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Electric Cars Pollute More Than Gas Powered Cars- It’s True!

Both a money hog AND a Fossil Fuel hog!

While GM is still bleeding money on its VOLT (with no end in sight- despite the millions we gave them), the focus for electric & hybrid cars is wrong.  Sure, they are a financial disaster, but it isn’t really about their profitability, is it?  Obama didn’t sell these cars to the American People based on how PROFITABLE they were, did he?  No!  These were sold as the SALVATION of the ENVIRONMENT- clean, safe air to breath!  a beautiful & more fruitful land would be created by this CLEAN, new technology, right?  I mean, electricity from your house is CLEAN, right?  Right?  Friends, the answer is… WRONG!  People just don’t stop to consider where the heck their home’s electricity came from!  They don’t stop to realize that energy is NEVER free.  There is always a cost.  The intelligent engineer attempts to minimize the cost by bringing the source of the energy closer to the application of it.

Electric cars are NOT new technology.  They are just big toys that run off batteries.  Batteries are made of chemicals.  Batteries work because energy has been applied to those chemicals to create a polar charge.  This charge is then dissipated through use.  It must be recharged.  With ENERGY.  In the case of electric cars, they are being powered by electricity that comes from…(drum roll, please…) FOSSIL FUELS and NUCLEAR FUEL- the very bane of every environmentalist’s heart!  Yes, for every joule of potential chemical energy that was created in that battery, FOSSIL FUELS were burned.  Yep.  And they released those hated carbon emissions into the air!  And the nuclear power plants produced all that hated nuclear waste that lasts forever!

And here is the WORST thing of all!  It actually uses MORE fossil fuels and MORE nuclear fuels because the energy transfer process is less efficient with each conversion process.  Fossil fuels are converted to electricity via burning (and nuclear fuels via fission), which is then transferred to potential chemical energy via electro-chemical reaction, which is then converted back to electricity!  Why not just put the fossil fuel (or even better, the NUCLEAR fuel*) directly to the place of need rather do all these back flips???  More efficient = less pollution.

My children (who get the benefit of living with moi) know about this.  So when their little friend saw a Volt and cried, “Better for the environment!”, my kids told them that it was actually worse.  The little fella apparently went home to his liberal household who told him that my kids’ mother didn’t check her facts.  What can I say, Friends?  I’m not against electric cars- they just don’t make any sense.  Eventually, we will indeed figure out how best to transfer energy to cars without as much pollution.  But the Volt and the Prius are a far cry from that point.  Just sayin’…


*Now THAT, my friends would be a huge technilogical step!  A nuclear reactor so small it could fit in a car!  Talk about endless energy.  Just need a way to dispose of those nasty nuclear batteries, though… hmmm, how about we gather it all together and put it in a rocket and just blast it into the sun!  Talk about ‘trash day!’  lol!)


  1. No maintenance cost really! When is the last time you maintained your dishwasher motor, or forklift or tow motor motor in a factory? No cooling fluids, no explosion propulsion system = no maintenance. Maybe change the motor bearings. Why do you think car companies refuse to release a good electric car? Take GM as an example. The new volt specs worse than the ev1 they released 20 years ago. Why might that be???

    P. S. Thanks for posting my response!
    Have a great day!

  2. Little Rebel,

    I’m well qualified comment on this particular issue. You are correct in every respect except it is worse than you think. It is not simply a joule per joule exchange comparison as you mentioned. Just as a gasoline powered car has an efficiency factor, so does the power plant furnishing the energy to the public. Electric cars operate from the public power system and therefore are inherently less efficient than the utility itself. The following inefficiencies are related directly to electric car operation:

    (1) The electric car efficiency
    (2) The charging efficiency of the battery
    (3) The battery charger efficiency.
    (4) The line efficiency going to the pole transformer.
    (5) The pole transformer efficiency.
    (6) The line efficiency from the pole transformer to the distribution transformer.
    (7) The distribution Transformer efficiency.
    (8) The high voltage power line efficiency.
    (9) The transmission transformer efficiency
    (10) The power plant efficiency – “Typical thermal efficiency for electrical generators in the industry is around 33% for coal and oil-fired plants, and 56 – 60% (LHV) for combined-cycle gas-fired plants.”
    Current Nuclear Power Stations have a thermal efficiency of 30 to 32 %. Reference:

    From the above it can be concluded that electric cars cause more pollution and are inherently less efficient that existing diesel cars. Diesel cars are greater that 45 % fuel efficient. Hybrids are giving these new diesels a run for their money, however. Present day electric cars are nonsense.

