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URGENT UPDATE on Connecticut Shooting

It’s very difficult for me to write this update because what has happened to this article is almost unbelievable.  It has been altered by persons unknown to me.  In other words, it was hacked and important information was stripped from it.  I discovered these alterations only after my rape/defamation trial- I found it only because it was used in court to influence both the jurors and the public against me.  I never worried that this article was referenced by David Wil Riggins’ attorney because it was well written, complete and full of factual information backed with videos, reliable mainstream news articles and an irrefutable timeline of events that would make any reasonable person question the series of events on that terrible day in Sandy Hook, CN.  After my trial, merely out of curiosity, I checked this article and was shocked to my core to find it so brutally hacked.  All my hard work had been deleted.  Entire pages of work had been deleted.  All my articles, videos, proof and evidence had been wiped clean.  I immediately checked my WordPress Revision control which keeps track of every change on an article.  Indeed, according to WordPress, I wrote the original of this article in 2017 as there is no longer any record of me having wrote it in 2012.  All my original revisions have been deleted.  As you will see below, only ragged, nonsensical sentences were simply hacked together and no longer made any sense.  Whoever did this to my article was savvy enough to delete the revision control record as well.  That took some know-how.  I sat stunned.  No wonder people scoffed.

In a mad panic, I decided to check some of my other high profile articles to see if something similar had happened to them.  Sure enough, it had.  My article, “Who Is Rupert Murdoch & Who Controls the News?has also been hacked.   That article had all its images, charts and photos of the major media owners removed- luckily I found a computer copy and reinstated it.   Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a copy of this article on my own drive.   I have decided to rebuild this article.

Originally, this article contained the following:  a detailed timeline all the media events that unfolded on the day Adam Lanza allegedly shot children at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Included on that timeline were additional events in the following days, including coroner reports, interviews with friends, family, teachers, officials, residents.  I also updated the original article two weeks after it was originally published to announce the connection between Sandy Hook and Obama’s 23 Executive Orders  .  That is the reason  this article is called, ‘Critical UPDATE…etc”  Originally, I anticipated restrictive gun legislation and/or a signing of the UN Small Arms Treaty to be the result of what I considered to be a government conspiracy.  However, when Obama released the most outrageous set of 23 executive orders that essentially dissolved our Bill of Rights two weeks after Sandy Hook, I knew I needed to update this article and make the link public.  I felt doubly convinced that Sandy Hook was linked to a criminal intention to subjugate the freedoms of the American People.  Whether children were murdered is no longer the issue.  What is at issue now is whether we can efficiently inform the American people about the 23 Executive Orders and whether we can reverse them.  This absolutely critical link to the 23 Executive Orders was also deleted completely from this article.

I also included an update a year after the event when Sandy Hook released the official police report of the event.  The police report was completely different from the events reported on the day of the event and I highlighted the various discrepancies.  The most egregious discrepancies came in the form of the weapons found on Lanza’s body.  The police report claimed a long gun was found on the body- when every news report from the day said that no long gun was found on the body.  In fact, the long guns were shown, via videos, being taken from the car.  The police report shows photos of the front of what appears to be a different school.  I showed the photos and those from the original news shots from the day of the event.  There were other items I questioned, including why not a single major news station reported that Sandy Hook Police had finally completed their official report from the event.   Here are just some of the other kinds of information in the original article that were deleted by whomever hacked my blog.  I will be working to update this article.  :

  • (Note:  I will be working to piece the story together again over time.  As I obtain the information, I will be updating it.)
  • -if no one was an actual witness to the shootings, how did the rumor begin, so early in the shootings, that a Lanza brother was involved? Who saw him from the beginning? Makes no sense.
  • -discrepancies about the video security camera at the front of the school.  The first newscasts said that Lanza was recognized by the office staff via a video camera. It said they recognized him because he was the son of a kindergartner teacher there. That is how he allegedly got in.
  • The following video is a news report talking about the new security system that was installed only one year prior to the shooting.  At this time, absolutely no one saw a gaping hole in the front of the school. It’s also clear that the theory had not even been circulated yet.  Witnesses were all standing around the FRONT of the school wondering how Adam Lanza allegedly got into the school. Everyone was wondering how Lanza got in for a long time.  They would have seen the massive hole that suddenly appeared days after the shooting.
  • -Different stories by the media about how Lanza entered the building
  • -discrepancies about Lanza entering the building by breaking a window in the back of the school instead

(Last note:  You will note that the last part of this article is actually the ‘original’ article- what pieces that remained.  It is not well written anymore and may be disjointed at times.  I haven’t had time to completely rework it all.  I’ve tried to have some journalistic integrity by leaving some of the original text ‘as is’, which means that it leaves the original conclusions that I made at the time.  You will note that all the ideas and data that I spoke of above are completely missing below.  I am still considering how best to address the future of this article.  Some of it has been updated with new videos while some has been left in its original state.  If you have an idea of how best to proceed journalistically, leave me a comment.)

The following video gives the images of a police report released a month after the shooting.  Please pay special attention to the picture of the front door of the school where Lanza allegedly shot through it in order to make entry.

I took a screenshot of the front door image in this video for you and posted it below.  (It is located at point 0:28 in the police video) if you want to confirm it yourself.

broken window2

It is a completely different front door to the one shown for Sandy hook in the next video (below) shown just days after the shooting! The following is a screenshot from a helicopter view of the window that was allegedly shot out from Sandy Hook from an ABC news reports!  This screenshot was taken at 0:20 of the helicopter video of Sandy Hook days after the alleged shooting!**see NOTE below

broken window

It is found at point 0:20 on the following video:

Note that the two windows are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.  How can that be?  Did Lanza shoot out two front door?  Did Sandy Hook elementary school have two front doors?  Or was the report falsified?  Just as the two rifles that suddenly appeared on Lanza’s body were falsified on it?  Why did the Newton, CN police force falsify their police report?

**NOTE:  It also gives a photo of Lanza’s car(at point 0:57). The report then shows the rifle at point 1:01 and says it was found ‘near the car’. Here is a screenshot of the rifle.  Note the cutouts in the stock.  This is clearly the same rifle that was pulled out of the video below.


Meanwhile, the rifle was found IN the car. It is exactly the same rifle seen in the video This report completely contradicts all official counts. It was found, and proven through video evidence, in the car. Then, the police report said it was found on Lanza’s body. The coroner said all wounds were from long rifles, not hand guns. And now, this report says the rifle was found ‘near’ the car. Then, it gives a car in the parking lot that has bullet holes all over it at point 1:08. At no time during any media report is there any mention of anyone firing any guns in the parking lot. This image makes no sense at all.

  • -discrepancies in stories of the office staff and how the principal and psychologist got shot
  • The following video states that Adam Lanza allegedly had an altercation with four staff members at the school the day before the shooting.  The information was very specific and was from ‘a couple of officials’.  At 0:10 Reporter says that initial reports state Lanza’s mother was a teacher, but wasn’t. At 0:43, he states that ‘a couple officials’ confirmed that on Dec. 13, Lanza had gotten into an altercation with four school staff members, 3 of whom were shot dead that day.  The fourth didn’t come to school that day but was being interviewed by the FBI.  There has been no followup about this fourth individual since this report.  Also, this report says that ‘valuable evidence’ was found at Lanza’s home that would lead to a motive for ‘why’ he did it.  None of this alleged evidence was ever released.
  • The following video says there was no altercation at all. So far, no motive at all.
  • -Some children interviewed said that heard the shooter running outside of their window.  Who was that?
  • -questions about how and why all the police knew to cover the children’s eyes as they left the school- who gave the order and why?
  • The following video/news report states that “several federal and state officials” are clarifying the initial reports that it wasn’t only TWO handguns, but FOUR handguns that were found “inside the school”, but “only handguns”.  The rifle (singular), “AR-15 style” was brought to the school but “left in his mother’s car”.  The officials also state that Lanza attempted to buy a third rifle but was DENIED the purchase due to Connecticut’s tough gun laws.   He also mentions Dec. 13 and the alleged altercation Lanza had with four staff members of Sandy Hook.
  • The following video shows the police taking at least one rifle from the car.  In it, we can clearly see a black rifle with a butt that has three (or perhaps two) spaces cut out of it.  This is exactly the same weapon that is pictured in the final police report that states it was found ‘near’ the car.  I’ve included screenshots of the weapon taken at 0:13,0:14,0:15 to show the stock of the weapon.  They are shown after the video below.

stock 4stock1stock2stock3

  • All the above reports clearly state that rifles were found in car and none on the body. And yet, here we have the coroner saying the very next day, after the shootings, that ALL the wounds on the children were from a ‘long rifle’. At 1:08 in the video, he states that all the children’s autopsies were completed by 1:30 that day. At 4:33 in the video, he says that “all the wounds that I know of were caused by the long rifle.” When he was asked about the calibre of the bullet used, he said, “I probably know more about firearms than most pathologists,” confirming that he could not be mistaken about what he saw.  Later, I found the Newton Police report from the shooting. It also said that 2 rifles were found on Lanza’s body- including the Bushmaster. Even though we saw the Bushmaster being pulled out of Lanza’s car in the video above. Someone falsified the report and/or the situation. The coroner is either lying or is telling the truth of what he saw and something very different happened inside the school. But one thing is certain: Adam Lanza’s two rifles were found in his car. Two or four HANDguns were found on Lanza’s body on the day he was found by local police. Something happened between then and the police report that resulted in the police report saying that the rifles were found on Lanza’s body. Something happened to cause the children’s wounds to be caused by long rifles and not the handguns found on Lanza’s body. Something happened to make the coroner say that ALL the wounds on the children were caused by long rifles and not the handguns found on Adam Lanza.
  • The following video contains several damning news reports, each with important news pieces.  Beneath the video, I’ve given time points in the video that contain these news points.  You can either watch the entire video or go to these news points.
  1. At 0:39 in the video, you hear that a teacher was shot in the foot and was being treated at the hospital. And yet, we have never heard witness testimony from this teacher again. What did this teacher see? Surely, this teacher must have seen the person who shot him/her.
  2. At 1:18 in the video, it is clear that the news stations had been leaked the names of the Lanza brothers from the very beginning of the shooting.
  3. 1:42 The Reporters state that one Lanza is dead and the other ‘is being questioned’. However, we learn later that Ryan Lanza was not even in town at the time of the shooting. He heard about it while driving in his car and sped home to clear his name. So, who was in custody and being questioned? And who leaked the Lanza brother’s names?
  4. 7:48 Reporters talk about how well known the Lanza brothers and family are in the community.  No one ever says that police have confirmed the name of the shooter.
  5. 8:00 Different news stations reports that a man wearing camo pants is escorted out of the woods saying, “it wasn’t me, it wasn’t me.” Reporter says it is Lanza’s brother Ryan. Says Adam Lanza was also wearing camo pants. Again, we find out later that Ryan Lanza was not even in town.
  6. 11:35 “Multiple sources were calling him ‘Ryan Lanza’… perhaps there’s been some confusion from law enforcement agencies when the brother was taken into custody.”  “We do know the brother’s in custody.”
  7. 11:54 “We do know that it’s a person whose surname is Lanza and whose mother was a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook elementary school and who was killed this morning in her classroom.”  Newscaster reports that Lanza’s mother was a kindergartner teacher who was killed and all her students were killed with her. She states/implies that all the students that were killed were the kids in that classroom.
  8. 12:27 Parents received text messages at 9:30 a.m. that something was wrong and parents that could, took their kids home.  (and yet, one mother of an alleged victim stated on a t.v. interview below that she received a phone call that something was wrong.  She inadvertently changes her story at the end of the interview.).
  9. 12:44- Danbury hospital treated the wounded
  10. 16:09- This reporter just interviewed the Sandy Hook nurse who said that she saw the shooter ‘eye to eye’ and that he let her live.  (she later gives a very tearful, believable interview where she says she never saw his face- just the shadow of his boots outside of a door).  The reporter asked the nurse if she knew about Lanza as a student- ie, was he known to make trouble, etc.  Also, she asked about his mother, who was known to work there as a kindergartner teacher.  The reporter says that the nurse said that Lanza never acted out in any way and that the mother, the kindergartner teacher, was ‘loving, caring, experienced kindergarten teacher.”  The only problem with these statements is this:  NEITHER LANZA NOR HIS MOTHER EVER ATTENDED OR WORKED FOR SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  This part of the video is actually shown in full below in the next video.

  • At point 1:19 in the following is a video, a USA Today reporter states that she interviewed the Sandy Hook nurse who stated that Lanza walked into the nurse’s office where she “met eyes with the shooter, jumped under her desk and inexplicably, the shooter walked away” and thus, was a living witness to his face.  However, this same nurse gave several interviews later to news outlets saying she was in a closet and only saw his boots under the doorway.  The reporter also says that she asked if it was ‘known around the school that Lanza, a child of a kindergarten teacher, was an issue, whether or not he had any problems’ and she said, “Not at all”.  I asked if she knew the mother of the suspect and she said that she did and she said that she was a ‘Absolutely loving person, and a very caring, experienced kindergarten teacher, just the kind of person you would want with your 5 year old children.”   The only problem with these statements is this:  NEITHER LANZA NOR HIS MOTHER EVER ATTENDED OR WORKED FOR SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.
  • In the following video, we see that Ryan Lanza was not even in Newtown, CN, but in Hoboken, NJ during the shooting. So how could he have ‘been in custody’ or be ‘interrogated by officials’ as the original news reports said?  He is being arrested near his home.  He was writing ‘I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it!” on his Facebook page after his brother had allegedly shot himself at the school.  In this video, reports are being spread that his mother was shot in her HOME, not the school.  But no one is yet asking why Adam Lanza shot up the school yet.  No one seems aware that his mother has no connection at all with the school- and neither does he.
  • -discrepancies about a man in the woods who was arrested by the police.  As you can see, various news reports have talked about the mysterious man in the woods.  Many have said that it was definitely one of the Lanza brothers and that he was being questioned.  We find later that Ryan Lanza was in another state altogether and was arrested days later.  No mention is ever made of the man in the woods again.  Who was he?  There was also a man who was caught outside the school who turned out to be a father of a student.  He was originally detained by the police but was quickly released.  There was a news video of him verifying that he was not the ‘man in the woods’.  I am still trying to find those videos again.
  • -Oddity of Peter Lanza allegedly giving interviews to media but there are no actual videos of him speaking.  Just a guy who speaks for him.
  • -Link to the Sandy Hook, Connecticut police report that came out that said 2 rifles had miraculously been found on the body, thus correlating the coroner’s amazing press conference on the day of shooting.
  • -How fake the parents’ crying and emotions seem to be. None are believable in the least. (The next video has photos at the end that I don’t understand. Forget those. Just focus on the interview given at the beginning. How bizarre and fake is that?)
  • Again, this video ends with a cartoon and laughter at the end. Forget the banal stupidity of that and focus on the fakeness of this supposedly grieving mother. If your baby had been gunned down at school, would you talk like this? Would you say ‘care giver’? Would you mention politics? Would you forget if you had gotten a call or text telling you about the death of your child? Would you have just put the phone away after getting a call telling you your kid was shot? Or that there had been a shooting at school? Would you be giving interviews afterward? I don’t think so. I would not be mended- ever. My life would be blackness. And the last thing I would want is to serve anyone for any purpose. I would be curled up on my baby’s bed, smelling the last smells of her bed and blanket before they were gone. This woman is a complete fake. Any normal mother can feel it.
    • In the next video, we have the father of Emily Parker- an alleged victim of Sandy Hook.  Here he is, DIRECTLY after the supposed murder of his angel, laughing and then clearly rearranging his face when he thinks the camera’s are on. You can even see his mouth say, “Is the camera on?” before he begins acting. Throughout his bizarre speech, he looks as if he is about to burst out laughing. This is not the speech of a father. It is the speech of a really bad actor. It’s very uncomfortable to watch.

  • -Update to article discussing the demolition of the school and why it made further investigation impossible.  why it makes the entire incident more suspicious.
      • The following video shows that Adam’s mother was well known, well liked and respected in her community. She was known to be a good mother who would do anything to help her son, Adam, whom everyone knew to have difficulties. It’s clear from this video and the next, that Adam was ‘painfully shy’. He was also very smart. Most of his issues seem to be his timidness when it came to social interactions. He seemed to shun others, not to be shunned or bullied by anyone. He was homeschooled by his mother. That might be why he wasn’t bullied. It appears that Adam was raised with a great deal of love from a doting, full time mother. He was also raised without any material wants as his mother was well off from her divorce. Children from loving homes don’t turn into violent mass murderers. Asperger’s sufferers aren’t known for violence either. I find it very interesting how the rumor began that she was a teacher at the school in the first place when she never had anything to do with the school at all. Indeed, she never had a job as she was well off.
      • The following video is an interview with a friend of Adam Lanza’s who describes his personality and his disease. Listening to this young man describe the incredible shyness of Adam Lanza makes one think of the impossibility of such a boy carrying off such a commando style shooting. Especially one that didn’t leave a single living witness. No one who knew him thought he was capable of such behavior. He was so shy that he would ‘hug the walls’ of the school because he was afraid of people. He couldn’t meet anyone’s eyes. (And yet, one reporter said that the school nurse she interviewed said she saw Lanza and stared at him ‘eye to eye’ and that he let her go.) Does that sound like someone who can boldly run down a school hallway and murder at will? Especially after confronted by teachers and the principal? Does that sound like someone who can boldly run up to the front of the school with two rifles, four hand guns, shoot out the front window and shoot two people before running down the hallway to shoot little kids for no reason at all? In front of the entire world? A kid who is so shy that he puts black plastic bags and duct tape over his bedroom windows? A kid who has to plan can run up to the front of the school, in front of the world and shoot it out? Here is a friend of his stating his complete shock upon hearing Adam Lanza’s name as the shooter:

(NOTE:  Here is what was left of the original article:)


I don’t believe this kid, with serious Aspergers, was capable of the incredible feat of Sandy Hook.  It is the only such crime that had absolutely NO witnesses from the shooting.  Impossible that this kid could kill every witness.

Friends, there is something wrong with the way Sandy Hook is being reported to the American public. Just like Benghazi.  Almost on day one, I told my husband:  “The facts don’t make sense.  Something is wrong here.”  Last night, after I saw a talking head interview (or, I should say, NOT interview) the father of the boy who saw his teacher get shot and ran for his life with a couple of friends, I told my husband, “Something is not right here.  She didn’t ask a single relevant question.  So far, this boy is the only eye-witness of the gunman coming forward.  She didn’t ask if the boy saw one or more shooters.  She didn’t ask any details of what the gunman did first, second, third.  She didn’t ask for a description of the gunman.  These reporters are complete prostitutes.  They could care less about the feelings of the people they interview.  So why didn’t she ask any of these questions?”  In fact, I could tell she was biting back questions.  I looked at my husband and said,  “Cal, this thing just doesn’t make any sense- something is terribly wrong.  By now, there should be many eye-witness accounts of the actual gunman.  There should be breathless survivors talking about how this guy walked by their room, etc.  About how they narrowly escaped.  But so far, it looks like every single eye-witness is dead.  That is IMPOSSIBLE!”

I watched the situation LIVE.  There were original reports of a second man who was found in the woods that they had put in custody.  Police radio scans and video show that a man was FLEEING in the woods and was taken down- this man was never talked about.  This man was NEVER spoken of again. While some rumors surfaced that a volunteer father was mistakenly handcuffed- it DOES explain if he was the same one who fled and who was thrown to the ground.  Why?  The details of the shooting changed enormously from one minute to the next.  Inside sources at the police departments were reporting one thing while the official accounts said completely different information.  The news reports were full of such ambiguous NON statements that I was furiously looking throughout the internet to find solid evidence or eye-witness accounts to clarify.  None was to be found.  One example:  They originally said that the shooter was buzzed in via the front office’s new video security system.  Then, the news report said, “The shooter was NOT voluntarily buzzed into the school.”  What the heck does THAT mean?  Does that mean he forced his way through the system?  Does that mean they have video evidence of his face?  Does that mean that there was someone on the inside putting a gun to someone’s head to buzz the shooter in?   Was there a video of his entrance or not?

Also, it seems highly unlikely, based on descriptions of Adam, that he could have purchased all that black ops gear!  The guy is described as being so shy that he would hug the school walls when someone approached him!  Also, first the news definitely says the mother was a teacher and the classroom of dead kids was her class.  Then, reports are that she had nothing to do with the school.  So, why the shooting there?  Also, the number and kind of weapons used changed.  Also, where they discovered the weapons.  Sometimes they reported that all the weapons were in the school.  Then they said the rifle was in the car.  But they also said that the shooter used the rifle to kill every single person with multiple shots.

Then the coroner said all the wounds were caused by a RIFLE!  Then only HANDGUNS were discovered with the body of Adam Lanza.  The rifle was found in the CAR.

No answers for this disparity are forthcoming.

No, something is terribly wrong  here.  The lack of eye witnesses of the shooter confirming the single shooter account is GLARINGLY absent.  The reports of a second shooter in the woods has suddenly disappeared.  The reporters are not grilling (NOTE:  This is another hack.  I would never advocate the ‘grilling’ of young children) the one and only witness we know of- this little boy (more specifically, his father).  Please don’t say they suddenly have even a smidge of conscience.  The original statements about the shooter being buzzed into the school have simply disappeared.  I was ready to let this go and explain it away as simple confusion.  I was maddened by the timing and circumstances of the tragedy as concerns the upcoming UN small arms treaty & gun control.  It killed me that this wack-job used LEGALLY REGISTERED weapons to do his killing.  There is NO OTHER CONCLUSION, if the story is accurate,  than the fact that had Adam Lanza NOT had access to those legal guns, he could never have killed those kids.  He was too mentally ill to have gotten those weapons himself.  He was diagnosed with Asperger’s  Syndrome and we now know that he had many, many interventions by school officials in the past.  I felt that the killing of little children would be the strongest argument yet that we should clamp down on gun ownership.  I just couldn’t believe the TIMING and circumstances of this event- a GIFT to the Progressives to disarm us.  Who can argue with this case?    I was ready for the inevitable.

But a friend sent me the following links which tell a different story.  Having reported the event LIVE and experienced the changing information, I am not surprised.  In fact, it makes sense now.

Friends.  I believe there is evidence of more than one shooter.  I believe this was a PLANNED event- specifically to get the UN Small Arms Treaty signed.

The father of the shooter is Peter Lanza, Tax Director and Vice President  at GE Energy Financial Services , is  rumored to be scheduled to testify on the international LIBOR scandal-a worldwide banking corruption scheme that has cost over $4 BILLION to consumers.  Guess who else is rumored to be scheduled to testify on the LIBOR scandal?  Father of the BATMAN theater shooter, Robert M. Holmes, a senior lead scientist at the San Diego office of Minneapolis-based FICO .  He is a mathematician who has developed predictive models for financial services, and credit and fraud risk models.  He is one of several scientists who patented a predictive model system used to detect telecommunications fraud.  FRAUD.  And expert at fraud taking place over telecommunications equipment & lines.  And he works for FICO- which determines a person’s CREDIT SCORE.  LIBOR is very similar in that it determines the HEALTH of the bank and its ability to borrow cheaply.   Amazing coincidence?  We will see.  The LIBOR scandal is a massive, worldwide network of banks, the Federal Reserve and highly position individuals such as Tim Geihtner and Ben Bernanke that are being accused of manipulating LIBOR rates to gain better market positions.   Just some of the Banks involved are:  the Canadian branches of the Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Bank, and Citibank, as well as ICAP (Intercapital), an interdealer broker.[37   It also mentions Bank of America & Barclays.   It is ugly to its roots and VERY powerful people are involved.

There were many who questioned the Aurora shooting.  I was one who scoffed.  But now, with Sandy Hook, I am willing to look at it again.  One again we have a situation where the shooter was masked and in full body armor.  No eye witness ties to the shooter’s face.  And a shooter who consistently looks drugged or ‘out of it’.  And yet, they claim he is not taking any drugs.  And if THAT is what Holmes looks like when he’s NORMAL, how could he have stayed awake long enough to pull off his murderous rage?  And they found him peacefully sitting in his vehicle after the shooting.  Why didn’t he shoot himself?  Why didn’t he flee?  Why the comatose pose in his car?   It bothers me to no end that with such widespread ‘conspiracy theories’ filling the internet, the connection to LIBOR is not simply denied by Congress.   Someone did deny the connection- but they wished to remain anonymous.  Why?

I believe our government (or some faction of the government) has created a giant lie with Sandy Hook.  I’m coming to believe that no children were killed at all- but were staged to look as if they were.  One:  If these men are involved in the LIBOR scandal, they can manipulate their testimony.  Two:  they get gun control.  How very, very clever and efficient of them, right?    I hate to say it.  I hate to put myself ‘out there’ with this because I KNOW how I will be attacked.  But I don’t do this for anyone’s approval.  I do it to help the American People.  You look at these links and you decide.  (Note:  Only a few days since writing this article, Obama released, not one, not two, but TWENTY THREE executive orders that are the most devastating blow to our civil rights I have ever seen.  And they aren’t limited to gun control.  They basically overturn our entire Bill of Rights.  See my article:  Obama 23 Executive Orders = The Dissolution of the Bill of Rights .

  This bulk of this article has been removed through anonymous hacking activities.  Since the writing of this article and another article which was also hacked, “Who is Rupert Murdoch and Who Owns the News?”, I have been sued for defamation in a rape case (in which I am the rape victim).  I had all the evidence I needed to not only win this case, but had I wanted to, probably could have won a criminal case against my rapist.  But that did not happen.  Instead, I found myself at the losing end of a $8 million one of a kind ridiculous defamation lawsuit that has literally never been seen before and probably will never be seen again in this nation.  Can anyone say, “Punishment for speaking out?”

This article was used against me both in court and in the news concerning my trial.  It is probably the number one most prejudicial tool used against me with the public, the federal judge pool and with the jurors.  Thus, the fact that it was hacked to make me look ignorant, illiterate and cruel went a long way to making my life miserable.

People love to call dismissive names when things make them uncomfortable and I understand.  But add Facebook, Google and Bing’s efforts to these hacked articles and what you get is an ugly picture, my friends.  Those progressive elites don’t like intelligent, conservative Christians who can put on a logical argument.  Especially when it unearth’s their true agenda.  They enjoy it when Christian conservatives talk about the illuminati, Christ’s return, secret societies, evolution, science, etc, in ignorant terms but oh, they do not like it when an intelligent person steps into the ring.  And they especially don’t like it when that person is truly altruistic.  That, my friends, is dangerous to them.   And so, like all Progressive liberals, they need to CHEAT.  And LIE.  And HURT.  And SILENCE.  They know they are evil, selfish and no good.  Ultimately, logic proves them wrong.

A person who does good for the sake of doing good is someone you can’t buy or bribe.  You need to kill them to silence them.  What is happening to me is just the first step in that process.  It’s called intimidation.  They are trying their best to destroy me.  They think that if they destroy my reputation, take my money, make me a slave, perhaps even strike a wedge between my husband and me, they can break my resolve and strength.

The funny thing is this:  I’m as strong as ever.  I’m just not sure how effective I can be anymore.  These people own communications.  I tried to warn people, but they didn’t listen.  I suppose we all deserve what is coming.  If I write the truth and no one hears, did I write?  ha.  That is why I’ve stopped writing.

I can only believe that even though my work is done, there are other God inspired people out there.  Indeed, I know there are.  People with the power to go around these eggheads who think they can control every human being on earth.  Cream always rises to the top and crap always ends up flushed down the drain.  Hope is eternal.  Perhaps I will write again someday.  We will see.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this article. My husband and I have been looking into this concept of false flag shootings, but It’s hard to weed through all of the irrational conspiracy theory forums out there. I love how you make your points in a factual way and I believe in my spirit you are uncovering and accurately unveiling some very serious situations that I really wish more people understood or cared to hear about. You are doing what I have wanted to for years, and since I haven’t been able to commit to research and blogging, I will be following your site and sharing as much as possible! one question-I live in Southern California, I saw a lot of inconsistencies with with shooter information and series of events in the San Bernardino shooting recently. What is your take on that?

    Lastly, I find it an honor your sites have been flagged, but so glad you are still able to grow your blog and get your info out there. I had always wondered why the government wasn’t flagging many of the conspiracy theory sites out there, but I see now that they are flagging those who truly pose a threat. Like you said, why would they mess with you if it’s not persuading others to know the truth? God bless you, keep up the good work Little Rebel!

    • My site has been ‘flagged’? In what way? That’s news to me. What does it mean to be ‘flagged’? In any case, I know what I wrote is 100% factual. I watched and wrote down all the facts as they unfolded. The police report that was later released was a complete farce. I couldn’t believe it. And no one even reported it. Well, I believe I wrote a longer response concerning these matters. I’m pretty sure it was to you. Please get back to me with this ‘flagging’ business. I’m very curious to know what that means! lol.

      • I may have used the wrong verb-age but I was referring to how FB and the search engines targeted you. “Flagging” is a term used on Craigslist. It’s what you do when you see a post you deem improper or fake. Once you flag it, it is removed, and I’m not sure how much investigation goes into the validity of the ad. I have heard that people with competing business’ also do this to hurt others ads etc. Does this make sense?

        P.s. I think I just left this same comment at the bottom of your thread. You can go ahead and erase it if so. I’m learning how these blog sites work, and I think my email directed me to reply somewhere else.

      • Ah. ok. Yeah. Well, FB isn’t even shy about it. They know that I have no real power. But one day, if ever I have enough clout, I will proclaim it from the rooftops. I will shame them into cleaning up their act. It’s a dream….. lol

      • Hello i find your info very enlightening and refreshing. I always say that the truth speaks for itself. By any chance are you familiar with trunews? its a internet christian radio program that doesnt hold back the truth much like yourself. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the program as i feel it lines up with your train of thoughts. blessings to you and keep up the good work.

