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Want To Save America? Join A Citizen’s Militia or Your Patriotic Local Sheriff!

Friends, our salvation from federal tyranny will only come on the LOCAL LEVEL.

We are now in a situation where it is the People against the Progressive Elite.  The Progressives are NOT liberals- they exist in both parties.  They simply aimed at the Dem. party because they were easier to take.  Progressives openly call for the UN to be the government of the world.  They openly suggest that all federal armies should answer to the UN, not their own sovereign leaders.  They openly want ‘Borderless Societies’, which is a nice way to say, “Every country will be a mere state in the UN with no right to govern itself”.  Just one, big, kumbaya Utopia where ‘love & peace’ will reign, right?

The Progressives are using both the liberal and the conservative arguments to move against the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.  Example:  they are using immigration to get REAL ID- which is hugely supported by the GOP (remember their try for a national ID card?  Well, they have it now- only States won’t comply.  This new immigration reform- being pushed by the GOP, will force states into compliance).  They are using patriotism and love of country to convince Republican citizens to supporting war in countries we have NO INTEREST in.  They are using GOP loyalty to keep Republicans from suspecting their own party of corruption- all while the GOP raises the debt ceiling and approves every single bill from Obama.  The top brass of the military is being infiltrated.

The news (INCLUDING FOX) is 100% owned and operated by the same people.  Don’t believe me?  Here is my article which is linked directly to the Stock market to prove it.  Believe me, you will be shocked.

I don’t trust a single poll or article or opinion out of these papers anymore.  Especially since I don’t see the results of these polls even in my super LIBERAL neighborhood!

Go to church.  Join the local militia.  IF you have a local sheriff or police chief,  like the one above, who wants volunteers to fight the feds, then join them.  You don’t need to go out and run around in the woods- you just need to join.  That way, IF push comes to shove, you know where to go.

The Progressive goal is to isolate Americans from each other.  It is to dishearten us into believing that only a tiny percentage of us still love the Constitution and our nation.  We are experiencing a blatant psychological warfare strategy being aimed at us by the Progressively owned media.  Republican and conservative citizens are being attacked by these new FOX polls (showing ardent love of Obama and Hillary)  and skewed story telling- specifically, the way they reported (or really, didn’t report) on Fast n Furious, Benghazi, Sandy Hook and the lastest & greatest, Chris Dorner.   Fox’s talking heads are all cheering about the way Dorner was killed.  Not one of them questions anything about the event.  How about the way they failed to mention the direct connection between Chicago’s new Public Enemy #1 and Fast n Furious??

Where are the skeptical investigative reporters?  How can I, a blogger, remember the face of Mexican Drug Lord Guzman and the reporters at FOX, who get paid to remember, don’t?  Why can I ask questions like, “Why did they need to kill Chris Dorner when they had all the tactical advantages (including TIME) on their side.  I thought we still had a judge and jury to decide the guilt or innocence of a person BEFORE they are killed?  How do we know Dorner wrote the manifesto?  Why are there various versions of his manifesto floating around?  etc, etc.”  And why is it that when a person asks these NORMAL questions- questions ANY paid reporter should certainly be asking, am I automatically a ‘conspiracy theorist’?  I find that rather interesting.   Why WOULDN’T I ask these questions?  Especially since Dorner claimed that massive corruption was INTEGRAL to the LAPD?

These days, normal questions are viewed as ‘unpatriotic’ or ‘crazy’.  Yet another propaganda scheme to frighten away and silence all questions & criticism of authority.  Things are have changed since when I was little.  What happened to those reporters yelling out at press conferences & shoving their mics into politician’s faces?  They are gone- all bought and paid for by the very people calling me a ‘conspiracy theorist’.  Nice.  Very nice.

The way to defeat them is to join up and talk LOCALLY.  They want to pick us off one by one and frighten us into submission so that we will walk into the gas chambers without even fighting for our lives.  Be strong.  We are not breaking any law when we group together locally- in fact, this is EXPRESSLY protected by the First Amendment.

To quote Tracy Chapman, “If not now, then when?”


  1. In case you may not have heard, The VA is sending out letters to Veterans telling “us” the they have been declared incompentent to handle their own affairs and this includes the ability to own or possess firearms. This is a “naked” power grab by DHS to disarm all Veterans (who they consider “domestic terrorists”). I believe DHS is scared of all veterans because we will be the first ones to take up arms and fufill our vow to defend the Constution against the REAL Domestic Terrorists (DHS and the current adminstration).

