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Buying an Election Part I

gold Diebold, ESS & Sequoia, are the big, multi-national manufacturers of voting systems in the world.  At LEAST 80% of the 2012 presidential vote was counted using machines from machines purchased from these companies.  Guess who has their finger in EVERY ONE of these voting machine pies? One man (and his brother):  Bob & Todd Urosevich.  Yep.  Two guys.

urosevichBob Urosevich is the CEO of Diebold Election Systems. Urosevich  created the original software architecture for Diebold Election Systems, and his original company, called I-Mark Systems, can be found in the source code signatures.

Urosevich founded American Information Systems (now known as Election Systems & Software) in 1979 and served as president until 1992. In 1995 Urosevich started I-Mark Systems Inc. which produced touchscreen voting systems and served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and New Business Development. In 1997 I-Mark was acquired by Global Election Systems and by 2000 was named President and Chief Operating Officer.[2] In 2002 Global Election Systems was acquired by Diebold, Inc. and the name was changed to Diebold Election Systems, Inc. with Urosevich serving as President[1]

Prior to programming for and taking over Diebold Election Systems, Urosevich programmed for and was CEO of Election Systems & Software (ES&S), which counts 56 percent of the votes in the United States. When Urosevich left ES&S, Chuck Hagel took his position. (Hagel then ran for the U.S. Senate, with ES&S machines counting his own votes, but failed to disclose that he had been both CEO and Chairman of ES&S on his disclosure documents).

In November 2006 Mr. Urosevich was named “Managing Director Scytl Americas” for Spanish Internet voting company Scytl.[2] Scytl was formed as a spin-off from a research group at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona which was funded by the Spanish Government’s Ministry of Science and Technology.[3]

In Sept. 2012, a vote counting company named SOE was purchased by SCYTL- with Mr. Urosevich at the helm.  SOE is an American firm that specializes in election results reporting. SOE Software, which operates under the name Clarity Elections, has received contracts from multiple states and the District of Columbia for election results.

Bob Urosevich, together with his brother Todd, founded ES&S. Bob then went to run Diebold, while Todd still is a Vice President at ES&S. Diebold and ES&S, together, count about 80 percent of the votes in the United States.  Add SOE (via Spanish owned Scytl), and you are a near sweep of America’s election falling under the power & discretion of ONE MAN.

If you look through the history of these companies’ sales & acquisitions, you will see that they have bought & sold one another throughout time.  Now Spain is involved with Scytl.  All of these companies are related to Urosevich and all of them are now multinational- none of them are loyal to only the United States of America.

Lastly, Ohio (yes, Ohio) suddenly replaced their voting machines with new ones from ES & S- yes, the one owned & operated by Bob Urosevich’s brother, Todd.

Something is very ROTTEN in the state of America!  Very, very rotten.  While Obama smashed our Constitution on a daily basis and tightened his dirty hands on our military & police, the newspapers have kept us busy with Hollywood nonsense.  All while one man and his voting machine conglomerate took over the American vote.  Here is an interesting story done by FOX news in 2008.  Not only are these machines controlled by one guy and his brother, but they are easy as pie to hack- by college kids.


  1. I find it interesting that the Urosevich brothers who founded and run these voting machine companies have had a long association with the most conservative wing of the Republican party. They were blogged about after the elections in 2000 and 2004 as having stolen the election for Bush. Do some googling. Are you saying they swing both ways now?

    • Yes, I am saying they are money whores. Power whores. All the Progressives are. I am not naive enough to believe that Progressives only support the Dem. Party. Very much the opposite. There are Progressives in the Republican party. But you really need to be careful in your terminology. You link conservative with GOP. That is an error. You also link liberal with Progressive- another error. Progressives have a political agenda that has nothing to do with either conservatism or liberalism. They have more closely aligned with the Dem party as it is most pragmatic & easy to do so. But the GOP serves its purposes too. They are all dirty. Decency has very little to do with politics at the highest levels anymore…

  2. Sharing. Many will say it is too little too late, but nothing is too hard for our God, but it makes Him glad when we are simply faithful. This Thanksgiving continue to be thankful, and faithful…

    • San2tiagoponce, God is firmly in charge and I, for one, am unafraid. In some ways, I am happy that Obama won. Why? For the simple reason that it brings the return of Christ closer. I truly hope I am alive when he returns. THAT would be worth waiting for..

  3. Little Rebel,

    My premonitions prior to the election were very powerful and negative. GOD help us now that my worst nightmares have been realized. Indeed something is drastically wrong in this country and I don’t believe the clock can be reset. It’s too late. The hammer is slightly above the anvil ready to strike through anything in its path. Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a lamb while addressing this issue. Trust nobody!

    • Thanks, Teach. I have no fear. No one can touch me if my Almighty God doesn’t wish it. I figure he put me into the position for a reason and I will do what he needs until he doesn’t need it anymore.

    • Thanks, John. I will at least make it publicly known- as much as a small blogger like me can do. Sharing the information on a grass roots level is the most helpful thing we can all do. I hope you share with your friends so that they know. Information is power. Hopefully, power to do good. Susan

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