      • Although you didn’t agree with my position on Confederate flags, recently, it looks to me as though we were both on the same page with the situation in Connecticut. I posted an article about it on my blog spot which got almost 4,000 views in one day, my best day ever–and within a couple days my site was hacked. A few weeks later I was hunting for more info to do another article on the same thing and it was hacked a second time. So if your site got flagged, I am not surprised. For some reason this seems to be a subject they don’t want folks on the Internet to address.

  2. PS. I don’t believe anything anyone says but I have a very close friend since childhood whose best friend lost their son at Sandyhook. He’s dead. PERIOD. So it may have been a set up, but this boy is dead.

    • Ryan, I don’t know who you are, but perhaps you can give more information about you, about your friend and then I will believe you. How about a name and an address and a phone number? How about letting someone verify your story? I have a hard time believing our government would actually kill a child. At first, I thought they would. Then, I realized that they didn’t need to actually kill any child to get away with what they did. Just professional actors were all they needed. But if what you say is true, let me investigate it.

      • Great response! I’d like to know as well. I have friends who have co-workers in the San Bernardino area who say they have been affected but I still haven’t been able to validate the facts.

      • Yeah, Seems like anytime anyone wants to validate facts, it is always someone who knows someone who knows someone. There are many things that bother me about this event. One of the most serious flaws is the police report that was quietly released that gave the completely erroneous report that long gun(s) were found on the body. Such nonsense. That was the lynch pin and of course, whoever did this, knew it was the weak point. All news casts said the long gun (whatever type it was- it kept changing, it seemed) was found in the CAR. This is why it was impossible for one kid to have killed all those people. That’s also why the police report was released sooooooo quietly. It was released without a single major news outlet mentioning it. How can that be? After such a massive shooting, involving CHILDREN, the news agencies aren’t interested in the final police report? Impossible. No way. People keep trying like crazy to vilify me because of this article, but I’m asking real questions about real things. Why was the school demolished like that afterward? Answer: So that no one could exchange stories about that day and compare notes. All the families were scattered to other schools. All evidence was destroyed. No other school shooting resulted in the entire school’s destruction. Ditto for work place shootings. Only Sandy Hook. The most suspicious aspect of Sandy Hook is what this administration gained from it: the 23 Executive Orders that completely overturn the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights for every citizen of the United States of America. Those orders are never spoken of by any official or reporter of this nation. As if they are not important or noteworthy. Even though they give the most dictatorial power to one man or woman, the President of the United States of America, the world has ever seen. Even though they spell the end of our government as we know it. Almost no one in our entire country even know about these orders. I find that absolutely incredible. And if I had not read them myself, I wouldn’t believe it either. And yet, they exist, ready to be read by anyone. Hey, but as long as the news doesn’t report it, it must not be real, right? Right?

    • According to my research on your IP address, you are located in the middle of a desert, Ryan. This means that you don’t live in a house or work in any building. Who are you and where do you live and work? Why the secrecy?

    • Just found this site last night. SLR I find your insight most remarkable. I have called Americans SHEEPLE FOR 25+ years….and I, too, as I grow older become more saddened by the refusal to observe, read, question or merely gain information by osmosis of nearly all Americans…and I find that maybe our Christian sector is the most oblivious in some ways. I think, sadly and with dailey grief, that most of our older denominational churches are not much more than pseudo christian country clubs. I did look up some statistics on accidental deaths of children by guns versus accidental deaths of children drowning in private swimming pools. Twice as many die in private pools, I am excluding lake rivers and streams just private pools, than killed accidentally by a gun. The statistics regarding gun deaths Re extremely skewed and inflated as regard to who is classified as a child…and then murder, suicide and gang shootings. Once I separate the true accidents from the other gun related deaths…results were twice as many innocents die in parent’s or grandparent’s pools than guns. I think private pools should be banned…added safety for our children, water conservation, less chlorine evaporates into our smog ridden air, and the skin is the LARGEST organ on our bodies…so thus less absorbtion of a variety of harmful chemicals on and in America’s children’s skin to give them who know what disorders, ailments, et cetera, and I forgot petro based sunscreen. So Americans do we kill our most of children with cool aqua liquid and fun or unsafely stored cold steel weapon. P and P….is what I have always told my 3 children…Ponder and Process…and do it with Everything. Onward Christian soldier, SLR , and may God give you more heavenly weaponry everyday to fight this battle and may your soldiers increase tenfold every day.

  3. I totally agree with Short Little Rebel. I too think that the whole incident was staged and it was indeed a conspiracy. There are many points that make me feel this way. The reporting of whole event is itself a proof that it was not an actual shootout. The development of the story kept changing everything second and so were the facts. The most important eye opener is the interview of one of the victim’s father. The video showed him in an absolutely good mood and he was laughing too, but the moment he realized that the camera were on he put a mourning face. I don’t think that any father can react this way after losing his child.

  4. Not a single person died in Sandy Hook. The families involved with this STAGED False Flag Event are making fortunes off the sympathy of the blind masses the antichrist government lurches forward to take more freedom and the demons feed off all the fear and unbalance created by the chaos that surrounds all of it. If you don’t already know this I question your level of discernment.

  5. Fantastic post however , I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Cheers!

  6. the first comenter said this is only the tip of the ice berg, and whoever that was couldn’t be more right. If, in fact, the government is trying to get gun control legalized, then the question isn’t how, its why. Why do they need gun control? In an effort to expand on the “iceberg” a little, i’d like to put this forth. I was watching last night’s Bill O’riley and one of the things mentioned there is that there has been a noticeable drop in Christian’s public involvement, one of the guest speakers said it was because we’re getting worried, its because we can see that there is a new age of persecution that’s coming that this country has never seen before. and if you look at the deteriorating public opinion of “conservatives” and religious people in general, its hard not to agree. But persecution still isn’t the big picture, the big picture is one that we’ve all been taught not to look at. How many of us were told as we were growing up to wait to read revelations, to skip it because it was too confusing and it would only scare us anyway. Well, God didn’t add that little section of the Bible in at the end as decoration, no, its one of the biggest prophecies about our time, and we have all been fooled into avoiding it. Anyway’s, its time to look. The first event on the road to the greatest season of catastrophe ever seen, is one who speaks of peace, who is deceptive. Now I’m sure we can list multiple world leaders who fit that bill, there is a promising pool of possibilities when it comes to the “antichrist” (btw, i’m not crazy, i know the antichrist makes everyone kinda role their eyes, but, reality’s reality) and the next major event is war, and any one with internet or tv has heard that North Korea is leaping at any chance to go to war with the US and her allies. If they back their promises, WW3 is almost inevitable, these are the first two of a series of events that lead up to the end of the world as we know it. Now that i have probably convinced you that I’m some psychopathic doomsday freak, let me say that I’m not. I have evidence for what I’m saying,you’ve seen it too. It’s on the news, it’s on websites like this, its all around you. But there’s always hope, and even if the world’s clock is ticking, God didn’t put us here to take up oxygen and put a dent in our couches, were supposed to be salt, we’re supposed to PRESERVE.

    • Amen! I’m with you. I personally am eyeballing Obama as the Assyrian King, The Little Horn and the Beast from the sea. His arrogance and blaspheming alone are enough. But his treachery toward Israel is a real deal closer. Yes, I think he is the abomination that causes desolation.

      • Did I not hear in the recent release of the “facts” surrounding the case that Lanza had three, thirty-round magazines (90 rounds) for the Bushmaster, yet over 150 spent rifle shell-casings were found at the scene? Are we to assume that he took a break to refill the magazines?!? OR?!?

      • the entire thing is a comic farce. There was no bushmaster found. I recorded the whole thing. With almost no notification to the press at all, the CN police quietly released a findings report that suddenly listed the bushmaster next to lanza’s body. It was stated so many times that NO rifle at all was found on him- only handguns. It was the smoking gun to the conspiracy- the coroner who (remarkably) had analyzed ALL the bodies confirmed on the day of the shooting that all wounds were from a rifle. Well, imagine how terrified they all were when no rifle was found! Someone screwed up and forgot to lay it on his corpse (they killed that boy too). Well, voila! it has magically and super quietly appeared. Problem solved. I puked about it. I wrote about it. But… they own the media rags that everyone watches. They have gotten away with murder. And they will do so again. I am numb to their evil. The entire thing is.. amazing in its audacity. How they must howl with laughter at the stupid sheeple.

      • I know he’s screwing up, but do you think he’s a completely lost cause? And while we’re on the subject, what are your views of the end times?

  7. If all this was in fact a conspiracy, I have a feeling the shootings are going to be the tip of the iceberg.

    • Hello, I live about 45 minutes away from this place. Some of the things you are throwing out there are good to point out. The news was manipulated to fit the agenda. (Ever see the movie “Wag the dog” with Robert Dinero, Dustin Hoffman? “Argo”!) It’s just in this case, something was off! I think this is a generational thing, meaning that if you are let’s say 21 yrs. old this story would go down easy, hook line and sinker. I’m 53, and based on what I’ve lived through; JFK,Viet Nam,
      MLK,RFK,Watergate, 911, JFK Jr., etc., and the way information is given to us, it doesn’t jive at all.

      The question is now; do we have the right to know the truth and details about anything as massive and horrible as this incident? We used to think so. That is when we had A.P., ABC, NBC, and CBS as our information sources. Now that it’s the internet and 250 other channels on the tube we consume news like we are at a buffet! We used to be shocked about the Viet Nam war and protested in the streets when I was 9 years old! Now it is a CRIME almost to protest anything. People feel scared about being jailed for long periods of time and fear that they will lose their job or home if they cross the Government in any way. That sounds like Russia in the 80’s to me!

      The people that really run this country are the corporations. A few have stolen our tools to run our government, and we have all been consumed with distractions drugs like the “internet” or prozac or whatever and allowed it to happen! We were asleep at the wheel. What are we going to do now?
      I guess
      Keep questioning and find out the truth! Don’t give up and get involved everyone! This Little short rebel young lady is doing a fantastic job of voicing out her opinion. That’s the least we could all do as citizens. Please write your opinions in this forum, liberal or conservative! Thanks Little Short Rebel!

  8. Please let me know if you’re looking for a author for your site. You have some really good articles and I believe I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d absolutely love to write some material for your blog in exchange for a link
    back to mine. Please shoot me an e-mail if interested. Regards!

  9. You and I think truly alike. I was thinking when the Sandy Hook happened that it was truly a HUGE coincidence that this was falling down around the time of the president being elected. I thought it was planned out and I told my husband “I bet this was planned, what better way to pull at America’s heartstrings then to plan a massacre of babies.” On the video of the father laughing, as a parent if I were to lose my child, there would be nothing funny the day after, I’m appalled at this man. Another thing is that there was no emotions to any of the people on camera, the chief medical staff couldn’t think what to say half of the time and the cops were having blank stares, even the woman that lit the candle, she just had her hand over her mouth and her eyes closed in prayer. I am glad you wrote what millions have thought about and truthfully I think it is a way to start Operation Garden Plot, which is controlling the population. The government is turning and in the wrong direction, thank you for your article. Now I need to share and open a few more eyeballs.

      • Sandy Hook was a tragedy to say the least. The bigger tragedy is government preying on the death of children or people in general. More kids and people are killed every year by guns in Chicago and that gets no media or political attention. The new gun ban has nothing to do with Sandy Hook or Aurora. It’s a distraction that the liberal media is using in an attempt to completely suppress the nation.
        Call me crazy….its cool. Say a government wanted to suppress an entire nation. What steps would they take to do it while getting the support of the people? I think there would be two major things they would want to do to accomplish this; create a society that was dependent on government and when it reached the masses see to it that those people had no way to fight back by taking their guns away.
        “The state must declare the children to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation” Mein Kamp, Adolf Hitler
        Fellow Citizens do not every forget we used guns to declare our liberty from England over 200 years ago. It was guns that protected us and it will be guns that will allow us to preserve our liberties. Citizens should be able to carry the same guns as our police and our military. For when the government turns the military on the people they do not want any resistance. We must give them resistance. We must stay true to our declaration achieved by a war against a rogue government and not let it happen again. Our government is rouge, both parties included. Do not let them take away from us what so many have died for achieving.
        Peace come with guns. War comes with disarming citizens. That is why we have nuclear weapons so other countries will not attack us. Think about it… part of the resistance and vote these cowards out off office.

      • I agree with you, rebel. This whole thing stinks. The main stream media is just a piece of the Obama Propaganda machine.

  10. Last night Jan 9,2012 3.33 I heard: “They are sealing up the files.” My response is: whatever man tries to hide, God will bring out into the like. He will expose everything! Amen!

    • March 03, 2013 Update-

      since this article was written, both Facebook and BING (Microsoft) have launched a corrupt and fraudulent attack on my WordPress site and my FB sites. Here is the article to prove it. If I were just a crazy person and nothing I wrote made sense, wouldn’t my insanity condemn me? It is BECAUSE so very many people BELIEVED this article that the government has asked these companies to shut my sites down. It hasn’t worked- all my sites continue to grow. But they HAVE had an impact on that growth. They are now breaking the law and committing business fraud to shut my message down. WHY? They thought they could shut these sites down- but God prevented it. They keep growing. BECAUSE my sites keep growing, my internal stats (and those of independent site stat pages like prove that their search engine results can NOT be mathematically correct! It literally proves that they are deleting my search results to kill my publicity. This has put them into a very dangerous situation if anyone bothered to sue them. Their illegal fraud also serves to further prove my points in this article. They must FEAR my message (the Christian Conservative message) to show their hands so blatantly. To go this far. Whether or not you think this article is true or that our government would do such a thing, you must ask yourself, why are they BOTHERING to shut down my sites? And you must also ask, is that what our government SHOULD be doing in a country with free speech? Only the most foolish person thinks the same people will always be in power. IF the pendulum swings to the conservative side, do YOU want the government to censor YOUR speech like this? THINK about it, World. Think about it..

  11. I totally agree with you that this is your blog, and you are entitled to post whatever you like with the expectation that anyone who comments should be respectful and be able to post their opinions like and adult, (and, in addition, be able to differentiate between the fact that your opinions are merely that, and that they don’t define who you are as a person.)

    That being said, I think that it is important to point out that while both James Holmes’ and Adam Lanza’s fathers were successful in their respective careers, neither, (or their employers,) were/are actually involved in the LIBOR scandal. Although it has been circulating since the Aurora shooting that Holmes was scheduled to testify before the senate on the particulars of the LIBOR scandal, at the time of the shooting there was no scheduled hearing before the senate, period, nevertheless one which FICO or Holmes were listed as participants in. In addition, Lanza’s father is employed by General Electric, another company that has no connection to the LIBOR scandal, (although General Electric does own a branded financial company which is primarily used for pension distribution and payment plans on their electronics, they are actually not a bank.) Also, I happen to believe that it would be a lot more simple to just kill the elder Lanza/Holmes if someone really wanted to prevent them from testifying about something, (especially since there is no guarantee that having their sons murder innocent people would actually stop them from testifying.)

    You are definitely correct about the fact that Lanza wouldn’t be able to legally obtain the firearms he used in the assault, but not because of his Asperger’s or any other “mental illness;” (for the record, Asperger’s would not prevent someone from obtaining a firearm as it is not a mental illness,) Lanza was not legally able to obtain the firearms that he received/borrowed/stole from his mother because he was only 20, and to legally purchase or possess anything other than a rifle you must be at least 21 years of age. Also, Lanza was clearly able to use the internet and a debit/credit card, making the purchase of body armor no more difficult than the purchase of Under Armor.

    As for the supposed second shooter, I think the best explanation of that would be a misunderstanding between news stations, a child mistaking a first responder-vwho would have a firearm, for obvious reasons- as another shooter, and/or an understandably terrified parent trying to circumvent the school’s lockdown to get to their child. I also think it goes without saying that in the panic and confusion of this event that details, (such as how the shooter entered the school, or if the mother was an employee of the school- which I admit was the most bizarre thing to be misreported, in my opinion,) could be misconstrued or confused. I also watched this unfold live while switching between different networks, and to me it echoed September 11- there was just too much dang information to digest and present that mistakes in reporting where inevitable.

    While I certainly respect your right to question “official” reports on events, I just think questioning whether or not our President had a hand in murdering nearly fifty innocent people is very insulting to the families of the deceased. I mean, if your child was murdered in such a horrific way, how would you feel if you heard someone criticizing your every reaction, nervous laugh, or verbal cadence? I understand that you truly believe the government had a nefarious hand in this event, but on the chance that you are wrong, do you believe you should be standing on the soapbox calling these mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, teachers, officers, etc. liars?

    I think the most glaring evidence that these events did not occur in the way you are portraying them to is that you are able to publish this blog without retribution from the government. If President Obama truly was able to murder dozens of innocents, wouldn’t you think he would permanently silence anyone providing a defiant or dissenting opinion? I personally think that the fact that you are able to accuse The President of the United States of America of politically-motivated murder, while very much not being murdered yourself, is all the proof most people would need that there are some inaccuracies in your assessment.

    Also, sorry in advance for any typos- I’m on a mobile OS, sleepy, and so not on my game this afternoon.

    • You said, “I just think questioning whether or not our President had a hand in murdering nearly fifty innocent people is very insulting to the families of the deceased.”
      My reply: “How so? If I was one of those mothers, not only would I want the very same answers, but I would be DEMANDING them at the top of my lungs. If the gov. wasn’t answering, I would be cheering this article!”

      You said, “criticizing your every reaction, nervous laugh, or verbal cadence? I understand that you truly believe the government had a nefarious hand in this event, but on the chance that you are wrong, do you believe you should be standing on the soapbox calling these mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, teachers, officers, etc. liars?

      My reply: ” please show me where I said any such thing(s). you are making a false accusation, which seemed to be the point of your comment. As I didn’t do any of these things, you comment has no merit. Why don’t you face the fact that YOU take personal offense that I believe Obama is involved? That is the ONLY logical reason that you, or any of the article’s detractors, would be this upset. Looking for facts in a horrific murder is NATURAL. When the state and fed. government refuse to answer REASONABLE questions concerning a national tragedy, it is NATURAL for rational people to become suspicious of their motives. The people who are NOT being rational and the people who reacting in emotion are you LIBERALS whose crazy need to defend everything Obama no matter what he does has clouded your rational judgment.”

  12. I think this lady has hit it right on the button ! This was a controlled Ops . There is too much that dont make sense and I got a stinkin feeling this was done to scare people into taking away our 2nd Admendment ! The Feds are nothing but dirty low rotten evil people and they need to be removed from our offices ASAP ! I say Impeach and imprison all of them scumbags !

  13. I’m sorry that I haven’t reviewed all the comments for this article. I literally have thousands. And those of you who are whining because I won’t let you spread your vile hate, all I can say is this: “Too Bad.” This is MY house. In my house, you will be polite to me and to my guests. Those who can’t control themselves will get bounced. You are also hypocrites. You are the first ones to suppress Christian Free Speech, which is EXPRESSLY protected by the First Amendment- thus weakening said amendment- but when you are not allow to lay your disgusting turds on PRIVATE PROPERTY belonging to someone else, you want to use that same Amendment to your benefit. In the end, “Shoo, fly, you bother me! You will NEVER have access to my page.” If that makes feel impotent, I suggest you find a better way to spend your time. see ya!

      • Actually, Cindy, the only ‘sad’ people I see are those of you who don’t get to poop your little stinky turds on my page. In fact, I always get a kick out of seeing your temper tantrums in the ol’ ‘back office’ here. I especially like it when you atheist liberal leeches write REALLY long posts and when you hit the ‘Post’ button…. nothin. Aw, poor things. lol! Rock on, Baby!

    • Totally agree with you! I read your blog “For Christians Who Disagree With My Banning Policy: One Day’s Comments from Atheists, Agnostics, Liberals & Progressives- Enjoy” and I have to say the comments that are left on your page literally made me sick to my stomach. I can’t imagine having to deal with that spew. I wouldn’t put up with it either!!!! Fight the fight and keep the faith!!

      • Susan, Susan, Susan. I truly wish you atheist liberal types would insult me in more…. original… ways. Alas, it is always the same. Next time, try, “doodling dunderhead’ or ‘lackluster loser’ or ‘shamefaced Susie’ or if you really like the psycho angle, how about ‘Miss Susie Psycho’? There are so, so, many other ways. I look forward to your next exceptional post.

    • “Your house?”  So you should not leave an area for people to reply.  It implies you are open to other opinions.  You should have a space at the bottom that states “Leave a Reply If You Agree.”  You may fall under the Christian umbrella, but so do I.  You give Christians a bad name by spreading lies…


      • A M you give Christians a bad name by being an intellectual coward AND by using God’s name to put another Christian down. God is on MY side, dear. He commissioned me to do this blog. So, if I was you, I would tread lightly. We will BOTH answer to the Great I AM. I already know I am ‘in like flin’.

      • Do you people not understand what she is saying. GO back to school and learn about comprehension of words. She is not saying that you can only leave a message if you agree, she is saying ” I don’t go to your house and insult you or your guests, so please do not come to my house and do it”. If you mistake that as saying everyone has to agree, you are sadly mistaken and likely on some sort of public assistance and taking prescribed Medications.

  14. Well, first of all, I wouldn’t put anything past this baby killing bunch of sheisters in Washington. They lie as easy as look at you, and would sell this country out for a buck. They say they think it’s terrible that the actions of this kid and the man in Colorado are tragedies, and they are. But they seem to have no problem allowing the dismemberment and death of 4000 babies a day by way of abortion. So I wouldn’t be surprised that this administration would use this situation to their advantage, but even I am finding it a little hard to believe that they would kill 20 children to make it happen. I just think it’s our goverment using things to their best advantage instead of ours, as usual.

    Dale DeLong


  16. From the moment I heard about the shootings I said it was the Devil. If any of this is true, what you are speculating, then God help us. Many of us think the Devil works in small mean, hateful ways but the Devil is working in big ways…it just trickles on down in small ways. We need to be more afraid than we ever have been. We have already seen what evil can do to innocent lives…by the millions. Millions and children have died just in the last century by the hand of evil! Praying know for God’s protection. Spread the love of Jesus so that everyone will listen! He is the only One that will save us!

  17. the whole story is full of holes. the libor link, media and coroner quoting different types of guns used, the 2nd shooter, discrepancies with how the shooter entered the school, no eye witness reports ….. it just goes on and on. BUT the REAL ISSUE is ‘how can a criminal investigation into what REALLY happened be instigated?’. Because without a fair and comprehensive inquiry into this it’ll just be another false flag in the history books where the real criminals walked away free with blood on their hands and smiles on their faces for a job not so well done.

  18. I have two comments – one is to recommend to look into the Illuminati and see if you don’t see how there may be connections there. You’ll find a lot of connections with a lot of our other issues as well. An excellent article to start with:

    Second is to expand on the reports that were given regarding Adam’s demeanor… ‘mental illness’ or whatever is being touted at this point. Some people noted he was quiet and was a loner, some referenced a small group of friends and then the ‘official’ report – or at least the one folks are focused on – is that he had behavioral problems. The first two make complete sense for someone with Aspberger’s but anyone who knows Aspberger’s would know that it would not make any sense with the whole mass murder scenario. The third would make sense with the whole mass murder thing, but NOT with Aspberger’s.

    There is SO much more here but really, the big red flag was that very pointed statement that was made by the main spokesperson for the law enforcement at the scene – about how people are using social media to propagate information that may or may not be accurate and that these people will be investigated and prosecuted. Excuse me? When the information coming from those same authorities is so convoluted and contradictory, would it be unusual for people to start asking questions, doing research and talking among themselves to try and make sense of it all?

    No, I agree completely with this failing the smell test – it stinks to high heaven. What is sad is that like everything else, there will never be any answers and no justice. The main thing is to remain diligent and aware!

  19. I live in Oklahoma and have witnessed first hand how quickly things can be covered up. I remember the day of the Murrah bombing. That day the news reported there were three bombs two of which were defused. They also reported three men and went as far as showing drawings of them. One man was an Asian man who has mysteriously disappeared along with the other two bombs. I watched as they evacuated rescue workers so they could difuse these bombs. Now, you hear nothing about them. It’s disturbing…

  20. look for the” toronto protocols” serge monast…published in 1995 he died in 96. pay attention to # 24 of the 1985 to current plan “the alpha plan” this 2nd part was written in 1985 serge published these documents in 1995. all this can be found online. the first part can be confirmed by a speech made in 1969 by Dr Richard day. he was the first director of planned parenthood and he talked about many changes to come. its online ava in wav files.

  21. WHY did it take police and first responders 20 minutes to arrive after the first 911 calls reporting shooting at the school?

    Yes, it was reported repeatedly and confirmed in interviews with survivors that the shooting went on for about 20 minutes which was also the time from the 1st 911 calls until the police arrived.

    The Fire Department with rescue squads is located right next door to the school.

    WHY IS THIS NOT A MAJOR STORY? 20 minutes to respond? My gawd it they had been there in 3 minutes (expected) most of those kids would be alive.

    Was it incompetence? Or was it a deliberate part of a plan for a special op to finish before first responders show up?

  22. How hard would it be to trace his purchases from ebay, to wherever the heck he got his gear and guns from … credit cards, or for sure cash and his face at any such retail place, where is the research and/or people stepping up? they dont exist bc like Ivins/Oswald/Sirhan/McVeigh and tons more Lanza is nothing more than a patsy, dead or hidden somewhere … Folks, they use the same ruse decade after decade, sooner or later, maybe a hundred years from now people will look back and see how friggin obvious and stupid the sheep were/are

  23. I was talking about this with my dad today! I had the same hunch that you did. I think this is just a way for Obama to say he is protecting us by trying to take away guns. We Americans aren’t as dumb as he thinks!

  24. I agree that facts don’t add up. But there are incorrect facts in your statement. Such as the second shooter. And the supposed bak scandal that simply doesn’t even exist.

  25. I doubt nothing this lady says. my wife also said the same thing.. I am also sure those poor little kids an teachers died, was murdered. for the advancement of evil, and folks these people running our country are as evil as they come.
    People better stop worrying about the next superstar and how much the Gov. can do for them, AND START WATCHING THE GOVERNMENT. Cus the folks we got in there now DO NOT HAVE OUR BEST INTEREST IN MIND

  26. I know Opra supports or at least voted for Obama. I wonder if she has ever read your blog ? I’d love to forward it to her. She is all for helping her fellow man. I wonder how true blue she is ?
    A friend sent me your blog and I appreciate what you are doing to shed light on what is happening to America and it’s people.
    Thanks !

  27. A great read, of course many people will read & say OMG TV would tell us the truth. I also posted a link to your story on my site! Keep up the good work of just not swallowing what they feed us 🙂 So happy to see some people still read between the lines.

    Anyone remember the underwear bomber? Just happened to get walked thru customs with NO SEARCH. Just happened to be the son of a king to one of obama’s friends. Had a bomb that COULD NEVER EXPLODE? Because it was missing key components that would make it a bomb? So he is a bomber that doesn’t know how to make a bomb? And not a single news story on his trial, arrest, what happened to him? And witnesses on the plane were kept from talking to the press, after one family said “We thought they were making a movie” Just happened to have two people sitting on each side of him with camera’s filming him? Just happened to do this days before the resigning of the Patriot Act rewritten to take away more freedom?

    And the fact the our government kills 1,000’s of women & children around the world daily with it’s drone bombings. Would make me think that the lives of anyone are just not that important.

  28. Funny how i said the same thing . They killed these kids to get everyone on their side to get their gun control bullshit passed . Thanks for standing up and saying this . Im on your side and its pass due we the people take over and start over . Even if we have to kill them starting with Obama . He is pure evil .

  29. Isnt it interesting that for a democratic society, all of our rights are being taken away or being revoked. All that is left is marshal law…how soon?

  30. I mistakenly left my comments under your “About the author” page. It’s too much to retype now on my Kindle. I will be following your blot from now on.

  31. I want a family member to read the email I
    Received. I have been deeply troubled over
    The loss of these innocents at school, a place of safety, refuge…..then I saw on news all this gun control messages……time to act NOW……on the heels of congressional vote, on gun control………then, only 1 suspect, dead, & no one to say HOW he entered secured school……………..something crazy, follow links.

  32. If you have seen the twoManchurian Candidate movies, you know about programming.. also in The Conspiracy movie. Our gov,t brought over the top psychiatric and mind brainwashing experts that Hitler used. …Our gov,t learned all the techniques from them and they are scary beyond words as certain drugs are used with the programming. ….It is a fact that people can be programmed to do,certain things atta a certain time and with certain codes etc. Cult de-programming is just a bit of this and recognizes that. I have noticed Nd questioned some of the big crisis that happened and the first reports (many’ diff sources) are always different and the story changes, I have called on some and you would be surprised at the answers!….Look up some of this and you will find the name of these experts and a lot more! some who try to escape are hunted down. Until they can go public…read their books.

  33. ? if 3 to 4 people charged him how is it as they present the shooter as being weak and mousy could hold off all those people ?? i understand he had Guns but that many people trying to take him down?? We now have armed undercover people on planes Ya gonna trust them now??? Can WE THE PEOPLE start saying enough and take back our country.. when is enough enough??

  34. Great observations. I’ve been wondering about the disconnect of stories, too. Timing too coincidental, and yes – the deaths of the two children of the Libor-involved father by the “nanny”.
    What’s going on there? Quietly disappeared, too. The second “shooter” at Sandy Hook and the mention of a third? Supposedly No. 2 was cuffed and went with police but what about No. 3?

    Stinks to high heaven. Our government is evil to the core and I know in my gut and in my heart this was to push the American public over the edge to accept the Small Arms Treaty and gun control. There will be a great deal of resistance behind every blade of grass. Even against the DHS.

    Susan – great work. I’ve blogged this.

