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There Is Hope In the World- Let Us Cling To It

Friends, I have been thinking about this terrible tragedy and how it is affecting all of us now.  When it happened, I swore that I would not get caught up in the inevitable political fallout.  There is not one of us who didn’t know that gun control would be the first thing on our president’s lips.  But the poor children and families and communities that have been completely devastated deserve all our attention and all our sympathy and all our prayers- not politics.  And yet, the day after the tragedy, all peaceful mourning was wiped away.  To know that a mentally ill young man got hold of his mother’s registered weapons and inexplicably killed these children & adults was bad- but I could wrap my mind around it and mourn.  I could just cry and grieve and pray.  At least I knew WHY I was grieving.  There was some peace in that- regardless of the politics coming down the road.

But then information began to trickle out that indicated the possibility of another shooter.  Perhaps two shooters.  And all peace was shattered.  Why?  Because a lone gunman means one thing.  More than one indicates something completely different.  And suddenly, we don’t know what we are grieving for.  Are we grieving for the act of a mentally ill man or are we grieving for the act of a corrupt government?  Again, all peace was shattered.

The worst part is this:  I don’t think we will ever get our hands on the truth, Friends.  And in the end, nothing has really changed, has it?  Before this terrible event, we knew that there are terribly evil people in our government.  People who have their fingers on terrific amounts of money and power.  They could care less about human life and would be willing to kill anyone if it furthered their purposes.    They control the press.  They controlled this election.  They are much bigger than us as individuals.  And they are pulling at the puppet strings.  We knew that.

That has not changed.  Even if we never get the true facts.  Our trust was violated long ago.

So, my suggestion is this:  go back to the true heart of this matter:  those children who were savagely murdered and their families.  Those teachers who were brutally assassinated as they went about the business of loving our kids.  They will be missed.  Their families have giant, ragged holes in their chests today.  Let us pray that God sends legions of angels to fill those holes with enough peace & hope that each affected person can see a future where their lives have meaning again.

Evil has struck.  No matter how you look at it.  No matter how it happened.  The only real question is how WE respond to it.  With more evil?  With hopelessness?  With bitterness?  With hate?  No.  Then the evil has rippled even further- to the delight of Satan.  Let us respond with what is GOOD in us- with love, compassion, humility and with our knees bent in supplication to our Lord, Jesus Christ.  That HE will bring justice to those who did this thing.

It is only a matter of time, my Friends.  We only live for one millisecond on this earth.  And then our time is done and we will all stand before our Maker.  Let God have his vengeance.  We will celebrate then.  Until then, do good.  It’s Christmas.  We need to remember that in the darkest days, our Lord was born.  He is coming again, Friends.  And I think it will be sooner rather than later.  There is HOPE in the world.  Let us cling to it.


  1. God bless you and Merry Christmas Susan, sorry I couldn’t read you newest post! Personally I think you are right to ban them when they make comments like that. I do myself. We don’t have to listen to filth, we don’t have to accept it in our homes and to many these are the same. Hope your New Year is filled with blessings my friend!

  2. I also heard there were two other shooters being chased through the woods behind the school and right away my mind exploded with anxiety that too many people are being killed in a short time….I hate the thought that my government is involved but it does speak loudly right now. Like you, I pray for the survivors who will always feel that loss. I spend a lot of time enumerating my blessings and thanking my Creator. It brings me back to the peace I want. Thank you so much for writing this very encouraging article, filled with compassion and decency. Merry Christmas to you & your loved ones.

  3. I’m so glad to find someone who is honest about this countries condition and the real truth. I believed the same truth about what really happened in Conn. I am deeply troubled about loosing our freedoms one by one

  4. We live where Evil is now reigning supreme. I think your assessment of the situation is spot on correct. I know I ask myself daily why I try to point out that there may have been more than one shooter, and like you, I get attacked for my positioning on the matter. I’m sorry, but short of Divine Intervention, I don’t see much hope for us as a nation any longer.

    • Mark, the only illness ever mentioned that I know of was Asperger syndrome. There is an article in my local newspaper from a woman who teaches Autistic children and she says they are not aggressive to anyone but themselves. Not so sure about any of what we hear from the MSM.

