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The Body of Christ Has A Cancer- It Must Be Cut Out!

Speak Softly!  Don't Offend!

Speak Softly! Don’t Offend!

Before I say goodnight, might I make an observation? We, the Body of Christ, have a cancer on our body that MUST be cut out. That cancer is RELIGIOSITY. This couching of criticism and pettiness in ‘churchy’ language. This inability to speak openly and honestly about ANYTHING. This tyranny of Biddies who NEED you to use special words and a soft voice whenever you speak. THAT is what drives normal people from church- not people like me! It is a PRISON to live like that! I thank GOD, with all my heart, for my 25 year sabbatical from church life!!! I left the church over 25 years ago because of old biddies who criticized my love of God because I didn’t go around waving my arms in the air and speaking in jibberish like they all did in the crowd. What nonsense that all was! I praise the Lord to be back in church, but I am not the same girl I was then, hurt and confused. Now I will FIGHT this cancer!

Friends, according to these police wardens of religiosity, even JESUS and John the Baptist wouldn’t qualify as proper Christians! No, they wouldn’t. John most certainly would have to put on clothes for these people and his screaming on the side of the road would most certainly have to go! And Jesus? Can you imagine these biddies twittering if Jesus were here today, at an art festival, overturning craftsmen’s tables and whipping people??? HE would not be ‘holy’ enough for these ‘Christians, either!’

These religious people attack with their honeyed words and then act SHOCKED when you speak like a normal, offended person back to them! THAT is not the game they know! And then comes the Jesus martyr look on their faces, saying they ‘wished they had not spoken at all…’ and that ‘they did not mean to offend, but to lovingly correct, ‘ etc. Really? There is a part of me that wants to just slap that victim right there on the spot. Not very CHRISTIAN of me, now is it? No. But very HUMAN of me. And thank the Lord, I do not need to be perfect- and so I shall not pretend to be so!

If you are going to disagree with me, then JUST SAY IT! Don’t couch it in religious words and then act like you didn’t just call me vicious. (even though you just used that word exactly!)

Friends, can I say, “HALLELUJAH! Christ is REAL!! Christ is REAL!” He is NOT that sappy photo everyone loves to look at. NO ONE could stand that prison called religiosity. Our spirits LONG TO BE FREE! I long to be free! I want to scream, “DON’T YOU CARE??? Did you just hear what I said??? Don’t you CARE that those young girls are going to hell?? Don’t you care that those people are following pagans? Where is your LOVE? Why is it that the only thing you care about is my DELIVERY??

At least I’m trying! You silent, silent Christian with your hands folded so neatly in your lap! You church goer who loves to make peace and not war! If you CARED about people- if you LOVED people, you would take a chance to HELP people. I know YOU know that all your soft words will NEVER help those people. You need to break through to them. You need to reach out to them. You need to tell them they will die, or God will indeed hold your responsible for their blood. READ Ezekiel and know God’s words on that account. Being silent is just easier, my Friend. Just easier. And you get to look all shiny and sweet while I look the fool. But I don’t care. I know my heart. And God knows my heart. And I speak out of LOVE because the day is very near- very near when these people will have lost all ability to THINK about what they are doing. Their time will be over. Me? I’m already saved. I dedicate my self to helping others find Jesus. How about you, silent, goody two shoes, religious friend?

Religion is a cancer. A curse. It is one I hope will be rooted out when Jesus Christ, our REAL, living, strong & powerful king comes back. HE will know our hearts and HE won’t care that our delivery of his message was not ‘religious’ enough. <sizzzzle> *steam*****


  1. Hello Susan, I stumbled on your site when someone mentioned you on a Survival blog. I have never commented on anything before, but want to assure you that you helping many people. Your comment about the “silent Christian looking all shiny and sweet while you look the fool” opened my eyes about letting others, including my family know that just being good is not enough. I was raised a Catholic then realized how could it be a sin one day not to cover your head in Church, eat meat on Friday, go to Church on Sunday (substitute Saturday) and then one day it is all changed and not a sin anymore….I tried another Church, (from my husbands childhood) and it was just like you say about the tyranny of the biddies there! They drove me away and I realized all you need is your faith in Christ. I also realize now, with inspiration from you, that I need to reach out to people, starting with my own family. Christ needs to be first in our lives. Thank you for having the courage to do what you are doing!

