Why Mormonism is NOT Christian

Mathew 7: 15-23- Jesus warns of false prophets:

15“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

21“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ 23Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ 


Christian Friends, allow me to define why Mormonism is NOT a Christian belief.  First, they reject the Holy Bible as a complete, God inspired book that is sufficient for all humans.  In fact, they believe it is WRONG about…pretty much everything.  Mormons believe that a human, whom they have named  Elohim,  from another planet practiced Mormonism and became God.  The first of many Gods.  They believe that they, themselves will BE God.  Literally.  They don’t believe in the idea of one God.  Elohim is merely the first man to achieve God status.  He had sex with Mary, his celestial God/woman/wife  to have Jesus.  I don’t know which celestial wife he had sex with to have Lucifer, Jesus’ brother.  They believer there is a First Family.   The first humans to become Gods.   And they are polygamous.   This is utter blasphemy to real Christians.

Mormons, even today, are spiritually engaged and ‘married’ to many wives– they do these strange wedding ceremonies where a man ‘weds’ other women besides their physical one.  These ‘spiritual’ wives will be their actual wives once they all achieve God status. Nice for women, huh?  Perhaps that is why Mormon women’s smiles are so brittle and ceaseless toward their husbands, children and peers.  They had better be good little wives.. or else!

Women are still complete second hand status in Mormonism.  Poor girls!  Can you imagine having to smile as your husband spiritually ‘weds’ other women who will be his lovers and wives once they all die and become Gods??? (Please note that they believe that as Gods, they are still fully human and will still have physical sex!) No wonder my Mormon friend was so jealous whenever her husband sat near me.  She joked, but the jealousy was real.  I get it now.

Up until 1978, Mormons believed that Blacks were not capable of achieving this God status and were prohibited from entering their cult.  Thus, Black people all were going to HELL.  Black people have never been so blessed!

They don’t believe that Jesus was divine.  He was just a man- just our older brother.   They emphasize Jesus’ human (and NOT divine) nature emphatically and at each and every opportunity.  They say they ‘believe in him’- but only as the premier example of a human. This is utter blasphemy to real Christians.

They pick and choose which parts of the Bible they like- but they deny most of it.

Instead, they believe that a man/God named Ammaron told another man/God, Mormon, where to find the ancient plates from the ‘Nephites’, a non-existent ancient tribe of Jews whose ancestor left Israel 600 BC and somehow sailed, alone, to Central America.  Mormon then translated the texts and wrote it all down on Golden Tablets and hid them.  Joseph Smith was then visited by another man/God, Moroni (Mormon’s son who also became God) where the tablets were hidden- right here in N.Y.!

Mormons claim to ‘believe in Jesus’ and claim to be Christians.  These claims are disingenuous at best, downright lies as worst.  Their God is NOT the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (but they won’t tell you that up front)- his name is Elohim; nor is Jesus the Jesus as defined by the Holy Bible (and they won’t tell you THAT either).  AND they believe in tricking the ‘uninitiated’ into believing they are Christian in an attempt to lure them into their cult.   Their holy books and instructions specifically ridicule Christians as wrong and misguided.  Foolish, even.  Only they, with their NEW knowledge, are saved.

It is important to note that Joseph Smith was a Free Mason and established the Mormon practice to replicate and perpetuate the Free Mason idol worship of Satan. Masons claim that they worship ‘The Great Architect’. Mormons claim to worship Elohim, their first human/God. Neither worship the Great I AM, Jesus’ father, and certainly not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  They introduce themselves to the unknowing as ‘Christians’, but they use a special Bible that omits Jesus’ name and all relevant writings concerning him. Since most people don’t read real Bibles, they don’t realize that they are getting duped.

Both Masonry and Mormonism slowly indoctrinate them via a series of bizarre ceremonies into ‘secret knowledge’ that no one else gets.  Only their level and above know these secrets.  Eventually, they make people take oaths of loyalty to their Mason Lodge or Mormon Temple above everything and everyone else.  They are sworn into secrecy and are given the green light to LIE to those beneath them as they are either ‘not worthy’ or ‘not ready’ for the TRUTH.