  35. Please be careful that you don’t start people ‘assuming’ things…as a first responder and victim advocate for 16 years – i am THRILLED that the reporter DIDN’T RE-TRAUMATIZE this boy with a barrage of questions. It will be hard enough for him to live out the rest of his life and get a handle on this. His life is changed forever in a very traumatic, emotional, psychological, etc. way. From my experience, all “groups” want to jump in and “add their take” on it – whether it be correct and factual or not. We live in a world where blame is the first thing out there that folks want to put on someone – speculation only fuels the hatred that is already going around. Of course, we should ask questions – but not create the answers ourselves as if they were truth. This is a very very sad happening. I can only think of the folks still at war who will either be killed as a result of having to be there – or return home – forever changed – I pray for them – as well as all the unwanted children who are severely abused and cast aside (yes, I have worked with them as well), the animals who are used freely to be tested on and tortured, the seniors who are old and discarded because many relatives just do not know how to cope with aging and the meanness in people who have forgotten that we ARE ALL ON THIS PLANET TOGETHER. Be kind to your “brother” – and lend a hand when you would normally walk by…show compassion in your daily life, count your blessing and for heaven’s sake, say your prayers!

    • Viola, as much as my detractors love to suck indignant air into their lungs and shriek in falsetto, “How DARE you say we should grill that traumatized little boy!?” I would like to say, “bullshit. I never said those words. I pointed to the reporter’s refusal to ask the FATHER of the boy any questions. In pointing out this OBVIOUS lack in professionalism on her part, I am augmenting my statement that the media is 100% controlled by the Progressives. ANY mother or father would have asked their kid these questions. They would ask, “Did you see him, honey? Did you see his face? Was there only one? What else did you see?” etc. Any parent who claims they would NOT immediately ask these questions is a liar. Plain and simple. You NEED to know what your kid has just been through or you can’t help them. The father wanted to talk. The news reporter simply. didn’t. ask.

      Also, keep your sanctimonious ideas of ‘we ARE ALL ON THIS PLANET TOGETHER’ somewhere else. By ASKING these questions which, if answered, would be sure to bring JUSTICE to those murdered kids and their parents, I AM loving them better than people like you- whose only goal is to protect this dirty president or to preserve your cowardly need to make everything, ‘OK’.

    • Everyday I witness people talking about their incidents, things that give them the PTSD, in fact my husband suffers from it. The little boy did not act traumatized at all, heck, as a mother, I would not want my son to be the only one commenting on the shooting, I would shelter him from it, in fact I know many people that did shelter their children from the shootings as if they never happened, so why would a mom/dad let their son even be on the air. Furthermore, these were kids his own age, no tears? No emotion? My coworker died from cancer last year and I still grieve and tears slip when I think of her. These kids were his classmates, kids he seen every day.

      You say we are all on this planet together, and we are to be kind and show compassion, so on and so forth, but do we idly sit by and let the government walk on us, stomp their feet on us, or do we do something about it, its not wrong to be informed! Its the knowledge that allows us to be American’s, its our right and our opinions that make us who we are if the government takes that, what will we have left?

      • Amen, Heather. I am always amazed at how willingly atheists & liberals actually GIVE AWAY their freedoms. They foolishly believe that the only speech that will be quelled is Christian speech. They are sadly mistaken. The father of lies has convinced them of this.

  36. This entered my head as well, but then I felt guilty for allowing it in there. As for the inconsistencies, they will be conveniently forgotten as though it was a soap opera.

    • Phyl, that guilt is exactly what the Progressives are counting on. Also, the notion that America is what it used to be. Also, that the press is still free. Also, that the Constitution and your Bill of Rights are untouchable and will forever protect you from a government with the most powerful military in the world. Americans, it is time for you to man and woman UP. We didn’t choose the time we live in. But we are here, nonetheless. All your wishes that everything would ‘go back to the way they were’ won’t change a thing. First, you must RECOGNIZE the truth. Then, you need to do something about it.

  37. I am neither a Christian nor a conservative nor a republican – But I respect you for seeing the truth and writing about it ! I had completely forgotten about watching them catch the second shooter live until I read your article.. . . and with that sinking feeling I remembered and scurried to check the facts myself . . . I am sharing this and I support you to tell the truth – GOOD BAD OR UGLY!

  38. Just a small side note aspbergers syndrome is a developmental disorder that makes social situations difficult. Its a form of autism not a mental illness.

  39. I heard on the news here in Atlanta that a lil girl hid under some dead bodies of her class mates. they said in that classroom she was the only survivor. I’ve been waiting for them to interview her. But Not another word has been said about her.

  40. I thought there were inconsistencies from the beginning also. There were different stories from the media. Also concerning the person that was found behind the school. I hear it was a parent or a husband. Think about that. If my husband heard gunfire he would run IN the school to try and save our son or me not run from the school.

  41. I thought the same thing, I mean, hey… everything that this potus has wanted to accomplish, something has happened to help him obtain it. Like for instance the oil rig explosion right about the time he wanted to end offshore drilling etc etc.. I am sure there are more examples,and this doesnt just keep happening over and over, this is all by design… someone is making these events happen for him..

  42. I agree – there is definitely something fishy going on with all this. Maybe I am a bit “thick”, but can someone explain why it makes a difference that the fathers of the 2 shooters are involved in the Libor Bank scandal? What does that prove ?

    • While these remain rampant rumors, it IS interesting that the fathers of both killers are prominent in their field of study- areas that would weigh heavily in any investigations into the LIBOR scandal. I found these rumors- they are EVERYWHERE and rampant on the internet. And yet, considering the size and scope of both the Sandyhook shootings AND the LIBOR scandal, not one official has come out and even scoffed at these ‘rumors’. IF it is true that these men will give ANY input to the investigation into LIBOR, it would look like the gov. was threatening even worse ‘punishment’ on these men should their testimony not reflect favorably on Obama & his minions. Thus far, absolutely no Senate or House committees are even scheduled to have a hearing on the LIBOR scandal- which is .. well, scandalous, in an of itself. The massive levels of corruption being aimed at Eric Holder and Ben Bernanke alone warrant laser-like scrutiny from a Congressional investigation. In any case, we will have to wait until they DO schedule a hearing to determine if these men are involved. That is, unless they keep part or all of the hearing in secret.

  43. THANK YOU, Susan — excellent analysis.

    Are you aware that on the police scanner recording, there is a point, shortly after the first responders arrived at Sandy Hook Elementary, that a male voice clearly says, “End the life of Adam”?! How did they already know who the shooter was?

  44. I have to admit, I’ve been having the same questioning feeling that these shootings were a little “not right”. So way to go girl!

  45. It could simply be extremely wealthy people with an agenda. Let’s be real. The government doesn’t have to be behind catastrophes in order for them to happen. Another thing I find funny is that your STRICTLY putting the blame on Liberals…

    • Actually, I’m putting the blame squarely on PROGRESSIVES. They are a different animal altogether. Both parties have been overrun by Progressives. But they started with the Dem. Party because it was easier. The Dem. party is completely lost. Almost all of the GOP is lost. The COMMENTERS that hate this article are merely ignorant pawns who call themselves liberal. The same commenters usually also proclaim to be atheist or agnostic, which leaves them completely at the mercy of the Progressives. Because THEY love so-called atheists, agnostics, people who practice homosexuality, etc. They feel like the Dem. Party is the only place they belong. Their very sin prevents them from being protected by the conservative mindset. WE will be prepared- you will be caught with your pants down. Completely unarmed to defend yourself. And at the mercy of the government to get your food & perhaps even clean water. What will you do then? I write so that I can at least inform these very same people. Conservatives KNOW these things already. I put myself ‘out there’ to help you guys. Even though you spit and revile me today, you will REMEMBER my warnings later. And hopefully, you will avoid taking the Mark of the Beast when it comes. Because BELIEVE me. Time is drawing near. Both the horrible tyranny I am warning against. And also, Jesus himself. If you have not made up your mind to serve him when he comes, you will die. THAT is my interest- to help YOU. Not me.

  46. Knowing how GE is in on the liberal side, after hearing Lanza’s father is an executive at GE .. making enough to pay his mother $200,000.00 a year in alimony — not child support — made me wonder if there was someone who put him up to this.

  47. It is even worse. The boy’s computer was destroyed. It was smashed but a smashed computer is still salvageable. This computer’s hard drive was destroyed in such a way as to not be salvageable. That kid had to have been an expert at computers to destroy it beyond salvaging.

  48. bottom line end of story the old saying goes if u take the guns out of the good guys hands all that is left is bad people with guns look at the stats around the world involving violent crimes and violent crimes with guns look at the differance between the numbers with countries that allow there people to have guns and those that dont the facts r not that supprising fact is guns dont kill people people kill people be it with a gun ,knife, or hand there will always be violence in this world we cant stop that but we can protect r selves from it so to those who beleive in gun control wake up and smell the crap u r spuing and realize that u cant stop people from getting guns and u cant take them from us if we want them we can get them. this is reality people wake up get gun training and be safe thats all we can do

  49. Wow , Seems unreal that this theory could even exist , but truth is there ARE so many unanswered questions , and versions of what happened that one can only believe it to be true . God bless us if this is what it’s come to in this world .

  50. Wait… I want to be sure I understand what is being said here. Are you saying the “government” is directly responsible for the shhotings? Or are you saying that the government is taking advantage of the tradgity and using the circumstances to push thier own agenda? I can identify with 98% of the hypothetical and real questions posed here in relation to the details and facts of what really happened. I lived across the street when the Santanna High School shooting occured in Santee California. Initial reports did have some erronous information however the information was eventually corrected and a “story” of what happened that day began to come together. Sequence of events and a comprehsive and accurate timeline was reported by the media and corroborated by law enforcement official investigating the shooting. I see none of that happening here. My question is “why?” I believe there is a reason behind the inconsistencies and incorrect information not being followed up on.. But it could be a small and inexperienced police acency or sloppy and lazy media or the goverment using the incident to push a politica agenda or a combination of all three. The bottom line here is childrenand grown ups lost thier lives and Imho the public must stop debating amongst ourselves and turn to experts, socioligist, phycologists, unbiased researchers, thoughtful professors and students at colleges and universities (focus groups) and figure out WHY this is happining and develop ideas and create protocol to use as tools to understand why this is happining, prevention and train teachers and students when to follow protocol and when they should do what thier instincts tell them. Who taught that little girl that playing dead would save her life? Id wager a guess no one did. Her fight or flight instinct kicked in… thats what we need to doto stop

    • Crystal. By now, they have access to all the technical expertise of the Federal & State government. And still… no answers. No eye witnesses. No response to the coroner’s statement that ‘every wound was caused by a rifle’. nothing. And yes, I said that I believe that the GOVERNMENT did this- and that Obama knew and condoned it. Crazy, huh?

  51. I feel the same way! I get the same feeling about the Connecticut shooting that I did about Benghazi and we ALL agree something happened there. Its sad to think our gov can be that corrupt but what people dont realize Obama isnt always calling the shots. Ever heard of George Soros? He is very influential and is probably one of the most evil men in the world. There is most def an agenda. The irony about all the gun control talk, Obama administration has been sending assault weapons (as well as our money) to Syria, etc which is what benghazi is really about, etc. but they want to take ours.

  52. When I read your post all I could think about was thank you. I do not want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but the timing is just to good, or bad which ever way you want to put it. as I said on FB, it troubles me the amount of mass shootings under this antigun president. You added the UN gun treaty and well it all makes sense

  53. I actualy thought this was a government involved coverup from the beginning. All of this sounds very possible, yes they killed JFK so why not our children. At this point I believe they are very capable of doing this too. Now I know I am not just the only one who has thought this. My heart goes out to these familys and my prayers are with you all. I hope we are all wrong but I do not think so.

  54. This article is spot on to my own thoughts. I was saying this the day of the shooting. Glad to see others are pulling the wool from over their eyes.

  55. Thank you so much writing to you now I am crying when I first heard the news I was working I am a CNA and also have a son on the Autism spectrom he does not have a single mean bone in his body and to hear that a man with a disability like my child would do such a horrid act I knew something was wrong so thank you! You have no Idea how this info has made a world of difference so please anyone who reads this please repost share do whatever you can to get the news out the truth needs to be known!!!!!!!!

  56. Where is the CCTV video from this school? This school was very isolated , you have to go up a very long driveway with nothing on both sides up a hill and back surrounded by woods. Even under the best of circumstances This school needed to have video security. What is there was a disgruntled parent involved in a custody battle etc. There is not mention of this video, the public needs to demand all video clips concerning this school to be mase public.. Also Adam Lanza was very, very slight in body build so this high power rifle would appear very large for him.
    All reports where that hand guns where taken into this school and used on all victims, but story changed that The high power rifle that was found in the trunk of the car driven there was the only weapon used in all shootings!!! What this makes no sense. Appears they are making this up as they go along. Also the Medical Examiner questioned in Press conference about how many bullets used will not answer questions. Also the Medical Examiner did only a few of the Autopsys like about 7 as he said and the rest went to a recent College Graduate of Quinnipeac College?? Why would a recent graduate not have the Medical Examiner present to over see her Autopsys. Also why was Adam Lanza and his mother made to be the last Autopsys in this case? Seems to me these should have been the first as any drugs in Adams system would have accurate readings and anything that may have happeed to mother to gain entry to the weapons cabinet in there home? Why would Adam even go to a Elementary School? If anything he would have gone to the High School, when you are 20 years old you have no mental relation to a 1st grade class. Why was Homeland Security in Newtown only 2 years prior doing evacuation drills with law enforcement very close to this school?
    The bulet question is a big quesion as to how many found and what gun from . Also did bullets match up with Mother’s gun or guns? None of parents allowed to see crime scene or have child picked up there. All children transferred to Farmington, CT to State Lab for Autopsys and Parent notification and identification done by digital photo sent by email. If Adam tried for 5 times to by a gun unsuccessfully than this proves that teh Mothers guns where well secured and If she was killed by Adam that morning is was because of the entry to that weapon safe.
    There need to be very strong questions and accurate facts with proof demanded by the public now.

    • I didn’t think much at the time, not knowing much about how Asburger’s worked. Didn’t hear the first report of someone running in the woods. I did find it strange that as you said Adam was so slight of frame and could manage the weapons like that; that no men teachers were killed; and that the principal and another rushed Adam and they were killed by him. Those bothered me. I was brought in by the media, at first saying his mom worked at the school, which set my inner-mind at ease as to why he went there. They went on about the mother taking him to the gun range all the time and one man who knew her from the bar/restaurant said Adam was very careful and proficient about safety with the guns. They talked about the mom being gone alot and Adam being at home alone, that she was going to send him to a school or mental hospital out west soon, which set Adam off. That once she’d been gone and he was upset or it was his birthday or something like that, that she brought him a new gun when she came home. All those things make you think deep down in your subconscious that that would be possible. I didn’t catch that no one gave a description of Adam, one teacher grabbed a child out of the hallway where Adam was, so they would have seen him. They also made it seem like it was ok that we didn’t see any inside video b/c of how bad the carnage was to little children.

      I can’t stand to hear Obama talk, whether a press conference of his speaking at the Newtown meeting, When he was naming all the school/mass shootings I don’t think – maybe I missed it – that he mentioned the Amish school house shooting, with I believe 6 or 8 innocent children being terrorized and killed. And in such a innocent/forgiving community, etc. What was so different about not seeking gun control for these innocent children killed by someone with mental problems, then the precious 20 killed in Newtown. Or all the other children and innocents that have been killed in this country.

      This facebook post is a good point as well: (saying above a picture of Native American Indians:) Sandyhook the most deadliest school shooting in US History…..? I think not, in 1890 the US GOVT SHOT & KILLED over 290 Indians at School, including over 200 women & children. How quickly we forget history. (under the picture it says:) And they gave up their guns too, remember that!!!!!

      Particularly strange to all this is that the Principal who was killed was fairly new to the school and she had done a school safety plan, etc. So it wasn’t as if the school didn’t have a plan set up for this kind of situation, the teachers interviewed all followed that plan, went to the safest place in the room w/ their kids and kept them occupied. And it does seem that all the kids killed were whole classrooms, so who could talk about who was doing the shooting. On the interview with Mr Peterson, I took him as very sincere, why he was smiling /laughing we don’t know. Could they of been trying to soothe him and help him to relax b4 going on air, who knows. The video of him the day b4 walking w/ his wife back from the Fire Dept after learning of his daughter’s death seemed very real. People also cope differently, and are in shock, and for some things don’t always sit in right away, so for that one I’m on the fence about.

      BUT where does this stand now???? I was intrigued when I started reading all this, haven’t gotten to the bottom of all the comments or watched all the videos; looked at all the links. The BOSTON BOMBINGS just occurred this week, and the capture of the 2 brothers wrapped up last night. SO far the one dead and the other injured. And right when the VOTE to EXPAND GUN BACKGROUND CHECKS was DEFEATED BY THE SENATE this week, and they have “shelved” it for now. The vote was a huge blow to president OBAMA’S efforts since the Newtown, … massacre last December to enact a broad package of new gun laws. He angrily denounced gun-rights groups as willful liars (…/obama-denounces-gun-rights-groups-). This vote coming off the shocking bombs in Boston and a serious man-hunt search keeping a large amount of the public in great fear. The public are applauding the law enforcement for their work on this and rightfully so.

      This event has had a lot of incorrect information, I’ve seen it from the start and noted tons of things said or done, maybe just too soon b4 verifying or given the wrong info at the start, etc. Mistakes happen, esp in the heat of the moment and when it’s happening every second, as the reporting and media have followed every movement constantly, in our expectation of instant knowledge, social media demanding we have instant answers. How will this even stack up to the facts and it being the week of all the major terrorism attacks and school shootings, etc etc, the Murrah Building, Columbine, Hitler’s b-day, a CSA attack, WACO, now Boston and others I know I’m forgetting. Anything to it, IDK, but you do have my attention!!! I don’t think any of the mistakes are vital, but will pay attn to what comes from it and see! And I have in the past been a huge follower of Revelations and the End of Days, the rise of the anti-christ, and Ive always felt a strange feeling about Obama from the first term and really for the second. I believe Romney could have fixed this economy crisis and we never would have hit the fiscal cliff, but that wasn’t in the cards to be seen. The whole Benzh. thing, that bothered me, so many reasons why Hillary Clinton can’t be cross-examined on that, how she claimed at the start it was her fault, b/c wouldnt’ want to jeopardize O’s chance at re-election! Funny how her brain is supposed to be compromised right now but she is writing a book!!

      This event this week and Obama’s actions bothered me also, especially since he seems to snub Isreal, who is a major ally, and who also has bombing action this week as well: President Obama was a no show at Margaret Thatcher’s funeral despite being invited to attend and thus snubbing England’s invitation as a representative of the American people. The British took note of the fact that The Obama administration chose not to send one senior member of the Cabinet. In-fact, no actively serving elected Democrat attended Lady Thatcher’s funeral. The Obama Administration did, however, send a formal delegation to the funeral of Socialist Dictator Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who died last month.

      • Jenn, Obama is evil incarnate. He & his Progressive backers will do ANYTHING to achieve their dirty goals. Dominance & power & money. Read your bible and you will see that we are entering the times of tribulation. We are in the birth pains. Obama has a major role to play. personally, I think he is the second beast in Revelation. But only time will tell. If someone shoots him and he survives, we will know it is him.

      • Also the explosion at fertilizer plant in West TX right outside Waco, that is no accident, there was no “mistake” internally, intentionally maybe. Timing is NO coincidence!

  57. I have no particular use for the leadership of our current government. However, given two possible explanations for the events noted, one they are the result of massive confusion and disgusting attempts to twist facts for political gain or two there was some sort of conspiracy to kill a bunch of kids for political gain I really can’t see number two as even a remote possibility. How many folks would have to be involved and what are the chances that ALL of them would keep their traps shut? I just don’t see that as a reasonable possibility so I am left with number one which is, in my opinion, much more in keeping with the usual confusion surrounding this type of event.

  58. This LIBOR theory is really a stretch. I honestly believe that this massacre was the work of one very sick individual, namely Adam Lanza. I do believe that there should be an assault weapons ban. If Adam Lanza hadn’t had such easy access to these legally-owned weapons, I’m sure this never would have occurred.

  59. I agree with you! I speak 2 languages and i was reading the artivles and watching the news and a lot of information was incomplete and everyone changed their testimoyn! Im really glad some one like you had the brave to come forward to this and do research!! Thank you and if u can keep me updated i really will be glad!

  60. Way to many things don’t add up. Where is all the surveillance footage of all these shooting? Look around us, there are cameras everywhere. Also it seems like they put a lot of actors filling in playing roles. At Aurora the two girls that claimed to have had a boy shot in both legs run to their car where they put him in the back seat and blood was everywhere yet the girls didnt have a drop on them and the blonde forgot her lines and turn to the other saying “what did we see?” THEN in the Sandy Hook statement of the father of Emilie Parker they caught him laughing and joking right before he built himself up to cry. Watch this:

    On top of all this the facebook pages of the teacher and Emilie Parker were created at a time that seems impossible. RIP Victoria Soto was created on the 10th and Emilie Parker Fund page was created at 2:39 pm on the 14th. What parent or anyone who loves a child thinks about creating a facebook page hours after their death and was she even confirmed dead at that point? Plus all the children interviewed seemed to calm and collected to believe they had just went through this scenario. I’m starting to not believe a thing reported. Feels like we are living in a real life truman show.

  61. I’m not usually one to follow conspiracy theories but once the ‘official’ story was out there I immediately thought ‘that dog don’t hunt.’

  62. The father of Newtown Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza who is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial. The father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO. Both men were to testify before the US Senate in the ongoing LABOR scandal. The London Inter-bank Offered Rate, known as Labor, is the average interest rate at which banks can borrow from each other. 16 international banks have been implicated in this ongoing scandal, accused of rigging contracts worth trillions of dollars. HSBC has already been fined $1.9 billion and three of their low level traders arrested.

  63. One of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. And to tie in your Christian beliefs with your conspiracy theory like that should have anything to do with it? Disgusting.

    • Hey, ANONYMOUS! Know what I like? I like how cowardly atheist liberal sorts like you are. You don’t leave your photo or your name when you run around criticizing people. Either that, or you give yourselves really revealing names like, ‘BigJerk’ or ‘LoudMouth’. lol! What is THAT about? Hey, ANONYMOUS! here I am, Baby! At least live out loud- without shame, without deceit. It seems to me that the one lurking in the shadows is disgusting. Not the one living in the light. Just sayin…

  64. I truly wish you were alone in thinking all of these things, but unfortunately you are not. My very first thought with both the CO shooting and this most recent unfortunate circumstance was that our Dear Leader had something to do with this. It’s all too perfect. The timing is too spot-on. I’m surprised that whoever the puppet master is behind these things that they haven’t thought about just how utterly obvious all of this is. Then again, they may very well be using this as reverse psychology: because it’s so obvious, there’s no way people would assume it’s the government. Either way, our government has given us no reason for many, many years to trust it. As Frederic Bastiat said a couple hundred years ago, it’s not the government’s job to create justice. It’s its job to prevent INjustice. As we’ve seen within the past few decades, unfortunately our society has decided that everything moral is relative, therefore leaving justice and the circumstances calling for it to be relative also. We can’t create something we (sadly) can’t agree on, but it’s pretty cut & dry as defined by our Constitution what is injustice. This has nothing to do with guns. Guns are only the topic being used to divert attention away from the fact that this is about control. Period. The government is limiting freedoms as to control peoples’ lives. It’s so sad, so pathetic, and SO infuriating for those of us who are advocates for freedom.

    These are perilous times for America. Perilous, perilous times. My biggest wish is that people would start to look at things for what they actually are, and not what they want them to be. We cannot continue to look at the world through rose colored lenses. Reality is unfortunately not what we want it to be, and we need to start taking action and fighting back against a democracy that is quickly turning into a dictatorship.

  65. I totally agree…where are the eyewitnesses that the guy who actually did the shooting was really Adam Lanza? This sounds like the Batman shooting…too many people saw more than one gunman…but no one saw the gunman’s face…
    our nation is under attack from within.

  66. what i find funny is that i was telling the wife almost exactly what you said whilst we watched the whole situation unfold on CNN when it happened. to many pieces dont fit. its like taking 3 different puzzles with the same size pieces and trying to make one picture. im sure we will hear more in the future on the whole incident, hopefully the truth

  67. Susan, this is nonsense. Our government did not shoot those kids, nor plan the shooting of them. A maniac shot them, and planned it himself.

    A few more things:
    – More guns consistently leads to more homicides, across states, cultures, and nationalities –
    – There are many items (such as the gun show loophole, the terror watch list loophole, and the NICS shared background check system) that have the overwhelming support of even NRA members and have not been put into law. (Citation available if you request it. I don’t have it handy as I’m writing this from someone else’s computer)

    It’s not “a gift to progressives trying to disarm us,” it’s a tragedy that shakes progressives and conservatives alike. I encourage you to look at any legislation on gun control (not banning, but gun control) as a healthy reaction to a type of tragedy that has become far too common here in the US compared to other countries. Let’s do our nation a service and address it in a pragmatic and realistic way, rather than point fingers at imaginary evil forces.

    • Dave, this is NOT nonsense. When YOU get all the facts, then let me know. But they will not come. The discrepancies will never be explained. Will you then believe? It has already been forgotten. As for gun laws, Dave, you haven’t read your history books. The Second Amendment had NOTHING to do with hunting or home protection- it had everything to do with the prevention of a tyrannical government. It had everything to do with keeping an armed civilian population that would make the government think twice about the use of military force against their own people. I am right about Sandy Hook. Sadly. As for your assertion that Lanza planned & killed those kids, where is the evidence for that? Show me and I will believe. In this country, you are INNOCENT until proven guilty. Lanza is only ‘guilty’ because the news told you so, right? Well, where is the proof? You are interested in humor, Dave. I am interested in justice. We live in a very, very dangerous time. I’m glad you at least read the article. When the hammer drops on the American People, Dave, you will remember what I said. At least you will know what has happened.

  68. Both of these incidents share common elements that strongly suggest that they are set-ups, made to look like lone loonies are the perps. There are LOTS of people who really appreciate the efforts of Short Little Rebel and the others who have looked beneath the surface and brought out very disturbing inconsistencies in the “official” versions of what happened. There is a pattern here, that appears to go back a long way – the Kennedy assassination, too, shares many of the same elements found here, as does Oklahoma City. Forewarned is forearmed, folks. Question authority. Be prepared…

  69. I thought this very same thing….where are all the hysterical, outraged parents of these victims? Why was one of the parents caught laughing right before an interview….not a tear in sight! What the hell is really going on here!

  70. If there was more than one shooter, wouldn’t it be easy to determine by examining all the bullets to see if they came from the guns that Adam Lanza had?

  71. We should turn this strategy around on them by grilling it into people’s minds that if more average non-insane citizens were armed these “random acts of insanity” would be minimized in their damage. Also, I heard something about how some other person tried a theater shooting and some off duty cop shot him before he could do anything serious. That didn’t get much news…. hmm.

  72. I also believe that all of these recent mass shootings were perpetrated by the Feds in order to push gun control and eventually try (forcibly) to disarm this country. I find it hard to believe at this point knowing all that I now know that these were all random. They all have the same MO ,and the “official” reports don’t match eyewitness accounts. This all stinks to say the very least. Be prepared Obama and his administration is about do something very big,as in life altering,all in the name of security and safety,and the trade off is going to be our freedom.

  73. Kind of reminds me of the Oklahoma City bombing. I was there interviewing potential employees when the bomb went off. That night I watched the reporting on, not one, but two bombings. The local media covered the actual bombing and the national media covered their idea of what the bombing was. I was dumbfounded by the inaccuracies of what actually took place. Once they had McVey in custody the investigation stopped dead in its tracks. They had what they wanted and didn’t seem to really care about the middle eastern people he had spent a lot of time with and some who were seen with him in the recent past. We live in a virtual world today folks. Reality is what those in control want us to believe. Get used to it. We created it.

  74. I knew some right wing but would find a way to blame Obama. And you call yourself a Christian. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Nope. Not ashamed. A month later and the silence from government is DEAFENING. Just validates my story. oh, and the threats to jail anyone who writes an article like this- THAT proves my article even more.

  75. my daughter died from a incident with a gun and the news reports changed more than once.. you can’t trust the media and thats the only thing we have to learn anything here. just know most of the families have more info from the police then the media does.. so they are resting as best they can with whatever info they have.. you will never know why or how or any questions you may have they will just remain unanswered.. they only thing anyone can do from this is stand up and try to move forward.. believe me its the hardest thing on the planet.. I’m still trying to figure it out but one day at a time and those precious babies are being the best guardian angel for their parents and trying to help them cope..

  76. I think there are many more than two birds being killed by this stone. Anyone talking about the fiscal cliff? What about health care legislation and mandates being slipped in and passed right under our noses right now? If this isn’t one of the most sickening acts of smoke and mirrors, I don’t know what is!

    • I’m on SSD getting Medicare and the health care legislation is killing me, and I’ve known of alot of DR’s who can stand up to the paper work requirements and are closing down b/c it’s too much, and the DR”s and the Hospital group that I’ve went too have all changed negatively, I don’t know how to explain it all, just know it’s not kosher. Fiscal cliff a bunch of bs too, Obama blamed everyone else over and over on it, as well as this week of April 15-19th blaming the senate for not passing Several Democratic-written bills include assault weapons ban and other gun curbs in first roll calls in response to Newtown shooting. He really shoved the blame all around, just like on the fiscal cliff. i’ve never noticed a President whine and blame like he does but I’m younger, maybe I just haven’t been around long enough, or maybe it’s hitting him in the gut more then the general public realizes.

  77. If anyone posting on here has not seen the video about the 9/11 events you should – It’s called – Loose Change. AND I PROMISE YOU OUR GOVERNMENT WOULD DO THIS AND MORE!!! I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT 9/11 WAS ALL ONE HUGE CONSPIRACY. And for the person that posted that how we comment on here could get us labels as terrorists – OH WELL – I’M ALREADY LABELED A TERRORIST AND ONE OF THE LARGEST THREATS TO NATIONAL SECURITY BECAUSE I AM A CHRISTIAN WHO SPEAKS OUT AGAINST THINGS THAT ARE NOT OF GOD!!