    • Linda, considering the sheer amount of HATE and lies and pointed fingers coming at me recently, you don’t realize how much your comment means to me. SO many so-called Christians come to my site (I don’t go to theirs unless specifically requested) to attack me. Bad enough when the so-called atheists do it. Bad enough when raging liberals do it. But these ‘religious’ people are the worst. They just don’t bother with the Bible- they have created a Jesus and a God out of thin air. They believe in these people that never existed and don’t exist today. I can tell you, Linda. If the world loves you, you are not doing the work of Jesus. If the world hates you, you are on the right track. Today, my FB account was temporarily restricted because the FB team claims I violated their posting rules. They didn’t bother to prove it in any way. They threatened to delete my account entirely if I ‘keep it up’. Meanwhile, they leave the most mocking and vile and violent and sexually explicit pages whose sole goal is to torment me and my readers. They even call their pages Short Little Rebel- and then add an unprintable name after it in the Title. They wish me death on a regular basis. They mock God and Christianity and Jesus on a non stop basis. But THEY are not taken down. Just mine. I don’t curse. I don’t hate. I don’t advocate violence. I simply speak the biblical truth. And yet, they claim I am breaking their rules. That happened today. I have been busy putting together a case that will show their uneven hand- but a part of me wonders if my time there is done. God doesn’t warn people forever. At some point, he just drops the hammer and punishes. I believe we are in the last days. I believe we will see Jesus return. The time is short, Friend. SPEAK to your family if you love them. You WILL get slapped back. But remember, they hate you because they hated Jesus first.

      • Hi Susan, thank you for your response, and I am sure you have already made a huge difference in peoples’ lives even if you get banned from fb.
        I have started talking to my family and they humor me….I feel that we have broken our covenant with God and the end times are indeed at hand. It is my fault that my children are not closer to Jesus. I am going to correct that if I can. Thank you for the inspiriation, Linda

      • Linda, I truly admire your willingness to admit your part in your children’s lack of faith. BUT. Remember. They are grown ups now. If you speak the truth to them and they don’t listen, then you have still done your duty. If they turn from their path, then you have worked a miracle. There was not guarantee that once your children were grown that nothing could part them from Christ. As long as you keep trying and praying, I have no doubt they will listen. You are, after all, their mother… they can’t help but care what you say- even if they act like they don’t.

      • Susan, this isnt easy to do what you are doing, you are confronting lethargy in the body of Christ, you are forcing Christians to wake up and face they have created their own little version of Christianity and they actually have a fantasy of who God is…..they make him to be a panda bear who would not hurt a fly……you are right, WHAT bible are they reading???? there is a time to WARN, then walk away but i dont believe its time to walk away, however, that has to be your prayer and decision…i will pray for you and im sure thousands are praying for you….i know this has brought a heaviness on you, it would affect anybody to be cursed, threatened and get death threats…these people are lost souls who spew venom and are given a license to do it, thats shameful and sad, God knows your heart and keeps records. remember, we are warned in Romans that good would be called evil and evil would be called good….i pray for the joy of the Lord to infuse you tonight and bring peace to you. I admire you, i respect your dedication and committment to speak the truth, you are a chosen vessel for sure, Bless you, Maureen

      • Thanks Maureen. I will never give up doing the work God sets before me. People cursing me means nothing. But people blessing me like you do lifts my spirits immeasurably! Your prayers for me are so helpful. I have NO DOUBT that this is the reason the Lord supernaturally sustains my spirit. It makes no sense that I can be happy or fulfilled when the world so hates me! It is God’s approval I feel. HE knows my heart completely. He is good to me. His rod and staff really do comfort me. Thank you so much for your kind words, your sister in Christ, Susan

  2. i love your delivery, for yrs i have taken a hit for my delivey of the gospel..its short and sweet “get saved or go to hell” i did prison ministry for yrs and there was no time for nicey nice….Jesus was a loving God but he also was a consuming fire…he did not mince words! i hate religion too, i was raised in catholicism and left it 30 yrs ago, I am a spirit filled chirstian, raise my hands and speak in tongues and when people tell me, oh thats just emotonalism or Flesh….i say, its Flesh and a religious spirit to sit in your pew with hands folded all prim and proper holding your bible like a good luck charm, refusing to raise your hands becasue your religion says its not right…where is freedom in that type of faith, there is none, its bondage to rules and traditions. i also take a few hits on occasion becasue of my language, i can let it fly here and there and thats real, nothing phony and i love God with all my heart, once, while in church a transition, my children and i visted a church and every woman looked the same, hair pulled back, jumper and turtleneck….i of course dressed to the nines with lots of bling, my daughter said, Mom, we are in the wrong church or you are way over dressed…it baffles the mind that some people think its holier to look frumpy..oh well, God made me this way, and he made you the same way, gutsy, spunky, real and outspoken….keep speaking truth becasue the church has been too complacent far too long..Did you hear that a Pastor in Florida had over 1 million people to write in the name of Jesus on the ballot in the election….i was so upset with him and told him so, he caused those people to use the Lords name in vain, we have a lot of stupid people in this world who call themselves Christian…..if you are one, act like one, fight the good fight, we are not to be weak and apologetic……Bless you Susan, you are a gift to the body for such a time as this!!!

