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How Will The Obamacare Implantable Chip Option Pass Congress & The American People?

chip03_f_3080I was thinking about the health care bill that ‘allows’ for implantable devices that would carry a person’s entire data history.  Makes me think immediately of a National ID card- something the GOP has been pushing to ‘control immigration’ for years.  uh, huh..  Both parties are in on this chipping thing AND on the whole unique ID business.  If I were a consultant developing the database for these new numbers, I would absolutely recommend a WORLD ID.  We consultants always think 10 years in advance.  A National ID would be too limiting.  It’s just logical with the global markets & travel options today.  My prediction:  a National ID will be introduced, but it will be run at the UN level.  No two people in the world will have the same ID.  Concurrently, implantable chips will be recommended and then enforced.  The first people who will be forced to have these chips will be those who are currently receiving government food stamps, section 8 housing and EBT cards.  It will be done to ‘ensure’ against fraud and abuse.  Heck, maybe they will throw in mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients to sweeten the pot for conservatives.  Drug test results will be stored on the chip.  Too many strikes, you’re out!   I have no doubt they will also market this idea as a safeguard against illegal aliens defrauding the welfare system.  While they’re at it, why not include protection against voter fraud to get us really excited?  Americans on both side of the aisle will love it.  It will be heralded as ‘one good thing the government has done in a long, long time.’    Don’t be one of the sheep.  Think long term.  “For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.”- Matthew 24:24

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