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A Recent Study: Premiums for family health plans hit $15,745

Premiums for family health plans hit $15,745, which is a modest increase from last year.  In addition, the annual deductable continues to hover at around $1000/ year/family.  We can look at this is several ways.  Let me break it down:

First, while the number looks high, one must consider what even one surgery for one person  WITHOUT insurance would cost.  Probably around $15K.  So for the average family of four, this isn’t a bad deal.  One must also consider that we receive the BEST medical care in the world.  We need not worry about dying in child birth- and we know our babies will receive the best care for any problems that may arise.  A heart surgery will probably not end in death and post medical care infections can be easily treated with the latest and greatest antibiotics.  Cancer treatment in the United States is the best in world.  Your odds of survival increase the day you get off the plane in America. Basically, Americans don’t need to really worry about dying these days.  Not so for those countries with ‘cheap’ medical care!

Ok, let’s look at another angle.  A recent survey found that people who work in lower paid jobs actually pay more than those with well paid jobs- and receive less benefits.  That’s bad, right?  But it could get even worse:

“The survey’s focus on health insurance provided to lower-wage workers highlights one of the major areas of uncertainty around Obama’s health care law.  If the president is reelected and the law goes into full effect, employers with lots of low-wage workers may be tempted to drop coverage and send their employees into new state-based insurance exchanges, markets that will offer taxpayer-subsidized private insurance. A separate survey this summer by the Mercer benefits consulting firm found that 9 percent of employers in the retail and hospitality industries say it’s likely they will drop coverage, even if they have to pay penalties to the government.”  So, Obamacare doesn’t really help these people, does it?  It basically creates a huge hole of need where…the GOVERNMENT must step and rescue all these new people dropped from employer paid insurance.  So instead of the employers paying for the insurance….we taxpayers will now shoulder the burden!  And the GOVERNMENT is the only one who grew and became more powerful.  Wouldn’t it be better to find a way where insurers gave the same benefits for the same cost to low wage employers as high wage employers?  At least the playing field would be equal.

Ok, now let’s examine another angle:

“The survey comes a week after a report from an arm of the National Academy of Sciences estimated that about 30 cents of every dollar spent on health care — $750 billion a year — is wasted through unnecessary procedures, cumbersome paperwork, uncoordinated care and fraud.”

Procedures.  Cumbersome Paperwork, Uncoordinated Care.  Fraud.  Is it just me, or is this the very definition of GOVERNMENT??  And yet, the boy king’s answer to cumbersome paperwork, uncoordinated care and fraud is…MORE cumbersome paperwork, uncoordinated care and fraud!  Note that 30% of our national health care cost does NOT come from fat people or lack of proper nutrition or how expensive drugs or doctors are- it comes from INEFFIECIENCY!!!  Would it not make sense to increase efficiency?  That would bring a 30% REDUCTION of costs immediately to health care!  That would save each family about $5,023 per year!  With no further burden to the tax payer.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I would rather invest some onetime tax payer funds to help make doctors and hospitals more efficient (probably through technology), set efficiency goals with rewards for those who meet those goals (via deductions & grants) than add INHERENT government waste & corruption to the system.    A smaller ship really is more efficient than a giant one!  I truly wonder just how much that $.30 on the dollar will rise to pay for all that incompetence.  Free stuff isn’t free, Friends.  It really isn’t.

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