    • Hi Maureen. I am using today as a day of reflection on these matters. FB has temporarily blocked me without explanation. The world HATES the truth. So-called Christians hate it almost as much as so-called atheists. My heart is heavy today when I consider this.

  3. I see no answer to my post, indeed it has been pulled. I have done nothing but point out some truths to you, IF YOU CHOOSE TO IGNORE ME I CAN ONLY CONCLUDE THAT YOU HAVE AN ANTI-CATHOLIC BIAS AND CAN NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. So I will defriend you and let my friends know why. Waiting another day.

    • I have no idea what you are talking about. I have no anti Catholic bias. I don’t know who you are. So, why don’t you restate your issue. However, if you were deleted, it must because of the nature of your comment. I get THOUSANDS of comments. It takes me forever to get through them. But here is what I WILL not respond to- THREATS. If you want to be a baby, don’t let the door slap you in the ass. Oh, and if your friends are so weak minded that they will follow your personal command on whom to befriend, then I give you permission to happily transport them away as well. Good day.

  4. Not sure how I actually found your blog, but all I can say is great messages! Don’t back down. Don’t apologize. Keep doing what Christ commanded! This world needs more people, women and men, like you. Unafraid, unapologetic. Thank you for your service to the body of Christ.

  5. Amen sister! I felt this same way when we church went on “visitation” and I joined for the first time, Bible all marked up and ready to give people the Gospel door to door. I was so disappointed to ask how they did it and hear answers like “I am really just a listener, I let them tell me how church has hurt them in the past..” “If they are Catholic I just tell them we both agree on Jesus.” I was stunned. When I couldn’t hold it in and said “But it’s the wrong Jesus- a piece of a bread Jesus- (I know I grew up Catholic) and they are not saved” they looked at me like I could not be trusted because I would offend people. Like you said..WHERE IS THE LOVE? These people are going to hell. I refuse to play nice and compromise the truth. Thank you for this encouragement.

  6. Hi Susan ((HUGE HUG)) Whatever this situation is, I pray in Jesus Holy Name that God Will will be done, that you receive comfort and strength while being led in His Will and that He receives all Glory, Honor and Praise!

  7. I experienced a very visceral reaction from this post, not because I disagree, but because I strongly agree with what you are saying. I had a huge fall out with a church over this very issue. Apparently it was a sin to be bold and speak the hard truths. That church was run by effeminate men who could not see anything being of value unless it was based on nesting and nurturing, what they refer to as “kindness”. I consider it a “legalism of kindness”. I consider this effeminate nature to be a sin.

    Paul uses the word “malakos” which gets translated effeminate (sometimes translated as homosexuality), puts it in a list of attributes that are not a part of the kingdom of God and it means “soft” (in the negative sense). He is rebuking the overly soft. And some of these “men” who led that church had a homosexual past. Of course there is a time to be soft, but I think Jesus modeled a soft side and a firm side that speaks bluntly and we need to reflect his image, not condemn a part of it because it doesn’t make us feel good. We need to be able to be firm when the season we’re in calls for it.

    What’s happening is people feel shamed by the words from prophets (ones who push to see God’s kingdom come) and they want to justify this feeling of victim-hood and get the shame off them by pointing the finger in maladaptive ways. Their spirit is very frail(too soft & delicate) to handle the shame from truth spoken. I simply desire a place where there is no more victim playing and ego petting – a place where people just own their crap and repent.

    I also agree with your last post where you speak of the relationship between atheism and homosexuality. I’ve debated with over 100 atheists and I can attest to the fact that there is a strong correlation between the two. Something very spiritual has connected the two I believe; I say that only in the anecdotal sense as I don’t have any stats to back up my claims.

    Love ya sista 😀

    • grycer, are you on facebook? Please join thousands of other like minded Christians. Believe me, we are ALL quite crusty! Real salt of the earth types! lol! You will feel right at home. Yeah, that article was me exploding from all the soft spoken condemnation. I just wanted to get that suffocating mattress of ‘kindness’ off my face! I went berserk and have found that so many people feel the same way! lol! *whew* it did feel good to get it off my chest, though!

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