  78. Well the gunman in the woods was picked up quite far from the school, he was identified as a hunter walking back to his vehicle. Could it be possible that he was a ranged shooter? Maybe, but the info above was stated.

  79. And there are more reasons of why they are connected to LIBOR than you know. Rich people, like the VP of GE, like to make money. But hey it is easier to claim government fraud because we in America like to pass the buck. Media error comes from the BS being made up by Johnny on the spot to keep you watching and to keep ratings.

  80. There “THEY” go again! Bypassing the issues and jumping directly up on the same ol’,”GUN CONTROL” and “MENTAL INSTABILITY” soap box! I say to all ears,….Every crime in which a GUN,(of any kind!),was used through out history, was only part the plan or forthought of the JURK/JURKS ploting the event. Whether committed by a gun, car, knife, etc. Death is death no matter what instrument used. If the,”Powers That Be”, want to control something, here’s an idea….go after the commercials that GLORIFY and show how much FUN and SEXY drinking ALCOHOL/BOOZE is! Just cause a person can drive a car into a concrete wall doesn’t mean BAN all cars. I say,The JUDGES of the court systems are largely at fault and should shoulder most of the blame.Whats fair or right about murder or any crime commited with a gun,(with proof beyond a dout mind you),should get released from prison before the time thy can no longer stand upright. Sentences need to at least be doubled with NO paroling what so ever! The time to turn over a new leaf and be a good citizen with constitutional rights was given up the moment the crime began! Let me also ask you this,…If our children are so important ,(as they should be!) “WHY” then,are the PARENTS being stressed out so bad? Parents are the most INFLUENTIAL portion of a childs life! Ding-damnit people,…”WAKE UP TO WHATS REALLY IMPORTANT IN AMERICA!” Todays children have no “HEROS”! They want,so badly,to be someone of importance, to do great things. As we all did once apon a time. It’s time socity took control,NOT the government, and turn off the tv’s,back off or limit all useage of ANYTHING that has a screen and or a keyboard. We got to get some of the missplaced focus back on us as parents!! What do you think america?

  81. This is a great article with one exception. No one knows for sure that he had Aspergers. If you did research on that disorder you would know that the likelyhood of someone with it becoming this violent is not probable. Did he have some sort of mental illness, hell yea! We should be careful with the assumptions we make as it makes it even more difficult for those who do suffer from that illness. With HIPPA laws the way they are we will probably never know what Adam actually suffered with.

  82. Lets assume that what you said is true. HOW did the government pull this off? By WHAT means did they convince Lanza to do this? WHO would have been the one(s) to do it?

  83. One of my friends on facebook posted this link, and it scares me. Not because I believe it’s true, but because there are people that do. Of course there is corruption in our government- there has been since the beginning of this country, but can we please just forget the crazy conspiracy theories and remember the mother, 6 caring teachers, and 20 innocent children.

    • Suzanne, if all I cared about was prestige, I would take more time. But my interest is for YOU and the American public. I DID do a spell check- so that SHOULD be alright. When the news slows down (that’s a joke!), I’ll be sure to go back & fix my grammar, ok?

  84. I am glad you have brought this up, this really does stink, and I so agree with you. I was totally like, “What is going on!”. What about the report regarding the second gunman and the reports on his mother and dead kids? That was all crazy!!

  85. I think that you are totally correct to think something is not right with this whole situation. In Casper, WY we have a guy drive from Connecticut to Casper to kill his Dad and his Dad’s girlfriend. He said he had Aspergers disease and blamed his dad for everything. Also ranted in a letter that China was the greatest. He also tried to legally get a firearm, but the system worked and he was denied. So he used a crossbow and knife. This all seams very similar and a setup with a puppet master behind the scene.

  86. My wife and I were home and I watched from the very beginning. And I was pulling my hair out yelling to my wife. “Something isn’t right here.”

  87. Did anyone else hear on the news that Obama wasn’t alerted of the shootings till a while after it happened? If he is the so called “leader” of our country, and it was all over the news and facebook, why hadn’t he been made aware as soon as it was going on? After reading this, I am wondering now if they are just claiming he had no knowledge of it. I do remember hearing that there was two shooters and a man in the woods. And now my question is, in the batman shooting were the parents of the shooter divorced as well. Seems pretty coincidental that it is the mother that is always targeted. I think this is absolutely disgusting that are government has made people feel think so low of them that we could even think that something like this would be true when presented with it. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to think they aren’t capable of it and that is a shame. It breaks my heart to think that this is the the people who makes the decisions for my feature and my childrens feature. I know one thing for sure. Thing though, and a lot of people feel the same way, they want to talk gun control, if it comes to that and they try to enforce it, they will have one hell of a fight on their hands. My family and a lot of people I know will not be giving them up and handing them over. They are going to have to take them with force. This country will go straight to hell after criminals are running around with guns and people who had them legally hand them over. I will be damned if I will be here with no way to defend my five kids so any Adam Lanza wanna be can run up in my house and start shooting or the gov’t can try whatever bs they want, and we are all walking around like lap dogs because we have no way to fight back. Sorry. It won’t be this Momma.

  88. The first day of the shooting my wife and myself said the exact same thing but I just could not bring myself to beleive that our goverment the people who are supposed to protect us from all terrist foreign and domestic would pull a stunt like this kill a classroom full of 5 and 6 year old kids that is low even for our government

    • And yet, as every day passes with ZERO answers from Sandy Hook and now with TWENTY THREE treasonous executive orders supposedly addressing gun violence, my theory only becomes more concrete. While terrible to contemplate, I do believe that our government killed those kids.

  89. You are correct. Look at the Gabby Gifford’s shooting in Tucson. Judge John Roll was to meet her that day especially to talk about FAST and FURIOUS. Jared Loughner was driven to that location where it occurred by someone, never identified, who was he? Lets go to MK ULTRA which was the supposed defunct government mind control unit, also located in Tucson. What a great way to attack our 2nd amendment rights. I told my wife he will never go to trial, his mind is burnt just like all these shooters. Move on to Denver and the shooter besides the connections of the fathers has again mental problems. He after the shooting doesn’t remember what happened and feels like he’s in a video game. He goes and sits by his car and waits arrest. Again, no word on the second guy that was seen, perhaps opening the door to enter. Now we have the same situation again. Remember this is all to attack the 2nd amendment. Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday we also heard the AR15 was left in the car… Well it can’t be there if it’s not fitting the evil agenda of the government wanting to ban them to attack our rights. So all of a sudden it was used. Move on to Benghazi. Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi because he was ordered to meet a Doctor at the hospital there to discuss health care advances. The Doctor was from Massachusetts and guess where educated? Harvard, hum and works for the government installing world health ideas. The reason Stevens was there really was to be KIDNAPPED. Yes by the terrorists and to be traded for the Blind Cleric, thus giving Obama his Oct surprise. Obama would look a hero for saving the Ambassador and hero to the Muslims for releasing the blind cleric. Only thing was he didn’t account for 2 Navy Seals risking their lives to save all. He then set back and let them be killed. If they were painting a target that ment a aircraft was overhead that could respond. Someone said stand down. Obama…. Now we have wounded Americans in hospitals that haven’t been identified that were brought out and no one knows their names. They could tell us for or like in the Clinton era Brown killing, were they killed later too? Just tossing the last part in. My thoughts.

  90. You all have way too much time on your hands. What benefit does it serve to theorize that OUR government is responsible/orchestrated the slaughter of innocent children? “I believe our GOVERNMENT shot those kids and teachers and used Adam Lanza and his family to pull it off…” – Only in this country are such treasonous remarks allowed to go unpunished. If this government is as abhorrent as you claim, then surely you would have been plucked from society by now for uncovering this nefarious plot. Please people, it’s as simple as this. Where there is good, there is also evil. Only HE knows how this story ends and, as a Christian, you should be careful when casting such a bloody stone.

    • tmorris143- clearly you have the same amount of time on YOUR hands. God is on my side. He sent me here to do just what I am doing. Of that, I can assure you. By your questions, I can see that you don’t really read the news- at the most, you catch tidbits on t.v. now and then. I don’t know how old you are, but by now you should be able to answer those by yourself.

  91. I have to disagree with the author of this article on the part of the media questioning the children. To ask them pointed questions about the killer and events would to me be inappropriate. That is the job of the police investigators and professional counselors. To ask them to remember that killer’s face and the horrors would be traumatizing for the children. They need to forget! There were adults there that can do that job. I suspect the media was told very clearly not to question the children. Imagine if it was your kid they were questioning – now ya get it.
    The rest I am right on with tho.

    • Sara- read the article again. I didn’t say to question the KIDS. I said she didn’t question the FATHER of the kid. And I (and YOU) would ask my kid every single question the moment I got them home. I would NEED to know what they had been through and what they had seen and heard. To say otherwise is to LIE or be a bad parent. The father WANTED to talk, but the reported VISIBLY held back. I have seen reporters shove that microphone at anybody and everybody whenever and wherever they could- all to get the scoop. This lady FORCED herself to stop asking questions of a GROWN ADULT. Bizarre.

  92. i think your absolutely 150 perrccent correct .i have been feeling the sam e way every since i first heard of it ..i was not aware though of all the facts thaT YOU JUST EXPAINED..thank you fro posting ,our world is in such a mess… may God bless each and everyone of us
    and keep us all safe!!!!

  93. Though I have to agree that there are some inconsistencies and such that are nerve wracking to say the least I think we need to give credit that some of it is just media error. With how quickly information is available today the public DEMANDS new information so quickly that the media is frantic to offer something even if it is just the thought processes of the staff on site. I am not saying something is hidden as we know two teachers were taken to the hospital, survived and were released already but still had not been interviewed.However I do think some of it is currently “hidden” in the police reports as is necessary and others is just the media is making stuff up to please it’s audience. Last I think this is a special case because most of the eyewitnesses are very young children and need to be interviewed by a different process that will take longer as well as the fact that they should not be talking to the media. Not to say something isn’t happening but we do have to look at all sides of the story.

  94. Most often then not I would have to agree, but not this time. But it seems this lady is listening to the wrong news media. The “man in the woods” was actually the killers brother in the parking lot. Which we have yet to hear anything about. When they referred to his outfit as “black opps they merely meant just all black clothes and a vest. They did a interview with a little girl who ran out of the classroom after looking right into the eyes of the killer. She said he looked mad and angry about something. I have to admit I am curious what his real link to the school is. There were reports that Adam Lanza had gone to school there for a short times several years back. But I must say, it would not surprize me one bit if the government is involved. Just keep an open mind, learn all you can and let your babies know you love them. God Bless.

  95. Since when is Asperger’s a mental illness? I have a real problem with your connecting the two as though all Aspie’s were homicidal maniacs waiting to go on a rampage or commit some other heinous crime. Asperger’s is not a mental illness, and to link the two demonstrates either ignorance or a willnessness to play on others’ ignorance. Both of which make me question the thought processes and motive behind the suggested connection. And frankly, it looks a lot like the tactics of liberals who play on the comfortable ignorance of the masses.

    As for hugging hallway walls…that proves nothing. Have you ever studied the psychology of gamers? Obviously not or you would know that a lot of gamers are social wallflowers to an extreme, but have HUGE personalities on games. So those two “he’s not capable” do not hold up.

    However, if you ever really look at what Obama and his croneys have accomplished, the people who tried to stop them, and the suddenly disappearance of a presence by those people or the information about the situation and start putting all the pieces together, you get a very ugly puzzle, one that looks very much like it belongs to a government who would sacrifice innocent children to accomplish its larger goal of instilling fear to control a nation of people who have given up their power of responsiblity and ability to make a difference by choosing fear and expecting this power-hungry government to take care of them.

    If this timing is a coincidence…if the targets are coincidence…if this whole nightmare is coicincidence…it is one of the most perfectly packaged coincidences ever given to a control-driven president and his croneys.

    BTW, did y’all hear about the off-duty policeman in San Antonio this week who took out a shooter who had opened fire, shot one person, and was about to unleash on the rest of the crowd at the store? Probably not. He used a legal gun. Shot responsibly. Saved lives. Spits right in the face of what Washington is trying to accomplish. Yeah. You probably didn’t hear about it. I’ll let you figure out why.

  96. it’s clear that you have never had to be a part of any kind of criminal investigation. when something bad happens to anyone, anywhere in this country, the police must investigate and until they are able to uncover the truth, no information is allowed to be release–ESPECIALLY in a high-profile event such as this. That is why you are not hearing from any other eye-witnesses. They are not allowed to speak to the media and the police are not allowed to release anything they were told until they are, heaven willing, able to get to the bottom of what happened.
    with the internet and the technological capabilities we have nowadays it’s no wonder why the media was in such a scramble to say this, that and the other thing. They all want the latest, breaking news, and they don’t want to miss a beat. If that means reporting false accusations, so be it. Whatever it takes to keep the attention on THEIR network/newspaper/etc. and their ratings and money flowing in. There are logical explanations to everything you have pointed out here, and it’s important now more than ever to not fall victim to what the media is throwing out at us all, before it’s too late and we all become too scared to let our children LIVE their lives.

    • Tirzah, how’s that going for you? More than a month later and not a peep from any investigators or the media. It’s like it never even happened. Those ‘logical explanations’ will never come, Tirzah. When will you open your eyes to what is happening all around you- right in front of your eyes??? It is SCARY to think the gov. is capable of such things. But… it is so. We need to deal with that loss and figure out what to do next.

  97. i have not heard anyone metnion this either, but every other shooting in teh past the media has been vague and use general terms on the weapons used, i.e.-handgun, shotgun, AR….this time from the very beginning we were being told specific names…Glock, Sig Sauer, Bushmaster…..i noticed this from the very first report i saw on this…there is definitely something different about this shooting….and then also how the shooting in OR that only killed 2 people and the shooter has barely been mentioned or compared to the CT shooting…in the OR shooting there was a citizen with a conceal carry and stopped the shooter from creating a mass shooting……conceal carry laws are the answer….pure and simple

  98. I agree that it was a set up as well. I am not someone who is up to date on the facts and what is going on in the world but when I heard about the shooting I thought that something about this was fishy. It’s the same story that has happened 100 times and has 100 different faces. They’ve been trying to come up with the perfect formula to make the public think that guns are bad. They’ve been trying to come up with an excuse to use all of their power to abolish the second amendment and they don’t care how they do it even if it means killing innocent children.

  99. I have been watching this and agree it smells as did other shootings…we as a people and as a nation are in grave danger from those running the show…they control our money and control almost all of our leaders…the CFR is where they meet and determine what will happen and brainwash them into thinking they are selected because they are smarter than the people when all it really is…is manipulation and control…all you have to do is watch JFK’s 1961 Secret Society speech and he warned us of it all…

  100. Thank you Jesus for allowing sin and Evil to be Exposed……Sooner or Later Everyone will know the Truth because The Heavenly Father is Good.

  101. I hate that they keep saying Asburgers syndrome has anything to do with this. It is a disability that makes you shy more often than not. It is like saying the man had green eyes and that is why he did this. I am currently in Germany so I didn’t see the reports come out at the beginning but I have had issues with the media ever since the 2012 election where a president and vice presidential candidate where arrested and they only reported it to say that it happened on their web page. All three major news networks, fox news, CNN and MSNBC produced the same 2 paragraph article. I hate to say it but I think our news media has been sold to the highest bidder a long time ago.

    • James, I have PROVEN that ALL American news is owned by 6 GIANT private financial institutions- these people own many, many banks. JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are mere peons to these people. They use these banks to purchase the stock in American news companies. I have researched the raw data from the stock market. I have drawn (hand drawn) diagrams that more easily demonstrates the clear powersharing scheme of these institution- almost like they don’t trust each other and so have agreed upon equal stock ownership of all the news sources. Here is that link if you care to see it for yourself:

  102. This is America and I’m a soldier, I will tell u this America was made with freedom and the blood of many honorable men. Before this country falls to whatever corruptions and lies, there will be a he’ll of alright. No one is going to give up their guns or freedoms, as a citizen of America I pledge to defend this country from foreign and DOMESTIC ENEMIES. The constitution gives us the right to control the government, we just forgot about it andnthe less we know how much power we have over the government the more weak we become. Plus theirs too many hillbillies, redness, gangbusters and veterans out there who will die before they give up thier weapons or freedom.

  103. Whenever a shooting or any type of tragedy occurs, reports and information are always changing, and people are always changing the details of the stories. I believe that the shooter was Adam Lanza, the dad done an interview, plus the police found Lanza’s body and it was confirmed he was the shooter. According to Lanza’s brother & aunt, he had mental problems, which would have to be the case for someone to be able to shoot innocent children. I believe the government is involved in a lot and do many things dishonestly, however, I do not believe the government had anything to do with this sad tragedy. The guns that Lanza used for the shooting, the police checked them and they were registered to Lanza’s mother. Reports have confirmed that Lanza’s mom did work at the school as a teacher. Police have also confirmed that Lanza destroyed the hard drive on his computer to hide evidence. Due to autopsy reports plus the guns being registered in Lanza’s mother’s name, the shooter sadly was Lanza. And no matter how quiet or conserved someone is, they are still capable of murder. Usually the one’s who murder are the quiet shy one’s, with no criminal record. My heart breaks for the families of the victims, and I pray the families find peace.

    Many prayers & much love,
    Heather C.

    • Heather, there is still absolutely no proof that lanza pulled the trigger. Just a dead body surrounded by handguns. And the children were shot by RIFLES. How can you explain that? Not one eye witness to this day. More than a month has gone by and NO INFORMATION has come out. It is as if it never even happened. But GUN CONTROL sure has. Please read my article that translated Obama’s 23 executive orders on gun control from political speech into normal person speech. Those took at least a year of analysis to write. Not a mere 5 weeks. They had this ready BEFORE the shooting. Think about it. It is ugly, but it is true.

  104. There was police sketches made from the child whom saw the shooter, the sketch looked like Ryan Lanza, that is when they went after Ryan first, then Ryan had an alibi that tied him as working in New York at the time of it, However this part is what I don’t get, His father is the CEO they can both temper with the time, I personally and honestly think Ryan done the killings, the sketch looked so much like him, and not that of Adam….

    Secondly the mother was a survivalist and was enrolled in a survivalist group, she thought the economy was about to collapse so she hoarded over 10 guns the police found in her home, along with gear she taught her son Adam how to shoot, so obviously she bought guns for him without him getting a permit to shoot them, she wanted him to be ready, when the collapse happened because she figured people will aim for the rich, which was them, they live in a million dollar house, and she gets $200k a year from the father….

    There was four guns at the scene one rifle in the car, and he (the shooter Adam) had a semi-automatic and 2 glock guns on him, as for the second shooter, they claimed at first there was a second shooter, even claimed the second shooter was at large, then that media report vanished… I did not read about the second shooter going in the woods though… I also wondered about the second shooter, and it still leaves me to think it was Ryan… There was a motive behind it… Ryan also stated his brother stole his identification card he had not seen Adam though since 2010 (so how would that be correct?)….Ryan then went to his FB and made comments that it was not him over, and over again, someone who did not do it is not going to take that shit to facebook, that is guilt he did it… He then deleted his Facebook page… If I was taken into custody for a shooting I sure would have not came out of it and be posting it on facebook i was innocent unless I wanted media to know “something”…

    Anyways say what you all think, my opinion is Ryan did the killing, it sounds right… And maybe the mother had a security policy on her fortune to be given to Ryan her oldest son…

    • Jennifer, know how I know that you are full of crap? Because Ryan Lanza didn’t do it. It was his brother, ADAM lanza who did it. The first reports were that Ryan did it. Then, they said it was Adam. So… there couldn’t have been sketches of Ryan from any child. In addition, NO SUCH SKETCH has EVER been produced. There is not one eye witness who saw Adam pull the trigger. Just a dead body with hand guns around him. And guess what? The coroner said all the wounds were created by a RIFLE. The rifle was found in lanza’s car. There is no way to patch that up. It was a huge mistake by the conspirators. That is why the story is now completely dead. They can’t answer the questions. And they never will. But that coroner and that rifle in his car are PROOF that this was a set up.

  105. You really need to ask yourself, Why all of a sudden do we have mutiple shootings in congested areas? This is not some random acts, it has to be coming from somewhere, and yes, the timing is EXTREMELY SUSPECT!
    I’m not a conspiracy theorist, just my thoughts about current observations!

    • There have been plenty of shootings in Churches, one in Ft Worth TX when I lived there, it was prob at the end of 90’s or early 2000’s. More besides that one!

  106. An extremely plausible explanation. What we saw and heard was that there was this lone gunman, a 20 year-old who wasn’t right in his head. But then those “coincidences” don’t really look like coincidences – do they?

  107. I feel the same way you do and I didn’t even have anything to back me up as I don’t even watch the news. Except common sense let’s us know it was crazy. I told my sister last week the exact things you just said. Lives mean nothing to them.
    Thank you for stepping out, you are a hero.

  108. You make some great points in your article here about the school shootings. When our government attacks itself and claims some “other” entity is responsible to instill rage and a blind thirst for revenge in its unsuspecting citizens, that is called a False-Flag attack. If you were not already aware, and you were planning further research into these shootings, as well as Columbine, 911, OKC Bombing, London, Ibiza, Attack on Pearl Harbor … these are all results of false-flag attacks.

    Peace and blessings


  109. Ephesians 12: for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age, against wickedness in heavenly places. 13: therefore take up the whole armor of God so that we may withstand the evil days to come. So you see , Obama and all the presidents before were and are only puppets being used by the puppet master,and we all know who that is. If not you should.

  110. in other news, The man who was scheduled to testifiy against one of your largest bank, had two of his daugthers killed by his nanny, or so they say. (remember this story?)

    …. scary stuff, either this video is a complete fake, a comedy hoax, or it is being used to incite something, because it is tooooo obvious in the video that this man is acting:
    what’s going on?!?

  111. Did anyone else see the blonde haired man they interviewed as a witness to them bringing Adam’s brother in for questioning? This was around the time they were saying a 2nd person was in custody up to when they said the were just talking to his brother. The eyewitness reported the man brought in was in handcuffs, wearing camo fatigue pants and a camo vest and his face was concealed. This man stated he was outside and saw them pull up. This part of the story just proofed as well.

  112. Asperger’s Syndrome is the mildest form of autism. Usually the person is socially awkward. There are some other issues, but they do not have any problems that would prevent them from legally owning a gun. My nephew has it,. I believe there were other issues for Adam. Adam’s mother was NOT a teacher, except to Adam. She home-schooled him. She had no classroom of dead students. This was well-known when you posted this. She received a generous alimony and chlld support from her ex-husband so did not have to work.

    • I never said that Aspergers would prevent someone from owning a gun. Nor did I say that Aspergers would allow someone to kill someone. In fact, I said that all his symptoms made it impossible for him to have done this thing. And you are 100% correct when you say that his mother was NEVER a teacher at that school. That was one of my points. Not sure what you are saying here.

  113. Well said Shannon! This whole thing makes me sick! There is a skunk in the house and I pray the Americans will bind together and GET HIM OUT!!! My heart is so heavy for the families who have lost loved ones. Time is an interesting thing and sometimes waiting seems like forever. The day WILL come that all those who are wicked and evil will pay the ultimate price. God Bless Everyone who loves our Country and her freedoms…(what we have left), and PLEASE GOD, Bless America!

  114. I’ve read nearly all of these replies, but no one mentioned how quickly Law Enforcement officials got to the scene. From what I understand, The Law Enforcement people who responded within minutes are headquartered quite a distance away. Did they just happen to be in the vicinity when the shootings occurred? And the LIVE news I was watching, showed Law Enforcement officials running into the surrounding woods, then bringing out a man in camo pants with his hands over his head. The words he said, according to the news reporter was “I didn’t do it”. Strange, Huh? No further mention was made of this man. This news reporter also said that all of the killings were committed by two handguns, and the semi-automatic rifle was found in the trunk of the car. Live cam showed them raising the trunk lid, and reaching in to get the rifle. The very next day, the news did an about face and said that the killings were done using this rifle. …There is a “Skunk in the woodpile”, people. We have been lied to, plain and simple.

  115. No doubt, anything is possible considering the alliance between governments and globalists.

    But, regarding the “second suspect”: I don’t find it too strange that, upon scouring the area from the air after the scope of the incident was known, someone could have been spotted who was merely picking berries in the woods and that that person would have been accosted by a S.W.A.T. contingent and arrested until any connection could have been ruled out…one possibility, anyway.

    And the constantly-changing story? Most likely the typical, baseless (or rumor-based) media speculation.

    Regarding any notion that “governments” should be the sole possessors of firearms…are these people referring to governments such as the ones that murdered over 100 MILLION people in the last century? In most cases, AFTER confiscating privately-owned arms?

    Do not forget that, as terrible as this crime was, our OWN government killed over 100,000 innocent people in Iraq over the last decade BECAUSE OUR GOVERNMENT DIDN’T LIKE THEIR LEADER!?! What happens when China decides that they don’t like OUR leader? You know the drill: our leader is “unpredictable”, “kills his own people”, “restricts freedoms”, “attacks his neighbors” (or nations on the OTHER side of the planet), “possesses WMDs”, etc. etc.

    Now is NOT the time to surrender your right to self-defense.

    Regarding those who seek the “permission” of the government (local, state, or federal) to arm themselves DESPITE the 2nd Amendment…can you imagine seeking a license (governmental permission) to SPEAK despite the existence of the 1st Amendment?

  116. Thank you for all the info. I too had seen a stench coming from not only the Connecticut massacre, but also the Theater massacre in Colorado also. I could not figure out what the connection was till you mentioned LIBOR. I shared this. American’s need to know what is going on. It could be their loved one’s next. They want us disarmed…just for starters.

  117. This has stank to high heaven from the start.
    I have never seen a tragedy such a this have so many holes in the story and Sooo many changes . There was the man in camo in the woods , there was the brother that was no where to be seen, but yet Adam had his ID and the brother posts on his facebook “I didnt do it , Im at work” how horribly in poor taste. and his brother Ryan said he hadn’t had contact with Adam since 2010.
    At first the Mother was a teacher, then she was an aide , then a volunteer, then possibly a substitute . Then to find out that there was no connection to her and the school.
    First reports said there was only 3 injured one teacher with a shot foot. Next you hear 20 plus children . All supposed kindergartners because that was supposed to his mothers class . Well that then turned into mainly a 1st grade class .
    The guns , nothing has been clear.
    So many stories about the guns found.
    Was there 3 or 4 – was the children and adults shot with the pistols or the bushmaster that was supposed to be in the trunk of the car.
    He was buzzed in the school, he broke in, he shot his way in .
    I have never seen so much misinformation in a story like this ever .
    During the first few hours they said there was a man shot nearby in a home , then they said his father was shot in an apartment.
    They said his mother was shot once in the face, then it turned into 3-4 times in the head.
    You are not the only one that has been questioning all of this from the very beginning.
    I think you are right on the money .
    This is much bigger than we know or will likely ever know.

  118. My question is this: This man they brought out of the woods was being questioned and cooperating. Who is it? The Father was DEAD and now he’s suddenly alive. How do you have a dead body then suddenly have a living person?!? Then they reported the mother was reading to her class and was killed along with them…then she’s dead at home. She has a school connection then there’s no connection. One minute it’s 20 year old Ryan with his 24 year old brother Adam. Now it’s 20 year old Adam with mental issues. If he’s so mentally ill, how did he drive the car there? Did he have a license? He was said to have his BROTHER’s ID so who drove? So many things are missing here. I don’t know that I agree totally about your “theory” but I’m positive something isn’t right. Yes, I agree things can be misunderstood when you’re in the middle of such a horrible thing but this is wrong! I want answers. I never bought the Bingazi story and the fact that Hilary Clinton won’t testify because she took a bad snap and has a concussion and I don’t buy this! The problem is our President wants to destroy this country and we just voted him into 4 more years to finish the job. He hates us and we’re playing right into his hand.

  119. All I can say is wow…. I do believe the government is capable of anything. If they can kill our president and get away with it, then this is as easy as pie to pull off. I’m sorry if I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I feel the government was behind 9-11 as well.Anything to get the full support of the nation on your side. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  120. How terrible and sad to be aware that those who are paid by the people’s taxes and have the duty to protect our children and schools are the same careless murderers…they believe they have the right to use people’s lives to achieve their goals…this is a dirty rotted system. God protects us all.

  121. You know what else is strange? All the parents coming forward saying, “we aren’t angry.” It’s like they are being brainwashed by someone. If my child was murdered at school by some crazed gunman, I’d be mad as hell and letting everyone know it. Heck? I’m angry about this and I don’t even have any connection to it. I do believe this could have been a setup. People say, “no one could be that evil,” but look at Bin Laden. He planned for thousands of innocent people to be killed and didn’t bat an eye. If the government didnt plan it, then I feel this may be some new terrorist plot. Hire Americans to attack their own on their own soil. I’m so sad at how the world is going. It’s like now its wrong to even say God or Jesus for fear of offending.

  122. I’m not sure what your deal is but neither of the companies these men reportedly work for (G.E. and FICO) has any obvious connection to the LIBOR scandal, the Senate Banking Committee currently has no hearings scheduled on that issue, and neither man was ever considered as a potential witness in such an investigation. As for the early reports and eye witness accounts, yes they changed, they ALWAYS do. First reports are often way off in left field, reporters want a story and repeat anything they hear without checking the facts first.

  123. You are so right Shannon, but then what are we to do? TPTB own ALL the outlets of MASS media. Us truth seekers are relegated to being called crackpot nutjobs by them! Will the majority of Americans ever see the LIGHT before it is too late? NO~! And how can I say that? Because I know it’s ALREADY too late…but we can share the truth with those who will LISTEN and that’s good enough!