As people climb in ‘levels’- both in Mormonism and in Masonry- they acquire more and more ‘secret knowledge’ and participate in more and more elaborate ‘rites’. They are given extra status among their peers.  Mormonism adds a threat to their perks:  you will go directly to hell if you leave- even if you go to a Christian church afterwards.

It’s Mormonism or hell.

Eventually, they are forced to renounce Christ as a deity and relegate him to the status of a mere human. Jesus is merely a ‘step’ to get to the REAL salvation- which is that you will BECOME God yourselves and will rule over the lesser … um.. gods.

It becomes a competition in an exclusive club to which many weak minded, insecure or lustful people fall prey.  Even heaven is stratified!  The person who did the most good works wins!  They get the best ‘version’ of heaven.  Those who didn’t do as many good works get a less nice heaven.  And disobedient wives are really screwed- because their husband is their priest who gets to determine which kind of heaven they get!  To me, it is like a hellish suburbia- only this one will last forever!

And worldly wealth is a key to both practices.  More money = more good works = a better heaven and God status.   Only people like Romney will ever become full Gods.  Middle income schmucks shouldn’t dream too big.  Talk to a Mormon long enough and you will find the lust for money.  Because money equals the ability to GIVE more to the temple which equals more status among your peers.   Fail to give money and be threatened with excommunication and.. certain HELL.   But isn’t this pursuit of money hell on earth?  I’ve always thought so.

Ever wonder why Mormon women always smile at their husbands?

Ever wonder why they all jump at the chance to fix your roof?  They are all in it to cinch a better heaven than their neighbors!

I hold both Mormonism and Free Masonry to be two of the most horrific practices on earth.  Why?  Because they prey on the weak by using Jesus as bait and then they turn them around and damn them to certain hell with their teachings.   At the minimum, they force people to live in complete misery on this earth.  They are never good enough.  Never holy enough.  They will never achieve the heaven they wish for.  They will always be… someone else’s  servant- the hungry dog under the table.   And that’s just not right.

DETAILS on Mormonism:

They practiced Judaism until Mormon, their leader,  was visited by Jesus Christ in 326 AD and converted them into some of the earliest Christians.  Mormon’s son was Moroni, the ‘angel’ that gave the books to John Smith in New York.    The other early settlers described in the Book of Mormon include the Lamanites, Jaredites and Mulekites. Both the Smithsonian Institution  and the National Geographic Society have stated that there is zero evidence that these tribes ever existed.  There are no writings, no witnesses, no buildings- nor is there one scrap of archeological evidence to back any of these claims- from ANYONE but the Mormons.  These plates were only seen by John Smith- unless you credit the ‘witness accounts’ of other existing leaders of the Mormons & their relatives– all of whom were excommunicated from Smith’s church later due to ‘disputes’!

John Smith getting his priestly power from John the Baptist.

John Smith was visited by John The Baptist, not Christ, who gave him the power of priesthood.

While Jesus figures prominently in Mormonism, they do not believe that Jesus’ death & resurrection are sufficient for our salvation.  They have re-instituted the ancient priesthood of the Old Testament in order to ‘atone’ for us- in addition of following the ‘example’ of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is nothing more than a prophet- his death & resurrection are nothing.   They deny Jesus the glory & praise he deserves for being fully sufficient for our salvation.  ANYTHING that attempts to steal from Jesus’ power or deity can NOT come from God, his father- hence, they are inspired by Satan and NOT God.   Many, many cults attempt to highjack Christianity in this way.  They use Jesus’ name, but then introduce another ‘prophet’ who ends up greater than or equal to Jesus.  In Mormonism,   this prophet is John.    Cults almost always establish the Old Testament ‘priesthood’ because it gives great power & authority to mere humans again.  These priests can hold power over other humans-  a good reason to be skeptical for sure!  This is the mighty temptation that lies at the heart of cults-  Power.  The establishment of the old priesthood is complete blasphemy against Jesus, and thus against God, his father.   The New Testament specifically eradicated the need for the priesthood because Jesus was defined AS the final priest- the Messiah to come.  Once he came to the world, then the Old Testament said he would be our high Priest forever more.  He was the FULFILLMENT of the Old Testament- he is the Living Word and established a new covenant with humans- hence, the name, “New Testament”.   The fact they believe that John Smith is the High Priest (along with all the Mormon men) tells us that they give him the title of Messiah.  Cults always have a human Messiah.  Jesus is God in flesh.  John Smith is only flesh.  Blasphemy.

