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Is Abortion Really the BEST Answer For Women’s Rights? My Answer:

A liberal commenter defended Obama today because he gives women a choice to abort or not. Here is my response to her: “Friend, you are seriously misinformed and misguided. Feminism has been used by the Progressives (and quite according to their long term play book) to completely undermine the family unit. The family unit has evolved for a very good reason, Friend. It is, literally, the most efficient way for a society to distribute resources & care to its young. No government can make the quick decisions with such a high level of quality as two parents can for their kids. When a society produces strong family cohesion, it flourishes for the simple fact that it is more efficient with its resources. Without a strong family unit, society has no choice but to rely on a powerful central government- in essence, SOCIALISM to care for the young. I don’t want to be a socialist. Sorry.

Feminism has nothing to do with women’s rights anymore, dear. If you really cared about women, you would want EFFECTIVE ways for a woman to actually have her babies in peace and security- not simply and myopically on her ability to throw her babies into the garbage can. If you cared about women, you would want MARRIAGE strengthened, not weakened. You would want the man to be financially & emotionally RESPONSIBLE for the children HE bears with a woman. Women don’t abort because they WISH to. They abort because the baby’s Daddy is nowhere to be found. This means she will probably be financially unable to care for her child. It also means she will never have a chance to progress in life- she is completely ‘saddled’ with a baby. She might end up on welfare. AND it is mighty lonely to raise a baby ALL. BY. YOURSELF. Those are the reasons women abort 99% of the time. Please don’t talk about rape or incest, either. And don’t bring up women’s health- because almost no one would argue on those. AND they make up only a teeny, tiny fraction of the abortions today. Barb, women like you have been misled into thinking that freedom to abort at will is the TRUE answer to women’s problems. You have also been taught to distrust and/or hate men and the way they are. You are wrong. You need to focus on what really matters for women- keeping their babies, being able to pay for their babies, and having DADDY around so that they don’t have to raise those babies all by themselves.


  1. never mind that half of aborted babies are female, and that it’s the taking of a life no matter how moral relativism tries to frame it.

  2. I find it “odd” that the Pro-choice discussion has never progressed beyond abortion in the past 40 years…with new more effective types of birthcontrol (ie:Norplant), openess about “safe” sex etc….you would think someone would begin to question the abortion numbers. Also, with abortion on demand for late term pregnancies “that pose a health risk”….why isn’t anyone questioning the BEHAVIOR that put them there as posing a heath risk?
    This is one of those issues that does not make sense…where is the empowerment in an easy answer to an irresponsible decision? I am not without compassion for anyone in this situation…but while abortion may provide a quick an easy solution long term its effects on the human heart are devastating.
    I am a mother today because of one courageous young woman yet throughout her pregnancy and in my presence she was offered termination 3 times….she had to push back against the system to bring my twin boys in to this world. My boys are AMAZING and incredibly gifted…what will they give this world that might have been lost if she had reached for the golden ring of empowerment?

  3. Obama seems to be about all that is evil and abortion (murder) is evil. Our God is the God of life. He gives life and NO one has the right to take it away! I feel genuinely sorry for women who for whatever reason think they have to abort their child. They do not! Adoption is a wonderful alternative. So many people are praying for a child and would give it a good life and a life it deserves to have. So they have to go through nine months of inconvenience is that not better than knowing your child is dead and did not even have the human right to a coffin but was dumped in a garbage can or flushed down a toilet. Those are the hard facts. If we were a loving society we would understand that there is no room for this inhuman act. I again repeat I am sorry for these women who go through abortion because they have been told it is okay but I am here to tell you it is not okay and remember you are still a mother just that you are a mother of a dead child.

  4. yep’ you hit it right on the head. If this country goes to shariah law, these “feminists” will be praying for the freedoms of Christianity to return even as they are being forced to fasten the vails on their burkas…

  5. I love you Susan! In a very non-gay way. I sent this to focus on the family. I hope it makes it in the hands of someone at the top. I pray great things happen for you.

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  6. So wait…are you saying babies conceived in rape or incest are less valuable than other human beings and deserve to be aborted? Humm I wonder if God would agree. Punishing the baby for the fathers crime..yeah that’s just. You had me nodding my head up until that comment. I personally know a few amazing people who, despite being a product of that situation live blessed lives. Yes it happens because of sins of the father but God can work all things for good to those that live Him. You are right about everything except that..oh and the fact that you like the NIV. Friend I tell you this in love, if you are going to take the time to read the Bible then read the actual preserved Word of God and that’s the King James Version.Then you can read all the verses the NIV ‘conveniently’ left out šŸ˜‰

    • Gigi, your hard heartedness and arrogance are not from God. Neither is your ignorance & superstition of the NIV. God is bigger than all of that. The NIV is the work of hundreds of scholars from almost every denomination that has taken almost 10 years to produce. It can’t have ‘conveniently’ left anything out of the King James Version as it never even consulted the KJV. It was translated from the original Hebrew, Greek & Aaramic documents. Much of what is included in the KJV were added in the 1400’s and are absent from the earlier documents. I have also reviewed the so-called ‘omissions’. They are minor to insignificant. All but one- where John supposedly says that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are ONE in blatant english. But as I said, this was added in 1400’s. I have heard some Christians speak of the KJV as superstitiously as you. Superstition is NOT of God, my friend. The Bible has also been translated into HUNDREDS of different languages. While there might tiny variations per language nuance, the clear INTENT and message of the Bible has been utterly preserved almost 3000 years. Now. I suggest you THINK about this and consider your true motive for writing. If repentance is in order, I would suggest you do the right thing.

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