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They Call It ‘Immigration Reform.’ I Call It a ‘Unique ID.’ Step One For The Mark

rubioSo, I heard Marco Rubio announcing this new push for immigration control yesterday.  And here we have Obama all behind it.  Friends.  What am I thinking?  I written about this before.  And, surprise!  Here it is.  Am I psychic or is there really a logical, well laid out plan that is out there?  I have said for many years that NOTHING Obama does makes sense until you put the proper framework around it.  That framework is Progressivism.  A desire to centralize more and more power into fewer hands.  This would necessarily mean a destruction of national boundaries and the creation of new, bigger entities.  Call them countries, call them unions.  It doesn’t matter.  As long as the governing power is there, in the hands of a few elitists who want complete power and even worship from the People of the world.  THAT is a Progressive- and they come in many stripes:  Democrat, GOP, Chinese communist, European socialist, Arab theocracy, South American dictators.  No matter.  Because for all these people, POWER is the point.  They could care less about their People or their nation.  It is all about them. (Don’t be shocked.  Nothing new here to see.  MAN has ever been this way.  Think:  Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Caesar- you get the point.)

So, how does Immigration play into the Progressive goal of one world government?  Doesn’t this strengthen the US border and sovereignty?  No.  Especially since there is no intention, whatsoever, of stopping the flow of Mexicans into the United States.

Do you remember what I said concerning a world ID being a prerequisite to the idea of a chip?  And that the chip would be sold to CONSERVATIVES, to the ‘elect’ as Immigration reform and a great way of controlling welfare fraud?  Well, there ya go.  The big push by Rubio was to ‘know who is in our country’.  Now, why do we need to know this?  And how does ‘documentation’ help us to know who is here?  It doesn’t.  It only tells you who is here who are willing to be KNOWN.  Right?  If you were a terrorist, would you go and get documented so that you could get citizenship in the United States?  Right.

So, how does ‘documenting’ people achieve anything at all- other than identifying people?  What could possibly be the goal of that?  Who CARES if Mexicans get documented and if they can become citizens.  Who cares?  I kept asking myself that question.  I thought the goal was to stop the people from coming in the first place with a closed border.  I thought the goal was to be able to more easily send people home who were doing crime.  The conversation has shifted.  And now Rubio is out front with Obama right behind him.

The conversation now is about DOCUMENTATION of illegals.  Has nothing to do with stopping terrorist from crossing our borders.  You have to ask, “Why now?”  The world is on fire, we are on the brink of economic collapse.  A good time for cheap labor, if you ask me.  How can this be problem number one?

Now, you need to think logically.  They want to document illegals.  They won’t be citizens.  So… you can give them a social security number, now can you?  No.  You have to make up a new numbering system all together.  And there you go.  VERRRRRRY soon, you will see the concept of a national ID card (something the GOP has wanted for a long time).  This will mean a new number for YOU, too.  Even if they call it a ‘National ID’, as a computer systems designer, a new ‘unique ID’ just tickles my fancy.  Systems Designers look as far into the future as possible when it comes to unique identifiers.  And with the world being so… *ahem* globalized, it only makes sense to issue ID’s based on the possible number of humans on the whole planet.  While it may only  be IMPLEMENTED at one site at a time, the numbers would be centrally created & coordinated to ensure no redundancy between locations- at the UN.  They might not tell the public about this- perhaps this will just be one more little secret.  Most people would not care even if they knew.  They would not understand the political significance.

The Mark of the Beast requires a unique identifier for all people of the earth.  And here it is.  Just watch.  The question is:  will people recognize this for what it is?  I doubt it.  But YOU keep your eyes wide open.  Do not be one of the ‘elect’ that is fooled.


  1. @the warrioress-I firmly believe the anti christ is among us already. We are just witnessing the rise to power. I would like to know I’m wrong, but honestly, all the signs are there and things are lining up at an alarming rate. You are correct in saying that no matter what president we elect, they are all behind this. Not just the presidents either, but most, if not all, of their cabinet members and staff.

  2. Glad to see that you’re not calling this just a liberal thing; it’s going to be a new world order thing, including politicians who are liberals and conservatives. No matter what president we elect, they are all going to be behind this; it’s all part of the plan to bring antichrist to power it would seem.

    • It will have to be agreed on by most of the world ( USA also) for this to take place. I believe it will be soon. But this country should know USA is not mention in the last days by “name anyways”.

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