Why Are Homosexuals Almost Always Jesus Haters?

"Hey, I'm late to the Feed the Need at the Salvation Army!"
Those who practice homosexuality hate Jesus.  Do you wonder why?

Friends, is there ANY wonder how so-called atheism and homosexuality are so closely linked? Why do you think that is so?

When God forbids something, he has a reason. My observation is that homosexuality is the ‘gateway sin’ to atheism, much like pot is the ‘gateway drug’  to addiction (please- no pro pot comments- save it for another discussion, pls.). Jesus made wine, not drugs. While people like to say alcohol is equal to pot, it is not. Jesus didn’t make something corrupt. God made a man and woman and he bound them together. Mankind made homosexuality. One is good, the other bad.

Why is it that almost all homosexuals and those that condone their behavior are so-called atheists? Because they embody the spirit of satan. He hates Jesus and so then do his servants.

Satan has cleverly created an atmosphere where people believe they can put themselves above God and determine which parts of the Bible they want to ‘believe’ and which parts they don’t. You don’t get to do that.

But those who practice homosexuality KNOW they do wrong. Or why couldn’t THEY exist in peace with Jesus? Why do they froth at the lips against God? Why do they walk away from him? Evil skitters under the bed when light is shone on it. People who participate in homosexual behavior do likewise. Because they KNOW they are wrong, they run from the One who judges them.

The sheer HATE coming from them always amazes me. Do you see them trying to protect the gay ambassador, Chris Stevens in the Benghazi nightmare? No. But I do. He might have practiced homosexuality, but he was still a human being and didn’t deserve to die as he did. It is I who will not forget what Obama did to him and to the brave men who died protecting him.

But these people could care less about that. Why? Because they are 100% selfish and stand for nothing. Just whatever serves them- they have no cause except to make their lives easier, richer & better. Also, they have no logic. All reason and logic reside with God. Reject God and you will reject logic every time. If they cared about the rights of the homosexual, they would care about Ambassador Stevens. But they don’t care because it doesn’t further their agenda. It weakens their agenda.  It’s not about principle- it’s about agenda.

Do these people care about the homeless? How many do you think actively go about their day WORKING to help them? But I do. Christians do everyday. Even though we believe in personal responsibility, it will ALWAYS be us who feed the poor. Do these people GIVE their money to those in need? Like Obama? ha! no. Their craven fingers cling to every dollar. But I do. Christians all over the world do. In fact, CHRISTIANS give more money than anyone else in the world- by a million fold! Where are the atheist ‘compassion’ funds for poor people? Hah. Hah. Hah. They just want the Government (interpretation: us) to do it. Never would they dirty their manicured nails.

Christians hold to God’s law- which is not always easy. But it is ALWAYS right. So-called atheists live a fairy tale where they believe they can make law without God. While we tow the line, we also extend our hands to serve. They talk the talk and put their stingy hands right back in their pockets.

These people hate to their very bones and yet, they cast the label of ‘hate’ upon those who would obey God. Satan is devious. and he is angry. He knows his time is coming near. His WHOLE goal is to kill as many of God’s children as possible.

Christians, if you think you are doing a kindness when you support people as they practice homosexuality, you would be incorrect. As almost all homosexuals hate God, how do you think keeping them in that lifestyle will benefit their souls? Do you think you can tempt them to love Jesus? No. You can’t.

While speaking the Truth is hard, it is inevitably the only way to set yourself free- and it is the only way to set others free.


  1. This man is on top of it 100: percent right take note people we are seeing the very last days . Please brothers and sisters wake up call on jesus befor its to late satan will take your soul and eat you alive and then sit back a say he is your god. Jesus Christ is the trueliveing God

  2. I was talking to my mum who is an elder and teacher at here church about your post on homosexuality. I am not a ‘Christian’, not in the way that you or her view it (you and I discussed this privately a couple of years back). In talking to her about this subject she told me that no sin is any greater or smaller than any other; a sin is a sin, they are not graded in size. So, if you use the telephone at work without permission, use the photocopier without permission, drive over the speed limit, get too much change at the supermarket and keep it… you get the picture, you commit a sinful act. Does this not just all come under the umbrella of ‘sin’? Isn’t theft, deceit, violence, abuse etc not equal to the sin of homosexuality?

    • Hi Stuart, I know where your mother is coming from. But no, sin is not sin. That statement is not biblical- it is just like so many other little platitudes Christians have made up over the years. Others include, “Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner” “Judge Not, Lest you be judged”. They have evolved to mean things that the bible absolutely does not confirm. In fact, they say the opposite of what the bible says. The bible clearly shows that there are some sins that God hates more than others. Homosexuality lists as one of his most hated sins. Now, I believe that the origin of that statement is the belief that all men are sinners. That much is true. We are all sinners and thus, are all in equal need of a Savior. But that doesn’t, by extension, mean that all sins are equal in God’s eyes. No. Murder is far worse than lying. There is a reason why homosexuality is one of the bad ones. I highly suggest you read my article called, You are not Gay, You are a Child of God. I explain there why it is so offensive to God. Or, rather, why I think it is so offensive to him. What I can say 100% is that it IS one of his most hated sins.

      Christian churches are guilty of a thing called DOCTRINE. That is why I detest denominations more and more as I age. When I read the little arrogant booklets that house the Doctrine of each denomination, I am floored, absolutely floored, at the sheer arrogance of Man. Each denomination dares to say, “This is THE only true interpretation of the bible. If you don’t believe it, you are going to hell.” Ha! And then, they have the sheer nerve to draw a little stick picture of what God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit look like. Yeah, right. Time locked creatures dare to say they KNOW what a creature, so much greater than they and living OUTSIDE of time, looks like. They dare to say that they KNOW what his mental, physical (if he has one), spiritual NATURE looks like. And it doesn’t end there! Nooooo! Oh, no. The arrogance of little tiny human beings is not content with that laughable bit of arrogance. No. now, they dare to say that they KNOW how THREE of these timeless Beings INTERACT with one another. I tell you, Stuart, I can see why people like you want to throw the lot of us off the cliff! But WE have nothing to do with God. And no one of even average intelligence would reason that to be so.

      God exists despite his creations’ stupidity. What we do has nothing to do with his being. A wise man understands this and tends to his own life and future. Yours depends on God’s good will, Stuart. You don’t have all the time in the world. Only what God grants you. He is a loving patient God. But he is also just. Be careful not to test or tempt him. Do not ever curse his name or curse the Holy Spirit or call God satan. Or you will not be forgiven. You must free yourself from your silk prison- for that is where you are. Do me a favor, Stuart. Please read C.S. Lewis’ Screw Tape Letter. That will tell you where I think you are in life. Don’t be the client in that book. Susan

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