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Are We All Chris Dorner?

dornerYou know, I’ve seen these new FB sites popping up wishing Chris Dorner well. Most are from idiot juveniles without souls. But there is also a sentiment there that I find interesting. Like this meme. It is most definitely born out of true ignorance of this man. That is for sure. I believe that the people behind this meme don’t understand how very twisted this man’s thinking is. He wishes to kill children. Or, that is what the press said via his ‘Manifesto’.That being said, many of us can see ourselves in a similar situation someday, can’t we? Labeled by the police as a terrorist, a fake manifesto provided to the press, and a massive man-hunt after us. Labeled GUILTY by the media and no one even asking questions. I’m not saying that his manifest is fake- I’m saying that we have LOST COMPLETE FAITH in the honesty of our government, Military/Police top brass and the Media. We no longer trust them to tell us the truth, do we? ANYTHING can be trumped up, made up and served up. And who would know the difference?To us, they are no longer interested in Justice, Morality, God or even ‘doing the right thing.’ They have become ‘craven’, ‘lustful’, ‘greedy’, ‘self serving’ and may I say it? EVIL. That is what they have become in our minds.And their new laws reflect these traits very well. They are taking true POWER over our lives- making decisions about whether we are allowed to live, even. And we can’t stop them, can we??THAT is why I believe people are empathizing with Chris Dorner. I personally believe he was treated unfairly at work. I do believe he was punished for being a whistle blower. But all that was five whole years ago. Why is he suddenly active NOW, right during the gun debate? Why is he praising the Obama’s and even advocating for gun control in his manifesto!? Why did the news (FOX!) edit the so called manifesto- taking at least one third of it out without one notification that they had done so? Has the manifesto been CHANGED since its first release??

I see the government’s hand in that part- I think this guy was programed and ready to go at the right time. That time is now. To get our guns.

But I don’t think this particular reaction, evident in the meme, was what they were after. No. I don’t.

Many of us see ourselves as that fugitive. In fact, we feel that this WILL be the scenario for many of us conservatives in the NEAR future, don’t we? Look at the latest tyrannies! They don’t even question the constitutionality of assassinating U.S. citizens with drones- instead, they are arguing about whether the President can order an assassination by himself, or can he have a secret court that answers only to him. The POINT has be missed, I would like to say.

It is the HELPLESSNESS we all feel that is creating the support for the crazy man, Dorner. That is why it is confusing- emotionally- when we think of this guy. Are WE the next ‘enemy combatant’? Are we next on the ‘assassination’ list on Obama’s table?

The support I see for Dorner is one, blaring piece of evidence that the People of the United States of America are ready for a revolution against its government. And it can not come too soon for me.


  1. Wonderful article Rebel, I couldn’t agree more! I suspected from the beginning “what if Dorner isn’t even real” and then I saw that his name contained the letters to spell Drone and TPTB were asking if they could use Drones to find him. What are the mathematical chances of the first man to be found with a Drone to be named Dorner? Ah, it’s just a coincidence and I’m a “conspiracy nut”. Now they have burned the man, so we can’t prove it’s the guy on the TV can we? I know, I’m just a “conspiracy nut”, they supposedly got Osama and then buried him at sea, I should just shut up and learn to trust my Government, right?

  2. There is only one real solution to our country’s ills, and that is a return to Christ and Biblical values. Unfortunately, this will not happen in America, at least not in the America we know today. What is more important, I think, is a return to Christ and Biblical values on an individual basis. Although we cannot expect to influence the whole country – every individual, we can (and should) live as Christ has taught us to live. The problem is, however, the gospel has been so watered down, and so perverted in this day and age, that far too many who claim to be Christian really have no idea what it means to be a Christian. Far too many have fallen into the non-Biblical belief that all one need do is “ask Jesus into [their] heart” and they will be saved. The problem is, that is nowhere in the Bible. It is an oversimplification of the plan of salvation that is taught in too many churches as being the complete plan of salvation. The result is people making some kind of verbalized statement along those lines, and then living their lives just as they always have. No change. And they firmly believe they are saved! They will continue on in sin thinking they have somehow purchased some kind of “hell insurance,” and as a result, well, look where we are today. Sin is acceptable, morality is not. This is just where satan wants us to be as a country, as a group of people, and this is just where we are. So, no, I do not think this country can be salvaged, but I do think as individuals we can be. The question is, will we be?

