Betrayal: It Sucks.

Et tu, Brute!
Et tu, Brute!

Friends, we can not lean on our own understanding as these tyrannical days approach. The reality is that the Progressive takeover is a WORLD EVENT, not an American event. There IS no where to really flee- the whole world is in the same boat. What has been done can no longer be undone. Only God will save us now. God and an inner fierceness to NOT be ruled. To die rather than be subjugated. For the ruler is most definitely coming. And he has evil generals under his thumb. And they WILL demand our loyalty. They will.

It is becoming extremely clear WHY governments have been WISHING to register as many people as possible onto some sort of government ‘help’. Everything from section 8 housing, to drugs you need to stay alive, to social security benefits. The idea is: everyone needs to depend on the gov. for CRITICAL benefits. Their lives literally depend on it at that moment. They have built lives around it. We have TRUSTED them with our money & lives.

We NEED them, see?

Has anyone ever wondered: what if the government suddenly turned around and said, “no.”? No money this week! No social security check this week? This is beyond most of our imagination. I mean, don’t the People own the government? I mean, we can FIRE them, can’t we? What about the Constitution, right?

I say, “Are you so sure about that?”

See, the Founding Fathers understood the tyranny of centralized government. They came from England- and a long, long history of a Monarchy, a King. Their succession of kings and queens murdered thousands and thousands on the town square because they did or didn’t believe that the bread literally became the body of Christ. And with each new king/queen, the People were TERRIFIED which direction they would go. After all, it was up to just. one. person.

Eventually, as humans will do, the People began to question this way of doing things. The winds of revolution began to blow.

The Founders radical notions weren’t new. People began to question the very foundation of the monarchy (that God ordained ONE person to be His representative on earth. And that this ONE person had the power of life/death- almost godlike them self. Also, this godly right was genetically inherited). The movement began all over Europe- amongst the intellectuals. Our founders were part of that group. They began to question the THEOLOGY of such an idea. Didn’t Christ, in fact, make us EQUAL? Who is another man to say they are somehow, genetically empowered to be God’s representative here on earth? etc.

Suffice it to say, our founders HATED this type of government control over their thoughts and their relationship with God. Anyone who tells you that our Founders were atheist are LIARS. God and their freedom to pursue Him in the way THEY felt best was absolutely KEY to their call to revolution. THIS hatred was the very basis of why we have the first amendment: freedom of RELIGION- they specifically limited the government’s ability to restrict RELIGION. Not the other way around!

This is why they also wanted to keep an armed civilian population. They had witnessed their kings use their armies to march up to people’s homes and murder them. At the pleasure of the king. No explanation needed. Only an armed citizenry could balance the power of the government’s own military.

Is any of this sounding vaguely familiar?

Progressives HATE the constitution and have employed many strategic planks against it. Taking the media was essential for the this takeover to happen. Take the media and cover the crime. The media is 100% under the control of the most elite of Progressives. They are not government politicians- but they own our politicians.

Using their politicians, they federalized education so that our children do not understand the historic setting for our founding documents. They can be taught it is ‘too old fashioned’. They took it from the cities and states and force us all to pay for this education so that they will then provide it. Thus, they can teach or not teach the new voters what they want. So. All the children need them. The federal government took over the care of the elderly and have forced us to leave our retirement savings with them, thus getting a fierce strangle hold of us in our late years. In the name of poverty, they have taken charity away from the church and instead force everyone to pay into federal coffers- and they dispense the charity now. So, all the poor now need them. Now, they have taken the care of the sick away from the doctor’s office and now they force us to give our money to them first and then they will care for us when we are sick. So all the sick need them.

Who doesn’t have children? Who doesn’t get old? Who hasn’t struggled financially? Who will never get sick?

That’s an awful lot of money going into the center of government, isn’t it? Why do we trust a bunch of politicians with it? Why do we believe that with all this POWER over so many of us (if not all of us), they will NOT be tempted to use it for their own glory, wealth and self worship?

What kind of dream world have we been in? Just how LONG will it take to undo it all?

Impossible! It can not be undone.

Now, they are ready to strike. Just a few more steps needed. The new ‘laws’ are falling quickly- breathtakingly fast! The court system is overwhelmed with them. One unconstitutional law is passed after another- all providing the legal precedence of the next. Executive Orders from One Man- not just little ones- but WHOPPERS- are now, automatically the law of the land.

They can now call YOU an ‘enemy combatant’ and can now use a drone to kill you, in your home or car without prior notice and without due process. And answer to no one.

All in the matter of a few years. And we sit here now, stunned. We look at each other with open mouths. How do we stop this man? Why aren’t the politicians doing their job? Why have THEY all gone silent? Why isn’t the GOP screaming at the top of their lungs and why aren’t feisty reporters sticking their microphones in people’s faces????

