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What’s The Good News As We Watch Everyone’s Credit Being Downgraded By Moody’s?

Boy, that's a whole lot of DOWNTRODDEN people.. Now. Where are those politicians? We want a word with them...

Boy, that’s a whole lot of DOWNTRODDEN people.. Now. Where are those politicians? We want a word with them…

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Friends, this is why we shouldn’t stress over the trying times. If we can’t make our bills, no one can. If they try to deny us  food and water, they will deny everyone food and water.  I remember a couple of British trolls laughing at the United States when our Moody’s rating was downgraded.  Where the United States goes, they all go.

The same is true on an individual level.  If tyranny tries to injure one righteous individual, they must also hurt the many.

The trouble with tyranny is that it is always conducted by the few over the many. This is a very difficult line they walk. How to hold on to the power over the masses as you start ticking the masses off?

Listen, the Governed will only be governed as long as they are WILLING to be governed. They know that. So, what do they need most? Our cooperation. The day the masses turn around together and say, “NO MORE!” and storm their castles, they are literally, dead in the water.  I mean, right?

Of course, they always have an army, right?  Just like in the movies.  But how they must quiver inside when they consider the odds of success- one soldier to hundreds of peasants?  They must also do one more thing:  make the masses as weak as possible so that their paid army will have the best chance of defending them against superior numbers.

Anyone who thinks that it isn’t worth it to them to kill & murder by the thousands, if need be, to get us all to agree with them are fools.  As long as they can do it in a way that won’t spark the suspicions of the plebeians, they will kill until the cows come home if it secures their grip on power.  In this light, how can people not think it would be highly strategic and effective to murder 5 year olds if that will lead  to disarming the masses? THINK about it.

First, ask yourself: “Do I believe that evil exists in this world?” The answer:  of course.

Then ask, “Ok, so yes. Evil does exist. But. How evil can evil get? Can ANYONE be evil enough to kill five year old’s?” Well, SOMEONE killed them- so the answer must be yes.

Then ask, “OK, people can be evil enough to kill 5 year olds, but is a POLITICIAN able to do this just for power?” Well, consider the Nazis.  THEY killed little children & babies by the thousands.  Consider evil regimes throughout history- they have all murdered & plundered & raped & killed- everyone- including mere babies.

“OK, so politicians can be willing & evil enough to kill 5 year olds to get what they want. But can that happen in the United States?” Well, consider that we DO, right now, kill children with drone attacks on weddings & homes & cars overseas.  In fact, we have already ‘legally’ killed a 16 year old AMERICAN boy who was completely innocent- with a drone- and no one is being prosecuted for it. What is the difference between killing a foreign baby and an American one? Logic, human nature, and our understanding of how evil has worked in politics before must make us conclude that OF COURSE evil politicians could and would kill 5 year olds IF it suited their purpose.

Disarming the masses is worth it to evil people because their lives depend on it.  And they have no plan to give up their dream for world domination for a bunch of the plebeian babies!  Pa-LEASE!  That would actually mean they had a heart- and we are speaking of evil now, aren’t we?

A mass of people coming at paid, heavily armed soldiers has a heck of a lot more chance of success if they, who who outnumber these soldiers 43 to 1,  had semi-automatic weapons and a few grenade launchers.  That is not nothing- let me tell you.

Believe me, these people have calculated their odds. They know their soldiers will only shoot for so long. Then, in the face of their own people fighting for their lives, they will turn and start shooting at their old masters. They need to quell the mass uprising before their soldiers turn.  That is why soldiers & police are being desensitized to shooting at ‘regular’ people.  Just recently, we learned that the Dept. of Homeland Security forces purchased thousands of new target ‘dummies’ that are images of REAL pregnant women, children and ‘regular’ looking men holding guns pointed at them.  They are receiving training about how terrorists look just like ‘regular Americans’ now.  18 year olds are being broken down and built back up in a new way- they are learning that their enemy could very well be their own People.  Why do you think that is?  Especially in light of the fact that almost ALL terrorism both here and around the world have been perpetrated by Arab Muslims?  Can we all just take an common sense pill here?

