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The Two Flavors of Liberalism

Two Flavors of Liberalism: Big Talk & Big Take!

I have noticed that most of your everyday liberals come in two flavors:  the wealthy rich people and the poor, uneducated people who act out in society.  The liberals I know are all white and wealthy and have college degrees.  They are the ones I went to college with.  Most have never seen a hard day in their lives.  And they feel…well, superior to other people.  They mask their disdain for the ‘failures’ of society by ‘feeling sorry’ for them.  They, literally, don’t think these ‘poor people’ can do it on their own.  They credit themselves with that ability but do not give the same credit to ‘poor people’ (let’s face it, they think less of Black,  Hispanic and those trashy White trailer people.)  They overcompensate for their innate racism and class snobbery with this fake altruism.  These are the very same people with off shore accounts and tax exempt trust funds for their children.  Believe me, THEY don’t have to actually fund the government programs they vote for.

These people are TERRIFIED of being seen as racist or as Christian.  Their every desire is to be seen as ‘higher minded’, as ‘more elevated’ and more ‘educated’.  And let’s not forget, ‘ more….progressive’ than their fellow man.  For them, it’s all about image.  I once had a HAH-vahd relative  say to me (when he found out I loved Christ), “Really, Susan?  But I thought you were intelligent!”  The sad part is that he said it before he thought about it.  It came as a blurt.  It wasn’t a joke.  And THAT is the reality of ‘upper crust’ American liberalism.

See, I came up a totally different way.  A way that usually results in jail time, drugs, prostitution or worse.  I came up the HARD way.  Yep.  I did.  But I was blessed with a mother who, though terribly flawed, forced me to study and forced me to get straight A’s.  She forced me to go to church (she didn’t go- just us kids).  And God, himself, kept me from the worst of what could have been.  I have two divorced brothers in/out of jail and one sister with bitter worms that eat her up every day.  They ALL blame everyone else for their problems.   Me?  I put the past away and forgot about what anyone ever did to me.   I paid for my own college.  I paid back my college loans.  I met a beautiful man who loves God and am blessed with a joyful family life.    I got a great job and I am here with you today- a staunch conservative.  You will never find a person who has succeeded in America (on their own steam) end up as a LIBERAL.  We scoff at the concept.  We KNOW it is possible and that America is the greatest country in the world.  FULL of opportunity if you are willing to work for it.  We are living examples.  When we see the lazy people there with their hands out, we ..well, are angered.  We, unlike those guilty rich liberals, KNOW THE TRUTH about having rough starts and difficult times.  If you can stop blaming everyone and  put your faith in God, America is the country where ANYONE can get an education and a job and a LIFE.  It’s just that simple.  No more is needed.

The other side of liberalism are the takers.  Those that do not wish to rise any higher than they need to.  Just enough to get by and have a good time.   These are the ones that though they refuse to study for a high school history or math class, have figured out every nuance of the tangled nightmare called the American Welfare System.  They know every. single. location where they can spend their government money and actively advise the ‘next crop’ of liberals on how to ‘milk the cow’.  My neighbor told me about a baby shower for her niece.  Her niece and her fiancé were planning to get married.  She wanted to puke as she witnessed the other kids jump in quickly and advise against it.  It was more lucrative to remain a ‘baby-mama’ and a ‘baby-daddy’.  We shook our heads together.

Both flavors of liberals are motivated by the very basest of human drives:  guilt, arrogance, pride, greed, sloth and selfishness.

Conservatism, on the other hand, while it is tough on people to pull their own weight, is actually respectful of each and every human’s capacity to fulfill their dreams and their responsibilities.  No matter what color, sex or religion you are, we believe you CAN do equally as well as we have done.  In fact, we demand it.  We do not believe you are inferior.  We believe you are EQUAL.  So if we can do it, YOU can do it.  We believe in leveling the playing field- but we won’t give you any special favors. We want the government to provide the field, the equipment and the coach- but YOU have to play.  We all play to win the game.  Isn’t that what equality is?  While liberals attempt to portray our tough love as ‘uncaring’, it is not so.  Guess who mans those food centers and soup kitchens?  Christians- who are almost always politically conservative.  (listen, there are a LOT of people who call themselves Christians and are liberal- but how many are actually handing out the food and sweaters?).  Guess who is the biggest ‘giver’ in the entire world to the poor?  The Catholic Church.  Once again, Christian conservatives.

