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The Best Part of The Story Is About to Begin

luke-skywalker-81Friends, I know that a lot of you are feeling depressed or dispirited by this election, by the corruption & fraud and by feelings of complete powerlessness.  We are watching as our leaders engage in blatant criminal activity with absolutely no one doing anything about it.  We have put our faith in the American Way- in our Constitution & Bill of Rights.  We believed them to be infallible- unbreakable.  We believed them to be the foolproof method to balance the powers of government so that no dictator or king could arise.  We felt safe.

Many of you are sitting in front of your t.v. & computer screens in stunned amazement.  How did everything go so wrong, so fast?  Why does it seem that it is all falling apart?  Why can criminals just get away with literal murder?

Friends, this is bigger than you or me.  This is a monolithic plan that has been in place since our nation was formed.  The problem is that mankind was born into sin.  None of us is surprised when a person wants more money or power to which they are entitled.  No.  We are surprised when a person gives away that which they rightly own.  Proof that humans were born bad is that we all ASPIRE to morality.  It doesn’t come naturally.  That is why we have words like, ‘valiant’, ‘generous’, ‘selfless’, ‘self sacrificing’ and ‘hero’.  There is not a human on this earth who does not look up to these traits.  And we all despise the opposite:  ‘greedy’, ‘grasping’, ‘power hungry’ and ‘coward’.  We all understand, on the most basic human level, that we must WORK to achieve these higher traits.

As individuals, some of us can touch greatness from time to time.  Those brief, brilliant moments when we simply do the right thing.  The thing that makes us feel like decent human beings.  Things that we know please our Lord, Jesus and God.  Those moments that make us truly feel alive.

But what of a country?  Can a country be moral?  My overwhelming opinion is, ‘no’.  At least, not for long.  And certainly not without God as their primary focus.  Looking at world history, America and Israel simply stand out- they are truly unique in that they both made God their supreme leader.  Israel left God and they were punished by almost two thousand years of wandering and shame.  But they have come back to God.  The Founding Fathers of America understood and made evident their deep, abiding belief that only  servitude to God could sustain our great nation.  Many of them expressed doubts as to whether our society could maintain the great republic they set in place.  They understood the nature of Man and the nature of Government.  They understood the weak points.

A country can only reflect the traits of the People within.  It can only be a beast without a soul.  It cannot redeem itself as an individual can.  If too many individuals within become Godless, then the country will become Godless.  And it will open the door to tyranny- regardless of any founding documents.  Evil people simply look at those documents and devise plans on how to ‘go around’ them.  That is the problem with evil- they are incredibly industrious to achieve their ends.  Satan is untiring.   While your average person goes about just working & living & doing their best, evil people focus like lasers on their schemes.  You can’t beat them.  They are too ravenous for us.

What we are seeing now is completely inevitable.  America has become Camelot- just a dream of what we once were.  A brilliant moment in human history.  It is the human cycle.  So broken and so hopeless.  Our moments of greatness speak to what is possible if only humans would remain sinless and good.  Just think what we could achieve if this was so!   But alas, we are not and thus, we can never maintain our Shining City.  Not with sin embedded in our souls & characters.

Every great story has a villain.  It also has a hero.   At some point, evil progresses to the point where the good people must make a decision:  give in or stand up and fight.  And we need our hero.  Someone good and moral and strong.  Where can that person be found?  This election only proves our complete inability as a group to produce such a person.  With all our best efforts, we could only find a criminal and a pagan.  It stands as a condemnation of human efforts.  It was pitiful.

But our true Leader IS coming, Friends, and his name is Jesus.  We WILL stand and fight and guess what? We will prevail.  Every good thriller has evil winning right before the hero saves the day.  That is where we are now, Friends, down on the ground, bleeding from our wounds with the villain poised above us, ready to deliver the final blow.  The very best part is about to explode.

So don’t be down.  Instead, be resolved.  Don’t be depressed, but pray for Jesus’ return.  Don’t be hopeless but believe in God’s promise.  Evil WILL be destroyed.  And We. Will. CELEBRATE!



  2. Outstanding post Rebel.
    I fear that the economy will have to crash in order to wake enough people up to the errors we have made in electing representatives that ignore the Constitution and the teachings of God.

    I think that the Lord is allowing US to fail in order to teach US yet another lesson.
    The Christian community is being suppressed and denigrated on every level by the regime, and the MSM allows it.

    Rome was destroyed from within by the politicians that essentially removed the people’s voice from the government.
    History does indeed repeat itself.
    We are witnessing it.

  3. Yesterday I found myself looking through 17 years of journaling. I wrote while on my journey of cleansing my mind from exactly what you write about. This rebirth came only through Jesus Christ & extensive Bible Study. I believe America is going to experience a revival of truth & power through love & Devine power from God. He is gathering His Christian Soldiers as I type; with unending prayer & faith the Glory will be His.

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