Mormons also define Jesus as someone different than we know.  Because of their ‘plates’, they believe he came to Central America after his ressurection in Jeruselem and gave new information, new rules, new instructions, etc.  And he explained himself to be other that the Jesus we know & love.  So don’t be fooled when Mormons say they ‘follow’ Jesus.  They are speaking of a different man!

They also institutionalize a spiritual hierarchy where one man is spiritually superior than another and can be raised higher by attaining special & secret knowledge.  This smacks of ancient pagan rituals.  All these ideas, which are the CORE of Mormonism, completely negate the possibility that Mormonism is Christian.  They might like to claim the mantel- but that doesn’t make it so.

Another aspect of Mormonism that is… highly suspect… is its volatile nature over time.  The actual meaning & message of the ‘religion’ was changed repeatedly throughout the lives of John Smith & Brigham Young.  These were men imbued with so much credibility of their group that a mere ‘vision’ from that man was enough to change everything they believed in.  Examples include their need to establish ‘Zion’ here on earth.  Literally.

John Smith wanted Zion here on earth- in Utah. When that idea failed, he abandoned it and said it was just an ideal.

They attempted to create the final Temple and failed.  They attempted to create an actual utopian society of the righteous (Zion) and failed.  Now, it’s just an ideal and Mormons don’t have to live in a physical ‘Zion’.  They started with no priesthood and one set of ‘plates’ and then lots of plates.  And then more plates and more documents.  John Smith wasn’t allowed to show the gold plates to anyone so sometimes he put it in a pillow case and allowed men to hold it or heft it.  Different men said different things about how heavy it was.  Some supposed ‘witnesses’ said it was gold, gold colored, bronze or copper.  Finally John Smith concluded it was solid gold with silver binders!  John Smith kind of added new pages as he went along.  One man ‘sees’ it and everyone must believe it.   These are only a few, almost laughable, changes made by the early Mormon founders.

There are many fine, upstanding Mormons among us.  They do many good works- they had better!  Because if they fail at doing their good works, they are going to hell.  Jesus isn’t enough.  Most Mormons, like most Christians, are not aware of the ‘finer points’ of their faith.  But the leaders most certainly are.   The sole goal of Mormonism is NOT the Kingdom of God & Jesus- it is money & power for the leaders of Mormonism on this earth.  The following are excerpts from Wikipedia about Mormonism.  Some might say the ‘tone is wrong’, but the basics are there.  If you are a Christian, the ‘tone’ doesn’t matter.  Just the facts speak volumes.


Mormon (play /ˈmɔrmən/) is believed by followers of Mormonism to have been the narrator of much of the Book of Mormon, a sacred text of the Latter Day Saint movement, which describes him as a prophet-historian and a member of a tribe of indigenous Americans known as the Nephites. According to the Book of Mormon, the prophet Mormon engraved an abridgement of his people’s history on golden plates, which were later translated by Joseph Smith, Jr.. Based on the chronology of the book, Mormon lived during the 4th century AD.

The Book of Mormon states that Mormon was instructed by the prophet Ammaron where to find the records that had been passed down from their ancestors. It also claims that Mormon later abridged the near-millennium-long history of his ancestors, and added additional revelations into the Book of Mormon. Divisions of the book relating to Mormon’s personal history are the Words of Mormon and the first seven chapters of the larger book. The book says that Mormon eventually passed all of the records on to his son Moroni.

