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The Embassy Attacks Make No Sense Unless Obama Knew About Them Ahead of Time…

Can anyone say, “Patsy”?

A bank bungler is being paraded by the Obama administration as the cause of all the violence in the Middle East.  A petty criminal, so incompetent, that he has been caught time and time again for minor infractions.  A guy on probation, no less.  He denies making the film and no proof has been offered (other than preemptive direct blame from all the leftist news organizations) that he did make the film.  Friends, no one was even aware of this completely amateurish film ( which had been released much earlier than Sept. 10th)- no one even watched it.  But our official embassy not only put the film out as the reason for the initial attacks, but offered an apology for it.  Mere hours after the attack.  Having interrogated not a single terrorist.  No one even knew what film the apology referenced.  Then it became very clear that the attacks were planned for 9/11 (obviously) and were carried out meticulously by Al Queda and with the aid of officials within the Libyan government.  The film had nothing to do it.  So, why then did our embassy drag this film out literally hours after the attack?  Remember, Obama took 18 hours to decide whether to attack Osama bin Laden.  Governments don’t take action or make official statements without days of ‘What if’s’ and analysis.  Our embassy had to ok the message with Obama before sending it out.  It was an official communication!  In the middle of the chaos, with our embassy burning to the ground with gunshots being fired and our ambassador being dragged through the streets, how the heck would the Obama administration be able to know that the motive for the attack was this obscure film no one had ever heard of?  When Hassan attacked Ft. Hood screaming ‘Allah Akbar!’, it took weeks before the official account was released.  Yet, not only did we instantaneously blame this film, but we told President Karzai about it and he froze Youtube accounts in Afghanistan.  AND we had our top general blaming the film just hours after the attack.  In fact, he was so certain it was the film that he was suddenly calling the same Fl. pastor that burned the Quran to stop promoting the film. (All of which was instantly fed to the leftist media- which was then fed to the entire Muslim world).      No mention of this pastor has been made since then.  Why?  If this pastor had anything to do with the attacks- enough to warrant the attention of our TOP GENERAL, why is he no longer even being discussed?

And the best part of the entire thing is that the film was immediately touted as being produced by an ‘American Israeli’.  An ‘American Israeli’?  Is there such a thing?  We say (and the whole world says), “American Jew”.  The term, “Israeli” speaks to the person’s nationality.  You can’t have two.  The blame was to be assigned to America and Israel.  Surprise, surprise…

So even though it has been proven that the film had nothing to do with the first two attacks, the only thing the Muslim World heard was the acceptance of blame by the U.S. government, a reference to a film they never heard of, references to an Israeli who made it and the same FL pastor that they have already hated in the past.  THIS is what they all now know.  And the very day after the attacks, we have clerics jumping on the bandwagon- not stating facts, but pointing to the ‘news’ on CNN, NBC, FOX, etc.  And calling for further attacks, jihad and escalation of violence on America.  Sounds nicely planned and nicely packaged, doesn’t it?  Because NOW, your everyday Muslim IS fighting mad about a film they have never seen- ’cause they trust their clerics and leaders.  And they love their Prophet.

It seems to me that IF the obscure film (with less than 2,000 hits on it)  had anything to do with the attacks, the LAST thing we would do is tell the entire Muslim world about it.  The LAST thing we would do is introduce the same FL pastor that inflamed them beforehand into the media, right?   Especially when he had nothing to do with it.  Aren’t those bits of information just fuel to the fire?  It’s almost as if we wanted the entire Muslim world to know about the film, hear that it was made by an Israeli and promoted by the same crazy pastor that pissed them off last time, doesn’t it?  Talk about inserting drama into a situation!

