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Should States Secede from America?

A friend just asked a good question:  what do I think about secession and what are the consequences if states go through with it?

Well, my first instinct is to say, “YEAH!  Let’s do it!”  But very quickly, reality settles in.  If any state did secede, or attempt to, it would be the end of the United States of America.  Literally.  Many people are just sick & disgusted at the way the Progressives have ruined our once-great nation.  I, too.  And when we think of secession, we somehow still see ourselves as American.  But that would not be so.  Just imagine.  If Ohio seceded from us, then they would be, what?  Not American.  They would become the country of Ohio with their own sovereign borders, laws, president, etc.  They would be Ohioans.  They would need to create a foreign relation staff to communicate with their powerful neighbor, America.  They would need trade & travel agreements with America just to get their products to other countries.  What if America decided that Ohio couldn’t use their territory or train tracks or roads to transport goods?  How will Ohio products get to the ocean?  They would need to have embassies in Canada, the United States, the EU, in all the African countries, Australia, China, etc.  They would need their own military to protect their sovereignty.  They would be puny, by comparison, to America.  And there is no guarantee that they will end up with a less corrupt government than they had as Americans!

All that is being generous!  How would the new country of Ohio ever get away from the iron grip of America?  If the United States decides that Ohio may NOT secede, as they did with the Confederate States in the Civil War, they can and will bring the entire military force to bear.  Ohio would be overrun in two seconds.

Now, I suppose one could imagine a scenario where half of the states would wish to secede together.  IF they succeeded in convincing enough people in their state to avoid a civil crisis internally, they would then need to be able to AGREE with 25 other states & their constituencies about what their new nation would look like.  Have you ever gone out with 6-10 people on a Friday night and asked everyone, “So, where should we go?”  I promise you that it will take about 30 minutes to make that decision.  Everyone will pussy-foot around, trying not to hurt feelings or step on toes and yet, they really don’t like the restaurant the others are settling on…. you get my drift!  Just try to get MILLIONS of people to agree on such a step!  Or if they agree on taking the step, try to get them to agree to what the NEXT step will be!  You could very well end up with a multi-‘country’ civil war.  IF you could get them all to agree, then you still have to figure out how to protect your non-contiguous borders, relationships with America, Canada, etc, etc….


From every angle.  No.  We cannot escape our problems by running away.  We are the American People and always will be.  THAT is our strength.  What I DO suggest, however, is that we stick together.  I am partial to the Declaration of Independence- but as a nation against a tyrannical government who has disqualified themselves by disregarding the Constitution itself.  I believe we have a right to throw THEM off- but together, as a nation.   I do not believe in each state seceding from the whole nation.

We need to inform each other.  Especially those currently under the Obama hypnosis of FREE STUFF.  I, personally, still believe that the American Spirit is alive and well in this nation- even within the ‘regular guy’ liberal.  Americans are always underrated by people- and by other nations.  They are always surprised when they try to hit us and then, BOOM!  The ‘weak’ American wakes up, stands up, scrunches their fists together and finishes what the other guy started.  Remember 9/12/2001?  Progressivism went out with the garbage.  Suddenly, the entire nation was ONE again and we were ready to fight. My heart swelled when I saw all those flags!   That is what will happen when the Progressives attempt to drop their repressive hammer.  Right now, they are putting laws into place that will make their future tyranny, ‘legal’.  As of now, they are not abusing them- they are just sitting on them.  WE see them, but because the major news outlets are owned by the same Progressives shoving these new laws into place, the average American is clueless about their existence.

But they WILL eventually use those unconstitutional laws.  They will start to arrest U.S. citizens by calling them ‘enemy combatants’.  They will use the Army to repress us on our own home soil.  They will control our communications.  They will restrict our travel.  They will attempt to force new IDs or other tracking devises on each of us.  They will attempt to control our finances.  They will even force us to give our sovereignty to the UN.   BUT. They, like so many before them,  underestimate the average American.  WE built this nation and WE fought for it and WE paid for it.  THEY are nothing.  Let’s face it.  There’s a whole lot more of us than them.  How many bullets could they fire before the sheer mass of humanity overruns  them?  There is no stopping a determined People.  Especially people who are willing to die or give their lives to others for the sake of Freedom.  We are a unique People.  We will throw them off rather than run away.  THEY will attempt to end our sovereignty.  WE will preserve it.  And we will still be America.   And that is the way it should be.


  1. It would seem to me that if your gov’t representatives are not representing their constituents properly, and, will not, then, by all means they should secede until the gov’t is willing to listen and come to an understanding that works for all/

    • I’m quite sure that most people are doing this as an act of rebellion and to send a message to Obama. That message is, “You do NOT rule us. We will be dangerous enemies if you attack us.”

  2. Ok, after reading some of your earlier work this may sound as crazy to you. There some people claiming that the economy is going to turn around and go like gang busters. They also think Obama will take the credit and win a third term. I can’t see how the economy could do that the way Obama seems to be working against it. I do see the economy getting worse and Obama calling for a state of emergency and mandating all the socialist ideas he’s every had and calling for suspension of elections til he has handled the crisis, which of course never will end. Ok honestly, have I lost it or is this just so odd it could happen.

    • Well, Arthur. If he gets ‘elected’ to a third term, it will mean that he has already brought his socialist ideas & tyranny to bear. Our constitution forbids more than two terms as president. That being said, do I think Obama will relinquish power? No way. Do I think he will attempt to change our laws? negate the constitution? implement corrupt, new, unconstitutional laws? Hey, he’s already doing those things! So why wouldn’t he continue? The point is this: no one of good conscience trusts him. Arthur, you shouldn’t worry about the future. If Obama manages to take over our nation and throw out the constitution, he will need to use the military to do it. There is only so long he could succeed under that scenario because eventually the military will balk. Also, the Bible tells us that he will lose eventually. It is all in God’s plan. God clearly intended that Obama remain in power. It is part of his plan to bring Jesus back in triumph!

  3. I had that same thoughts. I truly think this is more of protest then actual seccesion.
    After hear that president informed congress that he would decide what’s constitutional, I knew this not what even the average moderate wanted to hear.

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