There comes a point for a person who finds them self in this situation. It’s a bad point. The point when the most horrible dawning… dawns. That moment, when looking and appealing with outstretched hands toward all the hard faces of those who swore to protect you; that moment of …knowing, with dread cold suddenness that you have been utterly betrayed. By the ones you loved and trusted. The sinking stone in the stomach when you realize: you, too. You, too.

That is where the American citizen is today. They are ALL in on it, Friends. We have been… betrayed.


  1. I am so thankful that I have accepted Christ. I am saved and know that it looks bad in the world with the new world order. the time is near for what Isaiah,Daniel,Revelation and other parts of the Bible tells us about the Great Tribulation. The christains going to be with God and the world taken over by satan for a little while 7years. than God will take care of these people who think they will rule the world. i saying if you do not know the lord as your savior it time that you need to. The people in our goverment is not going to help you they are not on your side, they want to control you. As Little Rebel says God is the way. GOD BLESS and may he be with you. Just ask him and he will be there. I pray for the world will accept him.

    • God bless you Michael. You are right. We have nowhere else to turn or no one else to lean on but God. People need to face reality and see where we stand and realize that only God can change anything. We need to get serious and pray for our nation and all the lost people. We are facing terrible times and need to be ready to meet our Savoir at any minute. We must warn our families and pray for them to see the truth and accept Christ before it’s too late.

  2. As I just sat here reading this article and all of the responses, I am reflecting on what is going on around the world and how it has affected my family and myself. Our rights are slowly being taken away without the general population even realizing it. I went to facebook to read post of my peers and the words of friends and relatives come to mind, it has gotten back to me that my friends are talking about me as if I were some terrorist for questioning the actions of my government. Without even realizing it, citizens of this country are erroding our freedom of speech and thought. The general mindset of America is that We, The Citizens need to stand by our President and his administration, no matter what. Friends are questioning my character because I do not like what our president is doing. They don’t see our Constitution being trampled upon. In my mind I feel that it is each and every American Citizens Right, No, Their Duty as Citizens to question every action that our leaders make. To bring it out front and questioned if they are making good and right decisions that effect our lives. I have actually found myself on facebook starting to comment and then erasing my thoughts because of concern over what friends think of me and even worse that our government is listening and that there may be consequenses for what I type. It saddens me that our Freedom of speech has already been taken away and the average citizen does not even realize it. This is a prime example of why the constitution should not be touched, questioned or messed with at all. This is a sacred document that holds our very existense in it’s words and meaning.

    • Ben, when you speak the truth, you WILL be mocked. The Bible tells us that wise men will be called fools and fools will be called wise in the last days. Jesus suffered because he told the TRUTH about the leadership of his day. He pointed out their sheer hypocrisy and corruption in public. That is why they killed him. He told us that if the world hated HIM (who was, literally, perfect) then they would most certainly hate us. You can NOT worry what your ‘friends’ think of you. YOU need to be a fool for Jesus, for God and for Country. Sounds corny- but never more true than now. DON’T erase your comments. You will not be proud of that someday. The ONLY way to stop these people is when each INDIVIDUAL decides enough is enough. We need to EDUCATE those around us. Even if they mock today, when faced with that ol’ RFID chip and forced to make a choice between food/water/meds or obedience to the government, they will come back and seek you out. At least they will have been warned. Remember, we don’t do what we do to serve OURSELVES. We serve Christ, Country, Family & friends- and lastly, ourselves- in that order. Keep that in mind and you can’t go wrong. Susan

    • Ben you are right. Some of us have paid attention, read, listened and figured out what is going on and what is about to happen. We are awake, we know. Those you mention are numb and asleep. We are not supposed to support anybody, president or even a family member, who does not do the right thing. Anyone who says or thinks this is totally ignorant of the truth. They are the sheeple who will be led off the cliff. They make fun and laugh when they hear us speak of these things but they are going to see things come to pass that we warned them about and they laughed at us. It will be too late when their eyes are opened. We are facing another holocaust, the play is being acted out one scene at a time straight from the playbook. I feel sorry for those who do not understand. They focus on sports, material things, electronic toys, concerts and things of the world that are temporary. The wise ones are concerned with truth, honesty, freedom, justice and things of God which are eternal. Wake up people, you need Jesus, you need salvation and you need to rearrange your priorities. You need to fall on your faces now and ask God to save your souls and to restore our freedoms in this nation. Satan is ruling this world and you are in his trap. God is the key to your being freed from sin.

    • Ben, I was thinking of your comments here when I ran across this speech. I wasn’t going to watch all of it, but once I got started, I had too. Now Obama is sitting right there next to the podium and listening. Sometimes you wonder what he’s thinking as Dr. Carson speaks…Well I won’t ruin it, but for you, please listen to at least the first 7 minutes. It’s well worth it for you and everyone else here at Susan’s blog.

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