    • Yes, I know and reported it on my Short Little Rebel FB page yesterday or the day before. If you are on FB, you can catch the latest news articles everyday. I sort through many news sources and ferret out the items I believe are most interesting to Christian conservatives.

  2. I am so glad to have found this blog. I feel like I beat my head against the wall on a daily basis – no one asks questions anymore!! Ever since the Aurora shooting broke news, I said, “who really did it? What’s really going on here?? Something smells fishy.” Then the Sandy Hook shooting, before details even started coming out, I KNEW it wasn’t right. That qawky, skinny, wimpy looking man boy really carried around those weapons and shot up that school?!?! No one asks any questions and when I start challenging people with questions I hear “ok, any other conspiracy theories you want to talk about?!”

    How can people NOT see what’s coming?? How can people not realize the reality we all soon face?? It’s right there in the Bible!!!

  3. Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding; acknowledge him in all thy ways and He will direct your path

  4. Obama could use the NDAA to round up militias or anyone he wants too. That should not stop anyone from joining a just cause. The Patriot Act and the NDAA are both unconstitutional, even though the Judicial branch is every bit as corrupt as the Executive and Legislative.

    Just speaking your mind is enough to be declare belligerent or militant. In other words, no matter what you do, if Obama wants you, he’s going to get you.The question is, are you going to resist or submit?

  5. I’m not convinced nearly every person serving in public office is a “progressive” or destined to be corrupted into one, Susan. But an equally serious problem is the very evident fact that many so-called conservative Republicans out there are inexcusably CHICKEN. Never have I seen so few fight for America. Obama and his empire of boorish thugs have scared the bejeebers out of them.

    • you are being too kind to them, Dawn. Their failures to stop Obama can not be because of terror or incompetence. These are intelligent people. If WE can see the solutions, then they certainly can.

  6. Contrary to what Barry “totally nuts Millwood ” says, joining a militia or anything remotely resembling it is a good idea in this day of govenment insanity. Barry lives in the “it’s all ok, nothing has changed, can’t we all get along neighborhood.” He is the kind most of us will be watching in the not too distant future.

  7. While I’m pretty worthless to a militia, I did join my states yesterday. I also sent a link to my county Sheriff to join the other 283 Sheriffs and 8 state Sheriffs Associations at Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association. I’d recommend that at the very least, you urge your county Sheriff and Local Police to do the same. Send them a message with the link and make the suggestion. Many of them aren’t aware that this organization even exists. They are after all, our last line of defense. After they, it is up to US.

    Progressives=Illuminati-You can call me whatever you want too. I’ve studied them for far too long now. It’s proving more and more that we are fighting evil. A fight that we cannot win short of Christs return.

  8. You are totally nuts to advocate joining a militia when it has the connotation that it has in this day and age!

    • I do not think it’s nuts. I think it’s prudent. Sure, you’ll likely draw the attention of DHS or one of the other of many government tenticles because they want no one to stand in their way. I’m not about to simply hand them my life. That’s exactly what they are trying to get us all to do. They are making sure they herd us like cattle and once they have us, they’ll start the cleansing for their “Utopia.”

  9. Yes! I just left a comment on the last post that sums up my feelings on this. These are not our people! And as Pastor Chuck Baldwin says, “The ‘christians’ who say “support them no matter what are wrong.” These are enemies of the republic and the constitution. But that does not even say what I am reduced to feeling right now. I know I am not a part of this hellish, pin head God hating, Freedom despising regime. They are as far from me as the East is from the west. I live here, I cannot leave, but I see myself as independent from the pit of hell crowd in Dc. Do I believe I will escape their scrutniy? Nope! we are in the age of 1984 X 1000. I go to walk my dog and I realize “they” can be seeing me. I looked at a road camera way out where we go to harvest firewood and there was the road we were on—out in the wllderness–all the traffic and all the people that travel that road are recorded. Good? Yes, if you slide off the road someome sees you. Bad, yes if they are tracking people there you are.

    Thank you Rebel! I am so glad I found your blog. You give me hope where there is little hope.
    Bless you and yours!!! Luv you!

  10. Moreover, do not expect change to come from either of the two major parties: There is no such thing as political party any longer. There exist only ideologies, and the gargantuan Petri dishes that are the Republican and Democrat parties.

    • There is only ONE party- it is called the Progressive party- and their goal is to destroy America as a sovereign nation. Sad thing is this: they are OPEN about this goal. Another sad thing: both Obama and Clinton have admitted, publicly, that they are Progressives. Last sad thing, most Americans have no clue what a Progressive is.

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