    • I agree Thomas. As time moves forward, I find it very interesting how polarized people are becoming. Those who love Jesus are beginning to use his name shamelessly in politics and those that hate him also use his name shamelessly in politics- one for love and the other for hate. There is no equivalent polarization happening for any other ‘religion’. I still believe in the American People. I think that when push comes to shove, we will pull through together. I always keep 9/12/01 in my head.

  3. When I read his manifesto, I thought to myself, this has AGENDA written all over it. There is simply too much craziness of this type all during this gun grab. We have a dictator. We do not have a President. Yes, civil was is in the looming and yes, they are pushing it and it may well backfire on them. Thing is, all of this is a direct result of evil. We as humans cannot control that aspect no matter how badly we want too. All I can say is, I’d rather die standing, then on my knees. It’s coming. I pray the Lord is in hot pursuit of it.

  4. The intent of the present administration is to foment a 2nd civil war—and it looks as though their plan is working very well. It fact, I wonder if not too well! It might just backfire on them.
    And though I wish to live the remainder of my long life in peace I agree with SLR—None too soon! “Vastly out numbered, almost certain death? What are we waiting for?!”

  5. A very good commentary on this story… One of the points you raised was concerning how much his manifesto may have been changed since it first came to light, and in making that point you really did hit on one of the biggest dangers facing rational people in this age of tyranny: the fact that anything can be faked or doctored to fit the aims of the powers that be. In this time of electronic media and CGI, anything from written documents to photos to videos can be altered to suit a certain viewpoint, and this trend is so much like “1984”, wherein the history and reporting of certain events was constantly being altered in the name of political expediency. The only thing left that we can really trust is the Word of God, and depending on which “version” you are reading, even that is becoming fair game for the revisionists.

      • Thanks. I also find it a little odd that in the midst of his tirade he pauses to give a shout out to Obama, gun control and several celebrities…it just struck me a being more than a little out of the character of the rest of the document. While it is possible that an overstrained mind on the brink of deliberate violence would be a bit aberrational, this just smelled of a later add-on.

  6. I have read the manifesto and understand his mission. if 1/10th of what he claims is true, he has been wronged and his life destroyed, thus my understanding of his mission. i do not agree with the killing of innocents and to that point, i only agree with killing the guilty in certain situations. He tried to use the system to uncover wrongs and put light into darkness, and could not win.

    • Please don’t mistake my article as sympathy or agreement with Dorner. IF he wrote that manisfesto, it shows every sign of mental illness. I am simply speaking to the amazing amount of empathy people seem to be displaying toward a cold blooded killer. My article proposes the reason for that empathy.

  7. Susan, There is so much wrong with our society that I fear there is no simple ” Fix”. The cure to our illness is likely to be so severe we may not survive…….But a lot of us will go down kickin’, screamin’ and fightin’ til we can fight no more. All we can do is to live by the truths and principles we know to be right. you keep on doing what you’re doing…I’m a OLD HARDA** MARINE VET ‘cynical as Hades and your Blog has gotten my interest, maybe your work can reach enough people to make a difference…Keep DA FAITH.

  8. Thank you for your insights an bless you for your courage to say what needs be said. I too am God’s wrath of the right hand which he shall wield at His particular time….He will work through us to assuage the unholy amongst, an bring forth rightful indignation against the ALL EVIL ALL THE TIME HYPER ELITE AGENDA OF THE DAY. Pray for strength, for the time is drawing nigh, lo the beast is at the door…

  9. As usual you express your thinking as clearly as anyone of us could – thank you — the faith we had in our “Leaders” is rapidly evaporating as they take one faulty step after another aiming at achieving an entirely changed country {and world} to the one most of us want to see and live in!

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