Liberals just want to make ‘poor people’ go away.  They want the government to ‘just take care of them’ so they don’t have to.  It’s all about ‘big talk’ or ‘big take.’

And politicians who want to rise quickly in politics take a look at this symbiotic relationship and think, “Now there is a situation I can exploit.”  And they do.


  1. Funny I thought you were calling me a Conservative and got the two terms mixed up, because the experience you have had and the one I have had are the same but I am a liberal who works everyday to help out my family and everyone else’s family. I have been around rich Conservative Judges and lawyers you know the edumicated type..all my life and I am just as sick of the condescending attitude as much as you. I think if you need the help our Government should help because we are a government for the people by the people or how ever it goes it doesn’t really matter as God goes we are supposed to help the less fortunate and if we didn’t have the liberals helping… the Conservative front would do nothing, Your mantra: you help yourself out of the gutter that is if you can see or hear or have the use of all of your faculties. These folks are poor where does it say in the conservative bible that we aren’t supposed to help the poor. And now the top wage earners will have to pay closer to their fair share but we Liberals are a wee bit up set that FOOD STAMPS are being cut… go into the real world where folks are really poor.

  2. I am not white. I grew up in a working class Mexican American family. We lived in rough neighborhoods where my hard-working parents could afford to rent, and our schools were violent and provided a mediocre education at best. I never felt that we were unfortunate, though, because our parents always put food on the table and were caring. I worked full time in high school, and then I worked full time in college to pay my way. I have never not worked a day in my life and have often had two and even three jobs. I now have a PhD, that I also got while working full time. I have never “acted out against society”. My husband and I are both educators, work on average about 70-75 hours a week each, and are not wealthy by any means. I consider myself a progressive, as do the rest of my Catholic family members who have never voted Republican before and would feel immoral doing so. Guilt? Arrogance? Sloth? Pride? Which do you think best describes us? Just curious.

    • Arrogance & pride. That is where you & yours belong. And being a Progressive in EDUCATION, you are doing the most harm to society of all people- you are brainwashing our children. That PHD? That is just a degree in Progressivism. And you, my friend, are highly qualified indeed.

  3. Another thought invoking piece!
    Honestly sometimes your pieces scare me abit, they are either thoughts that I have had or go farther down the line on a view that I had just scratched the surface. Yes not all hard working people become wealthy, that is up to the person as to how much of a sacrifice they wish to make.
    Do I wish to work 10 to 12 hours a day and miss seeing my family grow or do I want to provide for my family and be there as much as possible in their lives. The person commented is what I would call happy to be grey. No black or white, no right or wrong. I live in the light and will follow it til I am called home.

  4. I am neither rich nor poor, and I am a liberal. I have been “middle class” my entire life, I have a college education, and I am unmarried with a child. My soon to be husband and I have never EVER considered accepting any sort of public assistance, nor do we ever plan to. I have worked from 16 years old, up until last year when our daughter was born. My fiancé works long hours so that I am able to stay home, and I have recently started a small business on ebay to lessen the financial burden he feels being the only breadwinner. I’m sure there are liberals who fit your description above, but it is a lie to say that all or even most liberals fit into those two categories.

