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Frightened? Don’t Be. Spend Some Time With Jesus!


Good Morning to All! Last night, in deep need of reassurance, I decided to spend some time with Jesus. I sought his goodness, wisdom and gentleness. God gave us Jesus for a reason, friends. He KNEW we would be frightened. He knew also that without a kind, intelligent face, God’s Word could terrify.

So He sent his Son as a humble carpenter. Someone we could touch. Someone who literal voice could be heard. Someone willing to touch the untouchable. Someone who you could hear breathing as he slept- who cried out to God like we do and who could feel the pain of the whip- like we do. Jesus is so approachable in our time of need while God can be so fearful in his judgement at times. Out of pure love for you and me, he sent what he knew we needed- Jesus.  In Jesus, we see the heart of kindness and love that IS God. It comforts us in our time of need.

Friends, I can’t really laugh or smile when I see what is happening in our nation and in our world. But I CAN celebrate and rejoice because all signs point to the imminent return of our Lord, Jesus- whose face generations have longed to see. It may very well be that you and I and will be so blessed to see it while we still live on this earth. It could well be that we get to experience the thousand years of righteous rule! Can you just IMAGINE what that would feel like? To be ourselves, yet live in a world that is JUST???!!! Oh, that would be such balm to the soul, wouldn’t it? God said he would wipe every tear. Cure all sickness. Settle all disputes between the nations. Every sword and weapon will be turned into peaceful tools as their ability to destroy will no longer be needed. How wonderful will that be, Friends!

We THIRST for justice, don’t we? We HUNGER for righteousness in our fellow man, don’t we? We CRY for the children who are either hurt or led astray by evil, don’t we?

Oh, Friends, God hears us. He hears every silent groan. Every unsaid prayer. Every heart sore agony we experience as we watch our beloved nation be over run. Be of good cheer and of sound heart, sisters and brothers of Christ. We ARE in good hands. And we will NOT be depressed and we will NOT be destroyed- neither mentally nor spiritually. Because we have FAITH in our God.  And with God on our side, we will laugh at the impotence of mere man. Can I hear an AMEN?? How about another? I LOVE you all- we are ALL OF US, the body of Christ. Now, shall we begin a new day? 🙂 ♥


  1. Susan
    Thank you for who you are and what you do. I love to read your posts. You speak my heart so eloquently. Jesus is the Christ. God the father is in His heavens. We are his spirit children and He loves more than we can imagine. We mustn’t forget that Christ has already won the victory and it is now up to us to make our abode with Him. This life is the test. I pray that we can be strong to stand with Jesus. I believe you are right that He is coming soon. Many signs and wonders long fortold are unfolding before our eyes.

  2. God bless you Susan, I have been following you for just a short time. I must say that after reading about REAL ID and checking it out AND ITS TRUE! that I have been sorrowful all day. God has perfect timing, not my time but His time. This has lifted me to joy, the thought of seeing the face of my Lord and Savior with all my brothers and sisters. Again, God Bless you.

  3. Thank you Susan for what we already know, but reminders are so important. It is easy to fall into fear…but when we remember whose we are and what eternity to holds…we serve a Mighty God…full of grace and truth. He calms every storm.
    In His presence is fullness of joy. Hallelujah and Amen!

  4. Amen, Sister. He is our Great Hope and Comfort. I think you just said in a nutshell what is and will be most important for Christ followers to hold onto when strife and persecution becomes our new way of life. We must hold onto our faith and knowledge that though they can take everything from us, including our lives, they can never separate us from our Savior. We are His. We must remember that it is only our earthly flesh that binds us to this world and our earthly flesh that we ultimately seek to escape so that we can be with out Father and Christ in eternity. That being said, our real fear and sorrow should be for our fellow bretheren who do not have this knowledge. We are to be the light for them who might yet see and the salt which preserves. Now more than ever, it is time for us to step up to the role we have been given, without fear for ourselves, and full of joy and peace.

    • Hi Carl- I DO know. I was down in the mouth all day yesterday. I NEEDED Christ. Just wanted to share how he calmed and reassured me. I’m SO glad it helped you too! He is LORD of all! Amen! 😉

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