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The Big Joke

Oh, this is just rich (no pun intended…ok, I admit it, pun intended)!  Only the O’s have increased their wealth by TEN TIMES in the last four years!!!!  They stared as millionaires and are now millionaires ten times over.  And they lambast RICH people?  Wanna know why?  Because their wealth doesn’t come from being a BUSINESS OWNER, it comes from their POLITICS.  Victim politics.  Race politics.  Hate politics.  And politics of DIVISION- ALL of it made them rich- even  Obama’s victim biographies were about politics.  They don’t hate rich people (au contraire!)  They just hate business people.  The medium & little ones.  From the very wealthy ones, they will soak up every penny.

So they have zero appreciation for the way the nation NEEDS to make money.  At least if the nation actually wants to have a prosperous People as well as a prosperous upper crust.    We need BUSINESS, Innovation and SELF SUFFICIENCY.  There is NO BETTER or more EFFICIENT way to distribute resources than via the family unit.  If each family can take care of the resources it needs, the government’s job got a ton easier.  The day the family is broken, the day the best, most efficient resource distribution system known to man is broken.  Families are under attack in the Dem. National Platform- the most blatant attack being the  homosexual revolution, divorce and children out of wedlock.  All of which is being encouraged by the DEM platform.  One must truly ask why?

Ah, there IS an answer and we have seen it played out over and over again via socialism & communism the world over.  Observe.

“It’s ALL good,” right?  That is about my most hated phrase in pop culture today.  It’s NOT all good!  If it were, we sure wouldn’t need the Bible, God or Jesus, now would we?  Divorce is NOT good.  Abortion is NOT good.  Homosexuality is NOT good.  Children out of wedlock is NOT good.  And complete sexual immorality is NOT good.  It all goes against what God would have us do.  Therefore, none of it is good.  By definition.

The most pragmatic way to put it is that when we disobey God in our cultural lives, we get disaster.  Very real disaster.  Sexual immorality in a culture leads to broken families.  Broken families lead to poor families and completely dysfunctional families.  You get not only financial ruin or hardship, but huge emotional and mental hardship as well.  And this dysfunction is passed onto the next generation.  And again and again.  Only each time, the problem grows exponentially.  Cause the dysfunctional are pumping out the kids in an ever degrading situation.   Until the dysfunction permeates the culture.  And you end up with a People who can’t take care of themselves.  And they need….who?  They need… what?

Oh, you guessed it.  THE GOVERNMENT.  Or, at least they are vulnerable to that idea.  Freedom looks pretty frightening to a 16 year old with a baby.  Freedom to starve.  Freedom to feel like a loser?  Freedom to be homeless?  Despised?  Who wants THAT kind of freedom, People?  No one!   The crop is ready for picking!

So here comes the BIG GOVERNMENT in the form of Big Daddy.  With a fistful of dollars and a promise for more.  AND with a nice, convenient way out for you- you don’t need to recognize that you made a mistake.  That you should have KNOWN the man more before you allowed him such access to your body.  Or even better, made sure he loved you by waiting for that ring before you slept with him.  NO, declares the Progressive Platform, you did nothing wrong and have nothing to regret.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  It’s RICH PEOPLE’S fault.  It’s CHRISTIANS’ fault.  It’s WHITE people’s fault.  So, here’s their money (that they owed you) and please join us in condemning them and their disgusting judgment.  Their moralizing.  Their lecturing.  In fact, we HATE them, don’t we?  So let’s get rid of them and we will all be much happier…

Now, my friends, THAT is a powerful temptation, is it not?  Why do you think evil people like Hugo Chavez could win his first democratic election?  Because he tempted the poor in his country in this very way.  Since then, he has suspended all free elections and has installed a pure sham- unsurprisingly, the guys wins every time now….  And the people are still as poor as they were when he got there.  Only now, the ENTIRE country’s businesses are destroyed, along with their infrastructure.  But Chavez?  Like Obama, HE and his friends are filthy rich.

I can just see the two of them smoking cigars in their Panama Hats.  I can see their wives with them, with their tropical drinks getting their toenails done by the local peasants.  And what do I see they are talking about?  I see them laughing.  Big, hearty laughter.  About how they got rich making everyone else  hate rich people.


  1. An outstanding post indeed !
    Well done SLR !
    The most important election of our lifetimes is on the horizon.
    The Christian conservatives among us have got to stand up for our principles this time or the Country is doomed.
    Our America is waiting for US to stand by Her, and resurrect the Constitution as the guideline our government uses to make the decisions that affect all of US.

    Just look at the baggage that will be jettisoned if this regime is defeated.

  2. I liked this post especially pointing out, in the Venezuela situation, that government intervention can and does muddle the muddie waters.

    Looking backwards in the post, with the family model it is really true that familial values matter much to life we lead. Those values imbue a cohesive bond that keeps us together. There seems to be a concerted effort to undo those bonds. This may be the “class warfare” part that has been inserted into the national conversation to subvert what is natural. There again is a “transformation” that Obama has spoken of to separate the general public.

  3. Obama himself is the product of the immorality of our society, and the circumstances of his childhood do not appear to have suggested to him that it would be better for children if their mothers and fathers made a real commitment to each other.

  4. You wrote of Venezuela and the ascendancy of el Thugo Chavez. Things there seem to be changing.

    You might want to read some posts by my favorite blogger in Venezuela. He usually makes a great deal of good sense and his analyses are more often right than wrong Here is his most recent article, suggesting that Chavez is on the ropes and that the opposition candidate, Capriles, will win next month. What Chavez will do about that is another question.

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