    • Rebelsmommy,

      There was one category I didn’t include- Ignorant. I don’t mean to be insulting- I mean it literally. You are young and you are uninformed. Eventually, you will fall into one of these areas or you will mature into a conservative. I will put money on the fact that you don’t watch the news. When taxes and the bad economy kill your business and your husband’s ability to make decent money for your future children, you will need to blame someone. Either you will become a victim and blame the mysterious ‘big corporations’ and start demanding that the government bail you out (ie, become a taker) or you will become a conservative who wants Uncle Sam to get their fingers out of your pie. You will see…

      • SL Rebel,

        Within this document; you have claimed that liberals are bad because they are prideful, and then you have expressed your utmost pride for being conservative; you have claimed that liberals are bad for being arrogant, and then you have stated that you have all the right answers; you have claimed that liberals are bad because they are ignorant, and then you have shown that you as well lack all understanding of all the topics you discuss; you have claimed that liberals are bad because they are unemployed, calling them lazy, and fail to acknowledge that some liberals are successful in business and other people, some liberal and some conservative, are unable to make progress because their bosses are the ones who make the decision of who is promoted and who is fired. These are just the first observations I have of your initial document.
        In the comments, however, you have shown that your cognitive dissidence is well tempered with condescension, as one person’s attempt to have a real and meaningful conversation is dismissed with assumptions and a disingenuous attempt to sound helpful.

        I do disagree with your views of the world, but that is not the reason why I rage against you. My rage is due to your means of presentation where you seem to contradict yourself on the matters you claim to be most sacred, and then refuse to discuss, or to teach, or to learn.

        I perceive you as a bigot, as a hypocrite, and as an ignoramus.

        As a side note: your use of capitalization, and quotation marks, and parentheses seem unwarranted or inappropriate in many places, your periods at times take the place reserved for commas, and your tone lacks even the slightest hint of eloquence. Furthermore, while I do not deny the first two components of your name, I do wonder if you really are a rebel at all; you seem to be nothing more than a bitter dissident.

  5. Susan, if you really believe this and aren’t just fashioning an argument for practice, I think you’re stuck in a cage you entered voluntarily. This limited concept of liberals vs. conservatives doesn’t reflect reality. People’s values are much more complex than this sort of black/white dichotomy. How would you label a person who’s well-educated, but not interested in having any more money than enough for basic clothes and shelter? Or one who’s always in debt from buying the latest and best, yet never misses a chance to volunteer for service, including military? You can’t seriously believe there are no poor people with advanced degrees, and the amount of money spent on this year’s elections proves there are plenty of rich people supporting both sides.

    Let’s look at the assertions about being ashamed to be Christian, and terrified of being racist. As a compassionate, ethical person, I’m very unhappy to discover that because I grew up in more overtly racist times, I was influenced by them in ways I have to outgrow. I’ve been working on that for a long, long time. If someone calls something I’ve said racist, it’s worth examining to see if it has validity. Sometimes it does. These ideas are invidious.

    As far as Christianity goes, this a majority Christian country. Most of those who voted for Obama were Christians, and so were most who voted for Romney. Most liberals are Christians. Most conservatives are Christians. Most who sat out the election and didn’t vote are also Christians. There’s more Christians than non-believers. There’s more Christians than anything else. I’m not saying anything for or against the religion, only that when it’s the norm in all situations you can’t logically suggest that it belongs more to any one group.

    • Mikey, are you aware of how many quasi-wanna-be-psuedo intellectual types come here to ooze their manufactured thoughts onto my page? Well, lots. You almost all open in the same way. Example: “if you really believe this and aren’t just fashioning an argument for practice”…. or, here’s another example, “If you’re actually serious and not actually producing a brilliant bit of satire here, Susan…” You make me sick. What you need to do is get over yourself (in a BIG way), and learn about RESPECT. They day you can begin a comment, question or lecture with that idea is the day you will get a civilized response from me. You comment, moreover, is lukewarm drivel. For your own sake, have an opinion, Man.

      • I just found your blog today, and I am already loving you, SLR. I love how you nailed Mikey’s “saul alinsky” tactic right on the head. Also Mickey, many Catholic bishops came out and plainly stated that if you vote for a pro-abortion candidate (Obummer) you are on the road to hell unless you repent and change your ways. Just because a person calls themself a Christian, doesn’t make it so. Jesus said MANY would come to him saying, “Lord, Lord…” but He would reply to “go away from me” because they did not do His will and help the poor.

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