  125. All of the “back and forth” and changing the story was a result of shitty news coverage. People trying to break the story with zero evidence and then backtracking from there as real evidence became apparent. The media doesn’t care if they get it right the first time as long as they get it out first. Case solved. No conspiracy.

  126. I am sorry for my outburst earlier. I just dislike Asperger’s Syndrome being associated with mental illness, when that is not even the case. People like me, who are fully-functioning, fully capable Autistic people, do not need the stigma events like these to push them down further in society.

  127. “O” already has it set up so he can legally take over the country and inforce marshal law anytime he decides the time is right. When I read the document, I got an OMG sinking feeling in my stomach about what the future may hold for us. So, now, if no one is allowed to have guns in their possession, we are totally set up for his takeover. I have been afraid of him since the first time he ran for election and everything I have seen since then makes me even more afraid for our country. As for the shooting, my speculation is that the police grabbed the wrong guy. He may have been the one who killed the Mom, all of the kids and then, the Son. He could have been working with the government and the killings may have been because the Father would not refuse to testify about the Libor incidents. When he was taken into custody, they may have been told by higher ups that they had to let him go. Convenient how the killer is always dead. No one to try for the crime or dispute what happened. The children may not even be dead. That may be why no one can talk to the families. Of course, I am guessing there were no open caskets at the funerals. There are so many possible scenarios to this story and all of them are scary. Beofre the election, I tried everything to let people know more about what has been going on in the government that we don’t hear about in the news. People refuse to believe any of this is possible. It is so much easier to just be complacant and let anything controversial go by the wayside. I am afraid we are all in for a rude awakening and probably not real long from now.

  128. What you say makes sense. And I have been wondering about some of the things you’ve brought up myself. How scary to think that the government would do this to further their agenda…but it is a sad reality that it does, indeed happen.

  129. Come on. This is not the same America and we all know this. Washington will do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET DONE WHATEVER THEY WANT. People really believe this gov is for them!? It is power. No longer is anyone safe in the US. We all need to jus keep in our minds that if it will benifit gov control, we all best walk while looking over our shoulder. Americans cannot been this ignorant about this gov. They have already started crumbling America I dont understand why they jus wont be honest now and tell the truth. Washington is out to destroy America (as we all know and love) What are the secretive for. They do as they please as it is legal or dont.

  130. u are a true insperation that took guts and i for one completly agree with everything you said we need more woman like u!. god bless u

  131. just to lay it out. we’re looking at the murder weapon (as stated by the medical examiner(rifle)) which was never taken inside the building (still in the trunk of lanza’s car)… also looking at the efficiency of a spec ops operative, AND military grade munitions. 😦

  132. Very interesting and enlightening; I told my daughter last week that it wouldn’t surprise me if the shooting last week this was a political ploy;( and a very sad one at that) that would cause a major uproar to ban the right for individuals to bear arms. Yes, the President displayed a sense of sadness ( I wonder if that was skillfully staged or choreographed, as well) however, he has no sense of remorse for the deaths thousands of innocent lives caused by abortions. He talks out of both sides of his mouth; and is a chameleon; changing his colors and views, to benefit whatever is on HIS ultimate agenda which I believe is to slowly turn America into a Socialistic Society. Thank you for your courage to stand up and speak the truth about another unfortunate event that our government is trying to coverup.

  133. i believe it, same way they planned sept 11 for personal benifits. now they killed those poor children just to get what they want

  134. It’s eerie how much of this I’ve been saying since the beginning, especially about the timing being just too convenient for the “gun control” activists. And the knife massacre in China (on the same day: how convenient) which, according to “official” Chinese sources, miraculously produced no fatalities… well, that gives them more ammunition to say “without a gun, these kids would still be alive. Yet, on that score, I notice that the original reports, before Chinese Central News “corrected” the story (by saying a grown man stabbed 22 elementary school children and they all, somehow, survived), claimed all 22 students in the knife massacre were killed. I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a prediction: there’s going to be one more school massacre in the near future. And it’s going to be by some wack-job member of a twisted version of a religious institution (in fact, I’m even willing to venture a likely candidate: Westboro Baptist Church). He’ll probably be conveniently caught on camera, spouting rhetoric about being “God’s vessel of judgement.” That will be the final straw, and the anti-gun crowd will have their leverage to say “we must pass the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, and we must censor these ‘religious nuts,’ for the safety of our kids.” The First and Second Amendments will both be swept away within weeks and after that… well, after that it gets bad.

  135. Have you ever thought, they did not ask these kids question after question because they were in shock! Also, they have said there are two survivors , teachers they are waiting to talk to. Also, at the very beginning they had the wrong person as the shooter. Why did it go viral so fast, because of technology and 24 /7 news… No one checked facts, just got a name and ran with it! There has been so much misinformation, because of technology and facts not being checked over and over. They are still trying to figure out, why he went to the school. They had the mother working there, she did not. volunteering, maybe…. Everyone here is now speculating something is going on.. This is what happens when things go out on the wire and with 24/7 news, internet, twitter,etc. facts get screwed up and what ever is heard goes out, regardless if it is correct or not.
    I am sure, the State police and all law enforcement involved, are working diligently to get answers. they have said, it could take months. Lots of evidence to go through, interviews, etc.
    Dont be so hasty to say something is going on, that is how they had the wrong gunman named, by haste and not checking facts.

  136. Susan I believe you’re onto something. I have felt the same way since this took place. I believe this is a government setup to control certain people and get gun control.

  137. You are a very brave woman to post this. I would never write what you wrote, but I do agree with you that something is not right with the story. I was told about 8 months ago that after President Obama was re-elected they were going to start implementing gun control. (Yes, 8 months ago they knew he was going to be re-elected… understand?) So yes, it is a hard and difficult story to comprehend. You are going to get a lot of backlash from what you wrote, but you are correct that there is too much that doesn’t add up, and too much that adds up to another agenda. Peace to you.

  138. All I have to say if all this is true that you are stating we deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth. Just maybe the bible is right then. How do we know these statements aren’t coming forth just to freak all of us out & get us paranoid? I am going to hold on to the hope that our government can not be this evil. I may be wrong but I pray to my God that I am not. Those were innocent children.

  139. the us is full of scandals, cia wants to control everything for some reason. i have no problem with america but if certain people think money will bring them power they are wrong once they try to take over the world and have ppl fighting against them. remember americans; hide your guns wen they come to take them. there are only a few thousand “elite”, people who are very wealthy so im pretty sure the rest opf the 7 billion people in the world will not think them friendly

  140. There wasn’t a 2nd shooter the man they brought out of the woods was a man cutting wood that is why the police made the statement that anyone around the area was a suspect and questioned even if it was just a man working in the woods and the reason Adam was able to get ahold of the guns so easily was because they belonged to his mother and he had access to them.

  141. Susan, I agree with you that something is definitely “off” about all this.
    However, it would appear that the whole “LIBOR connection” between the fathers of the two shooters is bogus. That doesn’t mean that everything else about the reportage of the shootings is suddenly okay, it just means that this particular theory may be wrong.

    I haven’t read all of the previous comments, and someone may have posted this link before;
    but just in case, here it is again:

    • The LIBOR connection has not been proven. That is correct. However, both these men hold extremely compelling jobs. I do not know where the LIBOR connection came from . But where there is smoke, there is usually fire. I didn’t state it as fact- just an interesting side note to the story that might provide some light as to motive. Well, not that an additional motive is needed. Simply removing our rifles is a good enough reason.

  142. Even if what you say about the 2 fathers being in testimony to deal with the bank scandals?
    This would be as completely off the charts
    Conspiracy Theory As anyone could ever dream up??

    I am sure that they have witnesses to these events. Even if it’s only some. Video surveillance camera

  143. This all very hard to believe and the average person would not without the necessary background–for which see Marking Time by George Clive Hook available in paperback and kindle at amazon. com. After which you will believe that all of this, indeed, anything is possible from US!

  144. I couldn’t agree more, the morning of the shooting I was thinking that same thing was going on. And the Batman shooting in CO, was just an attention getter as well, so sad our government had come to this to keep the people in line.
    The Lords return couldn’t be soon enough

  145. I have been thinking the same thing! It’s kind of convenient that we’ve had several shootings lately…just keep supporting NRA!!

  146. There is another angle here.The murder of CNBC program director’s children on October 26th.
    You see, Kevin Kim had broke the LIBOR story on October 25th. The very next morning his nanny
    Yoselyn (Jose) Ortega stabbed to death two of his children age 2 and 6. She then tried to kill herself afterward. She was trusted and employed with the Kim family for over two years. I believe she was a sleeper assassin who was pre-programed and placed as a insurance policy. If someone gets out of line you send your Manchurian Candidate out to do a hit. Everyone, gets the message. This is how the velvet glove over the iron fist keeps everyone inline. Many high level people are compromised various ways (sex, drugs,financial scams and murder to name a few) We are as a civilization reaching a saturation point. America is a nation under conquest.To get the control of mass media broken, is the only way to wake up the sheepeople. They are rapidly shutting down the freedom on the internet and with it , any possibility of reform. So what can we do?

    By energizing the Church. II Corinthians 10:4 our weapons are not carnal. Through God we pull down strongholds.

    The more we cry to our savior to “Destroy to Vail of Secrecy” that evil men need to control society, the more it will come down and expose these men and the darkness of there control..By putting are trust in the Lord and not man, we move our nation from corruption to the force of a incorruptible God. This must be done in mass and with conviction and personal repentance.Then our God will act.

  147. As a school employee, i know for a fact that nearly every school in the nation has video camera’s recording at all times. If this school has security doors, you can bet they have camera’s. Sooooo, where are the tapes showing the shooter(s) ?

    • Exactly. AND no witnesses? NONE?? I just saw the ‘official’ police report. Even though it was REPEATEDLY stated by the police that NO rifle was found on Lanza’s body, the police report has magically determined that a bushmaster rifle was FOUND on lanza’s dead body. Without a shred of shame, they have LIED about that weapon. I guess they needed to back up that phony coroner’s story about the all those RIFLE wounds, huh? Shameless!

  148. I just want to say that some of this may be try but I’m getting really sick of people saying the fact that he has aspergers which is a form of autism is part of the reason he did this. Those people are not typically violent and it is wrong to put that kind of label on people. I am a mother of a very lovable berry sweet autistic child

  149. I know this may sound stupid but for many years I have said this, once they (government and the wealthy, Big Business) get all they possibly can get out of this world they will dig a gigantic hole and throw us in and fill it with concrete. Lets face it this country has gone to the dogs, when the wealthy are nervous about anything we all suffer the working class, No jobs,higher prices you name it. If somebody in the right position wants something bad enough nothing will stand in there way so this sick act as batty as it sounds and as much as we do not want to believe it is very possible.Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” I am not a bible thumper and will be damn lucky to even catch the red eye flight into the kingdom

  150. Yes, I think your dead on….add in 9\11 and the JFK shooting. All you have to do is follow the money if you dare.

  151. I am starting to wonder if this was one big movie scene..Has anyone seen an actual body? The smiling father one day after and opps…go to the Fema/DHS website and guess where they have been having hseep training since 2010. Yep…Sandy Hook Fire Department. Excellent perspective and article my friend. I dont know the truth yet, but I am so tired of the lies. Wake Up America!!! Here is the link to the Fema/DHS website info:

    • To me, his FACE doesn’t even look real! It looks like a computer generated face. Bizarre from start to finish. And now, the official police report in CN says that the RIFLE was found next to Lanza’s dead body. They simply fabricated a lie to justify that bogus coroner who said ALL the wounds were from a rifle. EVERY report said that ONLY handguns were found on Lanza. What is one more lie?

  152. I just tried a couple of the links and it goes to the youtube but it did not play or load… I think that is fishy… Is it something they didn’t want us to see? Probably…

  153. It is like the Theater shooting….. All the details are not being told! I have always said that Obama is the Antichrist and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was all planned!!!

  154. until “we the people” stop just talking about getting rid of the politicians or stand up and fight to take our county back, nothing is going to change… they WILL take everything from us if we don’t STOP them. truly believe it’s going to take a TRUE revoltuntion to take this country back to “one nation under God”. And I’m afraid we have almost let it go too far to stop it…

  155. Susan, it would be wise of you to download and house the above suggested videos on your own server. They have been know to conveniently disappear when too much attention has been given them or it doesn’t suit their agenda! I do find it disheartening to see how this administration has systematically marginalized God out of our culture by removing Him from all aspects of the public square. How old must you be to be considered a child? Last year the dems fought tooth and nail to kill over 1 MILLION children…. so, where does value and respect start?

  156. It may take years for the truth to come out and long after he is out of the white house…but you can bet Obama is behind it all somehow, someway! He is one evil person with an agenda.

  157. At least half the nation knows the reports aren’t true and that it was a set up. Everything that has been going on is horrible and a lot of the things the government is doing is wrong. Very evil works going on right now. All i can say is read the constitution to its fullest. ANY changes to it IS illegal yet we all see it happening. WE THE PEOPLE need to open our eyes and stand together! Most people don’t know the real power WE have. The government is doing what they are because WE THE PEOPLE let them and have been letting them do it for many years now. They have been getting stronger and stronger and now tell us what ,where and how to do everything. Remember, we have the power to fix it but we must come together to do it. May God bless and keep you.

  158. Now ask yourselves….who did I vote for and does this affect the way I’m thinking about government? “Sic semper tyrannis” – Make sure your on the right side of that. God Bless America!

  159. wow, you are brave for posting this but honestly you took word for word what I said to my husband the DAY after the shooting & he looked at me like I was crazy. I’ll have to research all your links so my point can be made more concisely to him. I DON’T PUT IT PAST THIS GOVN’T to do this but I think it goes beyond obama, it’s like pull back the curtain & there’s a huge machine behind all this. do you know how easy i’m sure it is to find these cuckoos online (such as James Holmes & Adam Lanza) in a cuckoo chatroom, just throw the bait at them long enough & pow, they’ve got em, give em the nudge, push them to the edge…

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  161. agree with everything u said but u need to pay close attention to the batman movie dark knight rises in one shot you will see the word AURORA in big red letters on top of a building , next go to 1 hour 58 mins and 44 seconds now pause it you should be looking at a map with three cb radios and if you look to the bottom left corner you will see SANDY HOOK written in black marker! this is no joke its a complete set up and this batman movie cements it firmly as a conspiracy of epic proportions

  162. In terms of the lack of eye-witnesses, I would challenge you to consider the fact that the majority of witnesses were under the age of ten. For their own well-being, I would hope that their parents would keep them away from the media. Furthermore, many of the teachers hid their students and themselves to avoid the gunfire. Additionally, the situation was isolated to a very small section of the school, and many of the students were evacuated out the back.

  163. not sure if brought up in comment section, but might wanna check out the tribute page made for Victoria Soto on facebook 4 days before the shooting

  164. Some more fuel. Please stay informed. Thank you for your courage and bravery to stand firm.
    I hope that people will start waking up that there is evil working against both believers AND non-believers. Regardless of a person’s faith, the enemy wants us all. Period.

  165. Interesting! My first reaction was after the last two shootings were mentally ill people on drugs was to wonder if they had been “programed” to carry something like this out! Just my knee-jerk reaction. I know there is a lot of evil in our government but this seems over the top! Not saying I don’t believe it ….

  166. The fast and furious obama gun running fiasco is the same thing. In an effort to enrage the public about guns being purchased in the us and taken to Mexico unlawfly. It was the dept. Of justice that ok,ed the gun sales

  167. As soon as the shooting hit the news, I told my husband that I would not put it past the current administration to stage this massacre to cement the whole UN/gun-control issue up nice and tight. I have never been a big believer in coincidence and I have a burning distrust of all things O. My husband told me to keep that thought to myself or that black helicopters will come to our house in the dead of night. You have really put yourself out there and I hope everyone appreciates just how far. I certainly appreciate it. You probably should keep an eye out for black helicopters, too.

  168. In my opinion, the first reports were the media guessing what had happened. They probably saw them searching the woods and assumed there was a 2nd person that they were looking for. The media was very fast in pointing the finger to the wrong person and stating that “Ryan’s” dad was missing and then he was found dead in his apartment oh and then he was alive & well. They all want to be the first to report something, anything and they do not verify their story before airing it! I hate, hate, hate the fact that they interviewed children and that they showed grief stricken shots of people finding out that their loved one was killed, horrible, horrible, horrible!

  169. I said it was the goverment from day 1 obama wants marshal law ok he tried it failed -shooting in the theater now he brings it back up it wasn’t working so -kids were murdered cuz only something this strong would help him gain control over guns messed up world we live in with a muslam president smh

  170. I can see many complex questions to be answeres, I don’t put anything past this administration. Conspiracy, good question, Connected to other issues very probable. The 2nd ammend,ment is the real safety feature of American Citizens, Not his farce of a government. I am a retired soldier and I smell trouble for all Americans and it is smelling like Facisim, and Islamic jihad to me.

  171. Another curious detail…he had his brother’s ID on him and was therefore identified as Ryan Lanza for hours. After it was found that Ryan Lanza was alive and well he was interviewed by authorities. He told investigators he had not spoken to his brother in two years. If that is the case, how did Adam get his brother’s ID????

  172. I will say this only once….there is more going on than any of you no one with the government….I am a former Marine….i cant say any more than this above so take it for what its worth please…

  173. They reported that he broke a window in a classroom and entered the school that way. He had a semi automatic rifle on him and one in the car. They also said his mom used to teach there but had left her position years ago in order to home school her son. It was also reported that his mom was trying to have him commited. If that’s the case why were the guns in the house and for that matter not locked up? He obviously had some sort of mental disease that wasn’t properly diagnosed. Hopefully they get it all together so thst at least all these innocent children and faculty members deaths isn’t in vain.

  174. Be careful when making accusations of conspiracy by our government. I too believe that things are not right and haven’t been for a very long time. I served in our military and have seen many unusual decisions and commands be given. It goes all the way up the olive branch.The reason I say to be careful is our Government has a large but discreet hammer. The internet is monitored in my opinion regardless of what we have been told You never know when you might have a factual theory that needs to be hushed and strings cut. I may be paranoid, but it has kept me alive this long. Stay vigilant and protect you theories, don’t just let the only copy be on a website that can be easily seized. They are covering Benghazi, they will cover anything.

  175. Make sure you watch the movie “Obama’s America 2016”. When you see where he came from and how he adopted his father’s ideals against this country, I think you’ll agree that there’s something not right. He doesn’t care about PEOPLE, only getting his agenda set in place.

  176. You hear about other countries killing thier children and making people be human explosives so this would not surprise me that this guy went in and shot himself after killing all those children. It would also explain why the mother who was divorced from his father would own all of those guns. She was going to protect herself and anyone who may have come after her and her son. Very scary but very possible. It makes sence absolutely of what you are saying and this should be posted everywhere so people are aware. I agree they are all connected in some way shape or form. I just noticed besides the conflicting stories and all the unanswered quetions the day this happened at Sandy Hook is that the same rifle was also used in the Columbine shooting, also the theater shooting and they mentioned in other shootings also. So there is a pattern here of that also and that these mass shootings are happening more often. I believe they said 31 since colombine. Way too many. They are getting sloppy with each one. Eventually it will come out. I think it already has with your posting and I do believe you are right. I have said from the beginning something else is going to come out of this because it was so random and bizarre like the rest of them. The mom probably Knew too much and perhaps Adam was threatened in some way that if he didn’t do this harm would come to someone else like his dad and brother. It will come out eventually but how many more shootings will it take to figure out its our own government or someone in it. How sad is that….

  177. That is what I have been saying all along. GOVERNMENT!!! I was just telling my aunt who is a kindergarten teacher about this today! Our government wants us to be unarmed, uneducated, and oblivious to what is going on. So far they are succeeding with paying off the media. Not to mention that almost all media is controlled by one man and the government has him in their pockets. Be safe everyone!

  178. To be honest, I’m not in the least bit surprised. I would not put it past Obama and all his little sheeple to try and pulling something like this off and keep it covered up. What they don’t realize is that, if it is all true, there is no way they can hide it forever and when the evidence comes out and people start learning the truth there will be hell to pay. And to a degree I feel that some of us can be blamed as well, because some people gave him the chance to make this happen, some people gave him the chance to do whatever he could to rip away our rights away from us and tear this country down. He and all his sheeple are nothing more than a bunch of treason committing morons and it’s time we all took and stand and expose him and his sheeple for he they really are and start fighting to take our country back.

  179. my sentiments exactly, I said this was a conspiracy from the beginning. if you want to outrage the public shoot little kids much bigger impact than older people, do it in a small community, not a big city where we think the crazies are anyway. small town we say we aren’t safe anywhere! and if I read correctly, didn’t just a couple of weeks ago the news report Conneticut had the most applications for CHL’S? Ironic hmmmm

  180. I have been wondering the same things! I saw on live tv where they were chasing someone up the hill, into the woods with a police dog! Also, why haven’t we heard from the wounded? I think someone else shot Adam, his mother and destroyed the hard-drive. Also, (different subject), why haven’t we heard an account of Ben Benghazi from the survivor that was taken to the hospital? So many questions….so many lies.

  181. Interesting stuff. I couldn’t find any of the references to them testifying about the libor scandal. Was that evidenced somewhere besides someone’s video?

    Thanks and God Bless. ✞

  182. The father of the two precious children stabbed to death by their nanny in NY City also had ties to the LIBOR scandal, he was reporting on it in the media hot and heavy.

  183. When I first heard about the shooting,I turned to my wife and said the goverment is behind this and they did it for gun control! Some people might say that they would not hurt children but we have to realize that they have killed women and children by the thousands during war, and for the goverment gun control is a war!

  184. I’ve one friend who had already proposed this. I tend not to agree, BUT I won’t dismiss it. I find it more than a little interesting that secular History Channel programs on Nostradamus raise the question of whether Obama is the third and final Antichrist.

    Bottom line for Christians is that it is GOD Who is in control – NOT men. And that EVERY leader in history was placed there according to God’s will and purposes.

    So, I’ll continue proclaiming Jesus before this world – and pray to do so more plainly and more often in the coming days.

  185. The twin towers, bengazi, colorado, and newtown were ALL government jobs. The NEW WORLD ORDER is upon us and unless we as citizens stand up to our failing government then we will suffer a terrible demise in the coming years. This is truth.

  186. I do agree with most of what she said, I know many times the public is never told many of the facts about situations, recently in my own life my niece was murdered and we cannot get any answers from the authorities. Her boyfriend was in prison at the time and he had called us trying to get the police to come and talk to him, he has information about someone he thinks could have something to do with it, we have asked them to talk to him, they won’t.

  187. If you really want to read something interesting that our government is doing that most people don’t know about, google HUD Camps and read about what they are going to be used for!

  188. Great now you got me wanting to search out LIBOR and find out if these connections are in fact true. IF the two shootings are connected to LIBOR, then we are in worse trouble than I had already feared.

  189. This kid killed his mother then went to the school. There is in fact a dead mother, how did that all happen? Did the Government kill his mother then brought the guy to school to frame? I really doubt it. I think all the mix up was just poor reporting, that isn’t uncommon in the beginning of a story. I’m not siding with our Government, I don’t trust their motives either. But, I don’t think this was them, personally.

  190. I was just telling my husband the other night that I thought this whole thing was a government deal. I’m not normally a “conspiracy theorist” but this whole thing is incredibly fishy. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

  191. I’m pleased you mention this. but I’m just questioning how the UN small arms treaty, which was proposed in 1961, now all of a sudden is getting pushed through legislation so quickly. 40 years of nothing, and now it has enormous backing. questionable issue number one.

  192. Actually. What happened to guy in woods with camo gear on? What was it said over MANY different news stations that the kid used hand guns. Never was a AR rifle mentioned. What’s Obama want to take away and halt the sales and owner ship of? ASSAULT RIFLES. The news is paid for by government and controlled by are government. I spoken to many, many military personal whom where over seas from Iraq to Afghanistan whom said the news never gave the true reports of what was really going on. All in all it’s a bigger plan in place for what’s really to come. It’s another 9/11 all over again but in this case using what all Americans are afraid of. Are children, and schools where are kids spend most of there day 5 days a week. WHAT IS THERE DO IS THE QUESTION?????

  193. Add in the Police radio traffic where one of the first responders was around the side, or back of the school and stated (after being alerted to possible two shooters) “They are coming at me” (or similar, with emphasis on “They”). A short time later he exclaims he has one on the ground “proned out”. Was this Adam, or?? Wasn’t Adam found inside the school? Additionally,, there was an Officer that exclaimed that there were ” multiple firearms including long guns and a shotgun”. These original transmissions are now very hard to find as the majority of links out there are “edited” versions and these statements have been removed. WHY?
    Who did the Police chase down in the woods? There is video of it!
    AND, we are told how heroic the Principle was for rushing the shooter. That’s fine, but just who the hell is the witness that saw her rushing the shooter and lived to tell about it?! Was it the one that was shot in the foot (and survived?) The lone person shot only one time and survived? What’s the story there?
    Yes, this stinks to high hell people. It’s a massive cover-up and being used as a catalyst to further disarm “The American People”.

    • Mick, WHAT A GREAT OBSERVATION!! Who DID witness the principle rushing the shooter? Not ONE adult witness has been found. So how do they know she did that? A MOST excellent observation, young man!

  194. I agree with all of this. I don’t know if this has anything to do with anything, but I feel that the government may target or “use” certain men to do these things now and promise them help afterwards. Immediately after the shooting in Portland, Oregon, they were on the phone with a man that had just ran out of the mall and was talking to the News LIVE. He said, ” I don’t know why, but he kept holding the gun up really high when he was shooting, it didn’t make any sense.” The gunman fired over 60 shots, but only two people dead. Is it possible that he was “hired” to do this, but tried his best not to actually kill anyone? It’s a crazy thought I know but just running through my mind.

  195. THANK GOD! I believe the SAME thing!! None of this makes any sense at all. I’ve posted blog after blog on “Huffington Post” which is a JOKE and I haven’t seen many of my posts. I saw that they’ve removed a few. I commented on the letter from the 10 year old girl to Anderson Cooper, which I think is baloney, and haven’t seen it posted. THANK YOU for THIS ARTICLE and I’m going to pass it on to everyone I know!!!!!

  196. You are making very sever accusation. I fail to see correct reference for what you state, especially in the part where you say the guns were “legally registered”. What does that exactly mean?
    Sorry if I sound naïve, but I am interested in understanding more. thank you

  197. wow! i, like other readers, felt bad for thinking these things while all of this tragedy was playing out. But my gut kept telling me, doesnt the government think this is overkill? i mean they didnt do a very good job spacing out these latest murders bc to me it just screams too big of a coincidence that we have had more shootings this year than ever before. i wanted, and still do, to ignore this gut feeling bc i wish so much to be naive and believe that no one would ever be capable of so much cruelty, but it is a sick beast that is in charge with no remorse, only an agenda. i was also watching all of the coverage all day from the moment it first broke. i called my husband changing info several times throughout the day and i thought, how can people be sooo screwed up on their info? like you, i thought this is too fishy. we are all puppets and our government are all contolling us and turning us into the directions they want us to go. i hate watching more and more people be fooled by our media and our president and government. blind sheep sending us all to slaughter…

  198. I believe a government conspiracy is not only plausible but it would definitely make sense. Be ready and be prepared for what’s to come and rest assured, no matter who you are or where your at our own government will be trying to control this situation with faulty information and tyranny!! Now do we let them get away with it or do we as a people stand together to fight?! I know I’m ready for a long fight and I’m ready to put a foot up Obama and anyone elses asses that try to get in my way of a free nation to be governed by FREE people for FREE people!!!

  199. Oddly i would like to add, it was first mentioned there were 2 out of state vehicles and only one still at the school and this was supposed to be being ivestigated?? Did the roommate return home and kill himself? Also in the beginning wasn’t it reported that the brother had been shot at home and then he came to the school to kill his mom, who was a teacher. I have never seen a story change so much in such little time, his age changed twice, then it was said he had his brother’s id, or was his brother with him and lost his id in the school, too many unanswered questions for sure. I do not know what the bottom line is, no matter what this was a tragedy, and a horrible crime. 😦

  200. I’m so glad you wrote this. The first thing that went through my mind whenI finally sat down and read the news article was “wow, that’s awfully convenient”. We’ve heard nothing else about the fellow who shot up the theatre in Aurora and now this comes along…gun control gun control. At this point…any kind of control, keep the masses fat and happy and complacent. You can bet weapons purchases sky-rocketed this week. Keep writing and thanks so much for putting it out there!!

  201. It’s beyond me that we use armed guards at banks, sporting events and at malls, but have turned our schools into Gun Free Zones. My wife had here purse searched before going to a recent game. Are not our children the most precious natural resource we have? Why can’t we use guns to guard them? Are you kidding me? We have our priorities all messed up! We have actually passed legislation to make schools killing fields!
    The same idiots that are all over the news calling for more legislation are the ones that screwed it up. Now they want to be the ones to TRY to fix it? Are you kidding me?
    I say we have “Armed” parents with CCW’s that have already passed background checks provide roaming security at our schools. Who better to guard the children….”Armed Parents”!

    • Nope. No adult witnesses- no child witnesses either except that one boy who escaped. No one appears to have questioned him yet. No videos either- and at a school that had JUST upgraded its security. And now, miraculously, despite ALL reports that only handguns were found on Lanza’s dead body, the just released CN police report quietly includes the bushmaster rifle as being found on Lanza. What a spectacular lie! But they needed to fix the really awkward situation of that bogus coroner stating that ALL the wounds were caused by an assault rifle, didn’t they? What’s one more lie among so many?