  5. Here’s a weird, creepy side-story that is directly connected to the Newtown shootings: The local Catholic parish, overseen by a certain Father Luke, has been targeted with vicious death threats to the point that his parish church had to be evacuated by SWAT during Sunday mass! And there’s more: the Priest has had to shut down all of his Internet accounts due to ID theft and other horrid harassment. What on EARTH is going on here?? And… has anyone heard about this as front page news in the mainstream media?? You can read about it here:

  6. Does anyone know if it’s been mentioned who the teacher was in the classroom where the 20 children were murdered?

    • No, Cindy. And you never will hear about it. It’s been over a month and not one question has been answered. Just the biggest over step of presidential power in American history. 23 executive orders! Think they only pertain to GUNS? Ha! No way, jay. They are so vague that they are tantamount to a complete takeover of our government and constitution.

  7. if it is true there,s nothing we can do about it , to do something like that there is more power than we can imagine .this is not the first time, the higher ups manipulated their cause,its hard to grasp that there was human life that was sacrifice for .we are at war with in ourselves

  8. I focus on my life beyond this world for that is the world that matters. Unfortunately this world is doomed and we have to focus on Eternal Life with our Savior.

  9. I commend your well written articles and search for truth. I agree we may never know the truth and that’s why it always hurts to see people “debating”. We’ll never know what we’re not “allowed” to and it comes down to the core of hope and faith in humanity.

    So often after disasters the comments flood, “I don’t want to be human anymore. I’ve lost hope for humanity. I’m never going out again.” Well if something horrible has already affected so many, I don’t think it’s logical to let it negatively impact another life that’s just providing more power to the people/person.

    I also see people say things like, “Lets kill them! They need to be savagely beat to death.” The idea of fighting fire with fire means a bigger fire to me.

    Sorry for the rant, always nice knowing you can say something to someone who will actually think about it. Peace, love, hope, faith. x

    • Asperger’s but apparently his recent behavior exhibited signs more closely related to schizoid personality disorder with delusions and paranoia which is why his mother was seeking Legal ‘conservatorship’ over him to have him ‘involuntarily placed’ into a facility which apparently he was aware but ‘upset’ about. I would say that it was ‘poor judgement’ on her part to keep guns and ammo in the house when her son was seriously mentally ill.

  10. You need help lady. Seriously. This type of crazy, out of this world, thinking is what is causing people to lose their minds and kill. Im working with officials to get you help. You need it. You are living in a fantasy world. You need help. Hopefully We can get it to you before you do something crazy like Lanza. Im a Psychologists and all those rantings you are saying are the first signs of a mental breakdown with reality. Please look for help. I know you wont so im going to do what I can to make sure you get it and the other commentors are falling into your false reality that only cause more fear, more anger, more hate. I will get you help.

  11. Susan, I put my email address in the last message by mistake, can you remove the email address and just put harmony711? Thanks

  12. I’m not going to expound on your shooting opinions, except that my family and friends are directly connected with a family who had to bury a little boy. I must say, though, I don’t think you’ve ever had the experience to bury a child after reading your last 2 recent articles.

    • John, no I haven’t. But whether you believe it or not, God knows my heart. I write about the Sandyhook tragedy to get JUSTICE for those kids. And that is the ONLY reason. After over two months, and NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that Lanza pulled the trigger, and WITH Obama’s utterly disgusting dry eyed tear wiping, followed by 23 of the most treacherous executive orders ever written followed by the VERY legislation I told you would surely follow.. Well, I believe it even more strongly that our leader, our government elites, decided to murder little babies to FINALLY get what they wanted. Lanza had NO connection to that school. Mass murderers don’t just go out and kill little kids. This is a new one. And it is FABRICATED. I am trying to HELP, not hurt. But the TRUTH must come out. I am sorry if I pain you in any way. But as I said, GOD knows my heart.

  13. Amen – thank you for the reminder of clinging to what the true hope should be. I listen to the news and all the solutions are panaceas to help us feel secure. There is only hope and therefore security in the One. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Sometimes we can only rely on God’s Word when men have nothing better to do than to cover everything up and lie about everything, and then we know the truth, and that truth is “Be sure your sin will find you out.” Their time is coming, and they’re not going to enjoy it……

    • Thank you for your well thought through analysis. I am not ‘in the loop’ so I can see clearly from my perch, but it has some disadvantages. God is God and He is coming to Judge the Earth. WE need to wake up, and get right with God. He is Holy. This ‘crap’ is the full effects of forgetting our maker, Oh please wake up and repent – world.

    • This is the first time I have come upon your blog – and all I can say is Thankyou! In this day of horrible evil, prophecies of old being manifested before our eyes, it is a very scary world. It is easy to loose hope. Thankyou for reminding us that our hope is not in this world, but in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and in the hope for a new tomorrow.

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