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Someone Disagrees With Me- Must Be Because I Am Half Korean!

Boo-hoo… someone thinks I must own a camera… they just HATE me because I am Asian!!!!!

Victimhood is a funny thing.  It is like an organic creature or plant.  It self perpetuates.  It has a psychological DNA that replicates itself relentlessly- throughout the original person’s body and then in his/her children.  The growth becomes exponential in this fashion until it permeates society.  People have understood this concept since mankind began.  We have a cliché for it:

Self fulfilling prophecy.

Victimhood and racism and sexism are all just varieties of the same species.  They all begin with self-pity, insecurity and lack of responsibility and evolve into hate and a blame of others.

What’s easier?  To think someone disagrees with you and that your ideas might be wrong- or that someone just hates you because of your skin color and/or sex?  Option two usually appeals to the uninitiated.  Those of us who have crossed to the other side would favor option number one- because we know that less pain and more joy lies there.  Hate is a very hard thing to live with.  It produces worms in the stomach that excrete foul bitterness into the body until the mind and soul are utterly destroyed.

The Democrat Platform is all about victimhood.  It appeals to the lowest common denominator of human existence.  It tells people that morality is wrong.  That it is ‘judgmental’.  And of course, no one feels the sting of morality unless it comes from the Christian God.  And so the hatred is directed there.  It also lies and tells the victim that they are not responsible for the miserable conditions in which they find themselves.  Without a shred of proof, the Democrat platform of today tells the victim that everyone else is responsible for their condition.  Why?  Because the white race actually made them miserable.  The men actually made them miserable.  The rich actually made them miserable.   And most of all, the Christian God actually made them miserable.  The victim, in fact, is responsible for nothing.  Their happiness, and indeed their very money, was stolen from them!   And the world owes them a ‘good life’ and it must be forced from their greedy, miserable, racist, sexist, Bible-thumpin’ fingers.   Who better to force them than a dictator with the most powerful army behind him?

The problem with victimhood is that it makes the person vulnerable to be used as a pawn in a much bigger game of which he cannot conceive.  The very lack of responsibility that led the victim to their current state is the exact lack of responsibility that prevents them from seeking the truth in the larger scheme around them.  They are in love with their own, private misery and let’s face it, they don’t really want the illusion to go away.  And so, their easy emotions are used to usher in a ‘new day’.

But they never even saw it coming- this, ‘new day’.  The dictator sails in on the votes of the victims and their plight will only get worse.  The only pleasure they will ever find under the new tyrant and in the promised ‘new day’ will be the sad satisfaction that everyone else will join them in their misery.


  1. On a somewhat unrelated topic. Have you ever read the Una-bombers manifesto or Teddy’s book as I like to call it. I find myself agreeing with most of what he wrote minus the murders of course. Your thoughts?

    • No, the unibomber came a little before my time (as an investigator). So I never read it. I did, however, read the entire manifesto from the Norway Killer. These people are warped- but they are keenly aware of the movements around them. Reading their manifestos create an interesting effect inside a person. Some of it makes frightening sense and then comes the insanity. Makes me think of Satan and how he thinks. Smart but crazy!

  2. Damn you’re good!!! If I could find a woman with your insight, common sense and Godliness I’ll be forever extra thankful…You offer me hope. Thanks!.

    • ;-D. I once responded to an article that was claiming RACISM on Jeremy Lin. Needless to say, there were all kinds of ‘Asian Americans’ whining about their plight. When I set them straight (in my own meek fashion), I called every racist name in the world- by ASIANS! it’s too funny sometimes…

  3. Excellently stated Susan. I am ‘white’ so, I can’t claim the victimhood of race. I am a female, but loudly and boldly claim “I AM NOT A VICTIM” in any way, shape or form, no matter what bandwagon ‘they’ want me to jump upon. We are ‘lower middle class’, so we could, if we wanted to, claim the victimhood of money, but I think that is the stupidest one of all. I am a follower of The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob … and I am a conqueror thru Christ, no matter what my perception of reality is. I do not understand those who have the selfish victim mentality.

    • God understood victimhood very well. He created a seemingly unfair world on purpose. He confounds us for a reason. Ultimately, how we deal with the contradictions & pain of this life are what we are judged on.

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