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A Typical Obama Voter…

Even I can’t believe this is a real person.  I think this must be a spoof.  That being said, it is still ridiculous because so many are very much like her.  My husband and I are living off one income because we decided that I was the best person to raise our children.  I made a promise to God that I would raise my children up to him if he would just protect them until they were adults.  With two incomes, my husband & I could be traveling the world on extended vacations, we could afford a maid, a nanny, ground crews and people to repair our home when needed.  Our kids would go to the best private schools instead of enduring the public schools of WA State.  We could be eating out all the time and have two (nice smelling!) cars.

As it is, we barely clear our monthly bills, have one 11 year old minivan (gettin’ a little stanky too!) and a motorcycle for my husband (which he rides even in the cold), can’t take a vacation, almost never eat out & when we do, it’s at McDonalds, shop at Target for kids clothes, etc.  We have kicked our butts to do our own home improvements over the past 13 years- everything from plumbing, electrical, tiling, decking, and cabinets to installing floors & bathrooms.  And guess what?  We have never accepted a dime in charity.  I have NO DOUBT that most of you know exactly what I’m talking about!  It’s called the American Way!

And we have LOVED our life.  It has been fun.  We laugh at photos of us, covered in dust, using those big sanders to finish our wood floors!  We literally look like ghosts!  Our achievements and our choices make us happy.  Seeing how my kids love each other, their friends and Jesus so much makes me feel like a successful mother.  During the day, we stress over bills but at night we look at each other and say how lucky we are to have been so blessed.  It’s a sweet life.

When I see people who are healthy as horses take money from the government, it makes me mad- and it confounds me.  To me, almost every single person can work and almost no one should receive a penny from Uncle Sam.  You can work if you have no legs and you can work in a wheel chair.  You can work if you have back pain and you can work if you are clinically depressed.  Pain can be managed and there are thousands of jobs that are more cerebral in nature- especially in the tech. fields.  I have had a bad back for over 20 years- I find it difficult to stand or to sit for any length of time.  I suffer from frequent migraines that make me feel  like my head is in a vice.  I also want to throw up when these episodes strike.   I have been managing this pain for so long now.  The meds I take have rather harsh side effects.  So what?  I have learned to function & be happy even in the midst of my pain.  Sometimes, I don’t even realize what is bothering me until I ache so badly that I remember to take a pain pill.  But I am so interested in my work that my mind is swept away for hours at a time.  What the heck would I do with myself if I didn’t work????  How boring would that be?  You know, it would downright INSULT me if someone came to my house with charity money!  Ha!

I know most of you feel the exact same way.  So when I see this video, I don’t get it.  Something is missing in these people’s lives.  They have never experienced the incredible satisfaction of EARNING something.  They have the kinds of parents that never pushed them to get that ‘A+’ on their research paper.  They never got to feel the proud pulse of blood through their heart as the teacher held THEIR paper up in front of the whole class and said, “See Susan’s report?  THIS is how I want ALL your papers to look!”  They just don’t know the rush you get out of success.  Success you earned.  They are untried.  In fact, they are afraid of trying now.   There is emptiness there.  It makes me sad- but as a mother, I know exactly what these young people need.  They need tough love.  They need to be booted unceremoniously out on their collective butts.  That girl in the video spends WAY too much time and money on makeup and clothes, not to mention her nail extensions!  Her champagne tastes will be GOOD for her ‘recovery’.  ‘Cause when she hits the ol’ Ramen Noodle box about 100 times (like I did in college) she will get herself some skills and a job real fast.  Cause that stuff is a little bit of hell on earth!  lol.


  1. Susan – Great post!! My husband sits on a train two hours a day to get to work and back so I can stay home with our children and homeschool them. We might not go on a lot of vacations (our last one was at a hotel in a neighboring state so the kids could swim in a pool and we could at least get away), but, we both feel it is worth it to raise our kids right!

    • Right on, Sharon! You have taken a great leap of faithfulness. I couldn’t go the extra distance to homeschool the kids myself- I feared that I would lose my mind! lol! Instead, I blog and write and hope with Christians online. Good job and God bless you & your family! ;-D Susan

  2. Amen to your beliefs. My father was a hillbilly man. He loved this country. I remember his singing as we drove through the fields of grain. He was proud to be an American but had to work three jobs to support 7 children. Handouts from others including Uncle Sugar wasn’t ever a consideration. And get this – he was a DEMOCRATE and ultra conservative. People try to convince me that things haven’t changed – that I’m just an old man reminiscing. AM I?

  3. Hi Susan, the video stars a lady named “Chapter”, she is a musician and the author of the song you hear playing in the background of the ‘interview’. From her site:

    Chapter talks about her song “It’s Free Swipe Yo EBT” and what inspired her to write it.

    Chapter acts out character roles in her music using “Satire”. Satire is primarily a literary genre or form, although in practice it can also be found in the graphic and performing arts. In satire, vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, and society itself, into improvement. Although satire is usually meant to be funny, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit as a weapon.

    • Hi Teach. Yeah, I read that right before I posted the article, but decided not to change it as it was still relevant. I heard her say that she was only singing about what her mother had done- but that she never thought she would be in the middle of a controversy. I figured that since her mother did it, it still represents a typical Obama voter. And Chapter didn’t seem to really have a problem with the cheating either. Based on an interview I saw with her, she wasn’t intentionally doing satire. It was almost like she felt resentment against her mother and was quasi mocking her in the video. But she did not condemn government abuse in general.

  4. Susan, take a look at this lady.
    She is the opposite of you (satire) lady above.

    When I remarried, my wife took advantage of the new situation to reduce her work to part time so she would be home when the kids came home from school. A parent to come home to, plus all the activities we attended made a big difference. The kids are mature, responsible, and mostly independent conservatives.

    The payoff will come. It’s worth it.

  5. Like you, I would not have it any other way. I thank GOD that I was not raised rich and that my children were not, that they not only learned the value of a dollar, but of hard work and perseverance. BE THE ANT and depend on God, AMEN!

      • Hanging in there… God is good, no matter the evil that surrounds us. Missed you too, I’m not on fb, so don’t forget about us over here at WP! On my blog, I too, have been talking about Benghazi… there is NOTHING bigger, IMO. Hope you and yours are doing well Sister, keep on keeping on. May Gods Will be done with the United States of America and in earth as it is in heaven.

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