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I Want To Invite YOU To My Church!

Thank you to everyone for such nice Birthday wishes! I am SO HAPPY today! What a beautiful sermon we had at church! I just realized today that I want to share my church with you! We are not giant (about 1,000 souls), but we do have the most AWESOME experiences of the Holy Spirit there. I work on the media team and was running the internet service part today when suddenly, I thought, “HEY! Why not tell everyone about this live service???” I know there are many of you out there who are disabled, dispirited, burned out or hurt by churches. You love the Lord with all your heart, but somehow, someway, you haven’t found a church yet. Well, I would like to INVITE all of you to my beautiful church. You will love our pastors and our music service. AND you can watch me mess up all the media during the service!! lol! (hey, no one’s perfect!). Pastor Brandon is a very dynamic pastor (com’on, could I want to listen to any other kind? lol!) and he loves Jesus. I mean, he looooves Jesus.   Some of you might actually recognize him as the MMA Fight Pastor– but don’t let that fool you Old Fashioned folk out there.  He’s just a guy- a kinda a crazy guy.  He looks up to Peter and all his flaws.  He’s a bit gritty- he’s got a few tatoos- but his love of Jesus is what defines him.    He is also balanced out nicely with a supporting staff of pastors and church leaders.  What I like about my church is that Brandon doesn’t want the lime light.  He doesn’t want a pastor centric church.  And being the independent soul I am, I like that about him.

So, next Sunday, I will put the live feed on my Short Little Rebel site- both here on Word Press and on FB!  We can even talk about it afterwards, if you like!  There is actually a chat room that you can engage in also.   For right now, I want to put the link to the recording from today. Many of you will notice the striking parallel to the discussion we’ve been having this week: “what does a Christian sound like?” But here is Pastor Brandon from Canyon Creek Church, Everett, WA in his own words. Hope you enjoy listening to him as much as I do.

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