According to Mormon’s record in the Book of Mormon,[1] he was born in about AD 311 to a father whose name was also Mormon. At about the age of ten, he was visited by Ammaron and given instructions on where to find the sacred engravings of the Nephite prophets and on what to engrave upon them.[2] At the age of eleven, Mormon was taken to the land of Zarahemla by his father.[3]

Mormon writes that at age fifteen he was visited by Jesus Christ.[4]

According to Mormons, Jesus was only a man.  He was NOT a deity.  They believe that Elohim (the name of the first man/God) had sex with Mary in the flesh and that Jesus was a result from natural intercourse.

At age sixteen (or “in his sixteenth year”), Mormon became the leader of the Nephite armies,[5] and fought against the Lamanites in many battles thereafter.

According to the Book of Mormon, a religious text of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a Nephite (play /ˈn.ft/[1]) is a member of one of the four main groups of settlers of the ancient Americas. The other early settlers described in the Book of Mormon include the Lamanites, Jaredites and Mulekites. Some LDS scholars believe that the forebears of the Nephites settled somewhere in present-day Central America after departing Jerusalem.[2] However, both the Smithsonian Institution[3] and the National Geographic Society[citation needed] have issued statements that they have seen no evidence to support these claims in the Book of Mormon and furthermore, no secular archeologist or historian has supported their existence.

In the Book of Mormon, the Nephites are described as a group of people that descended from or were associated with Nephi, the son of the prophet Lehi who left Jerusalem at the urging of God c. 600 BC[4] and traveled with his family to the Western Hemisphere, arriving in the present-day Americas c. 589 BC.[5] The Nephites are further described as an initially righteous people, who eventually “had fallen into a state of unbelief and awful wickedness”[6] and were destroyed by their brothers the Lamanites c. AD 385.[7]

Upon returning, Mormon again led them in battle against the Lamanites until the entire destruction of the Nephite nation, which took place as a result of a huge battle fought between the two groups in 385.[10] The prophet Moroni, Mormon’s son to whom he delivered the Golden Plates, records that Mormon was killed by the Lamanites (presumably in AD 385 or shortly thereafter). As the last prophet and keeper of the record, Moroni is said to have become the angel or messenger who revealed the location of the Golden Plates to Joseph Smith in 1823.[11][12]

According to Latter Day Saint belief, the golden plates (also called the gold plates or in some 19th-century literature, the golden Bible)[1] are the source from which Joseph Smith, Jr. said he translated the Book of Mormon, a sacred text of the faith. Some witnesses described the plates as weighing from 30 to 60 pounds (14 to 27 kg),[2] being golden in color, and being composed of thin metallic pages engraved on both sides and bound with three D-shaped rings.

Smith said he found the plates on September 22, 1823 at a hill near his home in Manchester, New York after an angel directed him to a buried stone box. Smith said the angel at first prevented him from taking the plates, but instructed him to return to the same location in a year. In September, 1827, on his fourth annual attempt to retrieve the plates, Smith returned home with a heavy object wrapped in a frock, which he then put in a box. Though he allowed others to heft the box, he said that the angel had forbidden him to show the plates to anyone until they had been translated from their original “reformed Egyptian” language. Smith dictated the text of the [Book of Mormon] over the next several years, claiming that it was a translation of the plates. He did this by using a seer stone which he placed in the bottom of a hat and then placed the hat over his face to view the words written within the stone.[3] Smith published the translation in 1830 as the Book of Mormon.

Smith eventually obtained testimonies from eleven men, known as the Book of Mormon witnesses, who said they had seen the plates.[4] After the translation was complete, Smith said he returned the plates to their angelic guardian. Therefore, if the plates existed, they cannot now be examined.

