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Destroy the Currency, Destroy the Country

dollarGotta question for you all:  What will happen to the value of a dollar if it is removed as the currency with which to purchase oil around the world?  What will happen when trillions of dollars are no longer traded?  It will indeed fall in value.  Perhaps even collapse on itself.

Now, let’s say that you are evil and wanted to destroy America by destroying its economy.   Well, perhaps make the dollar collapse by getting it removed as the oil currency, right?  What would be a good way to get it removed as the oil currency?  To answer that, let’s talk about why it is the currency of choice around the world.  It was selected because it was the most stable currency in the world.  So, the best way to remove it as the oil currency, and thus destroy it completely, would be to make it less stable, right?

What would happen to the value of the dollar if Congress goes ahead with the outrageous idea of minting and new $1 Trillion coin?barak coin  Would the world think we have utterly lost our minds?  Would they think that Bernanke was a mad man?  Especially since he is feverishly printing dollars like they are toilet paper even as you read this?  Think about it, friends.   Considering that both Iran and China have already called for the dollar’s removal due to Bernanke’s crazy printing of money (excuse me, I meant  ‘quantitative easing’), I would think the creation of such a nonsensical coin might just tip the scale in their favor, no?

The collapse of a currency is directly related to the collapse of the country that owns it.  They are one and the same, Currency=Country.  IF the country fails, then we will need an emergency ‘bail out’, wouldn’t we?  What might that look like?  With everyone having lost their entire life savings, their retirements, their college funds, their trust funds, their pensions and their cash, there will be mass panic, right?  And if someone comes up with a bright idea that will not only restore the original value of your money, but actually make you richer than you were before the collapse, will you jump at it?  What if that meant getting a new currency-a digital one?  One that is linked to MANY countries- just like the mighty euro?  How about combining Canada’s strong dollar with the Mexican’s cheap labor, Brazil (cheap oil), Venezuela (cheap oil) and the United States’ massive know how?  Wow.  What couldn’t we do then?  The perfect solution, right?  Now we are stronger and better- we can beat the euro again!  Beat the Chinese yuan again!  The only price to pay?  Not such a big deal- we were all sick of the stress anyway- the price is nothing more than.. *ahem* .. the way you define your  country.  It will be a new Union, the American Union!  But it will only be a union of  currency- not a governing body over you…… what was that?  The EU?  Oh, well, that was them and we are something new.  Well, yes, they did end up governing over the various states that originally signed off.  But we promise it will not happen to you… and just think… doesn’t this solve all your problems… think about your children… what will they inherit if you say no….you will be far richer than you could ever dream….yeah…. there you go, just sign riiiiight there…..


  1. Love your blog! This one is well written and explains why being the reserve currency is so important to America.- N Young CPA

  2. Good analysis, Susan! The stability and strength of the US dollar is what had given us a ubiquitous power globally that made the old British Empire look like a banana republic by comparison, so it doesn’t surprise me that our currency is under attack from both foreign and domestic assailants. One of the key goals of the globalists has been to bring America down, and the big international banking cartels are working hard to create the circumstances which can destroy the value of the dollar worldwide. You are right, they aim at the creation of the North American Union and the replacing of the dollar with a digital form of monetary value, for this will dilute whatever strength remains here. And yes, it’s disheartening to see so many Americans virtually clamoring for this to happen. Hard times are coming, and it is only the return of our Lord that will turn it around. Blessings to you!

  3. Yep, spot on Susan. You did not mention the two or three nations who have called for the return of their gold… that’s a real biggi right there. Our ‘leaders’ will continue to spend, china will continue to write loans in order to completely own us… (one borrows money from a neighbor, loses all sources of income and cannot repay the loan… first the personal belongings are taken for payment, maybe some physical violence… then they take the land)… russia will continue to scream for their gold back… evil will continue to be called good and vise versa and it will abound more and more and more until we feel like we are swimming in a sea of filth and MANY will still be blind (asleep) to the truth of what is going on in the world and even more sad, to the Truth of Salvation.

  4. Excellent article. I think Joel Rosenberg called it in his book Implosion: He gave a very specific look at the economic, social and cultural standing of this nation, and showed what would happen if something wasn’t done…

    I truly believe that unless certain strides are taken to stabilize the nation, we’re looking at total economic implosion in two years, perhaps less.

    • Renegade, it is right around the corner. Isn’t it interesting that Obama has a new presidential campaign now? People are truly ignorant. I hate to say it, but many are actually willfully ignorant. I think they will wait until they take over the internet first. They will need full control of that so that they can more easily implement a new digital currency. They will also need to suppress panic and revolt against what they are doing. have you seen my article on the 23 new exec. orders from Obama? He is putting into place the mechanisms to tie it all together. I believe he/they will wait until then and then do it in a fell swoop. Perhaps with a nuclear disaster to help seal the deal? But none of this would take more than 5 years, I would think (based on my work in large systems development). Especially since I believe they have been developing software for years now.

      • I did see that article, as well as the article having to do with Obama’s campaign. I believe I commented on that last one.

        It will be less than five, most certainly. As I said, I am expecting total economic implosion within two years. At that point, all of Obama’s bluster will have been for naught anyhow.

        If one were to look through history, and I do on a regular basis, one discovers that there are a few concerning trends beginning to show in our current day. One of these involves taxes, and how fitting that it should come into being during “Taxmageddon.”
        Most of the time, one will find that on the issue of taxes, everyone has a complaint; with rare exceptions, no one is truly happy or excited to pay their taxes. However, the “common man,” (read: middle and lower classes), often complain louder and longer than those of the upper echelons. Well they should, when one considers the burden taxes place upon someone who’s trying to make ends meet, as opposed to someone who’s got money to burn, as the saying goes.
        Regardless, the upper classes will complain about taxes themselves. Always have. In Rome, for instance, the most elite still had to pay taxes, though not all of the taxes which were imposed upon the commoners and native peoples whose lands they occupied. Naturally, these good, salt of the earth folks complained a lot; they considered tax collectors and deadly vipers to be one and the same!
        However, when the end began to come in Rome, in France, in England- Here in colonial times- Everywhere that has suffered major collapse, or come exceedingly close to it, it has been preceeded by one event: The parallel of complaints between classes. That is, suddenly, the upper echelons and the common man are on the same page regarding something; taxes, most often.

        After this agreement and commonality is found, within just a few short years, one of two things happen: Either there is revolution, such as in the case of France; or there is economic implosion, such as in the case of feudal England, which is then followed by revolution.

        So, why is this such a concerning thing? Because this month, the Wall Street Journal published an article in which the concerns expressed by the upper echelons in our country over taxes mirror almost perfectly those expressed by the “common man.”

        Ergo, unless Obama moves quickly to stabilize the nation, there will be nothing for him to rule, and he may very well be looking at a similar situation as did Marie Antoinette- Universally hated and reviled, even among her own people, and constantly fearing assassination.

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