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The Progressives Have Killed Another Political Enemy: Aaron Swartz, Creator of Reddit

aaron Aaron Swartz, a brilliant 26 year old man was murdered by our government.  Either way you toss the coin.  And he’s not just any smart 26 year old.  He is credited with the creation of Reddit a hugely popular social media site.  And he is largely credited with stopping SOPA- the first government attempt at Internet  takeover.  The government got him back by bringing an astonishing array of federal charges against him for downloading a bunch of publically accessible academic information from a group called JSTOR.  JSTOR didn’t want to press charges!  It was the GOVERNMENT pressing charges.   They made the case so expensive that Aaron was depleted of his wealth from Reddit and faced a potential 50+ years and fines in the area of $4 million.   He was known to suffer from depression (he made no secret of it) and this might have been the thing to make him end his life.  Either that, or they took advantage of this knowledge and hung him themselves.  Am I really that cynical?  Do I really believe Obama’s administration and the Progressive elite are that bad?  Short answer:  yes.

Now, I hate reddit.  It is a hotbed of so-called atheist activity. Most of my foul mouthed antagonists come directly from Reddit.  And Aaron was, at the minimum, irritated by Christianity & religion in general based on his blog entries.  Aaron created what he THOUGHT was a progressive activist campaign against Gov. intrusion into the internet:  Demand Progress.   He hated censorship and worked hard to defeat the government on the matter.  If he didn’t distrust Jesus so much, he would have discovered that he was actually a fledgling conservative- NOT a progressive.  He, like so many people, didn’t know what the word, ‘progressive’ means.  It does NOT mean liberal.  AND, like so many young people, he didn’t understand that liberals & progressives are the very first people to welcome government interference on the Internet- they LOVE big, powerful government that can force people to do ‘what is best for them’.  Based on his writings, he seems very young and a little naive- he seemed like a nice person.  Maybe, in time, he would have found Jesus.  The Progressives disposed of this young foe.  They DESTROYED him because he stood in their way.  Taking over the internet is just too important for them.  Without this full takeover, they will not be able to implement the Mark of the Beast.  He had to be killed or destroyed.  How many more will they destroy before the People wake up?    The sources for my post are listed below. (general info) (general news article) (aaron speaking out against SOPA) (the government felony charges listed) (JSTOR asked feds to not investigate) (aaron’s sarcastic blog about God) (Aaron’s FB page for the activist group, Demand Progress which opposed Gov. intervention in the internet and censorship in general)


    • Sharon, it’s not a dumb question. In the bible, it says that the mark of the beast will prevent anyone from buying or selling without it. Think about that can happen. First, if you had gold or cash, you could buy stuff right? If you have your own bank account, you can get cash, right. Ditto for credit cards. Right now, all the servers and lines and satellites and computers, etc. that are used to process your financial requests, savings, deposits, withdrawals, purchases, etc are all owned and operated by many, many different entities. Each part that goes into those machines also have PARTS that are owned by companies all over the world. They have ownership of all that code. All of this is part of a wider Internet. It is not regulated by any one entity- it is just a big, living organism that changes all by itself as people add stuff to it. At this point in history, no one can demand that they do anything differently with their parts, machines, programming, etc. However, there is a bill in the Senate, as I type, called the Cybersecurity and Internet Freedom Bill that will allow the United States government to regulate every. single. part, machine and bit of programming in the entire internet. Most people don’t understand the ENORMITY and audaciousness of this bill. Mostly because the big companies have all bought in- perhaps they were guaranteed all the contracts with the government. In 2010, these companies raised a huge ruckus. This time around, they are silent. This bill provides that if a telecommunications company will not agree to this authority, armed government agents can forcibly enter their office and confiscate their coding and force the employees to implement whatever they want. This bill provides the government to install spy software on every machine, server, satellite- you name it- that can discern what the information going over it MEANS. It can then sort through it and prevent some information from going through. What this means is that IF you are someone who is their enemy, they can simply add you and all your financial information to their spy database and by doing so, prevent you from obtaining ANY cash, credit cards, your bank accounts or retirement- they can instantaneously cut off your water, your electricity- everything. They can revoke your driving license and they can prevent you from crossing the U.S. border into another nation. All this with a simple data entry followed by the button. And with the advent of the implantable chip provided for in Obamacare, they can make implementation even easier. They can then prevent you from getting any medical care too. Rest assured, the mark of the beast was never TECHNICALLY possible before now. If they pass this bill (which they will), then they are on their way to implementing the mark. Keep your eyes open. And don’t take it.

      • Sharon, I have to hand it to you, that was a most excellent exposition on how the Internet makes the Mark of the Beast possible! prior to the ‘Net none of the propsed systems that would have qualified as the Mark were feasible, but now that everything is computerized to the degree that it is and now that all of those systems are interlinked and increasingly networked together, the basic infrastructure for the Mark is in place – all it needs is the proper coding and authorizations to make it a reality. Nice work, sister!

  1. I agree with you that his death was not a suicide but a murder disguised as a suicide. Sadly, i am seeing too many things which point to this President being the very person that Christians have been dreading for 2,000 years, and I believe that his war on the saints is about to be unleashed. May our Lord bless and keep you for your unwavering courage and dedication in unraveling the web of deception around us and for boldly proclaiming the truth of Jesus Christ!

  2. You’ve got it exactly right, Susan, when you say yes, they [current administration] are capable of doing this evil deed themselves. It is who they are, and not just them, the last several administrations and the people above them are capable of absolutely anything, they have proven it time and again.

  3. This is not far fetched at all. he is perhaps the 3rd that I have read about this past week that stood up against big government or their bed fellows and ended up dead.
    The American rifle maker who dared publish the list of mass murderers who were on mind altering perscription drugs was one of the lastest. (How many were on meds? Hint: so far none we know of.) If you want to reach back to 4 yrs ago the list is even longer.

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