And Obama has sent the message over and over again that America has no intention of protecting itself against Islamic terrorism.  In fact, according to Obama & the Progressives, Islamic terrorism doesn’t actually exist.  It’s merely ‘work place violence’.  We have sent a clear message to our enemies that Israel is no longer our friend- and neither is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Our arms are open to Islamic ‘justice’.   Sharia law is already here- as are madrasahs ( extremist Islamic schools that teach AMERICAN kids to hate AMERICANS and Christians.)   Where are those suitcase nukes again?

Obama has announced the American international strategy to our enemies around the world- they are able to plan around it.   He has also hamstrung our soldiers by court marshalling them for ‘offenses’ on the battle field.   He has hamstrung our intelligence & police community by calling them stupid, torturers and inept.  By bringing lawsuits against them.  And worst of all- by giving away national intelligence secrets in a lame attempt at a self glorifying movie.  Obama & Eric Holder also intentionally ran guns into Mexico in a clear effort to keep the border open by blaming Americans for Mexican drug violence.  I will never forget President Calderon standing in front of the American Congress and telling them that AMERICA is to blame for the Mexican drug violence because WE sold guns to the drug lords.  Turns out it was Obama!   laughable?  yes.  Scary?  even more so.

And these are the external dangers.

Let’s talk about internal dangers.  Americans, we are being systematically disarmed.  Eric Holder has already broken the constitutional rights of four southern states to bear arms by forcing them to disclose the names of law-abiding citizens who have the temerity to buy more than one assault style weapon.  These names go straight to a list in the Justice Department.  Clinton is actively working with the UN in a mind boggling strategy to not only subvert the Constitution’s Second Amendment- but to undermine U.S. sovereignty completely.  She and the Progressives are attempting to make the UN sovereign over our own Constitution!

Hey! Why do we need those other two branches, anyway? I got the PEN!

Obama has strengthened the Executive Branch of government to such an extent that it now legislates and adjudicates.  That, my friends, is the very definition of a king.  Our founding fathers separated these very powers to AVOID any chance that a king might arise.  But the Progressives have taken such a firm control of power while we were sleeping and trusting them that no one other than us little guys can organize a real protest.

A king is a very, very dangerous thing, my friends.

How many people know that this is LEGAL now?

American soldiers are now allowed to arrest and kill U.S. citizens- even in our homeland- upon Obama’s insistence that this provision be included in the Army’s funding bill and sneakily passed on New Year’s Eve night 2011.  Despite the fact that this is 100% illegal.  Americans can now be denied their Constitutional due process and simply be called ‘enemy combatants’- all on our homeland soil- and whisked away to foreign detention camps.  Our government agencies have purchased hundreds of thousands of hollow point bullets and ’emergency’ coffins- without any explanation to its citizenry.

The planned takeover of the Internet is a take over of the ENTIRE technology industry. And not a peep from the leftist media?

And lastly.  Friends.  This might just be the worst danger of all.  The Progressives have taken full control of the media and of all forms of communication. Except the Internet.  With the Internet, I can tell you all about the underhanded and unreported laws being passed right under your noses.  Without it, we can not EVER organize a protest if the Regime drops the hammer on us.

And guess what?  The Joe Lieberman Cybersecurity and Internet Freedom Bill is being shoved down our throats.  All while the election rages around us.  And the media?  You could hear a pin drop.  Is not the full takeover of the largest industry in the WORLD not news by the U.S. government not news?  Friends, just because the Senate has delayed the vote doesn’t mean it is gone.  Oh, No.  Obama has threatened yet another illegal executive order to demand full control.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, Friends.  And it is dangerous.  Do not be lulled into a false sense of security.  The stakes have never been higher- and neither have the risks.


  1. This was an article on the front page of our AZ Republic this morning. My husband and I looked at each other and said, “Whaaaaaaaaat??” NOTHING could be further from the truth, especially after seeing Obama’s America 2016!!

    • Ellen, did you get a chance to see my ‘Who is Rupert Murdoch & Who Owns the News” article? I bring it up because it is absolutely critical to understanding how Obama can do what he does, pass the laws that he has passed – and NO ONE even knows it. The media is 100% owned in a clear self-checking conspiracy- I prove this without a shadow of a doubt via my stock market research. It will astound you. It will make you mad. But that is why Americans don’t understand what is happening. They are literally being fed lies- and the truth is only coming from small timers like me and my friends. Each of us needs to get the message to our friends. The stakes could not be higher. They are higher than most people dare to realize.

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