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Why Turkey Cares So Much About the Syrian ‘Humanitarian Crisis’

Associated Fox News Article

Turkey’s prime minister sharply criticized the U.N. Security Council on Saturday for its failure to agree on decisive steps to end the 19-month civil war in Syria. Recep Tayyip Erdogan told an international conference in Istanbul that the world was witnessing a “humanitarian tragedy” in Syria.

“Turkey’s prime minister sharply criticized the U.N. Security Council on  Saturday for its failure to agree on decisive steps to end the 19-month civil  war in Syria.  Recep Tayyip Erdogan told an international conference in Istanbul that the  world was witnessing a “humanitarian tragedy” in Syria.”

Friends.  You have to dig around to understand why political leaders do what they do. When you do, it becomes exactly like the Survival series on t.v. or like the board game called ‘Risk’.  Everyone wants & needs things.  They make friends to get those things.  If you don’t know what the spider web looks like, you will very quickly become the trapped little fly on which the other spiders feed.   Why does the Turkish Foreign Minister CARE that there is a bloody civil war in Syria?  Has he experienced a spiritual revival that allows him to suddenly care deeply for his enemies?  No. Turkey & Syria have been at each other’s throats for almost a hundred years- mostly over land & sovereignty disputes between the two nations.  Turkey wishes nothing more than to gain political control in a newly ‘remade’ Syria.  They view this rebellion in Syria as the perfect means to obtain it.  By using the words, ‘humanitarian crisis’, he hopes to put pressure on the UN & America to take military action- now.  The Progressives welcome this type of propaganda as they, too, wish to go in.  But their People must agree first.  Lots of dead kids & civilians really help to persuade , don’t they?

Syria is extremely important in future events and we all need to watch it closely.  Syria is Iran’s most stalwart friend in the Middle East.  Without Syria, Iran is significantly weakened.  Iran is best buddies with Russia and China, who want its warm water ports and oil- not to mention the strategic control of the Strait of Hormuz (through which all our oil must travel).  China & Russia have no intention of allowing the ports, the oil or the strategic strait to fall into U.S. hands- at least, not exclusively.  So, they refuse to support sanctions against either Syria or Iran.  So, what do you think the result of unilateral action on our part against Syria would be?  Or, even if we used NATO to go in?  Or, if we continue to do what we are currently doing- arming & training & wining & dining the Muslim Brotherhood rebels in Syria?

Not hard to figure out.  They will be….unhappy, right?  And won’t they begin to arm & train the Syrian army too?  Of course!

And so, what would have been a short rebellion that was easily crushed by the Syrian government forces has become a huge, bloody civil war.  With an outcome that bodes very badly for our nation- especially since the Muslim Brotherhood’s openly stated goal is to destroy Israel and the United States.

Friends, WE are creating the civil war in Syria- just as we inspired it in Yemen, Egypt & Libya.  Obama stated that each sitting leader ‘had to go!’  even though we knew that the only organization that could take their place was an openly hostile extremist theocratic group called the Muslim Brotherhood.  Hey, at least the old dictators were secular.  At least they killed Al Qaeda and mercilessly prevented them from thriving in their nations.  Sure, they were dictators, but so will the Muslim Brotherhood be.  We’ve already seen this.

And WHY, pray tell, are we inspiring war in the Middle East when every president before this (possible exception:  Bush Jr.) worked hard to ensure stability there?

Ah.  Now we get to the crux of the matter.  Obama & the Progressives WANT war.  Because war is a great reason to say that we should get off Middle Eastern oil asap and turn to green energy now.  Which, of course, is all owned by liberals & Progressives & Democrats – and most probably, Obama.  Their companies, flailing now against much cheaper sources of energy (oil & coal & nuclear), would suddenly look attractive.  Especially if the price of oil shot to the sky because we could no longer ensure the safety of the Strait of Hormuz, right?

And don’t forget another thing:  Obama has been lovin’ on Brazil and Venezuela since he took office- in fact, he went to South America for his first state visits.  He encouraged THEM to develop their oil and promised to send American technology & expertise to help them.  He also granted the first full drilling rights after the Horizon accident to BRAZIL.  See, with the right glasses on, you can see how this allows Obama to turn away from the Middle East, throw Israel (which he hates) to the Arabs, get Islamic terrorism off our backs  AND get fabulously wealthy off green energy.  And to transition to green successfully, he will have plenty of cheap oil from South America.  Nifty, huh?  This also sets up a nice segue into the other Progressive dream:  a new American Union.  The Progressive dream being taught in universities around the world, ‘borderless societies’, will finally make sense to many people.  The two Americas combined – first with currency (think European Union’s euro) and THEN a new governing nation.  America will be sovereign no more.  Everyone wins (unless you happened to LIKE the United States, that is..)

Most people scratched their heads at this back then.  But some of us could see the gossamer threads of Progressive intent in all of it.  We predicted correctly back then and we are predicting correctly again.  The events of Syria are extremely important.  Watch Obama do everything he can to take Assad down and REALLY get the Middle East conflagrating.



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