  202. well interesting reading but feel quite the opposite..Watched CNN myself when inall went down I think they got false info and reported it before checking things out..the state police during updates clearly stated the media was reporting false info…and that the whole true picture to why when and how would not come to light for sometime..I am sure interviews with survivors have taken place but everything will never truly be revealed to the public. Parents having guns in there home while raising children is so off the spectrum..let alone parents who have kids with emotional problems..Innocent way a conspiracy..just another horrific horrifc tragedy with someone unstable whose mother had lots of guns and trained her emotional son to shoot, and those really have been the only true media reporting that they can prove so far that are actual. Have a heart people!!!

  203. I still want to see the “smoking guns”…….where is the tape of camera footage that the school apparently had……….who are the other 2 suspects that the police said they had arrested as detailed in the police radio tapes, only then will I be satisfied. There are so many unanswered questions and the Presstitutes are not asking them. The mind control media has let us down once again.

  204. I had the same thoughts and feelings, especially in regard to the UN Arms Treaty. I think this horrific assult (possibly done through mind control) was staged to put this country in a mind set to give up our 2nd Amendment. After all, what could be more painfully effective than the killing of small children! This is the one comman denominator that the very diverse people of this nation share…our passionate love for our children and the desire to protect them! The timing was effectively planned as well…right before Christmas!

  205. i watched this from the first moments unfold and something stinks for sure
    one shot the news coverage got was the car Adam used it had its door open and you could see the
    “long gun ” leaning against the front seat inside the car.
    2 why did the police helicopters chase away the news team choppers ? odd that they have covered everything since OJ.
    3 why wasn’t the weapons bought out for the news ? since Texas AM shootings they have been doing this .
    and how about the Treats made by the state police about the the statements from the police that
    any news or video that “Didn’t ” come from that podium or video that did not come from them was illegal and you would be prosecuted?
    anyone study their history ?
    ” Following a German-staged “Polish attack” on 31 August 1939, on September 1, German forces invaded Poland” this is what got WWII started and these incidents over the last 4 years has this kind of stink all over it
    Thank Little Rebel this is Bill from Face Book

  206. Doing my own research, I’m seeing that Cerberus, the company that currently owns Freedom Group, the parent of gun manufacturers: Bushmaster, DPMS and Remington is actively selling it’s stock in the company, as a result of the shooting… Oddly enough, the company that was appointed in 2011 to administrate Cerberus’ funds is…wait for it… JP Morgan Chase- A MAJOR PLAYER in the LIBOR Scandal. Odd don’t you think? You don’t often see a company that has taken major stock in a large retail manufacturer of popular hunting artillery just DUMP it’s holdings after an event like this. If they had enough faith in the company to invest in the first place, I’d assume that the responsible thing to do would be BACK UP the corporation you own so your stocks don’t plummet- unless of course JP gave them a heads up that the company will be worthless when (not IF) Obama passes gun control reform… Sounds like you can add insider trading to the jumbled pot of whacked government affairs.

  207. It all started with the shooting of the Congresswoman Giffords. The government is destroying our nation one slick trick at a time.

  208. Thank you for being strong enough to point out some very important facts and observations!!! This country is really starting to frighten me! 😥

  209. I’m all in favor of investigating these anomalies, something is definitely up. But apparently, the LIBOR connection isn’t true, in either shooting case. That doesn’t disqualify everything else. But let’s be careful we don’t get behind strawman arguments that can be used to discredit the entire concept.

  210. I am shocked !!! Thanks for all the info !! I think it is time we stopped believing in the fairy tale that gun control will save us all from gun violence. Here is something to think about, if we all carried guns those who sought to slaughter the weak and defensless would be far less likely to attempt to do so and far less likely to succeed in their desire!!!!

  211. I was getting updates as they happened. It seemed odd to me, that all these points you make are correct, from the man in the woods (who WAS he), to the guns. I keep asking my husband, how could he have shot all those kids with the rifle, if they say they found it it in the back seat of the car. THEN: they say that it was a shotgun in the back of the car, and not a rifle, and the rifle killed all those kids. So which is it? The facts vary from channel to channel, and I do believe there is a coverup, for people are now being arrested for going against the police claims now. They dont want anyone finding out their true story about all this. This whole thing smells like fish in Denmark.

  212. Wow, you r incredibly brave and i commend u!! Glad to kniw there is at least 1 person who doesnt want this to go unnoticed!!!

  213. I am very glad you are sharing this information. However, I feel I must clarify/correct one point made. Asperger’s Syndrome is NOT a mental illness and it does not include any violent tendencies. Though the other aspects of Adam’s mental health may not be publicized, I assure you that Asperger’s was not the cause. It is instead a developmental disorder. I become very concerned when this aspect of the shooter gets linked to this horrific act. Millions struggle with Pervasive Developmental Disorders. They are not violent solely because of this diagnosis.

  214. From day one, my husband has thought this same thing. Not to sound too paranoid but the TIMING of this event with that of the bill regarding gun ownership, renewal, etc coming up for vote (now might not happen because of this incident), the president pushing gun control laws, the UN small arms treaty, and other events that are eroding away our rights and liberties. The ‘gun free’ zones are where you have issues.

  215. The principal installed a security system as soon as she took her position. You would think that part of a system where you are required to be buzzed in the building would have cameras everywhere… I think that a “Little Brother” system is beginning to be not so bad of an idea… We need to be watching out for ourselves just as much, if not more, than the Government needs to be watching us…

  216. We should not discount anything. I do not believe in coincidences in something like this. All the pieces fit so well together. You hope and pray it is not so, but there is evil in our present government every bit as evil as the young, disturbed man that killed in Connecticut that day…..

  217. There are still 2 witnesses who are injured and giving information. Why not wait and hear more from them. The reports of the 2nd gunman were just premature just like the killer was Ryan Lanza. Seriously a 2nd gunman leaving in a purple van? (that’s what the report was) cause that wouldn’t be easy to track down…. You can’t seriously believe all the stuff you hear from the media as it’s happening.

    • KDNY- and months later.. we still have no adult witnesses, no children witnesses that we know about, no motive, no video, no nothing. Just an amazing MIRACLE that despite ALL reports to the contrary, the CN police have quietly added a bushmaster rifle to the guns located on Lanza’s body. Even more miraculous that Jesus’ conception, no?

  218. First….I want to say THANK YOU FOR BEING AN AMERICAN!! I have heard for YEARS that MANY horrible incidences in the world are created by the US government. I myself have been dealing with a governmental hospital that was just letting me get sicker and sicker with my disease and doing NOTHING to help. I saved myself and researched….I myself heard news reports say one thing and then another…You might get attacked, but at least you are aware! They are trying to kill us with chemicals and depleted foods. If you want to screw the government start supplementing with organic vitamins and minerals. Don’t let them kill you and everyone else who is not rich and evil! Good luck to you and thanks for this blog posting!

  219. As I read this article and viewed the links and also read the comments…. The whole time I am thinking to myself….. “If this conspiracy is real…. I must be missing something.” Because If the government wanted to take over and take the 2nd amendment away…… Why would they have to go through all this and kill our babies…. If they wanted to do what is being implied… They could just do it.

    • No, Kelli, they couldn’t just ‘do it’. How will they actually GET them all? How do they prevent a revolution if they simply declare a new law which violates the Bill of Rights so blatantly? Americans have NEVER been willing to give up our Second Amendment rights- NEVER. So, killing little children is a good way to shock the nation into COMPLIANCE. They need us to AGREE with them. No amount of murders in the past has changed our minds. They needed something truly shocking- something that would hit us hard- something like the unreasonable deaths of 5 year olds. Our government routinely bombs kids in other countries. They have no loyalty to country. What are a few more children added to the hundreds already being killed in drone attacks? While it might be hard to believe our OWN government is willing to act so brutally, I have to ask you: do you think American politicians are not like other politicians throughout time and the world? World domination, murder, lust, a need for adoration- these are hallmarks of dictators throughout the world- and throughout human history. We are not immune. Only our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, etc, have PREVENTED the rise of a dictator. And the funny thing is this: THOSE are the very documents that are under attack by Obama right now. THINK about it. Once you weaken those bulwarks of freedom, you remove the very things preventing the dictators & kings & megalomaniacs. We support those documents or we deserve tyranny.

  220. I have to wonder…2 fathers of guys who have committed mass shootings were scheduled to testify in this libor scandal…..the odds of coincidence are just too great…I mean really too great….there’s something here…

  221. On Friday the news reported that handguns were used and an assault rifle was found in the gunman’s car. Now the story is he used a rifle. Which is it?

  222. Those of us who have seen “action” in the military, can attest that 27 kills with 100 shots is unheard of even among seasoned proffessionals. For a mentally unstable person who has never seen real-life warfare, I don’t care how many hours he played the “Call of Duty” video game, that percentage is totally impossible. Every shot would have to be a head or heart shot, and all victims would have just stand there waiting their turn, none would be allowed to duck down, run, or hide.

  223. Thank God that there are other people out there that think the same way I do. From the first minutes I saw the news coverage about a second shooter, I knew something was up and right away the Batman shooting came to mind. Our government has been setting, “false flag ops” for over half a century; and I believe this is one of them. What better way to push gun control then for little children to be killed by “guns”. This is all part of the governments plan to do away with the second amendment and to start another civil war in this country!! Just look at how much ammo and guns and bullet proof checkpoints have been bought up by the government just this year!!

    The time is coming once again for this nation to defend itself from an out of control government!

  224. Brilliant work. Thanks for doing what I have been avoiding. I have my own blog but chose not to do a write up on this story. You are EXACTLY right about Peter Lanza and the father of the Aurora shooting. There’s more, but you seem resourceful enough I won’t give out goodies you probably can find out on your own. There is a direct link. You’re also correct that it was government orchestrated. You’re correct on the differing reports along the way. There’s more to it than “gun control” or “treaties” and possibly more to it than “Libor” and the fiscal cliff. You’ll find out as you do you’re digging. Just remember we are being monitored and our data imprint collected. GBU

  225. scroll down to the bottom. I do agree that media is bias. I do not however think all the facts in this article are accurate. The think the messing up of facts by the media are because the media doesnt wait long enough for the investigation to be done. They want to hype up everything. Its not interesting enough to say we do not have the facts right now but we will get back to you when we do. I don’t understand how they can mistake the part about Adams mom being a teacher there though but media is the media. Like the gov. you can not trust them. With that said. I don’t put anything past government. They want more than anything to disarm us.

    • Im replying to my own comment. I am in the process of watching the links you posted. They are an eye opener. I do not doubt any shady business or horrid thing this gov. does. We are in the midst of some serious changes. Get serious with God is all I can say.

  226. What does him being “too mentally ill” have to do with his Aspergers Syndrome diagnosis? Why are there so many people spreading misinformation regarding Aspergers Syndrome which is NOT a mental “illness?” If he had mental illness it would have been in addition to his Aspergers Syndrome. If he had other aggression issues it would have been in addition to his Aspergers Syndrome or as a result of how he was raised.

    The one thing that rings clear… his mother should have had all of her firearms secured. If the news reports were right he tried and failed to purchase firearms on his own and then resorted to stealing his mother’s firearms. If the news report was right she may have died trying to stop him from taking her firearms. But again they should have been secured.

  227. Reblogged this on Ask ReView Anything and commented:
    Short Little Rebel has hit the hammer on the head. My eyebrows are raised and my eyes are scanning. Could there be some truth to this? If there is what does this mean as far the President goes? Sounds like a Water-Gate scandal, or something even worse. Read Short Little Rebel’s write up about the events that happened in Newtown, CT. and voice your opinion on her thoughts. Like her facebook page and subscribe! Thanks Short Little Rebel really enjoyed your post!

  228. For the love of GOD people please google some info on the connections between the Sandy Hook shooting and the Batman Premiere shooting. It’s PROFOUND. Fast forward to the 1 hour 58 minute mark of The Dark Knight Rises, ZOOM IN, and watch Commissioner Gordon point to a place on the map that reads SANDY HOOK. Something is happening here!

  229. Respect you for putting yourself out there and publishing this blog. You will surely be attacked by many. But it is people like you I have the utmost respect for. It is good to be open-minded and quite frankly, I don’t put ANYTHING past the government. Great insight and thank you.

  230. i just would like to first say that Esther is an idiot…
    Esther says:
    December 17, 2012 at 9:59 pm
    The government has NEVER been above killing the kids among its citizens. It pays army recruiters every year to recruit kids, kids on the brink of adulthood that the government has no problem sacrificing in wars and batttles and everything related.

    as a former military member as well as a recruiter, joining the military is an honor. something i hold very dear to my heart. i have sacrificed alot over time. missing my baby girls first steps, her first words, birthdays, anniversaries, christmas, etc. i did all this for you. every single one of us is free to make our own choices. we do not force these kids to join, they join because they have the same respect and honor and need to defend our very freedom. and the whole time, we have to listen to idiots like you who think that we are a bunch of killing machines. i dont recall you saying that you served, that you fought for your country, that you protected my family. alot of people talk about alot of things they have no clue about for example, this blog. im not saying i agree or disagree but i have fought for you to have this blog. do you think hitler would have let you have this blog…i think not. its because of the amazing men and women of our military who serve because they want to. they do not join as some suicide attempt knowing they will go overseas and get killed. these things happen, its called war. so basically i am saying, you are a tree hugging, ignorant, unintelligent, idiot who has no clue what it means to serve in the United States Military. i think until you do know what that means, then you should probably shut your pie whole and keep your stupid comments to yourself.

    • Josh, believe me. MOST of Americans love you and honor you. THAT is a fact. I know I do. I just want you all to be very careful about NDAA 2012, Obama’s new 23 Executive Orders to ‘control guns’ and dare I say- NDAA 2013- which is rumored to include stripping citizenship from U.S. citizens arrested as ‘enemy combatants’ with the ability to send us overseas. I honor the Oathkeepers. I hope you do too. Soldiers need to discuss this brand new license to kill and arrest U.S. citizens. Also the use of drones to do the same. I know you can’t respond. Just THINK and discuss quietly. Have you seen my report that states that ex-soldiers are being categorized as mentally unstable- thus unable to manage their paychecks and have access to weapons of any kind? This government KNOWS that the military- ESPECIALLY those who have served in combat- are patriotic to the core. They know you will be the ones organizing a civilian uprising if it occurs. They are attempting to place an iron grip around your necks to prevent you from aided us. But we NEED you and need you desperately if this government begins to forcibly disarm us and/or arrest/ detain or kill us in the process. See link:

  231. Thank You for saying out loud, what most of us have been thinking since day one! Our government is as crooked and Godless as it can be. There will be a special place in Hell for everyone that was involved with this horrible event!

  232. While I do not share the Christian values of yours , I do agree with the facts as they are presented here and what I have seen and heard from different sources throughout the incident . False flag operations are in full swing as the the last election didn’t work out as planned by the elite of the world and they see their fortunes threatened by an awakening of the people around the globe . The people of the world are fed up with persecution and oppression from many fronts and that has boiled over into anarchy of which is exposing the forces at work to enslave the world populace . I saw a man with a sign that read , ” The world is 16 trillion dollars in debt ! Who is it in debt to ? ” Find the answer to that question and you’ll discover who and why such things are going on .

  233. I posted alot of things about more than one gunman and the state troopers are now throwing out threats about ANYONE who is questioning how they conducted the investigation. They are threatening to prosecute anyone posts ‘misinformation’ on Facebook, yet they have posted TONS of misinformation in the media about what really happened. They locked down the school and no other independent investigation could be done to see if there were any other gunmen or other bullets. They said Adam was shot in the front of his head, which is unusual for anyone who shoots himself in head. Media was not allowed to be close enough to the scene because kids were involved to know anything. Because of this, there are alot of things that the CT troopers can cover up without anyone, including the media knowing.

  234. You are a brave woman…. There are many people who will read this article.. more than maybe we wish to know. There are probably people that will read this that do know more truth than any of us.
    Alls I have to say to you, is: I appreciate you posting information that most dont want to hear or even think about.. but I believe it is truth, truth we MAY never actually receive.. Just like most horrific events that take place in “our” lives as Americans… we never really know the facts. WE just know what THEY tell us to believe.

    thank you,
    stay safe

  235. Also, why were the families not allowed to look at their children? i know it would have been terrible to look upon your child dead but don’t most families have to identify their family member? Yet neither family(too my understanding) got to see their child being taken away? What is this? We know our government is controlled by satan but do they not think that people like us have discernment from God? Smh. Such a horrible tragedy.:(

  236. Shannon, Thank you for this very perceptive article. I am a moderator of a national weekly conference call / show. Tonight on the show we plan to discuss the Sandy Hook school shooting. We would be honored for you to join us and share your views and information. The call begins at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. Please email me for further information.

  237. According to LinkedIn there is a Nancy Lanza in Hartford, CT who is in finance at either Smith Barney or Morgan Stanley…some are suggesting she may have been the LIBOR whistleblower

  238. FYI: The motto of this Government is, “By any means necessary”! Has anyone noticed that these mass shootings are coming more frequently over the last few years? Some people were not outraged enough when soldiers got shot in the Fort Hood shooting. So, let’s add children to the equation! After witnessing the atrocities that the U.S government is capable of, it’s not much of a stretch to believe said government is responsible for these shootings! Poor enough psychotropic drugs in a person and you can convince them to do mass murder! The end result is the same. Disarm this nation!!

  239. “Also, it seems highly unlikely, based on descriptions of Adam, that he could have purchased all that black ops gear! The guy is described as being so shy that he would hug the school walls when someone approached him!”

    so this kid doesn’t the capacity to go to the store but somehow is able to be relied upon to be the pawn to carry out a school shooting with worldwide banking implications? the bible is more believable than this “theory”

  240. We would like to invite you to come on our call-show this evening as we will be devoting the entire 2nd and 3rd hour of our show to the Sandy Hook massacre.

    here’s the Link for THURSDAY’s Show # 281

    The call-show begins as 8 pm but He should be ready by 845 pm central time.

    Call (218) 339-6901 and the PIN code is 5092984

    He can call me to chat or I can call him 847-979-9090.

    • would have loved to- but I only just got your message today! unfortunately, there are still thousands to go! Isn’t it interesting that the CN police has just quietly released a report that, despite EVERY report saying otherwise, a bushmaster rifle was ‘found’ on Lanza’s dead body? Now that miracle is even more astounding than Christ’s virgin birth, is it not? I guess they needed to explain that fake coroner’s public statement that ALL the wounds were caused by an ‘assault rifle’, huh? That was the GIANT hole in the story- guess a convenient lie settles the whole matter, doesn’t it?

  241. CNN article:
    By Susan Candiotti and Sarah Aarthun, CNN
    updated 12:19 AM EST, Sat December 15, 2012

    Three weapons were recovered from the school: a semi-automatic .223 Bushmaster found in a car in the school parking lot, and a Glock and a Sig Sauer found with Lanza’s body, a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation said. The weapons were legally purchased by Lanza’s mother, the official said.

  242. I agree some things are fishy with this whole tragedy, but taking our guns away will NOT solve a single problem! Drugs are illegal and people still get them. If somebody wants to kill someone they will, with gun control or not!

  243. Wow, this is really frightening me. I have had similar feelings about the whole thing. Right from the start, all wrong info was given. Nothing they are telling us make sense. I also had a thought deep down inside of me, saying that this was a deliberate event staged for reasons that are unspeakable. I had to push it out of my thinking, it is so painful to even think we have this kind of evil in this country, actually in this world.

  244. Another few points I would like to add to this article….

    Last week on The View, Chris Cuomo reported that the FBI and Ct. State Police had confiscated all the computer hard drives in the house with evidence that this kid…OR SOMEONE had smashed them in the hopes of covering up their tracks. Both departments of the authorities have come to understand the motive but Cuomo stated that it would not be made public?

    Now on another note that I have had a problem with since I watched the reports that this mother, single mother if a son with AS is a gun owner…which is not the problem What I have a question about is….a handgun or two…I can see…but why that rifle? She does not present to be a person who grew up in such an environment that she would be exposed to such a weapon. Now mind you I am an NRA advocate and grew up in a gun ownership environment as a child. I have worked around the military but the conflicting stories here are that this woman was a teacher at this school and then she wasn’t, maybe she was a sub…whatever. She doesn’t profile to me as a person who would just up one day and decide she wants a weapon such as this????

    And again…she would take a son who suffers with AS to a gun range????

    It was also reported that the surviving son of this woman works for Earnst and Young…..and was hired while his father was on the top tier of management there.

  245. It gets even stranger ………… A startling video is making the rounds that seems to indicate that either there was some sort of media or government manipulation at a press conference for the Sandy Hook victims families or, although less likely, actors are being used in what would be one of the most blatant false flags in recent history. In the video, Robbie Parker, the father of slain 6-year-old Emily Parker, can be seen smiling and laughing before asking someone if he should, “read off the card.”

  246. “I believe our GOVERNMENT shot those kids and teachers and used Adam Lanza and his family to pull it off.” That is a STRONG statement. I think the same thing. The rash of elicit shooting is FAR from coincidence. There is something afoot here and I do believe the government is behind this or I should say the big banks to remove the PEOPLES ability to fight back when they decide to take control. The MIC has been in control for 100 years. It’s time to destroy the Fed and take back our country!

  247. As I sat here and watched they said 2 shooters and the assalt rifle was still in some car. Oh and that the mother was a teacher at the school and was teaching 2nd grade and he shot the motherand all the children in her class. Now the whole thing has changed. The story just hasnt been coming together from day one. I said there is something strange going on.

  248. also to add again if it is indeed such a close knit community why would the lady being interviewed not know if the alleged shooter’s mother was a sub or not she should have known

    • How hard would it be to ascertain if she was a teacher or not? First yes, then no, then a sub, then not a sub, then they never heard of her before. So, what is the MOTIVE for lanza to shoot five year olds?

  249. False Flag attacks are nothing new. However 98% of Americans have no idea what they are. Operation Northwoods was just brought to light by ABC new, even though the “Conspiracy Theory” world has been talking about it for years. Also Cheney proposed US special forces dressed in Iranian Military Garb to attack Navy Ships to facilitate the war. These multinational Corporate and offfshore Banking elite (Progressives as you call them) care nothing for the sanity of life. Just Power and Money. An armed population only hinders their agenda. Keep up the good fight.

  250. I hope and pray our Gov would not do this!!!! BUT….One thing that really bothers me the most (if I heard this correctly anyway)……is that the computer hard drives in his house had all been pretty much destroyed….:/ I just really don’t think HE would have thought about doing that, j/s

  251. You will not be attacked by me in any way…. very good insight. But I will say that people need to educate themselves on Asperger’s and Autism in general. My son is on the spectrum and by no means are they mentally ill or mentally incapable of functioning in normal life. They are not nonfunctional human beings. They just like you and me except they struggle a little more with every day tasks. Please educate yourselves on the syndrome and the spectrum before you make judgements about kids that battle with this disease everyday.

  252. all the info was confusing at first since the majority of adult credible witnesses were dead or in shock. The poor 6 year old witnesses that did make it were too shaken to speak. The poor families have suffered enough without seeing this nonsense. I pray to God every night that he can bring peace to those parents who will never see their precious angels again. I think all schools should have a security system that includes windows and door and automatically calls 911 if a window breaks or someone tries to break in. Merry christmas to all and cherish the moments with the ones you love and most importantly send your energies and prayers to those who feel an emptiness that is going to be in their hearts

  253. Well, I’m glad someone has their thinking cap on, and doesn’t just blindly follow mainstream media! Thank you for this!

  254. also, isnt it strange at first there were no reports of an “assault rifle”. then it was reported there was one but it was in the trunk. then it changed it being the main weapon he used?

  255. Susan, the first thing my mother and I said when we heard the news was ” Obama did this to pass his gun control”! So many gun sprees within days of eachother was overkill and convinced me there was something more. I worry for you. Take this theory to Fox and talk to those reporters. They are the only media that still believes in digging for the truth, just like Benghazi!
    I believe you are putting the puzzle together,
    Stay well and keep us informed. Good luck to you….=)

  256. I still say the mexican gun running was a ploy to get people killed and use that to support their gun laws, it just backfired we have the most corrupt gov ever kinda chicago politics at its most rotten

  257. Check this out. Friday I heard about the connections between the two fathers. Curious I went to Snopes to check if they had anything. They discredited the link between the two. Still curious I dug a little deeper. Come to find out, Snopes has a financial backer by the name if George Soros. Soros is a global banker/ hedge fund financier involved with the LIBOR scandal. No wonder they discredited the connection.

  258. Wow, all I can say is wow! I knew Obama’s tears were fake the moment he started talking. My gosh his whole campaign was fake and even the dumb people admitted they voted for him not because he would make a good president but because he was a good speaker. I believe deep down he has no sympathy for our country and is doing everything in his power to completely take over and make us depend on the USA which is just what he wants. If this is true (which I do totally believe it) then he is the BIGGEST COWARD of all time for using that many small lives and hurting that many families. Just goes to show you that he has no Christian beliefs. It sickens me to think of how many idiots voted for him and are proud to say they did. May God be with our country.

  259. Also, (I didnt read all the comments so someone else might have already said this but ) they originally said 2 were dead at the residence of Adam and then no further mention of it. not even to say that the original report of “2” was wrong or they were mistaken.

  260. This piece was posted on my Facebook page and I am so glad it was. I DID NOT hear about any of the other things that are mentioned here but being an NRA advocate and a true believer that there are agendas in the country…the world… that will purposely manipulate things to facilitate their agendas.

  261. So glad you wrote this piece!!! I agree with you 100%! There are so many people who don’t see that something is stinky…they just accept the information that is given to them and don’t stop to really think about the bigger picture and the inaccuracies they are being fed. We need to keep digging and keep shouting about what we find! Fighting the good fight, keeping the faith all the while!

  262. for those saying and thinking Obama and the government would not and could not have innocent children killed, watch this video. WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES TOWARD THE END OF THE VIDEO!!!!

  263. a guy made a you tube and said there was 3 shooeter. the one n the woods and another person they had lying on the ground in handcuffs just outside the school, whether there as 1 or 2 or 3 ( i heard the audio of the police sayign they hae a 2nd party and have him proned) i still say Govenment can not be trusted and i believe they are behind alot more htings than just htis

  264. i have said about 9/11 from the beginning it was our own government and i believe they are just corrupt and want total control and would absolutly do something this horrid. look at things that have been done in the past and how many stories of corruption and money wasting tales are out about crooked politicians. i have posted many statements about the blind sheep we have become and believe these statements to be true in fact. thanks for helping to open so many eyes as we continue to give away our rights and control of ourselves to..the greatest mafia..our government! heads up america you have set a course for disaster and now you have witnessed a tragedy as a result of your giving up and guving in!

  265. There is a continual misconception that aspergers is a mental illness. It is NOT. Adam Lanza obviously had a mental illness in addition to asperger’s, but I just want to clarify that people with asperger’s are NOT violent. It is important that people are more accurately educated about this.
    Otherwise, you made some thought-provoking points. I appreciate you pointing out the many disparities in this case. Scary.

  266. Uhmmmm Ive read a few of the news stories the reporters are asked not to ask questions about what happened inside the school they dont want that information getting out for 2 reasons 1 the family does not need to know details of how their children died and 2 for any copycats who are thinking of doing the same thing they are afraid it will give them ideas as for as far as any altercations between Lanza and the school they said in their live interview with the newtown sheriff that did not happen their was no report of any altercation at the school on thursday at all the interview can be found on youtube im sure if anyone who hasnt seen it

  267. The same morning it happened and I saw the report of the look-alike school attack in China (however with a knife, not a gun), I said, “This could not go better for gun control if it was scripted.” I’m starting to think that it was scripted.

  268. I won’t say that our gov’t would never do something like what you say, because it is easy to believe. However your omplaints of lack of witnesses. I will tell you as a teacher, the last thing on a school employees mind is to see who is shooting. Our top priority is the classrooms full of children and it is easy for me to believe that witnesses are dead- the principal ran out and was immediatley shot. The teachers in classrooms were shot. During lockdown procedures, our first order of business is to lock our doors, turn off our lights and get our children to the safest place in the room and keep them quiet. And Journalists are prostitutes, thus why they would ask questions that people want to hear them asking rather than the hard hitting questions that matter, especially with a child. No one want to see a child grilled- that is for the officers to do because it is necessary. Not to mention, parents have a large say in what you can and can not ask their child if they choose to allow the interview at all.

    • still no witnesses, still no videos, still no motive, still no explanation why they even mentioned his mother & the school in one sentence, etc. We will NEVER hear the facts of Sandy Hook. Of that, I can assure you.

  269. I already had the smelly feeling about this event. The rifle thing bothered me the most – its in the car!! How did he use it? Lanza was the 27th victim.

    I recieved this email the day after the shooting: I have no ideal who it was from

    The primary-school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, approximately 45 miles from the Colt Arms Factory, is just another one in the long line of government psyops designed to persuade the public to allow the government to take away their guns, and their means to defend themselves against the government and the banksters that the politicians really serve.

    The small children murders are designed to create hysterical emotions in women to get them to demand that guns are banned. If that doesn’t work they will continue with their evil agenda with worse and worse atrocities on younger children, until they get their way and disarm the people, so that they cannot fight back against government tyranny.

    Newtown is the U.S.A.’s Dunblane, which was orchestrated in Scotland in 1996 by the British establishment, to whip up hysteria in order to ban all handguns from the U.K. It was a follow-up to the Hungerford Massacre in England in 1987, which was carried out by mind-controlled Michael Ryan, who then shot himself so he could not be questioned, and it was used to ban semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

    It’s always the same people behind it – the gun-grabbers who want the people to be defenceless against the gun-grabbers’ employers – the banksters who own all of the politicians. They get their politicians to pass legislation for them, in order to remove the people’s freedoms and means of defending themselves, and enslave them in a draconian police-state, under a mountain of debt, and then exterminate the useless-eaters.

