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They FEAR the Courage of ONE PERSON

dear leader

Control the Media, Control the Message.

Every king, every dictator and every despot in human history has made sure to control the media, control free speech and most all control criticism of their reign.

Obama and the Progressives are no different.

When you own the media, you own the message.

If the media tells you that everyone else loves the king when you hate the king, this type of message is very effective in making you feel isolated and alone.  It will encourage you (and everyone else around you) to keep their peace to avoid ridicule or social attacks.  Of course, no one realizes that everyone in the room hates the king too! That is the power of controlling the message!

When you own the voting system (did you know that ONE man & his brother own & operate 80% of all the voting machines used in 2012?), you will win the election.  And with the media behind you, no one will ask any questions. That is the power of controlling the message!

When you own the message, you can create strategies to undermine your opposition.  Example, you can call people who doubt your flimsy cover stories when you commit atrocities, ‘conspiracy theorists’.  You can use the word over and over and over again.  You can stage ‘experts’ who portray the face of utter scorn & derision as they use this term to silence any questions about your crimes.  That is the power of owning the message.

When you own the message, you can create illusions of reality.  For example, you can create a narrative where it looks like two sides are fighting.  This creates the illusion that you are showing all sides, thus satisfying the People.  The problem comes when the Truth is actually the third side.  And it doesn’t get mentioned at all.    That is the power of controlling the message.

When you control the message, you can give any statistics you want.  You can say any ‘truth’ that you want. And with no one bringing the proof to contradict you, and with the two ‘sides’ showing the same stats, then… then you can create a perception, once again, that each individual’s perception differs from the ‘vast majority’.  That is the power of controlling the message.

Friends.  Is it really all that hard to believe that Mankind is the same as it ever was?  Think Charlemagne, think Napoleon, think Genghis Khan, think Julius Caesar, think Hitler, think U.S.S.R, think Pol Pot, think Stalin, think Mussolini… must I go on?

The desire for world dominance just isn’t new for Man.  One could easily say that it is downright mundane.  That is why we have the terms, self sacrifice, hero & ‘saint.  When humans rise above their base nature, we recognize it as valiant.  And necessarily, rare.  We recognize that the basest attributes of man are sadly still the most common.

To imagine that we still have people on this earth who want self glory, unimaginable wealth, worship & power should cause no surprise- it is to be expected!  Our Constitution was written under the assumption that these people will always live.  It is a document that expressly limits the normal power lust of human rulers.  That is its genius!

The enemy has the power of the press.  They have complete control of the message.  They are conducting psychological warfare on the American People and on the People of the World.  There is only one cure.  And that lies within the heart of the individual.  It can be summed up in one word:  COURAGE.  Do you have the courage to stand alone?  Do you have to courage to be alone in a crowd of hundreds for the sake of the TRUTH, with no sure reward?  Is your heart pure enough to risk humiliation & retribution in order to tell the Truth to others?  Do you have the courage to do that?

Because, friends, it only takes one person in that room of gripped and terrified people to say it.  To say the ‘thing’ that the Message claims will invite their laughter.  Just one person, taking a risk, being a hero, sacrificing themselves, can be the seed of revolution.

But it takes courage.

The thing we most fear is public humiliation.  That is being used against you, Friends.  In all parts of the world, the Progressives are silencing the truth in this way. They fear the courage of One Person.  Be that person.

A People that Will not be ruled, can not be ruled.  They know this- that is why they need your agreement in their tyranny.    There are more of us than there are of them.  Sure, some will go down, but they can’t win when we, even weaponless, can swarm their machines and eventually, their offices.  Remember that.


  1. *Thank you* — “Control” is everything and it seems the Left Wing has secured that control in practically all the media except for FOX — and it is FOX that is usually on my TV if it gets turned on. I used to listen to the BBC which for years I believed was a middle of the road media system — but slowly over the years that too has drifted further and further left until it cannot be relied on for impartiality at all. That pretty much leaves Talk Radio and thankfully there are still many listenable streaming stations on the Internet that I can listen to when I am in the mood to listen to words instead of music! But honestly, I have in recent days spent much more time *reading* your words on Face Book and your Blogs as they are much more meaningful to me than just about any other source!

    I do feel it necessary to apologize for the criticism you suffered from one of my UK relatives Stuart Curry. I am still wondering just how to respond to his points without starting yet another internecine family war; I did that already with his significant other partner, my nephew Phil several years ago over Phil’s support of the man-made-global-warming fiasco and my rebuttal of his “facts” — we didn’t see eye to eye on that and certainly Stuart is now presenting the old family position of anti-Americanism that has prevailed for generations. What those who feel that way cannot seem to understand nor accept is that we who came through WW2 in London, would not have survived if the Americans in government then had not literally bailed us out with their support across the board in everything. I believe my parents and my sister Pam and I survived those years only with American help — without which we would most likely have been raised in a German speaking society as we most certainly would have been invaded. So I have always been pro-American and very grateful for this country’s existence — and I jumped at the opportunity to emigrate here when I had the chance to improve our family’s future. Though I too am now dismayed at the direction this country is being taken — following the EU disaster that I brought my family here to escape from — and watching America slowly go down the same socialist route is an awful experience. OK that is enough — but I just want to end this mini-tirade by saying that those of us who can still think and reason for ourselves value your similar ability and your perception as well as the clarity of your writings. Thank you.

    On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 3:31 PM, Short Little Rebel wrote:

    > ** > Short Little Rebel posted: ” Control the Media, Control the > Message. Every king, every dictator and every despot in human > history has made sure to control the media, control free speech and most > all control cri”

  2. Outstanding! No, it’s certainly not easy being one of the watchers on the wall, but it needs to be done and it can only be done by those who see the truth. Being a person with strong opinions that run counter to “conventional wisdom” costs friends and reputation both; I have seen that myself over the last few months, and anymore the majority of people consider me one of the fringe. Does it bother me? Of course, but I cannot do anything else. There’s a big difference between knowing the path and walking the path, and once your steps diverge from that of the crowd who blindly follow the broad way to destruction you become a target for scorn and ridicule. Yet I cannot remain silent. Wherever this path that the Lord has put me on leads me I will follow…what else can I, in good conscience, do? We will continue to speak for as long as we can. To paraphrase Admiral Perry, it’s “drat the critics, full speed ahead”! Thanks for this good post!

  3. 🙂 LOVE reading your blog!!! I continue to speak up, continue to be ridiculed, continue to be called crazy, but I will continue to speak up. Thought you might find some interest in what bloggers outside the US are saying about our most current ‘tragedy’ and the administration’s response. I also find it quite interesting that this site is primarily anti-American too.

    Here’s a link to the article.

    Keep speaking up!

    • Thata girl! Most of us HATE this president- but hey, they say what they want. I never thought I’d see the day when America was like the communist east. Everyone in the world knows those people hate their government. But perhaps those abroad don’t know that about us. Thanks for link. I will look at it. Susan

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