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It’s Time to Stand Up for Jesus and for YOURSELF

*whew*  Another day, another tyranny, huh?  Another day, another troll.  Friends, do you remember June Cleaver?  How about Leave it to Beaver?  Good Times?  Little House on the Prairie?  How far we have come as a nation!  Those who celebrate lewdness, adultery, sodomy, violence, hate and cursing can HATE Jesus at will and no one blinks.  I went to buy my boy a pair of Vans shoes at Zumiez.  Guess what I saw?  And entire rack of tee-shirts sporting upside down crosses- one design had satan himself (a hideous goat face) on it with an upside down cross carved into his forehead- horns and all.  This is considered children’s clothing now.  It was sitting right in front of the door- utterly shameless in its disrespect for not only us who adore Jesus, but of Jesus and God themselves!  These were good quality, expensive tees with colorful graphics.  They seem to be aimed at the  snowboarding community. There are parents who buy this for their kids (perhaps as Christmas gifts!?)- or let their kids wear it- to them, it is funny or cool.  Imagine.  Satan standing over Christ is now cool.  A far cry from Little House on the Prairie!   I was disgusted.  Truly disgusted.  Things like this are a true measure of where we are as a society.  At the very minimum, we have been cowed into accepting such displays of hatred.

I want you to imagine the reaction of liberals if a Christian book store chain showed similar hateful tee-shirts about Muhammad.  Just THINK about that for a moment.  Would they just sit back and accept it like we accept the shameful disrespect shown to our Lord, Jesus Christ?  No.  And the media would have a hay day calling Christians hateful, racist and every other name in the land.

Christians.  Listen to me.  How many of YOU see those kinds of displays and remain quiet?  No more!  You need to walk up to the counter and tell that person you want to see the manager.  Tell them that those shirts are a DIRECT AFFRONT to you and to our Lord.  DON”T use the word, ‘my faith or my religion’.  Say, “It is an affront to our Lord, Jesus! and to God, his father!”  Christians, Jesus told us, “If you are ashamed of my name, then I will be ashamed of you in front of my Father”.  It is time, Christian Friends, for us to STOP cowering before the raging liberals and atheists.  You are NOT being rude when you speak up for Jesus.  THEY stick up for Muhammad, do they not?  They come to our pages and spit at Jesus, do they not?   Do they care about being polite?  Our very manners and politeness is being used against us, Friends.  In fact, the left sees this as our weakness.   We need to reflect upon ourselves.  Do we hesitate because we do not want to offend or do we hesitate because we are ASHAMED of the name of JESUS?  Or, are we AFRAID that others will give us weird looks or even snicker behind their hands?  Maybe even the whole store?

It’s time.  It’s time- RIGHT NOW.  Speak up for Jesus!  Not because he needs you to.  But because You need you to.  So that YOU can stand up as a man and as a woman.  Proud.  Not ashamed of who you are.  To KNOW you are not a coward.

Time is short.  I feel it in my bones.  The world is polarizing very quickly around us.  The sheer hate that comes to this page every day is proof of that.  They HATE Jesus and God- I mean, they truly HATE them.  No more June Cleaver!  It’s all about the vampires and satan now.

If you can’t find your bravery now, you never will.  MAKE WAVES.  Speak Up!  Will the trolls come after you?  Yes. Yes, they will. But they came after Jesus first.  And he withstood it- even to his death.  For us.  What will YOU do, my Friends, for his sake?  We are at the beginning of a radical wave, Friends.  There is no ‘if’ ‘and’ or ‘but’ about it.  Things cannot continue on this trajectory without a climax.  They just can’t.  The real question is this:  where will YOU stand and how will you handle yourselves?  If you can’t handle a clothing store, how will you handle your friend being led off to prison for Jesus’ sake?  Think about it.

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