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Why Romney Lost the Foreign Policy Debate

Well, my Friends, what can I say?  Last night ‘s debate was a bonafide disaster. I mean this in three  ways.  First, Romney did a terrible job in terms of debate strategy.  Second, he has left a grave doubt in people’s minds about his actual foreign policy beliefs.  Third, he has hurt his chances of winning in November.

He gave up his time to Obama and even asked Obama questions during his time slot.  This allowed Obama to wax poetic, thus wasting Romney’s precious minutes.  Romney sat and looked like he was being ‘taught’ by Obama on foreign policy.  Romney agreed with and even COMMENDED Obama on at least three foreign policy decisions.  Lastly, Romney failed to hammer Obama on:

  1. The entire Benghazi nightmare
  2. The blatant divulging of intelligence after the bin Laden raid for the sake of political gain & a Hollywood movie
  3. About allowing Pakistan to imprison the doctor that helped us  get bin Laden and then sending billions of dollars of aid.
  4. Allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Egypt, Libya & Yemen.
  5. About the CIA director claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood was not a terrorist organization when their website clearly calls for the end of Israel & the United States
  6. About how Obama has been dining the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House
  7. About how Obama has deteriorated relations with Israel through a series of disrespectful snubs- also about returning to pre-1967 borders!
  8. About Obama’s incredible arrogance & rash statements that FOUR leaders (non of whom posed any threat to the U.S.A.) ‘had to go!’  which has resulted in a burning Middle East that endangers our oil supplies.
  9. About supporting the ‘Arab Spring’ which turned out to be nothing more than the complete take-over by Radical Islam in the Middle East which is 100% against U.S.A. interests
  10. About allowing the UN to dictate U.S. law- like Clinton working with the UN to ban weapons in the United States in direct violation of our Second Amendment rights.
  11. About allowing the UN to monitor our election process- as if they are an authority over our nation.
  12. About Obama insulting our traditional allies while  pleasing our traditional enemies.  We return a bust of Winston Churchill but get the endorsement of Castro, Chavez, Putin and Ahmadinejad.
  13. About leaking information to the press that we are ready to meet one on one with Iran and at the same time leaking information to the press that we might bring military action against them.  All this while refusing to meet with Netanyahu in N.Y.!
  14. About ignoring Israel’s request to meet and instead going to Las Vegas to campaign & party.

The completely disastrous things Romney said were:

  1. That America needs to remove Assad from Syria
  2. America needs to ENSURE that the Muslim Arab states had good economies and protected the rights of women, minorities, etc.
  3. America needs to send financial aid to these nations.
  4. America needs to ensure that the People over there reject radical Islam
  5. That we need to look to Latin America for oil independence

All these things tell me that Romney has not learned a thing from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Islam is not about equality- only Christianity is.  Only Jesus proclaimed us equal under God.  Islam does not believe this.   They don’t want equality, nor do they want our style of democracy.  They want dictatorships.  Yes, that is the truth.  The LAST THING they want is for everyone to vote on stuff!  They simply want to replace the old dictator with a new dictator with whom  they are friends or family.

But the absolutely worse part of the debate, to me, was that we must conclude one of two things:  either Romney is clueless about foreign policy or he agrees with Obama about it.  Either option is a disaster for the United States.  Nothing can simply be viewed on a national level.  It’s all intertwined.  We need a president who can maneuver us cleverly through dangerous waters.  But of the two options, I am hoping and praying that Romney is just clueless.  At least he can learn and if his heart is truly patriotic, then we will be ok.  The second option is something that will keep me up at night.

No matter how you cut it, though, the debate will go to Obama and Romney has sorely hurt his chances of winning.  In the end, my Friends, we are in God’s hands.  We can’t sweat it too much.  It’s too big for us individually.  We need to ensure that our individual hearts are right with God.  We need to have moral actions even in immoral circumstances.  It is on this that God will judge us all.  So keep heart, my Friends.  All is never lost.  Let us see how this plays out over the next several weeks…


  1. Additionally, Romney the delusional one said when asked if Pakistan was a failed state, that he did not think so. Pakistan is not a failed state????
    What a total disaster this presidential election is gonna be ! It does not matter who wins, the world is going to hell in a handbasket.
    Romney knows less than Obama about what’s going down in the Middle East … which is really, really, really, really, really, very, very, very, very SCARY !!!!

    • Yes, Dodo. And on FB, so many people are perturbed that I feel this way. People need something and someone to cheer for. They also seem to believe that if you say the truth (that Romney lost and that his stated policies & opinions are dangerous for America), then you will ‘jinx’ him somehow. Or that you are a traitor. I have to remind everyone that I am not a republican. I am just an American trying to make the best decision I can. I work for Jesus and no one else. I love my country and know that they only way we will remain blessed is by obeying God. Progressivism exists on both sides of the political aisle. I have always worried about Romney being a Progressive but never had the opportunity to speak on these subjects before. I was alarmed last night. I’m still voting for Romney because I KNOW I want Obama out. But I believe we will need LOTS of prayers if/when Romney wins. *sigh* Makes me just want to sign off for the day and take a nap.

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