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Israel Finally Strikes Back- Thanks Obama

 OK, let me understand.  Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel’s civilian population (a blatant Geneva convention crime.  They also don’t wear uniforms and use human shields- more Geneva Convention crimes) for months now.  And they culminate into recent days of intense bombings with hundreds of rockets per day- all into civilian areas, murdering civilians in their homes.  Meanwhile, we have Israel repeatedly bringing their complaint before the United Nations and the United States begging for diplomatic intervention.  Do they get it?  No.  Not only that, but Obama refuses to even meet with Netanyahu in N.Y. while he makes time for the Burmese delegate.  He has been dismissive & insulting to Israel’s leader.   He also invites the Muslim Brotherhood (whose goal is the destruction of Israel AND the United States) to dine luxuriously at the White House while refusing to confront Iran (whose stated goal is also to destroy Israel) on their nuclear weapons program.  Obama ignores President Morsi (Muslim Brotherhood) of Egypt’s anti-Israel statements shortly after taking office.  Israel’s pleas for diplomatic intervention has fallen on hostile ears.

And they are enduring hundreds of bombs on their civilians every day.

I ask you.  Would YOU demand action from your government if Mexican bombs were blowing up YOUR neighborhood?  Hell yes, you would.

This past Wednesday, Israel launched “Operation Pillar of Defense”  (no doubt referring to the pillar of fire God used when the Egyptian army had entrapped Israel on the shores of the Red Sea.)  Israel targeted more than 20 MILITARY facilities that served as storage or launching sites for rockets. Among the weapons destroyed were rockets that could hit as far as 25 miles into Israel.  Did you know that they had the decency to drop leaflets before they bombed?  They warned civilians to stay away from Hama’s military positions (of course, located next to kindergartens & malls) as they would be bombing the following day.  Do you think Hamas bothered to notify the civilians they INTENTIONALLY targeted?  Ha!

And what is the world’s reaction?  One can always count on the hapless U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to say something completely flaccid in such situations.  He is calling for calm and urged both sides to respect international humanitarian law.  LOL!  His statement is a perfect reflection of the UN’s impotence and lack of reason.  How can he EQUATE the two sides?  Laughable.  Completely laughable.  Who can blame Israel for not trusting this organization?

And what does Egypt do?  You know, the exact Muslim Brotherhood leaders Obama put into place after ousting reliably pro-American and pro-Israeli Mubarak?  Why, he pulls his ambassador back from Israel, an open threat to their 1979 Peace Accord.  He also ordered his prime minister to lead a senior delegation to Gaza in a show of support for the coastal strip’s Hamas rulers in the face of Israel’s offensive.  Earlier on Thursday, Morsi vowed to work to stop Israel’s campaign against Hamas, calling the Jewish state’s actions there “unacceptable.”  Saeb Erekat, an aide to Abbas,  laughably  warned that the Palestinians “hold Israel fully responsible for the consequences of this act of aggression.”  As for words against the ‘aggression’ of the Palestinians who bombed Israel mercilessly for several days beforehand?  Well, we’re still waiting for those.

After Israel began their offensive on Wednesday, killing Hamas mastermind & lead terrorist Ahmed Jabar, the Muslims who kissed his dead body on the way to burials screamed, ” “Allah is Great, the revenge is coming.”  Now, see, this is how we know that Allah is NOT the Great I AM, the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.  Our God said that revenge was HIS.  Allah lets his cretins take revenge all by themselves.

Jesus said that you will know the tree by its fruits.  The fruits of Israel have been a democracy that embraces their Muslim citizens.  It has been the garden they have created out the desert left behind by the Muslim squatters before they regained their Holy Land.  It has been a peaceful people who never start wars.  In fact, they are incredibly slow to war in comparison with the rest of the world.

What are the fruits of Islam?  Beheadings videotaped for all to see.  Aggression- they start every war they are in.  Rape, murder and gross disfigurement of Muslim women.  Lies- they actually EMBRACE lies if it serves their crooked ‘god’, Allah.  Poverty- they are all poor as the dust.  Desolation- their land is dry and unproductive.  Ignorance- they actually embrace ignorance- knowledge is forbidden & restricted.  Tyranny- their leaders are less than bloody dictators.   This is bad fruit.  It really is.

Islam & Allah are abominable.  God won’t tolerate them for long.  I doubt very much that when he promised Hagar that Ishmael would be head of a great nation that he meant the corrupt scheme that exists today.  He meant for them to honor HIM.  They are disobedient indeed.

The Bible foretells of  Arab jealousy and treachery.  I just posted Ezekiel 38 where the prophet outlines exactly what is happening today.  We ARE in the end days, my friends.  Nothing makes sense because REASON & LOGIC belong to God.  Satan simply inspires people to do what they lust for.   Be watchful.  Get close to Jesus.  Because he is coming very soon.


  1. This was all to be expected. To be honest, I don’t believe anyone thinks there can ever be diplomatic intervention between Israel and Hamas. When enemies refuse to talk to nor recognize each other they are doomed to always fight to the death. I just feel sorry for the civilians who keep dying for nothing on both sides.

    • Ke’Mo, Please don’t think people are dying for nothing. This is the very crucible that God is using to bring about Jesus’ return and ultimately, the end to all evil. Life is not the same to you and to God. God sees time as the infinite God and his plan is longer, wider and bigger than what we can see in terms of time. A life ended here on earth is nothing to God. And yet, at the same time, he CARES about each of our lives, tiny though they may be. Each person who dies will be judged by God and justice WILL come to each and every one of them. Each of us has a time meter on our lives. We will all die. And we will each, literally, meet our maker. Eternal life will not consider a human existence of 30 years vs. 80 years as very different. God has a plan. Israel is part of that plan. No, scratch that. Israel is CENTRAL to God’s plan. This battle has been foretold since written history began. Have hope, Ke’Mo. We are in his loving and wise and capable hands.

  2. Times are so scary right now. We all need to pray for Israel. They are the only sane country amidst an entire region of psychopaths. Thank you for this post.

    • Hi Sharon. And you need to remember that WE are also Israel. Did you know that? WE are also the seed of Abraham. Most Christians don’t fully understand that concept. Jesus was a direct descendent of Abraham and King David. That was one of the reasons the Jewish leadership feared him. BUT, Jesus himself called us his brothers, his sisters and mother. He told us we would have the right to sit at the throne with him, just as he could sit at the throne with God. With that declaration, he made us children of God. If he is a descendant of Abraham, then when he called us brother & sister, he ‘adopted’ us into his family. WE became descendants of Abraham too. WE ARE ALL ISRAEL, God’s People. Isn’t that cool?

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