    The Dunblane massacre was supposedly carried out by Thomas Hamilton, who was a paedophile and procurer of children, for a high level paedophile ring involving senior members of the Tony Blair Labour-Party shadow-cabinet and others. The massacre served two purposes, it achieved their desired handgun-ban and killed the abused children, so they could not be witnesses against the elite-paedophiles. They then had the findings of the inquiry sealed for 100 years, which is proof of the above.

    Like Newtown there were two shooters, Hamilton and a hit-man who shot Hamilton and made it look like Hamilton committed suicide after shooting 16 children, so that he couldn’t be questioned. Hamilton was found in the school gymnasium slumped against a wall and still gurgling, when an off-duty policeman PC Grant McCutcheon entered the gym and saw two semi-automatic pistols, one on either side of Hamilton’s body.

    The autopsy revealed that Hamilton was killed with a .38 revolver. These people always slip-up with their crimes. There was no .38 revolver for him to have shot himself with. Thus, there was a second shooter who killed Hamilton.

    Similarly, the first reports from Newtown were of two shooters, just like mind-controlled James Holmes in the Denver Batman Cinema massacre, the story then quickly changes to just one.

    Columbine was similar, in that a team of shooters in black outfits were seen there and the two accused were on mind-altering prescription-drugs.

    Wake up and see the pattern and their modus operandi and don’t fall for it. Never let them take your guns, except from your cold dead hands.

    All of these are staged events to whip-up hysterical public support for banning the people from having guns. It works the same in every country – Hungerford in England, Dunblane in Scotland, Port Arthur in Australia and the list in America is endless, because of the Second Amendment and the people having a pro-gun culture. That makes it much more difficult to break the Americans’ love of guns and the Second Amendment, which was put in place to protect the people from the government.

    Gun bans work well for tyrants. They worked well for Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao, to name just three.

    If you want to stop these massacres, wake-up and get rid of the banksters, their puppet-politicians and all gun-grabbers; arm teachers and ban gun-free zones.

    From one who can see the pattern and hopes to enable you to see it too.

  270. You are the salt of the earth, Short Little Rebel. The world is wounded, salt burns but it also heals. As you say, you’re sure you will be attacked, yes, the atheistic liberals are swarming, mad as hornets now. But you are also getting huge cyber hugs from people like me that agree wholeheartedly with you. Keep up the good work. Always ask questions.

  271. In the recordings of the cops who were the first to go in, one of them states that there are 2 suspects running into the woods.

  272. Totally agree this was planned and put forth by the government it’s really strange that Obama vowed to take guns then moments after he’s elected we have mass shootings come one they know a large percentage of this country is dumb’d down to the point they will believe this crap. Not to mention they play this over and over on every news station how many times do they ever air anyone who got saved by a gun. Just this week my friend’s house got broke into he shot the guy and luckily prevented a murder (the criminal is still alive) so if he wouldn’t have had a gun him and his girlfriends chances of survival would have dropped dramatically and that’s what big govern wants. They want to take our guns then when the murder/crime rate rises they will take more rights to “protect us” when the answer was to leave the guns alone. While 40% of the country is drooling for obama and his free crap Im working paying taxes and that’s their target.. FACT: ~88 people got killed by a mass shootings last year (half of which were gang related). Do we blame the spoon when people get fat, have they ever tried to ban knives when murders occur, do we really want the same people who fought the war on drugs to fight the war on arms just look how good of a job they did if the same is applied here every criminal will have an arm while hardworking tax payers go to jail for protecting themselves. This is a false flag operation once you back up and stop watching fox/cnn and do just a little bit of research you can clearly see what is going on. DON’T BE A ZOMBIE!

  273. We live a town over from Newtownm. I bel;eive whole heartedly the governemtn had somehting to do with this. Because my family is moslty whiney libs that are destroying this country I can’t put that out there publicly on FB or my kids will be ostrisized by their own family. There is in fact a clip of a state trooper pulling the buchmaster out of the trunk of the shooters car. Since when can a dead man put the gun back in the car? There was report of searching for another guy , thats why I had my kids stay inside to play that day despite it actually being quite nice out, they were reporting that they were still searching for someone. You are not wrong, we all know . President Obam our communist in cheif pretended to wipe a tear from his eye during the condolence speech (whcih he also managed to fit his agendain as well) , Since when do people have tear ducts on the outer corners of their eyes? just a some food for thought

  274. Some interesting points, my only concern is that some of this information was gleaned just minutes and perhaps hours after the actual tragedy. Much of this information is usually comments taken out of context at the immediate scene of a crime. L

  275. I believe that all of us are being manipulated, lied to, abused, and our government is chiping away at all our personal rights and basic freedoms. If you tighten the gun laws all you wll do is put more illegal guns in hands of criminals while law abiding citizens will be unarmed.Our Constitution and Bill of Righs give us certain freedoms and rights. All of these are slowly being removed, altered and abused under guises of potectng us. If we as citizens do not stand up for ourself, demand that our governemt leave our rights alone, we will end up with a dictatorship not a democracy. Oh nd another thought personally I do not care about your religion, the fact you are a pagen, etc..You are wonderful, honest, and open and that is a trait that is a breath of fresh air and welcomed.

  276. The father of Newtown Connecticut school shooter Adam
    Lanza is Peter Lanza who is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial. The
    father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert
    Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO. Both men
    were to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal.

  277. I’m not sure what I believe, but a post above suggests that Emilie Parker’s father was smiling and laughing before giving his interview. Was that an implication that the families who lost their babies are also somehow involved??

    • no. the implication is that his daughter did not die that day. That he was, in fact, a Crisis Actor (they exist and do work for homeland security). No confirmation that his child actually attended that school has been provided. Also, no confirmation that his girl was killed. Just media heads talking.

  278. The fact that the FBI made the statement they didn’t know when if ever they could get in his hard drive. Please tell me this boy wasn’t smarter than everyone that works for the FBI. If they can’t find a way to break in it are they just going to quit?
    Also, people say well I don’t think our government could possibly kill children. They already do. It’s called abortion so why would anything think a situation like this is any different?!

  279. You have this and all the other shootings that has happened under this president and you can’t help to suspect this was all plots to disarm america.

  280. When all we knew was that there had been a shooting I told my husband “how much you wanna bet the gun was an AR. We seem to be having a lot of shootings with it.”. We believe he was put up to it. Most children with Aspergers are pathelogically shy and extremely non-confrontational. The way this town discribes him doesn’t seem to add up. Also our friend read to us when it happened that it was a female shooter upset that she was not included in her female military partners family activities on post. Haven’t heard anything about that since then either.

  281. You are right on target, this is exactly what my instincts told me from the get go!! Get the word out now, post this everywhere!

  282. I couldn’t agree with you more! These were/are my thoughts exactly since about 30 minutes after I heard the news and the way the media was spinning it. By the time I heard Obama say that we need “meaningful action” (which always mean unconstitutional executive order) I was pretty sure about my worries. He sacrificed those children so that he could coerce the American people into reacting and not thinking about the consequences so that he could disarm us all.

    While we’re on this – I also believe that the Deep Water Gulf Oil rig explosion was also orchestrated – they had safely worked in the gulf for 61 years with NO problems and suddenly when Obama comes in office and wants to shut down off shore oil drilling – voila we have an explosion – and he’s gotten his wish – no more oil drilling. Just seems too convenient.

  283. I absolutely HATE that you are right on target. At some point people are going to need to realize these false flag attacks and rise up. I have a feeling if they destroy the 2nd amendment. ….,

    Keep up the good work!

  284. Sadly, I think this is spot-on. There are just too many coincidences and contradictions. It’s been reported that those who question the official accounting of events were threatened with expulsion from FaceBook. There have also been reports of people being threatened with legal action from the police. I wonder why?

    What many had missed with the Aurora, CO shooting, is the fact that among the first responders was FEMA and the FBI. They just happened to be minutes away and all geared up, ready to rock’n roll? Coincidence?

    I pray for those who were killed and for those who grieve the loss of loved ones and friends.

    What’s sadder still is the mindset of those who are now calling for the elimination of all private ownership of all firearms; as a way to eliminate murder and carnage. This is the same mindset that has no compunction what-so-ever about exterminating the life of an innocent child by means of mutilation and then removing it from its mothers womb with a pair of forceps and something that looks like a stainless steel turkey baster… every 95 seconds: All done under the guise of freedom of choice.

    May God have mercy on those who seek the truth and believe in Him, and may He change the hearts and minds of those who don’t.

    Laus Deo

  285. Sure hope Homeland Security is watching this blog. Especially posts like coty1107. To even consider breaking the law and especially to carry a gun into a school is just plain and simple NUTS! Sure glad my kid is not in your school.

    • Barbara- you are exactly the kind of ding bat that Homeland Security LOVES. You are so dumb to think that if you ‘want’ them to look at MY blog that they won’t look at YOU. You are result of the federal public education system, all right… Does a bleat escape your lips for unknown reasons?

  286. I too have had these questions. Media bungles stories all the time but this was the biggest mess of reporting. Have also been watching the Libor coincidence. Armed teachers chould have changed this and the drugs this generation have been put on all these years need to be investigated as well with all their side effects

  287. I can see that you may be right about this whole story. It is a true tragedy…however…there are things that go on in our government…bad things….that no one hears about or ever will…most people are naive enough to believe anything…sometimes government does things to create a reason for something on their agenda…this is a perfect example. Sadly…they choose innocent children to be victims to promote their forced gun control stuff. Think back…9/11…the plane that “crashed”…my belief is that it was shot down…but we will never know this…thank you for at least having enough intelligence to question things…however…this tragedy will most likely cause
    a mass hysteria to take away our rights to bear arms and protect ourselves. Most schools have
    camera’s with video…perhaps they should look into that and see what really transpired.

  288. Man, we are complete polar opposites on the political spectrum, but I gotta say this is one thing we can agree on. Very good job. I blogged about this exact issue too, and very interesting that I had to go back and change half of it because the ENTIRE STORY changed this past week. There’s something wrong with that, and no matter what side of political opinion we are on, we must continue to pursue THE TRUTH!

  289. several children saw the shooter and ran past him. wasn’t the man in the woods the shooters brother?That at first had been accused of helping his brother and in first reports they got the name mixed up…..I agree the media did sorry reporting on this. like the mother being associated with the the older brothers name as shooter in the begining.I also agree with an asburgers patient having the Bs to pull off such a thing. They also said he shot out the window to the door and let himself in and went to the office area. I believe we don’t know everything and why are they being so secretive except they may think there is an accomplice. Still much to be sifted through but to say the government did this is far fetched……

    • Any good answers yet, Debbie? Of course not. And you never will get any good answers. Because the media has killed this story- and good. And… see? all Obama talks about is gun control. In fact, he has recently created 23 executive orders that could be used to DEFINE tyranny. And ALL in the name of Sandy Hook.

  290. An armed society is a safe society. Guns don’t fire themselves. Would you rob a bank if all the people inside were carrying? I don’t think so. Gun control isn’t the issue. It’s the mentality of the people who use them.

  291. I have thought from the beginning that something is up with all of the recent shootings. I don’t know how but I believe the government got to this kid. And the sickos in the White House are happy to kill innocent children because they view it as saving the lives of so many more in the future and accomplishing the mission to take guns. They’re sick. But God is watching. I just hope we’re all being paranoid.

  292. innocent people(911, batman ) are a small sacrifice to further their control, BUT INNOCENT CHILDREN… no real Human beings could be so cruel, these people have sold their souls, NO >>THEY HAVE NO SOULS_DEMONS!!!

  293. thank you. the FIRST thought I had was “Oh no, they killed children!” I knew something awful would happen to push the gun grab agenda, but this was worse than I was thinking it would be. We need to pray like crazy and get the loons out of our government NOW

  294. I, too, have had a hard time processing all this.You hear one thing, then an hour later it’s something different. But you can’t ignore the fact that our government has a history of not telling it’s citizens the truth. And let’s face it, past generations have never doubted or questioned that the government would never do anything but put the intrests of the country and it’s people first. But they lied and knew they could lie because no one would question them. Take a look on the internet for a classified operation from 1962 called Operation Northwood. This operation was declassified Nov 1997. Its a doctrine about a military and war tactic ‘false flag’. Not to bore everyone but basically it shows the lengths that government would go to get what they want. It calls for CIA and/or other operatives to commit genuine acts of terrorism in US cities on both our military and innocent civilian targets to promote and engage their agenda. Just look for it. Read it. If they were thinking it in 1962 who’s to say they wouldn’t go after what we all hold near and dear to our hearts, innocent children, babies really.

  295. Facts given:
    Note: Youtube has the transmissions from the dispatchers.
    A 20 year old man with Asperger’s syndrome, walked into a school after
    shooting his Mom three times in the face, loaded up the family arsenal
    in the car, dressed in at least $2000 dollars of body protection and
    tactical gear (How could he afford it?) drove to the Elementary School
    where he went as a child, and his mother volunteered at, unloaded the
    family arsenal onto his person’s, leaving the AR15 (that turned out to
    be a shotgun) in the trunk. This all with what the F.B.I.’s research
    states Adam Lanza “visited a gun range” once, and according to “ABC
    News investigators have determined Lanza did visit a gun range, but
    they have not determined whether he shot there”, very little training.
    As he started approaching the school, carrying multiple magazines for
    three weapons, (an AR15 and two side-arms), dressed in full body
    armor, tactical gear, and face protection covering, proceeded to fire
    approximately 200-270 rounds in 6-13 minutes (that is about 1 shot every 2.6
    (estimated) seconds, not including magazine changes (at most 9mag
    changes and time for possible jamming) *****My estimated calculations
    from the little bit of facts I can find.***** All while moving
    (reports state running) tactically room to room, with no knowledge of
    tactical movements or any tactical training, while maintaining a
    target ratio of approximately 123% ((11(average times the victims were
    hit according to the coroner) x 28(#victims)/250(Stated estimated
    quantity of rounds expended)=1.232). All this while reports from
    dispatch are telling the first responders there are TWO shooters, and
    that they should wear their bullet proof vests for safety. “One
    dispatcher notifies responding officers that a witness reported seeing
    “two shooters, running past the gym.” (All of this is in reports like
    the one posted,( Cited from Youtube direct recordings, and the
    article below) and the calculations are my math with the only
    information I could find). It doesn’t add up.

  296. I have been saying and telling people the samething since Day 1. It has started a big stink among those close to me, but it really all adds up. Atleast better than the “facts”.

  297. Once we lose gun control, we are no longer a free country, and I will fight for what little freedom we have left. GREAT ARTICLE!!

  298. While I can’t either agree or disagree with anything said here, I must admit that even to me, there is something “not right” about this whole thing! The scriptures definitely tell us over and over again that in the Last Days (which we are in) that there will be MANY Secret Combinations that will be very destructive for our society. So I have no problem in believing that this whole incident is involved, somehow, with a Secret Combination of some sort? Did the President order this shooting? Who knows?? Again regardless…something “ain’t right” about this whole thing, that’s for sure!

  299. I have a few questions:

    1) Are you saying that government agents carried out the shooting and then blamed it on Adam Lanza or that Adam Lanza did it under threat from the government?

    2) How do these shootings (Aurora, CO and Newtown, CT) give ‘the government’ leverage over the shooter’s fathers, or over their testimony? Everyone knows the identities of the shooters and their fathers. Also, if ‘the government’ wanted to secretly manipulate their testimony isn’t a highly publicized shooting (two of them, actually) an ineffective way to do that?

    3) Why do you feel that this event is any more likely to result in gun control legislation than other recent mass shootings? If this was carried out by the government for that purpose then doesn’t it stand to reason that all previous mass shootings were also instigated by the government?

    • 1) I am saying that a team of two agents likely killed everyone, including lanza- who I think was incapable of doing this.
      2) IF the connection to LIBOR is true, it would serve as a wonderful threat to other witnesses. We are talking about TRILLIONS of dollars that were stolen.
      3) Well, I have the advantage of TIME. At the time I am writing this response, (sorry, there were THOUSANDS of responses), Obama has ALREADY used the Sandy Hook victims to pass 23 of the most treacherous executive orders- all in the name of gun control but actually exert control on MANY aspects of civilian life- AND he is demanding that Congress pass even more strict laws on ‘assault rifles’ which weren’t even used in the Sandy Hook tragedy. More, he has worked with companies like Walmart to keep them from stocking bullets. Several big banks, BoA for example, are REFUSING to honor credit card transactions for guns. Anyone who thought it was STUPID to think that Sandy Hook would be used for gun control have some SERIOUS egg on their faces now, don’t they?

  300. Excellent article not many will understand or appreciate due to media brainwashing. You forgot the neighbor who was all over the news on Friday and knew a lot of details but yet on Monday the reporters couldnt find any neighbors who had met or knew Adam Lanza or his family. Really?

  301. This is so weird, I told my husband that there was more to this than we know about, it’s all too fishy. I don’t put nothing past this Administration after the Libya situation. I don’t trust our own government anymore.

  302. I told my husband the day of the shouting as we were getting the news that this is a set up deal for the government to push gun removal down our throuths and sure enough that is what they are going to do

  303. There is a woman recovering in the hospital that is an eye witness. I don’t think any of the news reports were strange. The reports were corrected as time went on, as one person mentioned earlier. If both father’s are in fact connected to LIBOR, it is very interesting and would make me pause. Why would gun control proponents plan murders? It doesn’t make sense.

  304. To Susan and everyone else on this board, I will leave you with this thought. All day long last Friday, I just could not get it out of my mind that something was totally amiss in all of this. Now I realize I’m not the only one. Another thing, my mother taught me that anyone that constantly changes their story is more than likely lying.

  305. I’ve been thinking the exact same things. Thank you for being so brave and posting. Adam Lanza could have been satanic ritually abused and programmed to carry this out by the gov’t. Just a thought, but I know this happens more than we would like to think.

  306. Adam’s mother owned a gun collection, that is where the guns came from. He didn’t go out and get them his self. But i’m not disagreeing just clarifying that his mother had a gun collection and thats where the guns came from

  307. Take a look at history, what leaders caused class warefare? what leaders tried to control what food their people ate? what leaders took private buisness and made them into government controlled ones? what leaders demonized capatilism? what leaders enacted stronger gun control and eventually bans on guns? what leaders felt that what they were doing was for the betterment of the people? If we don’t learn from our past we are doomed to repeat it.

  308. I think she’s nuts myself for stating, “I believe our GOVERNMENT shot those kids and teachers and used Adam Lanza and his family to pull it off. ” and to say that he was too mentally ill because he had Asperger’s is a contradiction in itself. Heck, Bill Gates has Asperger’s and I don’t think anyone considers him mentally ill in any rate.

    This is a person feeding off of a tragic event and it is shameful.

    Looking at her photo makes me ill….seriously.

    • lol! My PHOTO makes you ill? Wow. THAT is a lot of hate, woman! Get yourself right with God, girl. All that hate is going to eat you up. You are looking like a big piece of Swiss cheese already! lol- wow!

  309. Not only that, but you just put a target on your back. I honestly hope that nothing horrible happens to you like a plane crash, car accident, a marines gun misfires while being cleaned….. I will seriously keep you in my prayers.

  310. OK HOLD IT FOLKS,this is a legal issue alot of things can not be said as it could interfer with any future case of any involvement of someone ,law suites may be pending,this is not high school where the name calling can begin ,the ivestigation is still in process as it should be,so hold your energy back and prey for the familys and babies that have past,,talk to your congressman about funds for the mentally ill as jail is not the answer and not much else is available…. this is why there is so many homeless ….Please trust in God,He is our only judge

    • Carol, how is that waiting going? Still no witnesses, no motive, no nothing. And there never will be. This was as fixed as it gets. Oh, and guess what? they magically came up with the bushmaster on Lanza’s body. It’s a miracle! Poof! They have just made up their own evidence. If you can’t see the evidence and believe your own eyes, you have to wonder why. Are you afraid if this is true? Well, join the crowd! It is frightening. But it is also true.

  311. Interesting. The day I found out about the knifing in China I told a friend of mine that I would not have been the least bit surprised if these incidents weren’t a set up to instill tighter weapons control. I thought from the beginning it stank. One kid (and a small one at that) with a heavy gun ( I owned one ) firing away. It would only take a couple of people to take him down. In close quarters that gun is much harder to aim.

  312. The person arrested in the woods and initially suspected of being a second shooter was identified as Chris Manfredonia, a parent who was trying to get to his 6 year old daughter, who fortunately survived the shooting.

  313. Sick to my stomach after reading thi! You’re right on the money I’m afraid. Terrified of what our government is capable of doing…..& what they are doing to us. We gotta stand against this!!

  314. The second “gunman”, going right to gun control and bypassing any other “option” to keep our kiddos safe….. I wouldn’t put ANYTHING pass our government!

  315. Tom

    I completely agree that something was up when the whole thing happened at the theater shooting. This just adds fuel to the fire. It is a travesty that this happend. I agree that they (gov’t) are trampling our 2nd amendment rights, if they do take away or ban all weapons, what can be done? If an insurrection insues, it will be crused by military force… Maybe not from our own, but from the UN or Nato… It’s truly a scarey thing to think about. I just hope that the NRA has an ace up their sleeve because it’s gonna be one tuff fight…

  316. My husband and I have been curious about this starting before the elections wondering if our own govt. was setting up these incidents involving firearms and executions of innocents to get Obama re-elected so that the dems could say see, you need us and we’ll pass gun control. Stranger things have happened.

  317. I’d like to add to my post that the altercation documented on Thursday with 4 faculty members (3 of which ended up dead the following day and the fourth called in sick) is also an interesting lead that could use research.

  318. There were also reports of a 3rd gunman at Columbine in 1999, and Harris and Klebold were also armed to the teeth. These “coincidences” are starting to add up in sinister ways…

  319. wait! what happened to the counselor or teacher that was just shot in the foot?? she would be an eye witness too.. i certainly have a hard time believing that every single person he shot died.. surely someone would have come out just injured

  320. There is also a video called Sandy Brook Shooting as to not bring the wrong attention but look it up on u tube and see the 4 men in Camo with back packs & machine guns running on the side of the school into the woods and hiding there together. The helicopter overhead videos this and then starts some kind of radio code back & forth with the men in the woods. Worth a look-shows it was before ANY responders arrived. Chilling & Pathetic if it went down that way! Praying for those families! ALSO…
    If anyone saw Dark Night Rises…The city view shows the side of a building with Aurora in huge red letters. Another scene shows a map of New York where the guy circled a name that was sideways and said we go here next…you will have to research the sideways name for yourself. Maybe Hollywood was warning or giving clues or maybe it’s blatant and “someone” wants to see how awake Americans truly are.? Food for thought for sure.

  321. What about the head honcho that runs Cerberus (the owner of Bushmaster arms “AR15”) being from Newtown CT and putting the company up for sale also? When it made over 600 million???? Yeah. Ok.

  322. I know it sounds crazy but i had this thought myself ,,before ever readng this post,, I too thought it was something the government would be guilty of doing to make sure the bill passes.. America need to WAKE up! We as a free country are being striped of everything ,, Our freedom is comming to a hault and we are so busy in our own little worlds we are forgetting we are part of a bigger picture..WE ARE AMERICANS…Its time we all take a stand!!!

  323. Guns dont kill people, our government and our so-called leaders that society apparently voted for are playing us like puppets, and doing unthinkable,unforgiveable,sick,twisted things like this just to get all their ducks in a row… AND WILL CONTINUE UNTIL THEY HAVE THEIR ” N.W.O”!!!!!! ABSOLUTE POWER!!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!! Someone else is next,, until we as a country say’s enough is enough!!!!

  324. If it barks like a dog and looks like a dog, it must be a dog. I was reading a bit of the communist manafesto when my wife walked in and directed me to your article. Much of it acknowledges that in order for successfull revolution to a total communist state, implimentation must be slow and progressive. Since the early 1900’s, since the days of Woodrow Wilson, the U.S. government has looked and barked more and more like something altogether other than what it was founded as. It is my belief that we are in the midst of a communist revolution in America and ‘they’ have decided that the next step is to remove our guns. Several steps have already been implimented – Creation of a national bank, creation of nationalized education, implimentation of a progressive taxation scheme…It does not suprise me that the possibility exists that the escalation and publiciation of recent shootings could be government directed. The communists in Russia killed 16million people to instate themselves into power. They killed even more, and continue to kill, in China. One thing that communists can be counted on is their ability to murder en-mass in order to impliment their policies. And we are being led by a communist right now – Barak Hussein Obama. He may not declare it, but his actions and espoused beliefs show him to be another commie dog.

    The question is – What are We going to Do about it???

  325. I don’t think gun control will help anything… Drugs ate illegal and yet they plague our nation… What would banning guns do? All it would do is take guns away from the homes of people who would use them to protect their families… The bad guys would smuggle them just like criminals get drugs… I think our nation is just a mess… This was not an attack at the poster… Just food for thought

  326. Wow, that is really scary to think about. I, too, have noticed all those things you talk about. I watched it unfold on CBS news live and they talked about the guy in the woods, even interviewed a parent say he saw the guy in cuffs and he said, “I didn’t do it”. They said the rifle was left in the car and that there was an argument between the shooter and the principal that was heard over the PA system in the school. Now they say that the shooter blasted a hole wide enough to walk through in the glass windows of the school with his rifle and immediately killed the principal. Rush Limbaugh also talked the other day about all the lies. What can we believe?

  327. I will be contacting a lawyer in regards to your statements Ms.Shannon and I am sure that I will have a lot of backing..what a horrible person you yourself a christian..please..are you are member of the Westboro baptist church also?

  328. I was watching the news,(if you want to call it that), the news helicopter overhead showed the police opening his trunk and removing the rifle, clearing it to make it safe. So, how does a dead man put his rifle back in the trunk?

  329. I’ve had the same thoughts, just not the nerve to voice it. I put nothing past our government once it is on their agenda. Almost makes me hope the Mayans are right…

  330. I agree with you completely but want to point out two things you missed. Because of Adam’s diagnosis and history with school officials, he would be considered a person with disabilities and at one point his mom pulled him out of school to home school him after clashing with school officials on his education and medical care. You are forgetting the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities treaty that almost passed two weeks ago and missed by 5 votes. This treaty would prevent parents from making educational, medical, religious and social decisions for their labelled “disabled” children. We couldn’t home school or even tell them there is a God. The second thing you forgot to include is the stabbing deaths of the children of CNBC’s executive on the same day they released coverage of the international financial fraud and lawsuit naming Eric Holder and other high officials. The same day it was released, his children were murdered and now all traces of the report have been whitewashed from their site.

  331. Now this is all very good, but let’s not jump to conclusions. Wait for more evidence before blaming the Government for killing our own citizens. Your evidence is real, but you have to reach out a little in order to piece it together. There are so many possible answers for these media blunders, and jumping to conclusions like this is a bit ridiculous. Well written, something that should definitely be looked into. Remember, the safest society puts trust into their government, yet still stands up for themselves. Keep your trust, and keep your feet.

    • Briar. We don’t have a safe society anymore. In fact, the government FEARS its own people. That is why it is disarming us- just as I wrote back in dec. People said it wasn’t going to happen. But did you catch the 23 new executive orders after the horrific dry tear wiping session from Obama? How about all the DEMOCRATS screaming to take away all rifles. ANYONE could see that Sandy Hook is more beneficial to these gun grabbers than any other thing in history. There have been dozens of mass killings in the past. AMERICA WOULDN’T BUDGE on the second amendment. But seeing 5 & 6 year olds? Oh, yes. THAT would work. This case STILL makes no sense. No eye witnesses AT ALL? Now, I have found that the CN police have simply manufactured evidence. Suddenly, they claim to have found the BUSHMASTER rifle on Lanza’s BODY! really? really? IT’S A MIRACLE! But they needed to clear up that fake coroner’s bizarre statements that day that he had evaluated ALL the bodies (how could that even have been possible???) and that all of them were from the rifle. THEN someone really screwed up and forgot to put the doggone thing on the body. There were ONLY handguns found! THAT was the biggest error in this whole conspiracy. So, without ANY fanfare, the CN police recently released the ‘official’ report that the miracle of all miracles has happened, Lanza DID have the bushmaster after all! I will NOT trust this government. But I assure you, I am keeping my feet. Solidly planted too.

  332. Freedom of speach, so we all have the right to our oppinion. That was sure a tragedy n I hate to think how people can do harm to others specially kids.

  333. Also, on friday when one of the boys was interviewed he stated that the police had one man handcuffed in the woods. Then suddenly no mention of what happened to the 2nd man.

  334. The shooter in the woods who was handcuffed and brought out was reported to be the father of one of the students who was heading to the school and was supposedly released. There was one eyewitness account from one of the male students who reported a 3rd man handcuffed and prone on the ground on the other side of the school that has not be further reported. I agree – something stinks to high heaven on this one.

  335. No mention of that confrontation ever again. Although first he shot thru glass locked doors then he was buzzed in. We saw 7 huge inconsistent stories the first day alone. And i.was thinking the whole time wow…someone with no violent history or behavior just goes nuts …hmm doesn’t add up. What if?? Machurian candidate

  336. Wow I look forward to looking into this! The Batman shooting seemed so contrived that if would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.
    I had decided not to watch any news about the Connecticut shooting and planned to just take them at there word as I DO believe there are evil/crazy people capable of such acts HOWEVER if it is true about the connections to the LIbor case (aka the international banking cartel caught with their pants down) then the Rubicon has not only been crossed but shots have been fired at free humanity.
    I just posted today about “Operation Northwood” earlier today using it as an example/warning of what government is capbable of doing in order to get the public to support an agenda which is contrary to its own intrests. Ive got a lot of friends and many more aquatences but got only 4 views (SMH) Any support from other open minded folks would be appreciated and if you dont know what ‘operation northwood’ was then it is a must read.

    Keep up the great work!

  337. I made almost this same statement to my husband the other night. I felt so bad for these thoughts. I thought the timing may have something to do with the heat the Presidet was taking over the Libian situation. That along with he is having a fit to inforce gun control to the max. You may be onto something and God help us all if it is true. Lets see they remove our prayer in school and work. We cannot talk about our religion in public without offending someone. But this dog and pony show in Washington is ok? If it is true there could be a war started by Americans against the government.

