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Your Freedom of Speech Ended on My Doorstep

Just delete ’em- works EVERY time or your money back!

You know the best way to make a liberal gasp?  Just delete their comment.  It makes me laugh every time.  The sputtering is so furious that I can feel it flying off my screen!  This is their greatest weakness, Conservatives.  If you go on their page and make a statement, they feel the need to keep it on there.  No. Matter. What.  You can torture them endlessly this way and they never wise up.  I experimented with this a couple of times and it always holds true.  BECAUSE they don’t even understand what ‘freedom of speech’ really is.    And they can’t fathom ANYONE just negating their hate.  It blows their minds.  But Friends, we have too little time to waste on hateful bickering.   I didn’t create Short Little Rebel for that cause.  I created it in the hopes of spreading Jesus’ and God’s message in the context of politics.  If I have a problem with something, I say so.  Then I move on.  My page is not a forum on which all the atheists, liberals and wanna-be’s can spew their discontent with my ideas.  So, unless you have a point,  I feel completely free to delete you, your comment and ban you for life.  Because I don’t believe in casting my pearls to swine.  See, Jesus understood human nature very, very well.    He knew we can be like swine- just eating everything and pooping it out- regardless of quality.  Just stomping & sloshing in the mud for the sheer pleasure of it.  He also told us to shake off the dust of any who will not accept his Word.  And I obey these tenets.  I have no intention of allowing you to sidetrack the conversation or to annoy people who really want to hear God’s message- or mine.  So, get over it, go back to the page from whence you came and move on with your lives…


  1. I LOVE THIS. Funny I just wrote a post 2min before I saw this on another page ( u will know the one) because they were going after a second woman in just 2 days, I said if u don’t like someone’s just delete it, why start a battle. Love your page!

  2. The more I find out about Romney the more I like him. He seems like a God fearing man. I especially like his V.P. pick. Paul Ryan is a faithful Catholic unlike Pelosi, Biden and all the other CINO progressive politicians. Romney wasn’t my pick in the primaries and is a moderate but he is much better than Obama. I’ll be glad to vote for Romney/Ryan in November.

    • Hi Teresa and thanks for your comment. I wish I could actually be excited about Romney. But his choice of Ryan makes me feel better. In any case, I am voting against Obama. Romney’s mormonism gives me pause, though. There are aspect of that sect that worry me…

      • Perhaps, but I have heard him say many times, his belief is in God, and there is only ONE God. I really feel he is a good solid, faithful caring family man who truly wants to fix things. He works so hard for other ppl, what was said at the convention were true stories. I live in Michigan, his father was gov here and he was a sincere hardworking family loving man. I have faith in Mitt and Paul.

  3. So, in the context of politics who can we believe is going to stand up for our protestant Christian heritage in this country?

    In the spirit of NOT just going out for the lesser of evils this November, I’ve nearly resigned myself to not go out at all, knowing the string of push over pawns to greed that have come before.

    Maybe you could do a voters guide to electing new, actually fearless and world changing leaders, that we could feel good about voting for? I need some serious inspiration here otherwise I could care less, considering how pandering, greedy and messed up politics has become.

    Seriously, it makes me cringe to even think about Jesus and politicians in the same train of thought.

    • Hi Squeaks,

      I FEEL your pain. I do. And I used to feel as you do. But now, as my spirit grows in the Lord, I feel called to be the ‘watchman at the gate’ that the Old Testament speaks of. Squeaks, Jesus is coming. Soon. I feel it. God has led me to live a highly unusual life. One that has given me a…. unique.. perspective on politics. First, by strange circumstance, I attended West Point and learned so much about the military. Then, I worked as a police officer in a union in New York. He led me to finish my Biochemistry degree when I had no soulful interest in it . Then, he led through an amazing, but bewildering, career that I never asked for as an internation management consultant. I was able to lead multi million dollar computer systems development projects for telecommunication companies. After this, he moved my heart to be a stay at home and have my babies with a wonderful husband. I used to be an (literally) ignorant liberal who only paid enough attention to politics to make me look cool to my friends. But 9/11 woke up all my passion for my nation. I began to study politics like crazy. And now I feel driven to bring the truth to people like you. Please don’t lose hope, Squeaks. God in fully in charge in EVERYTHING that is happening. yes, he even intended to bring Obama to the world. And yes, he intended to bring violent, extreme Islam to the world. Everything, and I mean everything, is exactly as prophesized in the Old & New Testaments of our Bible. It says in the Bible that the ‘saints’ will oppose the Assyrian (some say ‘anti-Christ’, but the Bible says Assyrian or Beast most of the time) as he attempts to change the laws. That eventually the courtS will judge against him. That is in the plural. Courts. Whose courts? Obviously one court is God’s. But I believe the other is the Supreme Court. Eventually, with the help of God, the GOOD will win out. Now, I’m not advocating Romney. But I AM voting for him. NOT because he is great, either. But because I find him less dangerous (especially with Ryan at his side) than Obama. He will be more constrained than Obama. THAT vote counts, Squeaks. It matters. It matters a LOT. Just think of how hard Satan and the evil forces are working- just to dishearten YOU! But we AMERICANS are alive and well, my friend. We are. The leftist media has full control of communication in America today. You will see that in my Rupert Murdoch article where I prove it through the stock market. Only on the Internet do we find real facts & evidence. And they are attempting to get control of IT. But the very purpose of the non-stop negative news is to dishearten the generous American Heart. don’t let them. Have courage. Get connected. And stay there. Every time you speak out, you help. Everytime you repost- you help! I NEVER underestimate the power of one person’s testimony & conviction. Neither should you. YOU matter!

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