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What Does a Christian Sound Like?

Oh. My. God!  Look, he's carrying his mat on Sunday!!!  Heathen!

Oh. My. God! Look, he’s carrying his mat on Sunday!!! Heathen!

Christian Conservative Friends, ‘RELIGION’ and ‘religious speech’ is a curse upon the earth. It is from Satan and not of God. Jesus Christ and our love of him- our acknowledgement of his kingship over all existence- this has nothing to do with ‘religion’. Jesus is simply the reality of the universe. People can either acknowledge him or they can run from him. There is no other choice. THIS is why atheists only rebel against Jesus. They HATE him because even Satan acknowledges Christ’s dominion. He hates Jesus because he knows that his time will end- and so all his followers do as well. There is power in the name of Jesus…. there is power in the name of Jesus… don’t you love that song?

Christian friends. Why do some of you say things like, “You don’t ‘sound’ like a Christian?”

What does a Christian ‘sound’ like? By your measure, neither John the Baptist, nor Christ himself would qualify as Christians! Do you think those two walked around like little milk toasts, smiling at every evil they see? Do you think they did not provoke evil? Do you think they neglected to boldly address the evil in front of them? Jesus was a provocateur many times in the Bible. John the Baptist called LOUDLY against the sin of the Herod in front of everyone. He was murdered for it. Jesus proclaimed John to be the most perfect servant of God! But YOU wouldn’t.

The Christian church has a disease these days. It is called ‘religiosity’. It is a spiritual disease that causes Christians to use Christ as their personal billy club. To get their way. To make themselves feel holier than others. To push their political desires. It is corrupt. It is from Satan. We, true Christians, need to pray that the demon of religiosity be bound on earth as it is in heaven.

No human is perfect. Therefore, why focus on each others imperfections? Why call someone ‘un-Christlike’ because they don’t sound soothing to you? Because you don’t agree with them or their politics? Why not first focus on the message. On the point? Remember the cripple by the pool described in the book of John? After Jesus healed him and told him to pick up his mat, all the Jews around him could do was tell him that it was ‘wrong’ and ‘unholy’ to carry around his mat!!! No one even said, “Wow! Look what Jesus did for you!” Religiosity at its best.

Not everyone who calls themselves a Christian IS a Christian. Going to church every Sunday doesn’t make you a Christian. Doing a million good works and praying everyday doesn’t make you a Christian. And guess what? Being ‘perfect’ doesn’t make you a Christian.

Being a Christian is to be a true servant of Christ. It is GIVING up your entire life to his kingdom. It is acknowledging his rightful position as KING over all existence and it is recognizing that we are saved through his POWER and love and sacrifice for our sakes. Loving Christ is more like a fire that burns in your heart. There is nothing quiet about it! You want to leap for joy! You hate evil and you are fiercely protective of the name of God.

Once you truly find him, there is nothing you won’t do for him. You recognize that there is NO meaning outside of human existence than to find him, the treasure in the field. Once you have that, you recognize that the only further reason you breath air is to help your fellow man to find Jesus too. You do this to obey the Command of Christ to love each other as you love yourself. Past that, NOTHING matters.

That is when you know you are a Christian. Thank God, it has nothing to do with how you speak and how soft your voice is. God uses every facet of each of us to work toward his kingdom. Even the rough edges that some of us have. Everyone has their spiritual gift. Mine is discernment and boldness. Yours might be a quite, loving gift. But we are all the Body of Christ. We must work together to do Christ’s bidding here on earth- not for ourselves, but for those who need Christ also.


  1. Susan, you have expounded on a theme I touched on in one of my posts but you did it so much more eloquently than I probably ever could! I am always drawing the distinction between adhering to the religion of Christianity and picking up our cross to follow Jesus daily. Thank you for such a deeply passionate and eloquent plea for all Christians to stop going through the motions and start really following our Lord and Savior! Blessings to you!

  2. I have to say, “You are a fiesty one.” Remind me never to get on your bad side. LOL!

    Aside from that I mostly agree with what it is you’re saying here. Stay strong in Christ, SLR. May God bless and keep you always.

  3. Thank you for being an answered prayer. I’ve been looking for words to say just what you’ve said. People don’t think a Christian should protest government or other “unseemly” things, but I feel strongly that I need to get the word out to people so they are not caught unawares. God bless and keep up the good work.

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