  338. Also they said they took 3 people to the hospital and 2 of them children they both died. NOW they are saying two adults were injured.???????

  339. i think alot of it was funny looking too. but i sure hope our government would massacre innocent children just to get a treaty signed =( but it looks that way

  340. While I respect your opinions and right to be critical of our media, I just want to point out that this was a horrifying situation and I’m sure there was much confusion and mayhem going on throughout this whole ordeal. Obviously there were things that were changed because no one really knew what was happening.

    I personally think our media is bias and are a bunch of morons, so I’ve learned to never take anything they say to heart until the cold hard facts come out.

    Interesting read. Thanks!

  341. I thought that it was strange that none of the surviving teachers have spoken about this shooting. They surely saw things happening. I am sure the police have interviewed them. But at this point someone should be speaking out. I read on the internet that the shooters mom was in the process of taking conservership of him and was going to have him comitted. Then the press says she was planning to move an place him in a school……Duh………. Why have we not heard any of this about his mom filing for conservership and her plans. They know everything else. I think may someone else was involved. And that there is more to the story.

  342. On Friday morning they also mentioned that Adam’s girlfriend and either his brother or hers were also found dead at another location. I have not heard any mention of this since then. Has anyone else?

  343. I’m standing with you on this sister. You are absolutely correct. They are playing on emotions to get guns out of our hands. The sheeple wont notice until the gate is closed and locked around them.

  344. I totally agree! ALSO, what’s up with the computer they say he smashed before doing the shooting?? If you’re dead, why do you care what’s on your computer?? VERY fishy!!

  345. I believe it very much possible for I have thought the same. Obama wants control of this country an what better wa. He can’t until he disarms the country? Many thoughts about how obama works an how he will get things done to achieve the over taking of this country an dis assemble the govt an have power all to himself? Then look at oklahoma with 5 different schools being shut down due to threats of killings. One just two hours before the ct? Its hard to say but w all must make sure we are protected an we watch out for our family an friend an be prepared an ready at all times

  346. Also, another thing that I thought was odd that was reported was that he smashed his computer…I don’t know why but for some reason I don’t think he would….unless he saw something on there that angered him. I don’t think he would have thought to do that. I might be wrong.

  347. For me I just cannot get past why choose to kill little children? What is his link to that school? Why did he smash all the hard drives on his computers? Now you’ve mentioned the guy caught in the woods. The police said that when they arrived some officers scattered to see if there were any possible shooters on the out skirts of the school and they found this guy in the woods but he was cleared. So they say. I find that I have very little trust in my government especially those at the top.. Obama wants to destroy the Constitution that he swore to protect, claiming the laws within it are antiquated. We all know that is absolute bull. John McCain is still trying to pursue indefinite seizure of an American accused of a terrorist attack without providing said citizen a lawyer or a trial by judge or jury. You might not have even done anything just suspected. Obama wishes whole heartedly to destroy this nation and what is worse over half this country don’t have the power to think for themselves and are just sheep to slaughter.

  348. There is not one fact in anything you posted in your blog. Remember there are 2 adult surviors why did you not wait until their stories have been told before you posted this. You my dear may want to get some mental help, and I hope you get a hug and look for some light in the world.

    • lol! Hey, Shelia, did you EVER get those eye witness reports to your satisfaction? No??? Well, I got EXACTLY what I predicted months ago: HUMONGOUS new gun control laws and demands. People like you are DEAD ASLEEP and will end up slaves of these people. don’t ask for help from us gun totin’ folks then, ok? Enjoy your slavery…

  349. Susan…I have said and thought the same things you have from the beginning of this. One more oddity. 5 of the last 6 mass shootings were done in gun free zones, I believe to get he most victims without any resistance. This episode happened on the heels of the white washing of Fast & Furious. It’s merely another episode in the scheme. I was curious about the 2nd person they caught in the woods. They conveniently vanished. Everything this “government ” does is suspect. It’s the most corrupt bunch of hooligans I’ve ever seen. And to be sure there will be more of these “attacks” just to shore up the plot as the plot thickens. If they try and take our weapons sacrificing only 28 people to have the American people toss up their weapons would be a small price to pay to gain a nation. American by nature are somewhat tender hearted and a carefully placed incident like this that involves kids will run the pressure up to a point where they have a better chance of gaining the leverage to take our weapons. The further we get away from this incident the stronger gun owners will become again. Fedzilla knows this and will ramp up the speed at which they are attacking the 2nd Amendment. If OJUDAS will sit on his hands and watch as 4 Americans are violently killed and do nothing, what do 28 people he will never see matter ?He is ruthless, calculating and cold blooded and those are some of his better points ! Again, thanks for writing your post and stating your feelings. If I may….the gift you have is a gift from God and it’s called discernment. It is a spiritual gift and should be treated as such and not like a palm reader. If psychics can see your future why hasn’t one ever given one of their clients the winning numbers to the lottery ? Back to the point…I agree something doesn’t feel right about this. I’ve felt that way from the start and still feel that way. The dust of truth swirls and seeks it’s own cracks of entry ! Hopefully one day we’ll know the truth.

  350. This is EXACTLY how I feel! I could not have said it better myself. People say “would our president really order a shooting of a bunch of innocent children?” I hate to say it but YES! I am so heartbroken by this and if this country doesn’t wake up and fight for what is right, we will all be next!!! thank you so much for being brave enough to put yourself out there and be honest!!! Every christian should use their discernment on this issue and not be blinded any longer!

  351. I have the original live footage that says a second gunman and says the overhead system was turned on…

  352. Awesome,I salute you and others that see this for what it reall is, just another form of control and rights being taken away. The Sheeple are waking up! Much Love and Respect!

  353. Oh I have thoroughly beleived in many conspiracy theories behind our so called government. All these mental health issues – them monitoring and needing to approve the foods that are sold – what they put into that etc. And so many more issues it is just ridiculous.

  354. Fast and Furious……..almost enough said with that. Yesterday, the private equity firm that owns the company that makes the Bushmaster AR 15 announced they were selling that sector. Pay attention to who the buyer ends up being. My guess it ends up in the hands of some Soros entity or other liked minded progressive group who will ultimately decide ‘who they sell to’. Gun Control Alinsky style.

    Interesting read. It really is worrisome that I can’t discard your take as some wild conspiracy theory. although, an important conversation to have is about how much mis or dis information went out on the air without any corroboration. What happened to journalism? I miss Walter Cronkite.

  355. A friend posted your blog on my FB page with the note that this sounds EXACTLY what I had dared to say last Friday. And my FB inbox was FULL of friends who were silently thinking what I dared to say. THANK YOU. I don’t know where this is going, and I’m trying to not be afraid, but I need to grab onto my peace. ABSOLULTEY DEAD ON THE MONEY. Wow.

  356. Just like the government blow up the towers. Its funny that only 3000 people made it on time into the toweres. The rest of 7000+ people were all late or overslept that day. 2nd the pentagon was hit by a missle. How come nobody saw that airplane. We never heard about the people in the airplane that hit the tower. Only people that hit the ground in PA.

  357. This website was given to me by a close friend and this story is very eye opening..I can see the points made by this women and intend to fully follow up on this subject!!! Thanks, Rick!!!

  358. I haven’t read your entire article yet, but, I too, thought that maybe this was set up so that the government could somehow use it as leverage for more gun control.

  359. You have a HUGE fallacy in your thinking. You’re talking about how witnesses have not come forward, etc… but those people have not come forward TO THE MEDIA. That does not mean that they have not come forward to law enforcement agencies We don’t “try by media”, we have a legal system. There are no requirements for people to speak to the media, and indeed in this case most of us can understand why witnesses and their families do not wish to speak to the media. You as the public, do not have the inalienable right to know what the witnesses have said to the police, the FBI, and whatever agencies are involved in this situation. The witnesses DO have the right not to speak publicly.

    • Yes, but it’s been over two months now. NOTHING- not one eye witness. No videos. No motive. Nothing. Just a teeny, tiny recent story that CN released it’s official report on the guns. And wouldn’t you know it?? A MIRACLE HAS HAPPENED! They claim to have found (even though they reported over and over and over again that there were ONLY handguns on the body) a…drum roll please.. the BUSHMASTER on Lanza’s dead body! I guess it was hiding under his body! THAT must be why they couldn’t find it all those times! yeah, right,… under the body, right…right?..

  360. Thanks for sharing. I said 98% of what you said soon as I heard about it. Didnt know about libor. You can see my Facebook page.

  361. Also nothing else has been said of the murders of the MSMBC’s producer who’s children were supposedly murdered by their loving nanny. Then she slit her own throat.. And survived..After the producer aired the banking scandal .. The story came down and nothing else has been said on either stories…

  362. OMWord…I thought the same thing but was afraid to voice it, that no one would believe me. God has given me the gift of discernment as well. Anxious to see how this plays out.

  363. I said the same thing regarding Benghazi. What ever happened to all of the people that were saved by the SEALs showing up after they were told to stand down? Not one of those people have been interviewed. As a matter of fact, I haven’t read anything that even listed the names of the survivors.

  364. Yes, it it fishy from the get go. Who was the witness, saying about some teachers, heroic blooked the bullets for the students….when all the witnesses was death.

  365. Egypt had a reason to celebrate the victory of their new elected islamic president on the same day 14th of December. Egypt has a weird way of celebrating /look 12:30 And Pharaoh rose up in the night, he, and all his servants, and all the Egyptians; and there was a great cry in Egypt; for there was not a house where there was not one dead/ That happened on the 14th day of the month too. I hope I am wrong. Why on this day? Why LIBOR? Why kids?

  366. I also have a gift for feeling something isn’t quite right and you are right on!! The same things I felt..

  367. I did hear that the guns were registered to the boy’s Mother who would take him out shooting; Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know. It makes to sick to think the our Government would do something so horrible, but it doesn’t surprise me. And that, in itself, is just plan sad.

  368. You got it right. Many of us have been asking the very same questions. Very fishy indeed. Create a catastrophe to manipulate the people. No one should should allow themselves to be led into this wicked web.

  369. I haven’t read the links but I’m not surprised at all. They found 2 pistols on him they said immediately…1 SECRET SERVICE weapon and another classified type weapon that no ordinary person could’ve gotten their hands on. Rifles were not used to kill anyone. I too was appalled at the ridiculous questions asked by the reporters.
    Then they said he shot out the door to get in. Thank you for the links. The lengths they will go with their agenda makes me ill. Sad day in America.

  370. This tragedy has raised questions in my mind as well. The first thing I wondered is “why did an elementary school in a town of 25,000 people, who’s last homicide was 10 years ago, have a lock-down security system in the first place?” I don’t know…that struck me as being odd.

  371. I hate to say it, but I’ve thought this since it happened Friday. I remember them saying the Batman theater shooter had such sophisticated equipment and weapons in his apartment, and had it rigged so well, that there was no way he could have done it alone (that some type of US trained armed forces person(s) had to have been involved). My theory is that they are using these people to do their dirty work and forward their radical agenda in the most heinous way possible. Somehow they are altering these people’s minds with drugs or brainwashing, to do these things. That’s why they always kill themselves–they are told to afterwards, or they can’t live with what they’ve done. Bourne Identity anyone? And yes, it can happen, Hitler did it. It’s not so far out there. And multiple gunshot wounds to every single victim? That is NOT normal for mass murderers. They just shoot and move on.

  372. Thank you for this, I had a very bad feeling about this as well. I REALLY hope this is all false, but unfortunately that is not how I feel.

  373. what you say and all the comment seem to point to something VERY WRONG thank you , for helping me to feel i wasnt the only one who thought something was not right in all this

  374. This was the first thing that came to my mind, especially after they said Obama was crying. I wondered if he was crying because an organization he was associated with orchestrated this, because he is one of the most unemotional presidents I have ever seen. The only emotions I have seen is mocking and anger on his face. I thought I was just being paranoid.

  375. Thank you Susan. One of my Facebook friends had this in news feed and I came here to read. I myself had had a fleeting thought that what if this was an act of (political) war and not just the acting out of a lone sad young man. Thank you for presenting your findings. One thing that also occured to me is why didn’t they just come out and say right off the bat that the alleged gunman had attended school here when he was young. What was the holding back on that obvious point all about? Thank you again for your time and effort in putting this all together cher Patriot

  376. I’ve been seeing a LOT of chatter regarding the connection between both these shooters… I also noticed a Documentary on Discovery Channel called ‘Curiosity:Brainwashed’ that aired within the last week or so promo spot> Is this also coincidental? More than one coincidence is no longer coincidence. There is something going on & we all seem to be trying to connect the dots. If I may be so bold from what I’ve seen I think this is a simplified & short version….
    Banks are clearly in charge of ‘things’, economies are failing, Gun Control was already in motion, the scandal of Libor was coming to light *once again bank related*, ‘THEY’ have made a move to kill two birds with one stone by somehow manipulating these shooters *whether manipulated or mind controlled* & giving the issue of gun control a massive shove into the controlled media. I’ve also heard that Lanza’s mother was a supposed ‘Prepper’ & therefore they may be targeting those who are prepared for anything & will make them seem as a ‘Threat’.

    This is a quote from Modern Warfare 3: The bigger the lie, the more likely people will believe it. And when a nation cries for vengeance, the lie spreads like a wildfire.

    Yes it’s a video game but there is a lot of truth behind adult themed games when it comes to warfare & the manipulation of the masses. If anyone here wishes to contact me for further discussion I’d love to hear from you.

  377. You’re spot on, I’ve written up a similar story with similar links. Someone said above “9/11 did it for me”, however this person mentions Shanksville. I think building 7 is the most clear smoking gun that has ever existed on the planet. Can I post a link? Watch this video. Clearly this building was detonated. I’m furious because I know this is all BS and there isn’t a damn thing to do about it. AND? As a believer in God I’ve got to just suck it up and believe that “Vengeance is mine says’ the Lord”. It’s a really tough pill to swallow and it’s a pill i COULD NOT swallow if someone I knew or my children we’re involved.

    This building had something to do with Virgin loving Muslims? LMAO. You’ve got to be kidding me I live amongst a nation of SHEEP.

  378. I have been telling my husband this from the beginning. Just like I still feel the oil rig in the golf went up during the “Should we drill our own oil?” arguments.
    the timings were just too coincidental

  379. I am a Connecticut resident. After reading this article, blog or whatever you want to call it I am so very upset. How can you take a tragedy like this and turn it into a circus. I still cannot believe what I just read. Of course when they interviewed a child that was in school at the time of this horrific event they will not ask the kind of questions you wanted them to look what this poor innocent child just experienced and you want them to relive it!??!! Its not the reporter could care less about feelings its BECAUSE THEY CARED that those questions were not asked. It seems to me that you are the one with no feelings for the children,the parents,the families who are suffering and the parents that lost the most precious thing in their lives and you call yourself a Christian?? Where are your feelings?!?! I absolutely understand everyone is entitled to their opinion and in this day and age they have the right to post it for the whole world to see. My opinion is that maybe you should really think about who you may hurt by posting such nonsense. I am not the only resident of Connecticut that is outraged by your article. These are small children that were taken from the world in an unimaginable way. Innocent lives lost and you want to spew your conspiracy theory. Where is your heart??

    • My heart is FOR those children. I believe even more today, watching how Obama & the Dems have SHAMEFULLY used those children to further DISARM the American People BECAUSE of Sandyhook, than I did then. Still. Over two months later- no video, no living witnesses, no motive- no PROOF. It’s as if it didn’t happen at all. I believe there ARE dead children. But I do NOT believe NO ONE saw lanza pull the trigger. It’s ridiculous to believe that is possible. There are ALWAYS witnesses. I’m sorry my story hurt you. I am. But rather than cruelty, I can ASSURE you that my heart is full of LOVE and pure, undiluted INDIGNATION that our government would stoop to this level. And that, my friend, is why I write. I want JUSTICE for those kids, those families, that community and our NATION. We MUST have the truth- or we have TYRANNY.

  380. Just one thing I want to say about certain people blaiming the whole thing on Asperger’s..
    Asperger’s is a form of Autism.
    Autism is just makes it difficult for us to communicate. We may seem mentally retarded, but we are actually very intellegent people. We are also most often too shy to even talk to people we don’t know, let alone kill someone!
    Even people with severe autism such as Asperger’s are not mentally ill, but “socially” retarded, NOT violent.

  381. I completely agree.. And something else that has been nagging me is the fact that this kid was supposedly a computer nerd and very shy. I was in the military and have trained with pistols and other weapons, and I know that in order to hit moving targets, especially targets as small as kindergarteners, you have to have trained excessively. And even then its not 100% accurate. There is no way this “computer nerd” went into this building with 2 pistols and shot so accurately, that every single person he shot except for 1, is now dead. Even look at the Colorado shootings, many people were killed, but even more were injured, and that guy used a far more accurate means of shooting people. Another point, one of the first responders called in what he saw, and they played the recording on the news the first day and he said, there are long guns and shotguns in here and we need backup. But then all of a sudden, only 2 pistols are discovered at the scene?? Everything about it is fishy, and the more I read about it, the less I believe about what we are being told.

  382. I usually look askance at conspiracy theories, but there ARE too many discrepancies to attribute them all to mere battle confusion.

    I too wonder about the adult survivor who was ‘shot in the foot’ of all places and ‘recovering at the hospital’. All mention has disappeared from news reports.

    Generally, previous erroneous statements are corrected or confirmed false as the investigation continues.

    No motive or suicide note. Very rare that some declaration isn’t found from someone who knows how his day/life will end, one way or another. Now I hear that the shooter ‘broke’ the hard drive on his computer before heading out to work his evil? I don’t buy it… This tidbit I heard secondhand and not on the news, so may be even more suspect.

    However, 2 + 2 = 4 in most everyone’s universe…

  383. I have a few Marine friends that find it difficult to believe that the shooter/murderer with alleged multiple mental illness issues and was an introvert, was able to kill each victim with multiple gunshot wounds. Unless he (shooter) had extensive training on those particular weapons or took his time to approach each individual victim at close range to kill them. Here’s part of what the Marines shared with me.
    They (3 Retired Marines) collectively have :36 years active duty as Marines, 103 yrs of total weapons handling experience, 48 of which is professional/tactical training, 22 time Expert Marksman, 14 weapons safety classes, including multiple concealed weapons classes and are CCW permit holders.
    They also noted that had the shooter fired hundreds of rounds/bullets total, the chances of still hitting all 26 victims to inflict multiple wounds on each victim is highly unlikely. Possible? Yes, but not very likely considering the shooters history and alleged mental state. (The shooting/murder looks more like something a well trained killer would have done.) Also interesting that no eyewitnesses have been produced yet. Video tape? Doubtful the public will see it any time soon, if ever. There will be lawsuits.
    These 3 Marines also saw all of the news events previously mentioned in your blog and the comment thread. They agree; to many questions remain hidden and/or unanswered. Who was the handcuffed man? Who was the man in the woods dressed in camo? What about the prior confrontation at the school? How did state and federal agents get to the scene so quick? And so on.

  384. Do you just not know about Asperger’s Syndrome have you not done your research? This syndrome causes horrible anger issues, also people who suffer from this has no sympathy or care in them, I know this from 1st hand experience with this syndrome, anyone reading this bs needs to please research this I have given a link for anyone who wants to know the truth about this syndrome,

  385. in the initial media coverage BEFORE they made the media move back they showed the police removing a AR type rifle AND a shotgun from the killers trunk … then after the media moved the WHOLE story changed to he used the rifle instead of pistols

  386. This is crazy, when my boyfriend told me about the upcoming laws in gun control, it all started to somehow make sense. Ever since 9/11 I feel like the government is gaining more control over U.S. citizens with more privacy violations in order to keep us “safe” and now gun control. I really hope I’m wrong.

  387. Finally, someone with a brain! This world isn’t totally hopeless. Thank you for this. I am not religious but I am pro-truth and I will return to your blog in the future.

  388. I’ve been asking the same questions and feeling exactly the same way. I’ve done some research on the Colorado shooting the past few days and wonder why we havent heard any more about it? It’s been six months. There are reports that Holmes doesn’t remember the shooting. He said he felt like he was in a video game. Yet, there are eye witness reports that there were more than one shooter. There are way too many coincidences and now the reports that Sandy Hook was on a map in the movie? I have felt all along that the Colorado shooting was meant to start a debate for gun control and since it did not, whomever the powers that be must have decided something more ‘drastic’ would be needed to get the ball rolling. The dots do not connect.

  389. I completely agree with you, there are many scary things that our govt does behind closed doors and for the most part it’s above our pay grade and it’s very hard to find out the real truth behind many things in the world that being said we can only change things within our own power and let big guns upstairs deal with everything else the time will come when judgement is here and I know where I’m going so I try not to worry myself with tragedies and this I cannot change yet I pray for these people’s and there families and hope that they can one day feel peace

  390. Anyone like me that has spent most of there life in the military, knows that this is not fiction,the united nations has been trying for yrs to get a weapons ban in this country and it is kind of fishy that all of these shooting have been happening back to back alsoThis is just the sort of things that the government would do to get their way,no matter what the cost is.The news media everyone knows is one sided

  391. I agree and I have a son with autism (25 yr old), and I served on the board of the los angeles autism society, chaired national conference for special needs children and have been a special needs advocate for special needs education in los angeles since 1992. imo, you are right on target. Poor Adam and his mother were murdered and are being further victimized by the UN and NWO gang.

  392. I tend to agree mostly. So many things about all these incidents are beginning to appear fishy. If you think the government won’t use its citizens to accomplish its ulterior motives, research Operation Northwoods.

  393. In the back of my mind I kept thinking “Wow, this sure is convenient for the Pres. and his goons to try to shove through gun control.” I am beginning to wonder if this story is a cover for the gov. What you say makes good sense to me and I have no qualms about believing our gov’t capable of such a horrendous act. I fully believe they would do it if it suited them. Our gov’t has become very evil. We are about to see just how evil. Better pray for grace.

  394. I just read a news account today regarding a teacher that was killed and her parents said her car in the school parking lot was riddled with bullets. How could he shoot up a car and no one noticed in the school or neighboring homes ?

  395. I myself sat in shock watching the live news feed on friday, I only have one question, if the rifle was used in the shootings why did I see with my own eyes on live tv ATF agents open the trunk of the car and take the rifle out and unload it “ON LIVE TV” ! keep spreading the word.

  396. Ironic too is this email my son received yesterday.

    My son received a very interesting email yesterday. Not posting this publically, but thought you would find the content very interesting.

    This is something I received from my son. I thought it quite an interesting message. (I deleted all email information)

    ——-Original Message——-

    Date: 12/18/2012 10:09:34 AM
    Subject: Fwd: Newtown, Connecticut is the second Dunblane Primary-School Massacre.

    Check out this anonymous e-mail I received. I checked it for viruses, it’s all good, and text only. But what is interesting is the content of the message.

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: ***

    Subject: Newtown, Connecticut is the second Dunblane Primary-School Massacre.

    Date: 17 December 2012 15:25:31 MST


    The primary-school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, approximately 45 miles from the Colt Arms Factory, is just another one in the long line of government psyops designed to persuade the public to allow the government to take away their guns, and their means to defend themselves against the government and the banksters that the politicians really serve.

    The small children murders are designed to create hysterical emotions in women to get them to demand that guns are banned. If that doesn’t work they will continue with their evil agenda with worse and worse atrocities on younger children, until they get their way and disarm the people, so that they cannot fight back against government tyranny.

    Newtown is the U.S.A.’s Dunblane, which was orchestrated in Scotland in 1996 by the British establishment, to whip up hysteria in order to ban all handguns from the U.K. It was a follow-up to the Hungerford Massacre in England in 1987, which was carried out by mind-controlled Michael Ryan, who then shot himself so he could not be questioned, and it was used to ban semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

    It’s always the same people behind it – the gun-grabbers who want the people to be defenceless against the gun-grabbers’ employers – the banksters who own all of the politicians. They get their politicians to pass legislation for them, in order to remove the people’s freedoms and means of defending themselves, and enslave them in a draconian police-state, under a mountain of debt, and then exterminate the useless-eaters.

    The Dunblane massacre was supposedly carried out by Thomas Hamilton, who was a paedophile and procurer of children, for a high level paedophile ring involving senior members of the Tony Blair Labour-Party shadow-cabinet and others. The massacre served two purposes, it achieved their desired handgun-ban and killed the abused children, so they could not be witnesses against the elite-paedophiles. They then had the findings of the inquiry sealed for 100 years, which is proof of the above.

    Like Newtown there were two shooters, Hamilton and a hit-man who shot Hamilton and made it look like Hamilton committed suicide after shooting 16 children, so that he couldn’t be questioned. Hamilton was found in the school gymnasium slumped against a wall and still gurgling, when an off-duty policeman PC Grant McCutcheon entered the gym and saw two semi-automatic pistols, one on either side of Hamilton’s body.

    The autopsy revealed that Hamilton was killed with a .38 revolver. These people always slip-up with their crimes. There was no .38 revolver for him to have shot himself with. Thus, there was a second shooter who killed Hamilton.

    Similarly, the first reports from Newtown were of two shooters, just like mind-controlled James Holmes in the Denver Batman Cinema massacre, the story then quickly changes to just one.

    Columbine was similar, in that a team of shooters in black outfits were seen there and the two accused were on mind-altering prescription-drugs.

    Wake up and see the pattern and their modus operandi and don’t fall for it. Never let them take your guns, except from your cold dead hands.

    All of these are staged events to whip-up hysterical public support for banning the people from having guns. It works the same in every country – Hungerford in England, Dunblane in Scotland, Port Arthur in Australia and the list in America is endless, because of the Second Amendment and the people having a pro-gun culture. That makes it much more difficult to break the Americans’ love of guns and the Second Amendment, which was put in place to protect the people from the government.

    Gun bans work well for tyrants. They worked well for Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao, to name just three.

    If you want to stop these massacres, wake-up and get rid of the banksters, their puppet-politicians and all gun-grabbers; arm teachers and ban gun-free zones.

    From one who can see the pattern and hopes to enable you to see it too.

  397. This is weird. I have been thinking very similar thoughts-only I didn’t have any evidence to back it up like you do. I want to print off this article; I have no doubt it will “mysteriously”
    Disappear in the coming days.

  398. Ms Shannon is quite right on this…and the fact remains we have a very dangerous Federal government quite capable of murdering innocent citizens and children in order to accomplish their goals…to pass laws that are in conflict with our Constitution…to remove one liberty after another from our Bill of Rights…the Senate and Congress needs to take control of this situation and dismantle the agencies behind such atrocities…!!!

  399. This is an article I find Totally Spot On, You are correct on most IF NOT ALL ACCOUNTS. I am sick ! By this I feel so sick because of the possible orchestration and conspiracy, by people in high places, that .. I will really follow this… More fodder for the argument we are in the very last days!!

  400. I tried to tell everyone how sick I was because of all the gun control statements coming out and more focus on that than anything. Personally I think if you take everyones “legal” guns away, the “illegal” ones are still out there with the very people planning “illegal acts”. Making it much easier for them with us unarmed. Yes the government is capable of doing anything. Many things we will never know about. Oh, and the “sickest” moment…our presidents academy award performance when he had to pause to try to force a tear out! THAT was disgusting and disrespectful of all those babies and everything they had to endure that morning. May God have mercy on his soul. But I don’t believe he believes in all that. However all this went down, everyone involved will have to answer for them self one day. Us Christians DO believe God has a special place for children and will take care of all.

  401. I agree with almost everything except the LIBOR connection. There is not one shred of evidence that connects either of the fathers to LIBOR scandal aside from the fact that they hold high positions in companies implicated in it. Be careful, that is another distraction. I followed up every lead possible to find a connection but couldn’t find anything. Report the evidence, not the heresay. Leave that to the main stream.

  402. I agree with this. Also, Facebook is trying to supress any other scenarios about the shooting(s) other than the “official” one offered by the powers that be. This whole affair plays right into the agenda of that commie bastard in the White House. You better get ready for the jackbooted thugs to come crashing your doors down with MP5’s and body armor to take you and/or your guns out. These leftist scum bags are more emboldened than ever in disarming Americans and having absolute control over all of us – shades of 1984!

  403. I agree with everything you said. I hope I am a “crazy person”. Or a “conspiracy theorist”. I WANT to be wrong. But there is too much evidence that tells me we are correct. God Bless America.

  404. Everything you say, I seen and thought about as the story has played out over the past few days. I had heard a few days ago that there was a link between this and the Colorado incident. Didn’t hear what it was, but what you say makes sense. And the banks you mentioned, a few are rumored to be involved in something i find to be a little scary. The Illuminati…

  405. I am so glad that someone can understand when God gives a gift of perception into things that no one else can see. I too was given the gift of being able to see the real story. So many times I or I should say God was right on the spot. And of course because He let me see the truth. A lot of people think I am just giving my opinion about a subject, but it is because they are truly blinded to the truth. I really enjoyed your article because like you I felt something fishy that didn’t add up. The minute I saw Obama making a speech about the shootings I knew he was putting on a show. The fake tears and the works. He did not even let the victims have time to be laid to rest until he started all about guns. God has also showed me what an evil person O is and what his intent is for America. He is not held accountable for anything that he does. Like Benghazi, that was treason and anyone else would be in searious trouble for that but he is allowed to cover it up. He purposely did not help those men, because that was all his plan. Thank you so much for standing up for Gods word. God Bless.

  406. You say all of these news reports of 2 shooters and loud system have been taken down… I HAVE THE live report on my DVD… I just treat chef to verify… I was recording bold and beautiful and this was breaking in… If you want a copy I can record an send to you…

    • FSB. Sorry for the long, long delay. Believe it or not, there have been many thousands of comments. I have been slowly working my way through them over the last couple months. YES, I want everything you have.