The Three Witnesses were a group of three early leaders of the Latter Day Saint movement who wrote in a statement of 1830 that an angel had shown them the golden plates from which Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon and that they had heard God’s voice testifying that the book had been translated by the power of God.

The Three Witnesses were Oliver Cowdery, Martin Harris, and David Whitmer, whose joint testimony, in conjunction with a separate statement by Eight Witnesses, has been printed with nearly every edition of the Book of Mormon since its first publication in 1830. All three witnesses eventually broke with Smith and were excommunicated from the church.[1] In 1838, Joseph Smith called Cowdery, Harris, and Whitmer “too mean to mention; and we had liked to have forgotten them.”[2] In later years, all three testified to the divine origin of the Book of Mormon and, at least near the end of their lives, all were members of one denomination or another of the Latter Day Saint movement.[3]

The Eight Witnesses were the second of the two groups of “special witnesses” to the Book of Mormon’s golden plates. They were all members of the Whitmer or Smith families: Christian Whitmer, Jacob Whitmer, Peter Whitmer, Jr., John Whitmer, Hiram Page, Joseph Smith, Sr., Hyrum Smith, and Samuel Harrison Smith. Joseph Smith Sr. was Joseph’s father, and Hyrum and Samuel H. Smith were his brothers. Christian, Jacob, Peter Jr. and John were David Whitmer’s brothers, and Hiram Page was his brother-in-law.[4]

Unlike the Three Witnesses, the Eight testified that they both saw and handled the plates. Another difference is that the Eight testified they were shown the plates by Joseph Smith, Jr. rather than by an angel as had the Three Witnesses. Christian Whitmer died in 1835 and his brother Peter Whitmer, Jr. died the following year. In 1838, the surviving Whitmers became estranged from Joseph Smith Jr. during a leadership struggle in Far West, Missouri, and all were excommunicated with other dissenters and fled Caldwell County after receiving an ultimatum from the Danites.[5] None of the Whitmers ever rejoined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Although none of the Eight Witnesses is known to have denied his testimony to the authenticity of Book of Mormon or the golden plates, in 1838 a former Mormon leader, Stephen Burnett, claimed Martin Harris had told him that “the eight witnesses never saw [the plates] & hesitated to sign that instrument for that reason, but were persuaded to do it.”[

The golden plates are significant within the Latter Day Saint movement because they are the reputed source for the Book of Mormon, which Joseph Smith, Jr. called the “most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion.”[201] However, the golden plates are just one of many known and reputed metal plates with significance in the Latter Day Saint movement. The Book of Mormon itself refers to a long tradition of writing historical records on plates, of which the golden plates are a culmination. See List of plates (Latter Day Saint movement). In addition, Joseph Smith once believed in the authenticity of a set of engraved metal plates called the Kinderhook Plates,[202] although these plates turned out to be a hoax by non-Mormons who sought to entice Smith to translate them in order to discredit his reputation.[203]

Two other sets of alleged plates, the Voree Plates and the Book of the Law of the Lord, were purportedly translated by James Strang, one of three major contenders to succeed Joseph Smith and the eventual leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Strangite).[204]

Some Latter Day Saints, especially those within the Community of Christ, have doubted the historicity of the golden plates and downplayed their significance.[205] For most Latter Day Saints, however, the physical existence and authenticity of the golden plates are essential elements of their faith. For them, the message of the Book of Mormon is inseparable from the story of its origins.[206]

In the Latter Day Saint movement, the Restoration refers to the return of the Priesthood and the Church of Christ to the earth that started the Church. While in some ways the term may refer to the early history of the religion, in other contexts the term will be used in a way to include down to and past the present. Especially in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints The Restoration is often used as a term to encompass the religious messages of the Church down to the present.[1]

The RESTORATION is associated with a number of events occurred that were understood to be necessary to re-establish the early Christian church found in the New Testament, and to prepare the earth for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.[2] In particular, Latter Day Saints believe that angels appeared to Joseph Smith, Jr. and others and bestowed various Priesthood authority to them.