Everyone says, “No way would you win with only AK-47s & AR 15‘s, etc. You can’t fight tanks & jets!” But they fail to understand the psychological impact that soldiers would feel to see their own people being mowed down and fighting for their lives. THIS is a strategic aspect of war and civil unrest.   They can only continue firing at us if we remain very small in number and if we give up quickly.  Then, they can believe we were actually terrorists.  But if the fight is massive and willful and lasts any amount of time, they will not believe the lies anymore. Not even their most loyal soldier would.

So.  A sustained fight with large numbers- even without superior fire power, will cost these elites the support of their army.

Without the military firmly in obedience, we will overwhelm & scale their walls to shoot them in the head as they are sitting down to dinner. So. My point is this. Never forget the power of being the DOWN TRODDEN. Because we have what they don’t have and can NEVER have: Superior numbers and the Spirit of RIGHT on our side!  Just don’t give up those AR’s.  We will need them to prolong the battle long enough to convince our soldiers that we are the People and not the terrorists.


  1. First, a link and then a quote: CONCENTRATION CAMP PLANS FOR U.S. CITIZENS

    “Skeptics will claim that physical defense is useless against a technologically advanced enemy. They will claim that we need a “majority” we do not have in order to prevail. These are usually people who have never fought for anything in their lives. They do not understand that the “odds” are unimportant. They mean nothing. No revolution for good ever begins with “majority support”. Each is fought by a minority of strong willed and aware individuals. When all other methods of protest have been dismantled, the system leaves us with only two options: stand and fight, or kneel and beg for mercy. All you need to know is what YOU would do when faced with that choice.

    There is no other culture on earth that has the capacity, like Americans currently do, to defeat centralists, defend individual liberty, and end the pursuit of total global power in this lifetime. We are the first and last line. If freedom is undone here, it is undone everywhere for generations to come. This is our responsibility. This is our providence. There can be no complacency. There can be no compromise. There can be no fear. It ends on this ground. One way, or another…” From the American Thinker.

    I’m highly disturbed, even though I believe in the Lord. Satan owns a Legion. We can stand and fight it, which we will, but our only real hope is Divine Intervention. I know I have friends in NZ that scoff at the idea that our government would commit such atrocities. They don’t realize how bad it is. They enjoy an almost perfect government, free of corruption. It won’t last. Not since our government has now entered into their lives. This really is a cancer.

    I have 10 treason lawsuits that have been filed and to date, no action has been taken on them. No action is ever going to be taken, unless we the people, take it. That is the sad reality of it. Many people are still carrying on about the horrible tragedy at Sandy Hook, but there is far too much evidence suggesting this was all carried out by either Black Ops or Psy Ops.Either way, the government. If your interested, check out Lynnes blog on Sandy Hook. The entire site is dedicated to exposing the truth, whatever that truth is. No matter what, your going to see that this was either a complete hoax or there was government involvement. I think they did it because killing others didn’t tug at the heart strings of enough Americans. Killing children will get those that haven’t been paying attention, to pay attention. That’s my thoughts anyhow. I’m sure there are people here that will say I’m full of it. Look at the evidence and decide for yourselves.

    The targets have been taken off of the internet now, due to pressure from the people and even Law Enforcement Agencies. That alone pretty much shows you who is behind this entire thing and if that is not enough to convince you, I present you with this:

    We are indeed, fighting evil. Anyone that thinks otherwise is either scared and sticking their head in the sand or they are part of the evil and are interested only in furthering it’s advance.

  2. Susan, this is Michelle Lange from FB! This article is excellent! Just read it to my man and we are so in agreement with you! Today, we witnessed about 60-75 individuals hanging out on four corners of a very busy local intersection. AR-15 pics, Don’t Tread on Me, 2nd Amendment posters, Tea Party folks, etc. An awesome display of patriots wanting and willing to stand together. I’d have been there…we’d have been there, if we had known about it. Can’t wait to know of the next rally and participate.

    Thanks again for posting and continuing to bring TRUTH to the masses! God bless you in all you do~

    • Tom W. did I silence you? I don’t remember it. when? and on what article? You have to remember that I moderate all comments now due to the amount of hate I get. It might take awhile to get to everyone’s comments. So.. remind me, ok?

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