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Black Hawk Helicopters Coordinate W/ Police to Practice Citizen Lockdown in Miami

WELCOME TO THE POLICE STATE! Friends. We live in a world where the news is, literally, unbelievable. Even I had a hard time believing the title. Something scoffing within me wanted to ignore it as pure fantasy. But no. This REALLY HAPPENED. Is this really our nation? Obama & pals really don’t care if you know. They are counting on your lack of belief. Your faith that the United States is still about the individual. That somehow, all this is for our collective good. This is.. it. If this were a movie, you would already know what was about to happen. Sadly, because it is real, you can’ believe it.

See local coverage here at:

Don’t mind the helicopters, it’s just practice, Miami-Dade police say


  1. They did a similar thing here in Houston on Monday (28th Jan). Two Army/DoD helicopters, full of armed soldiers rapelled onto an unused school, then proceeded to “engage” hostile forces inside. They were reportedly using blanks, but I believe they were mkre likely to be using “simunitions” – which are kind of like a paintball slug loaded into a real bullet casing. They require modified weapons to fire, but are used when ultimate realism is required.

    The problem was they did not bother to notify any of the Houston authorities. Neither the Mayor’s ofrice, Houston Police Department or Houston Fire Department new anything about this exercise.

    There was another “drill” in a Chicabo school on Wednesday 30th. Only this one will be in an occupied school… the ridiculous excuse is to let children and staff hear what gunfire sounds like!

    I also heard of two more, but have forgotten where they took place.

    I believe there is one several things going on here:
    1) It’s an intimidation technique. A show of force against anyone unwilling to go along with the possible mandatory gun registration.
    2) They are preparing for martial law, which Obama gave himself permission to invoke during peacetime – via an Executive Order signed on March 16th 2012.
    3) They’re getting us used to constant “military exercises”, because they have real ones planned and want to make the population complacent, so we think the real ones are just more drills.

    I’ve ruled out the possibility that they were just practising to recapture a school being held hostage, because this would be a matter for local police SWAT teams or even FBI. In no way would the military be involved in civil law enforcement (unless martial law was invoked).

    I have no doubt that Sandy Hook was a planned “False Flag” event, to move forward with the socialist gun-ban agenda. Now I am very worried that Obama and Holder are going to deliberately start a civil war. As crazy as it might sound, I believe Obama would use the opportunity to postpone all electoral processes and stay in power for as long as he can.

    I really hope that I’m just getting paranoid over nothing. I guess the only thing we can do is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. (Though people who prepare are now labelled as “terrorists” by the FBI).

    • Unbelievable. The sad part is that this is conditioning for the soldiers too. I have had them on my page defending this activity. This is… alarming. We NEED them to say, ‘no.’ if they are sent after real American citizens- for ANY reason.

  2. A little bit more day by day, accepted until one day you wake up and it’s time for delivery, just like being pregnant.

  3. Real smart thing to do. Lets just suppose for a moment, that someone interprets this to mean the feared tyrannical takeover is beginning and starts shooting back. Guess what? There is the spark that will ignite the whole thing.

  4. Isn’t that a little dangerous to the citizens? Don’t think for a second these guys should be allowed to do this in a populated area.

    • Norbert- EXACTLY. Where are the reporters demanding that very question. They didn’t tell ANYONE they were using blanks. Just think about the kind of panic it could have caused. If people looked upward and crashed, it would have been their fault. And why isn’t a reporter downtown at the mayor’s office asking whether THEY knew.

  5. What can we do? Our news media is totally on their side. I am telling friends This is why they are trying to disarm us too

    • Do what you are doing. TELL PEOPLE. Be willing to look for a fool if you love your friends, family & country. At the minimum, they will see your panic and they will see your urgency. At least they might feel compelled to leave their childish notions for a moment and take a look. You might just save their lives and their souls.

  6. Forwarded this to a very liberal cousin in Fla, asking her if it’s real. Can’t
    wait to read the diatribe that follows. Yes, I am sometimes stirring the hornet’s nest and liking it too much. LOL

    • Oh, it’s real, Barbara- readers are reporting that the exact same things are happening in houston. The intent is to see how the public and media respond to this surprise ‘drill’. Will they panic or will they revolt or will the news ask too many questions? This reporter was fed the b.s. line and he accepted it hook, line and sinker. Also, he sent the message directly to the local population to be calm and that it was nothing to worry about. Not one car accident. Not one bit of panic. People just took it in stride- which I’m sure pleased the elitists very, very much!

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