    • I don’t doubt your stats but you must understand how electricity works.
      At night the power companies can’t just shut down the nuclear reactor or the coal fire or stop the flow of water over Niagara Falls. They have to keep it running. So, there is no use for this electricity which is continuously being generated. It is referred to as “surplus” and is given away to anyone at a heavily discounted rate. When do you charge up your electric car? At night when you are in bed and the electricity costs are ultra cheap! So you are using cheap electricity, utilizing energy which would otherwise go to waste and saving the environment by not burning fossil fuels. This is clearly a good idea!
      Now you may not believe me, but, if you go to EV (electric vehicle) club or show you can see first hand how it works and how much it will cost to run. The savings can be as high as 85% over gasoline. Go and see for yourselves.

  3. A simpletons approach. Don’t forget all the fossil fuel used searching for, drilling, pumping and transporting the crude oil only to exclusively use electricity refining it. Then use more fuel transporting it again only to use more electricity to run the stores to sell it. Electricity “can be” generated by solar/wind/water/tidal – completely green! As for electric cars being bad for the car company – it’s true! They can make them cheap as dirt! (they lie about actual production costs because it costs less than half to make electric cars) BUT there are little to no maintenance costs in owning one. So, that means dealers will make no money on repairs, car companies will make no money on repair parts, and the cars last longer, so the car company will not have the same number of repeat sales.
    There is far more than meets the eye on this subject. Do some more research and it will “shock you”

    • Rob, you say there are little to no maintenance costs for electric cars. Now THAT is an ignorant statement! All machines need maintenance. Period. Further, the COST of that person’s electricity would make me laugh, I’m sure. If and when someone brilliant comes out and makes a car that can truly NOT burn fossil fuels or nuclear fuels and can get any kind of gas mileage, I will surely buy it.

      • Did you read my reply to (White generic male)? There is lots of info out on how to do your own electric conversion. These guys are getting the same results as GM with off the shelf components and regular car batteries. Check out EV conversions on YouTube. Also “The Rick Mercer Report” tv show did a show on ZENN motors. This is also available to watch on YouTube.

      • Is it me or did anyone else notice how the Short Little Brat oops Rebel ignored the comments about drilling, refining, transporting of oil and gasoline. Add to that the vapor lost directly into the atmosphere from wells, refineries, pumps, car tank leaks, etc. And why is it that detractors of electric cars are quick to point out the ills of using fossil fuel to produce electricity when it suits them, but will be quick to defend it when emissions are at issue. The point is that one needs to construct the worst case possible to challenge the move to electric cars. Rarely do the critiques accept that those in favor of advancing electric cars agree that we should employ renewable energies like solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, etc. to generate electricity. And let’s be clear the maintenance requirement for electric cars while not zero is substantially less than a gas powered car. Of course next they will assert that the tires on electric cars wear out faster and of course look how much fossil fuels are wasted in producing tires.

      • Um. Jrook. Are you dense? Did you read this article? You missed the point entirely. From whence do you think the electricity for these electric cars comes?? Go ahead, scratch your head…. is the idea bubble forming above your head yet? No? How about now? Did it get to the homes of individuals magically? Did it transport itself out of thin air to these fantasy electricity stations in the future? No? Then, from where did the electricity originate?

        Answer: FOSSIL FUELS.

        Now, I do hate to be sarcastic with readers, but when they begin their comments with insults on my person and then follow up with asinine and ignorant remarks that prove they either didn’t read the article or don’t have the intellectual capacity to understand it, I am tempted beyond my abilities. You imply that just because we would use electric cars, plugged into our houses, somehow this would somehow magically make us all use ‘renewable’ sources of electricity instead of oil to create the electricity in the first place. REALLY? On what basis do you form that idea? If that were so, then why not just use these sources to begin with? Oh, that’s right, BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO EXPENSIVE to use on any broad basis for any nation. Oh, that’s right. The technology behind these fuels is not mature enough yet. The price of exacting the energy from these sources is too prohibative to run our nation’s vehicles and industry. That’s a fact, Jack. Perhaps one day. But just because we would plug our cars into our homes would NOT automatically mean we would switch to these expensive fuel sources. It would have NO effect whatsoever. Only when these sources can be done less expensively will they become more viable. This makes sense.

        Concerning emissions, wells, refineries, oil leaks, transportation of fossil fuels, etc. , um, Jrook, THESE WILL ALL EXIST with electric cars. So…. your comment is inaccurate, illogical and ignorant.

        These are all 100% facts. Cold, hard facts. They have nothing to do with my opinion. I would love to see us move away from fossil fuels. But I am a realist. I can’t say something just because I fantasize about it. Apparently you can. The one point that you do make that is interesting, however, is that electric cars would have the capacity to take advantage of renewable fuels WHEN/IF they can make renewable energy cost efficient because they don’t care from whence the energy comes. Electricity is electricity. Gas run cars, however, are dependent on petroleum only- they are less flexible. But this, by extension, doesn’t mean that an early and forced conversion to electric cars will 1) reduce pollution at all 2) create cheaper transportation in any way 3) turn our nation to renewable energy in any way.

        One has to be accurate when dealing with FACTS, Jrook. (NOW, that was me being the proverbial ‘brat’. even though I didn’t call you any names- just your argument.)

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