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Obama WANTS War in the Middle East…

When things don’t make sense, BEWARE.  They ALWAYS make sense- unless you are missing bits of information.  And we are.  Anyway you cut it, logical or not, it is clear that our president WISHES for war in the Middle East.  AND he wishes for Muslims to attack Americans.  While this may seem completely counterintuitive with his election in the near future, it has brought a chill to me this morning.  Perhaps this IS the booby trap I mentioned earlier.  What if the OB knows or believes he might lose the election?  I’ve always said that he couldn’t bear to lose.  I have mentioned that I was afraid of some kind of disaster between now and then.  Could Obama be so crazy as to sink America into a terrible war, perhaps involving a nuclear attack on American Soil- triggered by events overseas- with a movie that has been produced by a supposed Israeli but now by someone unknown?  Could that be reason to suspend the election and call Marshal Law?  Friends, I know it sounds crazy.  But so are these bizarre events and the incredible timing of them all.  First, an Israeli is blamed for a movie.  But now, no one knows who made it.  Where did the supposed $5 million come from to the make the film?  No one has even heard of the stupid film, but immediately (and I mean IMMEDIATELY) after the attacks in Libya, our Cairo Embassy apology references the film- though it is now clear the attack was planned months beforehand.  AND our top general CALLED the weird Florida pastor and begged him to not show this unknown movie?!  And now the violence is spreading like wildfire and Obama is completely absent.  In fact, not only is Obama missing in action, but he is blatantly INSULTING ISRAEL even as the Muslim world is attacking America.  In fact, while he refuses to meet with our greatest ally in the Middle East, Obama is set to sit down with the EGYPTIAN Muslim Brotherhood next week.  The very same country that provided such sad security on the 9/11 anniversary.    It is sheer provocation to Israel…  I’ll take the heat and await all the ‘tin foil hat’ comments.  But I say, be on guard, Americans.  Something is terribly wrong here….I, for one, am bracing for an attack on the American Homeland.


  1. Have you ever read “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? If not, look in Google you can find a free reading of the entire book.

  2. Your words are frightening because this is exactly what I have thought from the time he was first nominated. Liberal democrats I know are so contemptuous, rude and profane when I say these things. I have come to believe that if he is re-elected, we are indeed on the road of the last days.

    • Catherine, Obama will probably win. But it will be ok. In many ways, if we are in the end times as I believe we are- this is the most exciting time in human history to be alive. The Bible claims that those who see the return of Jesus to be the most blessed of people. I would LOVE to be here when he comes…

  3. Let me tell you, I have been so anxiety ridden by this whole mess. I have seen the clips of this movie and it is truly a silly film. It is poorly made and I felt it was more like a comedy. (Kind of reminded me of a Mel Brooks film.) Anyways, I am truly appalled that the POTUS and his admin continually deny things regarding this issue and are constantly apologizing to these animals that killed 4 of our own. (Which there is a report out there that the US Ambassador was sexually assaulted and murdered, but it has not been confirmed. This scares me and this is one of many reasons why we need him out of office. We need someone who will lead. The other thing that bothers me about this whole issue the media is not reporting the facts, pointing fingers at Romney (when he had nothing to do with this mess), the state department new 48 hours in advance of this attack and did nothing to ramp up security, and lastly the FBI are trying to locate the maker of the film. The latter part scares me. I am beginning to see our freedom of speech slowly be taken away from us. I am scared for our world today and what it holds. I know I cannot lose faith, but need to pray for peace. I am scared for the future for my children.

    • Jen, don’t be afraid. The Bible predicts that ALL of this will come to pass. I am convinced we are in the end days. God reassures us that he will protect the innocent, Jen. He also tells us that our safety lies in REST. Yes, rest. We are to rest in God and let him fight for us. Read your Bible, Jen. You can go to my FB site today. I posted verses from Ezekiel 38-39 which predict all of this- AND the Lord’s salvation for us. So, please don’t worry or fear, my dear. I want us all to be awake, aware and prepared. But not afraid. OK?

  4. Doesn’t sound crazy to me! The problem is, people are so….seemingly lulled into some kind of stupor that it’s hard to get them to listen. I keep trying, and praying.

  5. I agree. I’ve been saying for at least a year that Obama would manufacture a crisis before the elections. Race riots? War in the Middle East? Financial meltdown? Any one of these could be used as an excuse for “postponing” the election, or worse.

  6. “When things don’t make sense, BEWARE.” … EXACTLY. We, as believers, KNOW who the author of confusion is. October is right around the corner…

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