Friends, there is no way that we could assume or know that an attack on 9/11 could be anything other than the obvious:  to celebrate and mark Islam’s greatest hit on The Great Satan, America.  Why assume otherwise unless you had concrete proof?  And how could you have concrete proof mere hours after the attack?  Enough so that you notify Karzai, have your general call a Fl. pastor, officially take the blame and apologize?  And TELL THE PRESS ALL ABOUT IT!   Did the terrorists turn themselves in and tell the Obama administration what their motive was?  Did they send an engraved letter?  No!  They were still running around, chasing down the ambassador who had been removed to a safe house, still alive!  Any administration would be scrabbling furiously- trying to even discern if their people were still alive!  There is NO WAY for them to know the motive behind the attack- NONE.  Not so soon.  No way.

There is no other explanation for this (unless you can provide one) other than the fact that the Obama administration had this excuse readymade for the event.  This means that they KNEW the event would take place.  And this means that they are in collusion with the terrorists who perpetrated it.  Obama’s actions leading up to the event as well as subsequent to the event are bizarre to say the least.  He refused to meet for his intelligence team for days before the most dangerous day in America’s year- 9/11.  No extra steps to beef up security in Benghazi or anywhere else in the Muslim world were taken- even though it had been the target of repeated attacks in the prior months.  No information whatsoever about whether America even had troops to protect it have been released.  It appears that there weren’t any American troops deployed for its protection as no Marine deaths have been reported.  No marine would allow the ambassador to be dragged through the street without giving his/her life first.  No U.S. soldier deaths have been reported.  There were no U.S. soldiers present!  How can that be?  It’s like we opened the door and welcomed the attackers in…

Americans, I wish I could take my logic and throw it out the window.  But the timing- the proven timing and the events themselves damn our president and his administration as traitors to America.  They had to be involved for the facts to make sense.  The Middle East is on fire.  And Obama shows no distress.  In fact, he seems giddy- partying in Las Vegas with Beyonce and raising campaign money.

If Obama was complicit in these attacks, then one must conclude he wished for them.  He wished for the Middle East to be on fire.  Right before elections.  Elections in which he might lose.  Now, Americans.  I ask you, how could this serve him?  The short answer:  it can’t.  Not on its own.  It makes him look incompetent at best- just when he needs to look presidential.  This is where we need to be very careful, Friends.  WHY would this serve Obama?

Short Little Rebel has only one answer:  it can’t serve him unless there is more to come.  It serves him only if the violence goes viral.  It serves him only if we are attacked on U.S. soil.  It serves him only if the violence becomes so terrible that a state of emergency is called.  Because if we do experience a state of emergency, the elections can be postponed.  And Obama wouldn’t have to face Romney & Ryan.

Sound farfetched?  It does.  But this whole drama unfolding is farfetched.  Obama’s absence during a world crisis is farfetched.  The absence of news is farfetched.  The absence of U.S. soldiers is farfetched.  It is a strange time, Friends.  Be ready for anything.


  1. well said and expressed ..I had the same idea that all was framed ..and it’s so damn ridiculous to play with people’s feeling ..Muslims are Angry yes but a Real Muslim will Not kill for revenge ..America Brought the worse on itself by this act ..we condemn the killing..Frankly it’s a stupid think to do ! and if shall he won the election ..he’ll have hell on his side since he promised to Israel , Gaza as a capital ! since it is a sensitive subject to Muslims worldwide, I can assure you that they will be more violence toward American..! In his 4 years in the white house , Obama didn’t accomplish nothing ! what does he have to show for ?!! Killing Ossama in 4 years ?! what about health insurance ?! unemployment ! He had a mouth full of promises and didn’t manage to make one happen ! I do really hope he doesn’t win the election !

    • Eman, you sound like a good person. I believe that the ‘regular’ Muslim is being played as a pawn in a much, much bigger game. A game with terrible consequences. I don’t believe the terrorist actions will stop until we have a very large attack on U.S. soil. Pray this doesn’t happen.

  2. These are strange and dangerous times. A POTUS who doesn’t attend security briefings because he read them???? Shouldn’t he hear from his top security people face to face, have discussions and stay on top of security threats. Evidently as Jay Carney put it, O is just too smart to need to speak to people he is so far above…..

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