Latter-day Saints claim that various Old Testament and New Testament scriptures, including teachings of Christ himself, prophesy of this “falling away” or “apostasy.”[8][9][10] Thus, Latter-day Saints refer to the “restitution of all things” mentioned in Acts 3:20-21 and claim that a restoration of all the original and primary doctrines and rites of Christianity was necessary.[11] They believe that important historical events such as the Protestant Reformation and the establishment of the United States Constitution, which explicitly allows for freedom of religion in its First Amendment, were necessary antecedents to the Restoration.

By 1832, however, Smith indicated for the first time, in an unpublished history, that the priesthood had been received by the “ministering of Angels”[14] In 1834, Oliver Cowdery provided the first public announcement that the priesthood had been conferred by John the Baptist on May 15, 1829. Cowdery’s account was essentially confirmed by Smith.

According to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), the largest Mormon group, all Priesthood ‘keys’ necessary to administer Jesus Christ’s church were given to Joseph Smith, Jr. who then organized that church to continue in perpetuity. Hence, members refer to their church as “The Church of Jesus Christ.” The term “latter day saints” refers to the fact that members of Early Christianity were originally called “saints”, and the church reestablished by Smith is believed to be Christ’s church in the last days prior to the second coming of Jesus.[12]  (Now, this is complete sacrilege to Christianity as we all understand it.  Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah spoken of as “a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek” (Ps. 110:4), and so Jesus plays the role of High Priest ONCE AND FOR ALL- not the Mormon men- not John Smith- nobody but our Messiah, Jesus Christ. )

Members of the LDS Church believe that their church is the “only true and living church upon the face of the earth” because of the divine authority restored through Smith. They claim that the LDS Church is the restoration of Jesus’ original church, has the authentic Priesthood authority, and all doctrines and ordinances of the Gospel, fulfilling many of the prophecies of Daniel, Isaiah and Malachi in the Old Testament and also the prophesies of Peter and Jesus in the New Testament.

Latter-day Saints maintain that other religions have a portion of the truth, mingled with inaccuracies.  (In other words, they feel sorry for us. )

For another perspective on Mormonism, go to:  http://carm.org/is-mormonism-christian



  1. Wow. I stumbled upon this hateful little gem of a blog and I’m so glad I did. Its articles like this that make all Christians look bad. No wonder more and more people don’t want to self-identify as a Christian. Seeking as you’re quite old and narrow-minded it may be too late for you, but please educate yourself a LOT more about religion in general before you post idiotic mess like the writings above. Although I am not Mormon, I would never be as disgustingly ignorant as you if dared speak out negatively against them. If you are a prime example of a Christian, God help the rest of us.

    • Hi Amber and thank you for such a well thought out and informative comment! Amber, I also believe you are not a Christian, are you? Pls. let me know so that I can properly respond to your…um..comment. If you ARE a Christian, then I would point you again to the Holy Bible for my defense. And if you are NOT a Christian, then I would just respond by saying, “Atheists or people who are simply ‘lukewarm’ about religion in general HATE Christians to begin with. Your comment is just using Mormonism to shoot a barb you desired to shoot beforehand. Thus, your commentary holds no weight.

  2. A great well-researched article, SLR. For me, Mormonism is a sort of a hare-brained cult based on Christianity. As long as they don’t try to impose their delusions on others like the followers of the cult of islam, I can tolerate them.
    On a lighter note, watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Gm6JYFdnD8

    No protests from the Mormons when South Park creators ridiculed their religion. Not like you-know-who. Shows that the followers are smart even if their founder was kind of not all there.

    • You know, Dodo, I could almost smile at your joke. But Mormonism has been weighing heavily on me. It is more dangerous to the soul to have a bright shiny beautiful Satan than one with a pitchfork and fire. It’s easier to deal with a murderous people who cut people’s heads off than those who do good works. Of the two religions, I find Mormonism to be more dangerous to the human soul.

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